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I'm really thinking about burning myself

2020.11.24 17:46 emery-is-lemony I'm really thinking about burning myself

i just really hate things recently. im kina like a full-time therapist for two of my friends and my boyfriend. dont get me wrong, i love them but i need time for myself too but then again im clingy. i have a weird obsession with burning things like i just melt crayons in my spare time when i can get a lighter and i accidentally burnt my arm. it left a tiny tiny mark, its gone now and this was 3 days ago, but it left that right over a different scar i have from scratching myself. part of me literally feels like it's too much work. i feel like im too lazy to even try which is obviously a good thing but im lazy with everything now. it sucks. i dont eat unless someone reminds me to, i dont leave bed unless im forced to, i dont do anything really. then i feel very bad and selfish because my friends always seem legitimately mad and pissed off when i relapse. its always like "sigh what did you do THIS time?" or "dammit emery what is it now?" idk i just ykno. i fucking hate my friends being mad at me. i cant take that. i get blinded by emotions easily just like my dad who was/is abusive to my mom and robbed a bank and just sjsjisna.i just needed to vent. honestly ive really wanted to give up these days. this virus sucks. im on fall break now so i get a full week plus two weekends away from school and im so happy for that. its like i recognize the good things i have. im good at giving advice but not great at taking it. me and my bf are both in kina abusive and shitty households and i just keep having to tell him 4-5 more years and it's over. i had to scream at him over snap because he almost couldn't spend the night with all of my friends which would be our last get together of 2020. (no we haven't been all up on each other, we met up when we knew everyone was safe from the virus and it was one night. we just wanted to see eachother.) he kept insisting "it's over" and hinting at how he wanted to give up. after many uses of the word "fuck" and "love" he eventually realized "oh shit dude yeah." i remember specifically i said something like "your life isnt over. you have me, you have friend 1 and friend 2, you have your music, your cat, you finally got your own room, you have your favorite youtubers, the binder i got you. its not fucking over until you lose every single one of those things. and im not going anywhere anytime soon." now i keep thinking about that. cuz i have all those things too (well i got a binder from youtube but you get the point.) AND guess what? he ended up able to spend the night anyway with a simple "please mom." we made a promise. he hates his dad's he's pretty abusive and neglectful, and i made him promise a) not to sh, b) dont give up (go bye bye) c) talk to me. i hate my mom but my dad is kina the lesser of the two evils? idk? i hate them both but he has the virus and my bf's dad might but i hope he does for obvious reasons. that means my baby can be happier longer. idk uh-
tl;dr- i wanna start burning myself but im trying to follow my own advice and rules i set for my bf
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2020.11.24 08:01 _dhawan If I Like Someone you loved (Lewis Capaldi), Can't Help falling in love with you (Kina Grannis), & Always on my mind (Willie Nelson) WEWIL?

Thanks in advance to everyone who's kind enough to drop a recommendation!
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2020.11.23 12:14 EMMIImusic Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley Cover // Felt all the emotions when Kina Grannis sang this song during the wedding scene of Crazy Rich Asians - so magical that I had to cover it! New to Reddit so let me know what you think! :)

Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley Cover // Felt all the emotions when Kina Grannis sang this song during the wedding scene of Crazy Rich Asians - so magical that I had to cover it! New to Reddit so let me know what you think! :) submitted by EMMIImusic to coversongs [link] [comments]

2020.11.21 18:41 anteck7 Many Knives, Para 3 Sprint, Swayback, 0562TI, Chef, Evo Typhoon, Pena Mula, Scales

Boker Plus Exkelibur Ano Fakemascus Experiment SV $:85 [C]
Boker Plus Ano experiment. Knife heavily favors show side (has since it came). Factory edge, pivot screw is starting to strip a little but still works with T8 or pin driver.
SDK Micarta PM2 Scales SV $40
Have been installed, some carry, by design look kinda used
Burlap Micarta Shaman Scales SV $75
Have been installed, minor carry, by design look kina used. Love these guys
ZT 0562TI [B+] $195 sold
Great knife, sounds amazing... You know what this guy is.
Benchmade Mini Griptillian 20CV with "Strider" style micarta scales [C] SV: $110 sold
Has been sharpened on KME. Recently had springs replaced by benchmade. Good knife just reducing my collection. Has very sharp KME edge with 4um polish.
Slysz Swaback [B+] SV $200 spf
Pretty much like new. Minor pocket time for review by Kyle
Para 3 Rex-45 Blue Orange SV $200 [A]
A only due to application of EDCI
Spydiechef [C+] Sharpening SV $280
Spydiechef with KME near mirror edge and Glow in the Dark CF scale. Has been carried and used but not abused. Comes with Factory Scale CQI version.
Evo Typhoon aspirated drop point $280 sold [C+]
Scales show wear, blade is reasonably sharp with factory edge that has been stropped. Note I blade swapped different EVOs, so the blade isn't the one that came with the scales. Luckily they are all interchangeable.
Pena Mula [B] withdrawn
Update can be front flipped.
This little guy the touch of his tip hurt, otherwise pretty much brand new.
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2020.11.18 22:47 RedditorThatNeedHelp AITA for getting mad at my best friend after she replaced my work?

Throwaway account because she follows my main account.
Hi, Reddit.
Me and a group of friends have been working on a project for as long as 2 or 3 years.
I, being really into creating ficcional characters, made most characters with big stories or more dettailed.
For some context, i for 5 years have developed a Trauma(Which they know about) to anything that relates to being replaced without warning from something(I was replaced by my girlfriend for my ex-best friend, she really jute went up to me and said she was going with him, me, someone that was fragile at the time for personal reasons, fell into deep depression and trauma that since the fight happened as just been growing more and more) I've had a complete loss of my own life since then, mental breakdowns, panic attacks, loss of memory, you name it.
So, i had this one character that i've spent half a year developing for her project, it was my most loved creation, something are because i have hard times liking things i make, he was the king of the main kingdom of the project, and i was proud of it, it was a great achievment for me, something she knew.
2 weeks ago, i've discovered she had replaced my character with another one made by a guy that had just arrived to the group.
I WOULD be okay with replacing my charater, if she had asked first.
Let's call her Kate.
Kate went on a rampage on how it was her project so she could do it, and i do acknowledge that it's her project.
I tried explaining how we could solve the problem through a normal talk, but she was for some reason furious, Kate said "I know you have some trauma about this kina of stuff, but you don't need to get so mad over this." she then blocked me on Discord(where we mostly talk), made a LOT of references on social media about how she was happy with the new character being added to the series, tagging th whole group, expecially me.
My attacks have been worsening, and i'm close to shaterring into madness because of my f-ing trauma.
Today, she told me my character was not replaced, but killed on the series, THEN replaced by the new character, i was done, and i just said "Kate, please, tell me, how do you think killing something i've worked so hard to create JUST to be replaced would make this situation any better?"
And oh boy, she got angry, and now will neither talk to me nor with anyone else.
I really don't think i'm totsly in the wrong here, Kate ignored my trauma and made my last weeks hell on earth, but i don't think i should've got so mad at her for this.
So Reddit, AITA?
Edir: Oh, and, sorry if something i worte confuses you, English is not my native language
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2020.11.14 09:27 Meedandfeed34 Dauntless is becoming more hollow and lifeless. "Saving time"? Save the game instead.

This is a major concern that alot of people need to know about the upcoming patch and things need to change or atleast pushed back so phnxlabs can their act together. Let me go over what we know and what i feel. Note this isnt a personal attack on anyone but kinda of just showing the writing on the wall for the game. I love the game but it hasnt been doing so hot because its creator isnt taking feedback to its playerbase. So lets begin.
  1. As we all know we are getting a mastery system that is going to give a bit more Depth to their progression system that isnt just spam damage and boring kill quest. Gear is getting less orbs and stones and being tailored to the mastery tree system to help and make progression not feel like a dps feast as in: Do 50million on a staggered embermane" For a chance to upgrade gear or get a small core. Issue is that it might be abit more grindy and we will have a use for chest outside of them being a extra bit of pocket change.
  2. Hunting grounds will feature more islands and different zones for people to drop in and out of. This is good to curb the minor complaints of Loading screens alot of.....players has mention. Not to mention so no one has to go back to ramsgate they have added the ability to swap gear on the fly and to "Save time" to keep the fight going. Not only that this patch will allow people to get around the map a little faster with gliders. Not to mention there will be "Dynamic" events(I dont know what that means other then fight behemoths as if it was esalations so 2 at a time different elements)
Now thats out of the way there are some glaring issues and we all know the elephant in the room. We all know in this upcoming patch but as mention in their defense they will see how it goes. Dauntless Hunting grounds will no support solo play to involve more co-op to as mention...."Save time" "Offer laid back and chill hunt experiance". These are nice and i get what your are trying to do but lets pull back the curtains and bring this to light.
  1. To save time doesnt exist this is a video game not a finals paper. You cant always just breeze thru something and have no idea or thinking on what it takes and dont do it or work to it. This isnt trials thats a game mode for "Saving time" and this reason for Hunting grounds is what drove dauntless in the ground into the first palce. "Saving time" is what pushed players quicky to the end and made the game easy,quick,and boring for people that wanted to improve and cared about what would have made the game amazing the gameplay experience. Now solo play is just remodel to forced co-op for as mention "Saving time" and "Destress" the game.
  2. Now they have mention that behemoths now wont run away or be scared off so it again "Saves time" to do whatever idk? Dance around with the emotes or something? Point is this is a HUGE ISSUE FOR THE GAMES DEPTH atleast to me. Back in beta and alpha behemoths dont run away and just stand their ground. This would been fine if this was still those days and this was added. Now its just became more hollow and with them no running away is kina gimping the player experience. Now alot of player features are being removed to "Save time" again for what i dont know. We had a inventory system removed for no reason, Free roam was removed for what idk, Now behemoths are becoming chained to one area for the sake of "Saving time". After awhile we wont even have behemoths move just so no one scrapes their knees from gnasher. Stop removing things in the sakes of casual players and newbies wanting to just max out and play fornite.
The game is becoming hollow and the only excuse is that players just want a speedy grind just to be finished and this isnt helping. This isnt helping its hurting the game and its player base. You can put more animations and time into cosmetics then the actual game,its combat,and its lore. Now with Huntgrounds its going to hurt alot. Dont let the game die please just dont. Its barely a year old and its looking grim. You can save all the time in the world if this game goes away or goes under.
TLDR: No solo option and behemoths becoming more robotic and streamlined dauntless isnt looking so hot. Forced co-op. I guess some ok things coming?
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2020.11.10 19:04 lolpolice88 Hard labour in paradise: An essay about Ōpōtiki’s migrant fruit pickers An essay by Catarina de Peters Leitão about the migrant fruit pickers who work every summer at Ōpōtiki

"Every summer Ōpōtiki simmers with opportunity like a pan of boiling water. Every year New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers produce around 149 million trays for export, and the Bay of Plenty is responsible for 80% of the crop. Three kiwifruit packing houses in town open up for the season.
Ōpōtiki is my home town, in a way. But there was a time when I couldn’t call it that: I moved with my family here when I was 15. Before that we lived in Lisbon. So it’s complicated for me to answer the question of where I really come from; it depends on what year you’re asking me about. My father is Portuguese; my mother is Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, from Te Kaha further along the coast on the East Cape. I couldn’t think of two stronger opposites.
For a long time after we arrived, I didn’t like it. In Lisbon I received consistently high marks for English, but here in brown-as Ōpōtiki my English sounded strict and formal, which didn’t help me fit in. I’d led a sheltered life in Portugal with almost no relatives, and attended a private school in a refurbished palace. Here I attended decile-one Ōpōtiki College and had loads of cuzzies. Rutaia was my bad-ass cousin whom many felt intimidated by. Everyone knew he was trouble and that connection made me untouchable at school. But nothing that happened in those days could make me love Ōpōtiki. When I left three years later to study film at Unitec in Auckland, I vowed I would never return.
In 2018 I’m back in Ōpōtiki – from Wellington, where I work in a call centre – for a summer holiday. It’s Mum’s first season working in the kiwifruit packing house. I warn her against it because I’ve heard it’s hard work and the pay isn’t good. Mum has done many jobs in her life, from working for my father’s security company in Portugal to admin, catering and teaching. The year has been a hard one for her, her only income from relief teaching a few days a week. My father’s retired, but he’s signed up for a second season at the packing house. Mum is adamant — the money will pay to refurbish the kitchen. "I can handle it," she tells me.
Town is bustling with new people wherever we go: at the supermarket, on the main drag, at Ju Bailey’s and the Masonic Hotel. People have travelled from around the country and overseas for the kiwifruit season: young European backpackers, Indian families, Tongans and Sāmoans. Kiwifruit season transforms the lives of locals too. Whatever your financial situation, you have the ability to make things better for the next few months at least. Couples worry less about bills, stay-at-home mothers break away from the monotonous rhythm of domestic life and high-schoolers work to put aside money for makeup, RTDs and beer. If it’s good enough for others, it’s good for Mum too.
There are several kiwifruit towns in the Bay of Plenty: Te Puke, Tauranga and Katikati are the best known. Mum’s packing house, on the edge of town in Ōpōtiki, attracts those who are not considered for better jobs elsewhere. Two thirds of them belong to racial minorities. A small number of young families who struggle in the cities drift to little Ōpōtiki too.
The beloved Bex's Hair Studio, Church Street, Ōpōtiki Mum works the unpopular night shift, on duty between 5.45pm and 4.15am.
"You should have taken the day shifts!" my father complains. "Too hard! Too much work they do!" My mother just tucks her hair into her bulbous factory white cap and says nothing. The choice of shift is so typically her. Mum takes the harder option and there is nothing anyone can do or say about it. She wants her shiny kitchen.
The only thing my father can cook is toast, so every evening I make dinner for us. I’m going through an Arab-Jewish phase, trying out recipes from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem cookbook. My father tries everything, from brown lentils and deep-fried onions in our mejadra to sumac sprinkles and yogurt on broad-bean dip. Even the couscous and stuffed eggplants, though he doesn’t usually eat vegetables. When I go back to Wellington, Mum will leave food for his dinner.
Her knees and feet are sore by the time she sneaks into bed, not long before birds start singing in the dawn-blue garden.
In town it’s widely thought that packing workers are mostly Māori, but not many work on the night shift. I’m surprised when Mum tells me this. We were both dead convinced only Māori would bother doing this work. In the evenings, 80-90 packers work at Mum’s packing house: about 10 are Māori, 10 are Pākehā and the rest are Sāmoans, Tongans, Indians and young foreigners. Plenty are backpackers who will move on to the South Island after the season. It lasts only six months and the Sāmoan and Tongan packers are the ones who are the most eager to go home.
I’m curious and always ask Mum about work in the packhouse. She explains her job to me: she selects grade A fruit from six-metre refrigerated containers, to be boxed for overseas orders. Grade B goes to national supermarkets and local food distributors: New Zealanders do not get the best golden kiwifruit. On his shift, my father packs some of the special orders that go to China. My father is almost 80, but no one would guess that — he looks much younger.
Mum’s best friend at work is Grant, who she describes as a Pom. He and his wife have lived on Auckland’s North Shore for four years. Grant had no profession when he moved to New Zealand and can only find work in hospitality via an agency. In Auckland he earns $200–300 a week, which is like shifting wind to your bank account and expecting things to be fine.
Grant saw an ad about the kiwifruit season and decided to come down alone. He sleeps in his car by the Mōtū Trails and rents a shower and bathroom nearby for $60 a week. He could rent a bed as well for $100 a week, but instead he saves the rest to send back to his family.
"You think brown ones have problems, but white ones have them too," Mum tells me as we drive around town in the black truck. She keeps sharing her work stories with me. At the packing house during their mealtime in the staff cafeteria, Mum and Grant gossip talk about his bisexuality.
"In the past I used to be only with men, would you know?"
"For fuck’s sake, Grant," she blurts out, spitting rice. "You’re gonna put me off my kai."
"And then I took a turn, I got married. I had three children."
"For fuck’s sake, did you stop being gay?"
"No, I still liked men. I used to be gay all the time! Then I met this girl, a New Zealand girl. We got together and decided to have a baby."
"Fuck, you’re weird." They share her fruit salad and half-sleeve of Krispie’s biscuits for dessert. Mum’s baffled by Grant’s apparent nonchalance about his sexuality.
Mum says working in the packing house is slavery. "Not just the Coconuts," she says, "but white slavery and the rest of us. We are all slaves." The Tongan and Sāmoan governments have contracts with the New Zealand government to bring workers in seasonally, and the kiwifruit workers think the Tongan packers have it worst of all. Mum’s Tongan friends have a contract with their government — their king and the royal family. They are hedged by restrictions: the furthest they are allowed to travel is Whakatāne, an hour’s drive away at most, and even on their days off they need permission to go.
Motunui Island, Te Kaha The Tongan packers come with minders, too, employed by the Tongan government to watch them. The Tongans are not allowed to form new relationships or have sex with anyone: the minders will know or be informed by others. The minders are part of the workforce that travels from Tonga for the kiwifruit season. Mum tells me there are workers among them who are snitches, hired by the employer. The pack-house employers also keep the Tongan workers under the thumb with draconian contract clauses. Mum says the other workers sometimes gossip about the conditions under which the Tongan packers come here. They know the packing house flies them over to New Zealand and makes them pay back the fare, but no one is allowed to talk about how much it costs. Mum thinks it’s likely that the packing house is screwing them with the airfare. None of the workers will ever know because the Tongan packers, even if they are Mum’s friends, are not allowed to discuss it.
The packing house provides accommodation too, with four roommates to one bedroom. Two double bunks where there used to be one, a lean pillow on each mattress. An acquaintance of Mum’s, who used to run the administration at the packing house, confirmed that only two people are supposed to sleep in each room. The four-to-one bedrooms are a recent addition for which the workers are charged $117 each per week. Mum’s disgusted by this. She says they have to share the bunks, and some barely fit on the mattress. The springs creak whenever they turn over in the metal bunk beds.
On a break, a young Tongan woman called Ana complains to Mum about their room.
"It’s very small. Got no space. I sleep with Emeni, Huelo and my sister. Emeni snores all the time."
"Why don’t you tell her to turn over?"
"It doesn’t matter. If Emeni’s on her back or her side, she snores. Emeni should be in room of her own."
"Why don’t you ask them about putting some of you on split shifts? Say, two on days and two on nights. At least then you get a bit of space in the room."
"No, they won’t let us."
The employers pile Tongan workers from the same shift into the same room, so the women Mum knows are always together. One might think this promotes sisterhood, Traveling Pants-style, but Ana doesn’t think so. She really can’t sleep.
Mum brings Ana apples and oranges from home to console her.
"You’re my best fend, Ra! I tell everyone you’re my fend."
Mum knows she’s Ana’s best friend because she brings her kai. Since we were little, my sisters and I were taught by Mum to take an offering with us whenever we were invited somewhere. In 2006 when I was back in Lisbon I showed up at my ex-boyfriend Paulo’s apartment in Coimbra, breathless, a purple net of brown onions in hand. I’d spent the last of my money on a train ticket to see him, and the onions were all I’d managed to grab from my sister Tina’s pantry. Paulo wasn’t just any boyfriend: he looked like the director Xavier Dolan, with dark features and a gentle but noticeable belly. When I moved to New Zealand he used to call me every night, but after I’d been in Ōpōtiki a couple of months, Paulo and I decided to cut all contact for our own good. We missed each other too much, and despite all our efforts at communicating the situation was unsustainable. Later he had started dating a girl from his rural home town with hair like Zooey Deschanel, who’d always tried to impress him at the disco.
During that 2006 visit to Portugal, Paulo emailed me just before I was about to leave for home. He had heard I was in Lisbon and asked if he could call me. I didn’t reply. Instead I packed red lipstick, electric-blue tights and a small bottle of perfume, grabbed the bag of onions and set out. Four hours after I received his email, I called him from the Coimbra train station. He came to meet me and we walked up the cobbled street to his home. There I could smell the sweetness of vanilla in the air, the scent of another girl. Carrying my onions because of that little voice of my mother’s that I could hear: Always bring something with you, no matter where you go.
On one occasion, Mum brings a box of fruit for Ana to share with everyone. Ana thanks her.
"Nahu, Emeni, Huelo say you’re they fend! When you going to Auckland, Ra? Can you buy me a hoodie? A 2XL hoodie." Mum plans to get her a $9 one from Kmart. She thinks Ana probably means a polar fleece one but doesn’t know how else to describe it. She asks her cousins and acquaintances from old jobs in Ōpōtiki, "Do you fellas have any nice warm jackets you don’t want anymore? Give them to me to wash, and I’ll give them to the Cocos."
Ana has a wide frame, golden skin and scarlet lips. They call her Big Tip. She’s a young mother of two; her wee ones — four and six years old — are back in Tonga. She’ll be away from them for the whole season. Mum learns that the Tongan packers who are good and play the game properly may return for future seasons. A handful of them come year after year.
Back at the call centre in Wellington, I ring strangers in Australia and ask them to donate to various charities – for epilepsy, families of kids with cancer, a police youth club. Lots of my co-workers are let go because they don’t reach their targets. Many quit after a few days or a few weeks. If anyone lasts a year, they’ll be there forever.
I talk to Mum on FaceTime. She tells me the packing house has had a big meeting with the Tongan workers. No one else knows what’s happening and they’re dying to find out. The Tongans packers are tight-lipped — even Mum’s friends — and won’t say why it took place. Grant and Mum try to spot whether anyone is missing in the evening shift group. See who shagged who out of the group. They can’t figure out what’s happened. Perhaps the Tongan packers are frightened that if they step out of line, they will get sent back to the Islands.
Omaio Pa Road, Omaio Work slows down for a fortnight and the packers only work three or four days a week. As a result the Tongans are not earning much money to send back to their families, and they’re hungry. Groups of Tongan packers sit near Mum and Grant’s table, looking at their food while they’re eating. When Mum takes out an apple, Ana asks for a bite.
Ana’s request makes Mum feel whakamā. She thinks about the strength it must have taken to ask. Though Ana’s sisterhood say nothing, they’re all staring at Grant’s kai. After this Mum starts packing larger portions in her bag.
Mum tells me that those Tongan packers who do have food eat two-minute noodles. Mum hates seeing the noodles in the cafeteria. Why not make a pot of something more nutritious together, instead? Sometimes she and Grant finish their shift before the meal break, and everyone gets sent home. If Ana is fast enough to catch Mum, she asks her, "Ra, you want to have something at home, eh?"
"You want my dinner?" Mum offers. It’s un-Islander of her Tongan friend to ask her so bluntly for the food. Ana, though, is a smarty pants and a bit of a hustler. Mum likes that about her. None of the other Tongan packers would ask, but somehow Mum attracts smart-arses wherever she goes.
"Share it," Mum tells her. "Make sure you share it with the others then, Ana."
"The ladies say they love your vegetables."
Besides Mum’s leftovers, her Tongan friends and the others also eat canned mackerel in oil with boiled pumpkin and rice. Grant eats the canned mackerel too; he tells Mum that it’s the cheapest thing, $2 a can. Grant mixes the oily goo with curry and rice. Once or twice a week Mum brings enough kai for them both.
On his last night at work Grant tells Mum that all he has to eat is a cold omelette with mayonnaise. As usual, Mum’s packed too much food and offers him some of her fettucine.
The four friends in the Tongan Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants brought frozen fish from the Islands, but they were limited in the amount they could bring. Within the first fortnight they ran out.
"Costs a lot of money to eat fish here. We can’t eat fish here! Only fish in a can."
"Don’t worry," Mum tells them. "A lot of New Zealanders can’t afford to eat it either. Māori are like you fellas, only eat noodles." Mum offers her big freezer to her Tongan friends, if any of them come back next year. They’ll be able to store more of their fish. Hopefully next time it will last them for a couple of months.
My parents eat pan-fried tarakihi almost every day. They scrimp on other essentials to have this pleasure. This town — along with many others along the East Cape — is known for its abundance of fresh seafood all year round: mussels, kina, raw fish, snapper, cod, you name it. The locals here are loud and proud of it. I always look forward to coming back home and eating that fish. It doesn’t taste as fresh anywhere else. And I look forward to pulling the bread apart with my hands at Mum’s table, eating roasted rīwai, grease stains of pleasure on the table cloth at the end of the meal.
After I did my film degree, I had a stint as a freelance camera operator. When I returned to Ōpōtiki for the holidays, my mother offered to teach me how to drive. One evening I was practicing night-driving home from Ōhope, my mother in the passenger’s seat. Just before we entered town and got that beautiful glimpse of the beach, my mother thought I was veering into the other lane. She grabbed the wheel to correct my steering and told me to slow down: I pressed the accelerator by mistake and the car spun out of control. We ended up in a ditch. I fractured my spine and spent three weeks in various hospitals, and after that I stayed at home with my parents in Ōpōtiki, trying to figure out what to do next. Most of my recovery time was spent cooking.
On my return to Auckland I studied to become a pastry chef. For almost three years at the Langham Hotel I made cakes for high tea and the restaurant. The hours were long and odd: I started work at 4am and finished at 2pm. I would be walking to work while other people were still out at clubs on K Road. Though I don’t do this work anymore, I still bake for my parents – Portuguese custard tarts, and farófias, poached meringues that look like clouds of egg white with a custard sauce. My father said his mother used to make these for him.
The last time I saw Paulo, he fried the onions I brought with chopped garlic, tuna and passata. He poured some wine in the pan and boiled the spaghetti. The remaining red wine he divided between two mugs so we could share it.
At the call centre we have a half-hour break for lunch between four-hour shifts. People sit in the staff kitchen eating lunch from Tupperware containers, or two-minute pot noodles. Many of us say we’re saving up for a trip, but no one ever takes leave. No one ever goes anywhere.
My mother tells me that the newer packing line is used by the daytime workers and the older, shorter one in the evening shift. A deafening mix of 90s covers chosen by one of the Sāmoan packers blares from two big speakers, so loud the workers can barely hear each other speak. The Tongan and Sāmoan packers love to sing along to the old tunes. During the odd slower song, some get teary-eyed thinking of home.
Mum tries to chat to Emeni the Snorer while they are packing together on the line. Fold that box, careful to not get cut by the sharp corners and on to the next one! Ten seconds is all they have between packing this box and the next. Mum asks Emeni why she doesn’t go fishing on her days off. The beach is close by.
"We are not allowed to go fishing. In Tonga, ladies stay home. Ladies wash the clothes."
"But you’re in New Zealand! Can’t you do that if you’re not home?"
"No, Ra. Still Tongan lady."
Mum asks Ana too. Maybe she will dare to go fishing — she’s the youngest, after all. But Ana gives a similar reply. Her Tongan friends know they have to carry that aspect of Tongan culture wherever they go. All they can do is keep on working, keep going. Hide away in their difference.
Grant and Catarina's mum celebrate the end of season At their packhouse, the end of the season is celebrated with a huge barbecue for the staff. At least, that’s what Mum was told. On the six-metre-long packing lines where Mum and the others usually work they have placed rotisserie-cooked chickens, meat patties, sausages, curried egg salad, potato salad and coleslaw — all bought from the local supermarket.
"Pai kare!" she complains to Grant. "They didn’t even cook anything. Except for the fucking patties! Can you believe this?"
All the Tongan and Sāmoan packers, Indian families and backpackers are there. The Tongan Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are dressed to the nines. The women all wear the same shade of lipstick, a brighter red than usual, and new pants in a slimming fit. Emeni wears a bright yellow hoodie. They tell her that Ana fell ill and has gone home.
Mum is glad to hear that. Things went sour between her and Ana in the last few weeks. Ana had told Mum how much she and the girls missed eating taro, their favourite food from back home. You couldn’t buy it on the coast. Mum happened to remember this when she was on a visit to Auckland. She bought six kilos of taro from the Avondale markets, and they weren’t cheap.
On her next shift back Mum gave Ana the big box of taro and told her to share it with the women in her room. In the following weeks Mum saw her eating the taro in the cafeteria, but only with her friend Huelo. That wasn’t fair — Mum had bought it for all of them. Ana never wore the hoodie Mum got her either.
For that final meal there’s fruit trifle made by the bosses: too-soggy sponge with fruit from cans and a custard that’s runny like soup. The most hideous dessert is a pineapple and mango cheesecake: loose biscuit crumbs topped with canned pineapples and whipped cream folded into fresh mangos. It's the most bizarre thing Mum has eaten, even in all her years of helping in the marae kitchen.
An older Tongan man in loose khaki shorts, white socks and jandals sits on a wooden crate by the soggy trifles, playing the ukulele. Grant tells Mum that he’s not going back to his wife. "I feel like being just gay again," he says, "for a while." They hug and say goodbye.
Mum decides to skip her shift. Stuff it. She zips back home in the car to my father and a night in a real bed. A new school has offered her more stable work, so she’ll be earning regular money.
I ask her if she’d work as a packer again and Mum says she would. The money from this season has gone on fixing up the bathroom. She still wants a new kitchen.
Catarina's essay is taken from the exceptional new anthology of New Zealand writing, Ko Aotearoa Tātou: We are New Zealand edited by Michelle Elvy, Paula Morris and James Norcliffe (Otago University Press, $40), available in bookstores nationwide.

Catarina De Peters Leitão

Catarina de Peters Leitãoe (Te Whānau-ā-Apanui) is a writer born and raised in Lisboa, currently living in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. She has a master's in creative writing from Victoria University and won the Letteri Family Scholarship for her essay collection in progress."
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2020.11.01 13:56 dddd_t Lofi song, female voice, cant find it

The text was kinda like: "you think you love me do you even know me" And the beat reminds me of those lofi songs by Kina. Dont remember more and its buggin me because i cant find it by the set of lyrics i remember. I would say whe voice sounds kinda like Lil Bo Weep/Unaloon.
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2020.10.31 08:26 ZaBlancJake Entire 2020 Overview of the Vtuber Landscape

  1. The Age of the Two Giant Pagodas
As of August 2020, it's safe to say that the mainstream of VTubers is almost an oligopoly of Nijisanji and Hololive.

Operated by Ichinokara Corporation. It is the largest group in the industry with a total of over 100 talents, led by Tsukino Mityo. Since there are various talents of various personalities, hobbies, sexes, ages, and even biological species, there is a high probability that you will find someone you like, and as a result, the total number of fans is high.

A successful group of over 30 female talents, almost all of whom have achieved a silver shield line (= 100,000 channel subscribers). They sell their idols, but they also allow themselves to go the Variety Talent route. Nevertheless, they have a strong idol selling style, and they have the strongest heat, including their fans.

Nijisanji took a particularly notable expansion path in 2019 by adding 43 new talent, and since late 2019 they have shifted their focus from expansion to strengthening by converting existing talent to 3D, implementing large scale music gigs, and securing tie-in deals. Due to the breadth of talent, the rate of deal emergence is increasing daily.

Hololive has been growing rapidly since 2019, especially before and after the whole live show in January, and its popularity has spilled over outside the country, with talent on YouTube exceeding 10,000 simultaneous connections even in normal times. The expansion into external media, especially radio, is also accelerating.

The maximum number of simultaneous connections to both media is over 100,000, which is about even in terms of popularity. In terms of large projects, Nijisanji is coming out ahead, while Horolive has a different projection, with the debut distribution of a newcomer reaching 100,000 connections. In terms of technology, Horolive was a cut above the rest in 2019, but Nijisanji has been growing rapidly since the second half of 2019, and as of 2020, we can say that they are on par with each other.

2.The current state of the "Four Heavenly Kings
If you do a little research on VTubers, the odds are high that you'll know the term "Four Heavenly Kings". The "Four Heavenly Kings" are often referred to as "Kizuna Eye", "Dennou Shoujo Shiro", "Mirai Akari", and "Kaguya Luna " (sometimes including Nekomasu, but I feel that the number of people who do not include them is increasing in the scope of observation).

As of 2020, the popularity and frequency of activity of all the "Four Heavenly Kings" are less than in their heyday, and they seem to be treated more like symbols of the industry rather than industry leaders. They seem to be treated more like icons than industry leaders.

It should be noted that although things have calmed down since the peak, the rate of projects is still high and they are still picking up particularly big projects. The electronic girl, Shiro, did a tie-up with a private power company. In addition, she is a symbol of the industry, so even a small action can cause a mountain to move.

(3) Other Individuals.

My opinion on the overall situation of VTubers

There are more and more cases where people who were originally celebrities on the internet are now becoming virtual vtubers. Gatchaman, Nanahira, Shikano, Beat Mario, Minoru Ogino Minoru, and so on. In these cases, there is no name change, so the premise that "becoming a VTuber means changing everything, including the name" seems to be falling apart a little bit. The best example is Kannari Kyupi of 'Armed Girlfriend' (a case where they created a V name, but the original name 'Kyu-chan' is still alive).

The number of groups created around 2018 that have disbanded or withdrawn from the VTuber business itself has gradually increased in 2020. There have been cases of groups like Amaryllis group who have gone straight to their own activities, but it's not unusual to see them break up and retire at the same time. But it is not unusual for them to retire at the same time of disbanding.

It's not uncommon for people who retired for the above reasons to make their debut under a new name in another group. In particular, there have been some recent reincarnations of Nijiholo, where some people have said, "Oh, he's that guy" (of course, it's not publicized). The process of moving from a small or poorly run place to a large organization like Nijiholo suggests that the VTuber industry is beginning to establish a career path.

Since Nozomu Kasuga made his declaration of "Kizuna Ai= Myself", I feel that the atmosphere of the industry as a whole has changed slightly. Specifically, the number of people who are opening up about "the insider's backstory" has increased. I've also seen more and more of the insider himself broadcasting on YouTube. There have been people like that for a long time, but this year some of them have started their own YouTube channels.

A personal view on the style of our activities

Even now, online video streaming is more dominant. However, some of the upperclassmen, on the contrary, are gravitating towards video sharing. This tendency is especially strong for Tsukino Mito, Honma Himawari and Otogibara Era, who are making their major debut in Nijisanji, and this may be because they are busy or because they are in a rut. It's not clear if this is because they are busy and have switched to posting videos or if they are in a sense returning to their roots as YouTubers, seeing the continuation of video distribution as a rut.

The number of people who are active on SHOWROOM has increased significantly. It is easy to create new customers, easy to catch people who visit the site and audition events are held regularly. It may be because of this, I feel that the term "virtual livers" is becoming more popular than "virtual YouTuber".

My opinion on the industry and the audience

In the wake of Nijisanji's signing of a copyrighted material umbrella agreement with Nintendo (i.e., it's okay to distribute using our games), various places have been forced to deal with the way they handle live games. In particular, Hololive has been exposed for its bad behavior in this area, and has been forced to make its videos private. 774 inc. and other groups are increasingly taking a loophole approach, in which the management relinquishes all the profits generated and returns them to the distributor, treating them as individuals. It seems to me that this is the case. It's just my imagination, but since VTubers are now a clean talent industry, it will be standard to make the rights relation clear.

The number of concurrent connections ranges from single digits to 6 digits. The tangent is an indicator of "popularity" to some extent (it's hard to say "popularity itself" since there are dozens of crazy strong players). In my mind, it's roughly as follows.

However, there are still cases where people who only get a little over 100 people on YouTube are getting ridiculous amounts of money thrown at them on SHOWROOM and 17LIVE. For better or worse, you might get burned later on if you don't see it as a popularity on YouTube which is an 'open community'.

I feel that the gesture is a symbolic gesture of 'awkwardness'. I think it is a symbolic gesture.
However, there are still cases where people who only get a little over 100 people on YouTube are getting ridiculous amounts of money thrown at them on SHOWROOM and 17LIVE. For better or worse, you might get burned later on if you don't see it as a popularity on YouTube which is an 'open community'.

It's a symbolic gesture of 'awkwardness' or a symbol of 'awkwardness', I think. A "Spacha" with a love letter-like text is, to put it simply, an expression of the desire to draw attention to oneself, and the culture of reading such a text (even if it is only in name) picks up on it, so I can't help but feel that there is nothing we can do about it. However, the culture of spacha itself is an outgrowth of the desire to support, so it's not something that can be denied in general. In the end, the key is "human self-control".

Personal Thoughts

We still have three sources of information: MoguraVMoguLive, PANORA and v-tuber zero. However, they tend to focus on corporate information. For example, projects by individuals other than famous names are often left out. In any case, the sources of news reports are often the VTubers themselves.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to categorize them as corporate/individual. I think. Or rather, originally, there are some entities that are "clearly corporate run but not obviously run", and where do you categorize those people? I have a suspicion that it's like that. There is a case that you are in upd8 even if you are an individual, and even in that case the category is not so clear. So I think there is not so much difference between "corporate" and "non-corporate".


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2020.10.28 16:46 Happy_Initiative9927 Please help me to move on

It’s been more than a month we broke up. 4 years ko relationship thyo tara 4,5 mahina agadi dekhi nai khushi thyena ma becauseI didn’t feel like she loved me or cared about me ,we had trust issues and we all know without trust there is no relationship so, I broke up with her. I was okay for some days, but as the days passed i could not stop thinking about her, every moment we had together, everything we did together. I became more sad than before so I started to drink a lot. Lockdown le garda bahira niskina ni paudaina tesaile jhan eklai bhako jastai feel vairathyo ahiley pani bhako cha. 1 week agadi maile tinder account banaye sarai eklai feel vayo vanera. Katti jana sita pani bolirako thea, ahile pani bolirakai chu tara u sita jasari bolthe tesari bolnai sakdina. Jo sita bolda pani uskai yaad aucha. Bolirako bela pani kina esto nachinne keti haru sita bolirako huncha. Uslai msg garum ki bhanera ni socheko hunchu tara pheri msg pathaunai sakdina. 5, 6 jana sita bolchu tara uslai birsina lai matrai bolirako ho kina vane ahile malai relationship ma basna chaina tara birsinai sakeko chaina ma ta. Move on huna cha, khushi vayera basnae man ho. Social media haru ma ni uslai block gareko chaina sabbai ma unfriend gardeko chu , number pani delete gardisake tara sadhai usko account search garirako hunchhu, block pani garna sakdina k vako ho yesto. Kina choddeko hola pani huncha. Tapai haru pani yo phase ma janu vako cha hola tesaile kasari move on huney bhanera bhandinu hola hai.
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2020.10.28 15:08 okunecito Stop this!

In the last few days I have been seeing a lot of rejection around here, asking people for explanations for liking certain characters (Muja, Mida, Megami) people, we don't all have the same tastes. I am a super fan of Muja kina and I love the concept of a kinky teacher that Mida Rana has. "But, they are pedophiles" No, they are not. Taro is 18, it's legally acceptable, and there's nothing wrong with having an older partner "But, he likes a high school boy." Who is 18! it doesn't matter if he's in high school or not. He is already of legal age. It is like saying that a 20-year-old man cannot date a 23-year-old because he repeated a year and stayed in the last year of high school Besides, it is fiction! they don't exist I know that many here think like me and please, repeat what others like so that we can live with respect ^
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2020.10.23 22:54 VeYsooo I feel guilty. My friends said, I did nothing wrong. Your Opinion?

Hey guys ( sorry, my english sucks and this going to be long. Would be totally happy if you read it )
I was a total beginner with girls. Im 26 and I've met my first love ever this year. I searched and waited all my life long for someone who loves me. Im totally a fan of the spring and to my luck, this girl added me out of nowhere on social media on spring time. I knew her from a olderly coworker. She is his niece. And since I was good friends with him they eventually talked about me (this was 5 years ago, after quitting my job Ive become self employeed, pretty successfull and much more attractive hitting the gym, dieting and just working on myself). Seemed like she was out of her 5 year relationship with her first love over 1 year ago.
Well we started chatting and I felt very comfortable. She was the kind of girl who wants the conversation going on. Also she made a very nice and sweet impression. It didnt taked long and I started dating her. Wow I dated 15 girls in my past but as much as I felt comfortable with her, I never did before. Time was passing fast on the dates. The first date I felt nothing and tge second date, Ive finally felt this alien feeling what is called "love". I started totally crushing on her. To my luck, she started to.
To make it short, I had the most beautiful spring with her in my life. Being totally high on endorphines. She in my hand, through the forest next to my house. Then the 1 day beach vacation with her. Laying on the sand, kissing her, sunset, birds flying by... THIS was the moment, the rush I was always seeking for.
Well days past and my brain was only thinking about her. Maybe I felt too much in love. I totally felt, that she is not that deep in love with me as Im with her. I dont know why but my mind didnt stop to think how the sex may have been with her other partners and affairs in thr past. It disgusted me to have those images behind my eyes. The thing is, she still texted with her first love. The guy she was 5 years in a realtionship with. She always saw my sad face when I noticed that they was texting sometimes even at night.
At some day I had a very bad mood. In that day she told me about an affaire. That she met someone and instantly had sex with him. 6 months before me. I dont know why but that made me angry. I fought 4 weeks for her to just come close to me (till we had sex) and then that guy was laying on the side of the bed in just 1 day. I told her that I feel a bit disgusted about that, that usally I dont have any respect for girls who sells their body as fast like that. That I like women who make the male battle for her. She got very pissed and sad. She told me, that she just wanted to have fun and had no interest of being in a relationship at that time. I felt kina guilty, met her the same day, kuddled and kissed her and told her, that she did not deserved my bad mood at that day. We even slept together and everything seemed normal.
Later on I still got jelous because of her texting with her ex. And sometimes I got jelous if she was meeting her single best friend. A guy who is known for having sex with numours girls. My ex always told me, that they friendzoned each other. But also told me, that they often slept in the same bed on festivals. I have to mention, that she is a absolute festival girl. You can imagine how it looked inside my head again. My mind played games on me "they 100% had sex before. Dude, alcohol, festival, single, that just screams for sex".
Thats why I always had a small amount of jelousy. Not only for that, but because they texted hearts and stuff to each other. But that was the smaller problem for me. Sometimes at days she was with him, she did not come online on whatsapp for over an hour. Its unlikely for her. If she is with me, the damn phone dosnt drops. Unless we had sex of course. The reason she told me was, that he gets mad like "you see me that rarely, so please drop that phone!". That is what he is telling him.
I always had very disgusting mind games. Somehow even small trust issues. I dont know why. But I have to mention, I crushed on her till the very end. Everytime I was with her, I gave her much love. Kisses, hugs. I was obviously the more romantic side of the relationship. I always thought its the other way around, but in this relationship it was the male being all romantic. I gave her 8 kisses, she gave me 1. In that ratio. That is also something what made me feeling insecure sometimes.
Well at another day, I should have just shut my damn mouth. She was fat 3 years ago but looked awesome now. She could kinda go a bit more down with the weight but to my eyes, she always was perfect. Well we were talking about dieting and stuff. I told her, that I can imagining her look EVEN MORE(!!!) hotter with 5 kilos less. I did NOT say, that she only would look hot after losing 5 kilos!. She cried. She took it as an assault to her body. I really really just wanted to motivate her in hee ongoing diet. Just wanted to tell my opinion. I tried to make her understand, that im absolutely in love with her and her body and that Im only talking about very small changes. She just barely wanted to forgive me. The next day I bought her flowers, told her im so freakin sorry. Told her im im love with every bit of her. She again seemed like okay.
In that week we had much sex, she even talked about how our marriage would look like, how our future home would look like and stuff. She made me feel very comfortable. I really thought im talking to my potential future wife right now.
But at that day, she was like a different person. Like a switch tuned off. She was soooo absolutely mad at me. I didnt understand the world anymore. She did not wanted to see me at the day and needed time for herself. I got on an emotional rollercoaster and spammed her and also texed her best friend (the female one, not the guy. She was hanging out with us pretty often, so she is no stranger to me) what was going on. If she knews something.
The next day she was even more mad because "I texted her bestfriend" and that I shouldnt have spammed her that much. She even got mad because I reacted to a story of her guy best friend, because he was playing a game which I was very good in. Just show him some clips. She yelled "YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM!". She pulled up all my faults, all my jelously. Never talked about her faults which made me think and do those things. I tried to tell her that im very very sorry if she kinda felt attacked or uncomfortable, but that I had my reasons for it and that im still learning what love is. She told me I attacked her with the weight, Im too jelous even I did not get really mad once if she wrote her ex in the night and that Im texting her friends and stuff... She dosnt feel happy... she left me 3 days after that VIA CHAT.
that was 4 months ago and im still heartbroken. I dont know what is wrong and right anymore. I cant get over this experience. Everything seems like a whole mess to me. I loved her, I truely wished I would be someone very speical to her as she always told me. I really miss the first few weeks with her, which we just enjoyed herself.. me not knowing about her guy best friend and stuff...I wish I had a time machine :(
Am I really that jelous and guilty? Did I everything wrong what I could possible do? Thanks for reading till here.
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2020.10.14 15:51 Breif1 Every anime ever

Lmao, school slice of life, they are in love, but they hide it from each other. She is so serious and he is such a clutz, or the other way around, ahahahh! In the 13th episode they lost a cat and looked for it, and in the 15th she wore yukatas and they watched the fireworks, and in the 17th grandma suddenly came, and in the 35th the arch-demon of the dark realm destroyed the Citadel and he flew there to save it, and at the end of the 37th episode he was penetrated by the spikes, he discovered his super powers and he killed everyone and just casually returned to school, being shy around girls and being a cute and good guy, because that makes sense right? It’s just like returning from your deployment in Afghanistan just to be back in time for the exams, so natural! Girls with big tits just keep being attracted to wimpy losers-degenerates, and the worse they are, the bigger tits the girl has and the wealthier she is, and the shy girls are like KAWAIIIIIIII! Oh… sakatako-kun…, and then suddenly there are deep philosophical discussions, emotional struggle… big hall, serious people in literal clown suits sit there and argue with each other, then suddenly someone with a scar on his face and with a glowing eye says “MUDADA!!” and this marks the beginning of the deep emotional faceoff, they look at each other for 5 minutes and then talk about their moral principles… “…Satoshi… but… but we mustn’t replant the lilac that isn’t 2 years old yet…”… “…but Kina, you must understand… we live in a cruel world… we have no choice…. I KNOW SATOSHI I KNOW!!!”. And then suddenly the 5th graders bust into the room and start shaking their massive assets and tits, 12 lbs each, kawaii desu, nya! Everyone is horsing around, and then suddenly the bad guys in the gay stripper costumes do the evil laugh and start massacring everyone in the room. Well, then the loser main character saves everyone, and suddenly serious professional girls in swimsuits activate their implants and one of them(who is absolutely emotionally blind, probably on the spectrum, doesn’t respond to any stimuli, and has a generic monotone voice, but that is absolutely fine, since she is a kuudere and not like the other girls ) connects to the enemies’ database, it doesn’t matter how, probably because every evil supercomputer uses a 12345 password, and in the meantime the other girls start shooting lasers at the gay strippers, and then a good souled fat guy in a pimp costume joins them and does a megafatality and dies, everything is covered in blood, people are dying, the swimsuit girls are finishing the gay strippers off with the laser guns and then the loser main character shows up once again and tells them to stop “No… don’t…. don’t do it kizuyami! If you do it you will be just as bad as them! YAMERO KIZUYAMI!!! YAMERO LAZOOOORSU LAZOOOORSU LAAAAZOOOOOORRRRR!!!!”…. There is a good ending, the loser main character still didn’t get laid, but one of the girls kissed him on the cheek (they are called lolis, well like girls that are small but you can still fuck them), and then the credits roll and you understand that japan is a GREAT country and the Japanese are gods chosen people, you even download a kana table to learn Japanese but then quickly forget about it because you have so many adventures in the future! Good luck my man, good luck.
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2020.10.13 22:01 Daniel_mfg Let's make a List of all Anime series with OP Main character!

I am starting this list because i love these Kind of anime and for a while now i am struggeling to find any more...
As i am propably not the only one with this problem i thought this could also help others...
Please do not post recommendations here "just because this anime is good..." - thats not what this post is intended for...
So even if you think that a anime is "not that good" but other wise fits the "OP Main character"-theme please post it here and let everyone themselves decide if they like them or not. (opinions are of course allowed)
I will start here myself to kick Things off:
(yes this list Was written from memory xD - i hope i may be of help to others with this list too)
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2020.10.11 05:20 Ichig0Usagi How would you eliminate all the rivals?

For me:
Osana Najimi: Reject/Befriend
Amai Odayaka: Matchmake
Kizana Sunobu: Kill (Rival specific)
Oka Ruto: Befriend
Asu Rito: Expel
Super Sonico at home Muja Kina: Kill (Rival specific)
Professor Pedophile Mida Rana: Kill (Any way)
Osoro Shidesu: Reject
Hanako Yamada: Expel
Megami Saikou: Kill (Drive to suicide)
Kokona Haruka: love and protecc
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2020.10.10 17:50 celestialVocalist Yandere Simulator Reimagined-Part 9

Muja Kina
New name: Miana Homura
Official Description:
Miana is a student who is currently serving as the nurse’s assistant. She has a great sense of care and love towards others and wants nothing more than to be a professional nurse in later years. But she ends up causing more problems than solving them due to her clumsy nature.
Even if she isn’t the smartest girl in school, she quickly makes friends with Senpai and she falls for him almost instantly. She may confess her love to him soon, if no one stops her…
Miana will usually attend class but afterwards will join the main nurse in the infirmary to complete her duties. The player can start to befriend Miana through helping her with her tasks (retrieving bandages and medicine, sorting tools, etc).
If the player wants to eliminate her through damaging her reputation, they can stalk her to find out that her mother, who is a doctor, killed a patient. Ayano can spread rumors about Miana’s mother to make her mother look like a murderer and ruin Miana’s reputation.
If the player wants to use the Befriend elimination technique, they can talk with Miana about her mother.
She’ll confess that the truth was the patient was a victim of a horrible accident and Miana's mother was in charge of the emergency surgery. The patient didn't make it and her boss harshly scolded her for it. Miana's mother then became at risk of losing her job and even being arrested after her boss tried to lie about what really happened.
Ayano can stalk Miana's mother's boss and threaten him to turn himself for lying about the death. Ayano can then talk with Miana and her mother and help them realize that they don’t need to be guilty and they can overcome this traumatic incident.
If the player wants to matchmake Miana, they can pair her up with Hatake Ariyoshi (Fureddo’s new name) or Enko Chibana (Uekiya’s new name).
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2020.10.09 13:19 nikamauro Jealous?

So I have a relationship for 1,5 years now, I am so so so in love with this guy. We go to an actingclass together and there is a girl in that class that I known for like 5 years, we never were friends but we know eachother. All of the sudden they cklicked. And since the beginning I felt not good about it... not in a way where i think they are gonna end up with each other or where he is gonna cheat on me because I know he wil never ever do that to me. It is just when I see them together and I see them laugh it kina hurts and I don’t know why... I told him how I felt and he asked why i could not be happy for him, what I think is a fair question because why can’t I just be happy for him he got a new friend. I mean he had other girls he talked with but this one i got those weird feelings. I think it is jealousy but what am I jealous of? I just don’t understand my feeling and i am wondering if you girls know what is mean or have the same problem and could give me some advise because I don’t want to feel bad about this situation anymore
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2020.10.09 00:09 nikamauro Jealous?

So I have a relationship for 1,5 years now, I am so so so in love with this guy. We go to an actingclass together and there is a girl in that class that I known for like 5 years, we never were friends but we know eachother. All of the sudden they cklicked. And since the beginning I felt not good about it... not in a way where i think they are gonna end up with each other or where he is gonna cheat on me because I know he wil never ever do that to me. It is just when I see them together and I see them laugh it kina hurts and I don’t know why... I told him how I felt and he asked why i could not be happy for him, what I think is a fair question because why can’t I just be happy for him he got a new friend. I mean he had other girls he talked with but this one i got those weird feelings. I think it is jealousy but what am I jealous of? I just don’t understand my feeling and i am wondering if you girls know what is mean or have the same problem and could give me some advise because I don’t want to feel bad about this situation anymore
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2020.10.08 21:59 DragonCabbage A little introduction for those who are wondering who this mystical beast is.

Im DragonCabbage or Cabb! Im a mediocre artist who love TES and anything reptile related! I like to be a gremlin on people's posts and i hate the english language. I got into TES like i dunno...but through skyrim. My dumb little impatient bitch brain wanted more so i looked more into stuff. Then comes morrowind. And zoo wee mama i love morrowind. Though when i first read about Vivec in lore i went:What the fuck??? Why is he so weird?? Why does this Almalexia lady sound kina hot? Amywho heres some info about me
-Im a artist -How The fuck do i draw people? -Morrowind is good you better fucking play it if you like rpgs -I play games on console and PC(mostly console) -I swear alot, fuck is my best friend -Purple is my favorite color -My girlfriend is holding me hostage to play oblivion next oh god oh fuck not again babe i played morrowind- -Asparagus asparagus. -My DMs are open to talk about anything gaming or art related im a freindly person -Dragon shaped cabbage or cabbage shaped dragon?
-Yours truly Cabb
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2020.10.05 08:44 mellowminty Fixing Muja Kina

Muja doesn't NEED to be a pedophile. It would be so easy to change her character into an assistant nurse or student nurse. Many schools have students who work as assistants during certain periods.
I think her ditzy, clutzy airhead attitude is really cute. and she looks like Super Sonico (who I love), so I like how she looks as well. Of course, she could use a longer dress and one that fit her breasts better.
Either Muja could be an Akedemi senior who takes two periods to work with the nurse, and during her week she's being tested on whether she's capable of handling a school nurses office on her own (where the player would sabotage her), OR she just has to take over due to the head nurse having an emergency.
Anyway, it's far more appropriate and I think Muja could be very likable and a girl Taro could easy find attractive and endearing.
EDIT: This is a post to discuss how to improve Muja Kina as a character and bring her away from a pedophilic faculty member using her power over a student to sexually involve herself with them. This is NOT a post for some of you to choose to defend pedophilia, defend grooming, or argue about definitions. If you're here to do that, go away.
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2020.09.11 20:00 blue_trackerbot Heroes Blizz_KinaBREW in Got back into HoTS a month or so ago and I found this old misheard heroes Malfurion I drew in 2018. Gimme some of your favorite misheard quotes that you guys always hear and maybe I’ll make a little series out of it!

Reddit heroesofthestorm » Got back into HoTS a month or so ago and I found this old misheard heroes Malfurion I drew in 2018. Gimme some of your favorite misheard quotes that you guys always hear and maybe I’ll make a little series out of it!


My two favorites that I can never unhear are: Kharazim saying "Guitar guide my path!" And Zarya's "Dodge the pierogi!" I'm not sure what the actual like is.
Love it.
2020-09-11 11:46:18
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2020.09.11 19:30 blue_trackerbot Heroes Blizz_KinaBREW in Into the Nexus w/ HOTS Senior II Artist Andrew Kinabrew - Amovetv on Twitch

Reddit heroesofthestorm » Into the Nexus w/ HOTS Senior II Artist Andrew Kinabrew - Amovetv on Twitch


After listening to this, I noticed in the collection that Deathwing flies in and out of the screen when scrolling through heroes. Thank you so much for your lovely little flourishes that make HotS the beautiful game that it is. You and the rest of the HotS team are seriously so great, oml.
That's a Mark Petro and Brittany Gleiter thing. Mark wanted something really special for the collections tab and Brittany was there for the assist. Bunch of rockstars they are.
2020-09-11 11:16:41
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