Mtv dating game

MTV's new dating show 'Game of Clones' has stars dating lookalikes of their celebrity crushes. This is a twist on the episode TV cast, with simulated 'channel' tracking A version of the hit show Big Brother, in which a group of celebrities spend episode in the famous house. Game features Tiffany Pollard, who is on a quest to find her true love. This series is a spin off of another relationship. MTV's has reality show is taking dating game to the next level. The seven women cast has Megan Fox lookalikes in 'Game of Clones. The Dating Game was revolutionary for its time and likely inspired a lot of the content that came after. MORE: How The Dating Game changed television. MTV produces a new, weird dating show every ... OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Watch the full episode online. Big Black makes it his mission to find a nice girl for Rob to settle down with. The boys also buy remote control helicopters that are harder to fly ... 'Game of Clones' is a new dating reality show premiering on MTV this month. MTV reality stars like DJ Pauly D from 'Jersey Shore' and Cara Maria Sorbello from 'The Challenge' will get the chance to date seven people who look like their celebrity crushes.; By making every romantic prospect look like the dater's crush, the dating process is supposed to help the MTV stars focus on the contestants ... MTV's first-ever 'dating reality' series — 'Singled Out' — made its debut in 1995.That was *the* show that set the tone for a whole decade of amazingly awful dating reality shows.

Weekly Round-Up: September 14th - September 20th

2020.09.20 20:38 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: September 14th - September 20th

Weekly Round-Up: September 14th - September 20th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: September 7th - September 13th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.

New Releases

Date Link Thread
200915 [MV] Max - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) Thread
200915 [Audio] MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) Thread
200918 [Audio] Dynamite (NightTime Version) Thread
200920 [MV] BTS "Dynamite" - 70's Remix Thread


Date Thread
200916 BTS @ NBC America's Got Talent
200918 BTS @ Mnet I-LAND
200918 BTS @ 2020 iHeart Radio Music Festival

News & Information

Date Thread
200914 In light of his birthday, RM donated 100M won to the MMCA foundation to foster a culture of reading art books and increasing artistic sensibility in youth
200914 Billboard Launches New Global Charts
200914 'Dynamite' is #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for its 3rd week
200915 [Notice] BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Online Live Streaming & BTS EXHIBITION “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘)” Online Exhibition Information
200915 Asia Society: BTS is one of the Asia Game ChangerAward recipients for 2020
200916 MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert tickets on sale
200916 Introducing BTS new live streaming ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’, ticket sale is now open on Weverse Shop!
200916 BTS Music Pack Coming to Beat Saber
200917 BTS "MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E" Online Live Streaming & Online Exhibition Ticketing Guide
200917 "Dynamite" has been changed to "Dynamite (Daytime Version)" on streaming platforms
200917 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now connect to "Dynamite" (B-side) music video on Weverse
200918 BTS to be Honored at the 2020 Asia Game Changers Awards
200919 BTS' Grammys For You Consideration: Dynamite has been submitted for ROTY & Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
200920 BTS to appear on NPR Music on September 21, 9AM ET / 10PM KST

Music show wins

Date Thread
200916 BTS have taken their 11th win for "Dynamite" on today's Show Champion
200918 BTS have taken their 12th win for "Dynamite" on today's KBS Music Bank
200919 BTS have taken their 13th win for "Dynamite" on today's Music Core

Merchandise news

Date Thread
200914 Skool Luv Affair (Special Addition) merchandise will be available on Weverse Shop from September 15, 11AM KST
200914 [NOTICE] Regarding the Emblem for 'In the SOOP BTS ver. VOD Purchases
200915 Skool Luv Affair (Special Addition) merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200917 Wings, Love Yourself and Speak Yourself Jigsaw Puzzles on Weverse Shop

Expired news

Date Thread
200914 MBC Radio: BTS will be on radio show at 6PM(KST)!
200918 [Notice] BTS Digital Single “Dynamite” NightTime Version Additional Release Information
200918 BTS will perform on Night 1 of the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Friday, 9/18 at 10:43 PM EST
200919 BTS are attending the Youth Day celebrations at the Blue House to give a speech today at 10am KST and will be meeting the President and First Lady

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 200916 [BANGTAN BOMB] V-ianist's Recital Thread
Bomb 200919 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival Thread
In the SOOP 200915 [Behind] In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.4 Farewell For Now: Behind-the-scenes Thread
In the SOOP 200917 In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.5 Back to the Forest Thread
In the SOOP 200917 [In the SOOP BTS ver.] Official Clip - Ep.6 Thread
Live 200919 2008** Jungkook Thread
Live 200920 2008** Jungkook Thread
Photos 200917 BTS, TXT, Lee Hyun Photos Thread
Photos 200917 New photos of BTS on their Billboard Hot 100 #1 Thread
Teaser 200917 BTS (방탄소년단) 'BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE' Concept Teaser - Persona Thread
Other 200914 Learn! KOREAN with BTS [EP.28] Please Look Forward to It Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
200914 Weverse Compilation
200914 Twitter Bangtan Thread
200914 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200914 TikTok SUGA & Jin Thread
200914 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ 'Bae Chul-soo's Music Camp' Thread
200914 Twitter j-hope with Jungkook Thread
200914 Twitter SUGA Thread
200916 TikTok V & j-hope Thread
200918 Weverse Taehyung Thread
200918 Weverse Compilation
200918 Twitter Today's BTS @ I-Land Thread
200918 Weverse Seokjin Thread
200919 Twitter j-hope Thread
200919 Twitter [#TodaysBangtan] Youth Day with #BTS ! BTS is supporting all the young people, who are the protagonists of the future! Thread
200919 Instagram BTS Instagram Story
200919 Twitter Today's Bangtan: [#오늘의방탄] #BTS in 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival!✨ Thread

BTS Interviews

  • Comprehensive list of English language Dynamite interviews HERE
Date Link Thread
200913 BTS On Success Of ‘Dynamite’ on ET Canada Thread
200915 Vogue: 24 Hours of VMA Prep With BTS Thread
200915 Vogue: BTS Have A Message For Their Fans: “Hope Is Everywhere — Keep Going” Thread
200917 [FULL/Eng Sub] (B-side) BTS Visual Radio in MBC Thread
200918 iHeartRadio: BTS Admit Their New Album Is 'A Little Different' Than 'Dynamite' Thread
200919 Radio Disney: Can BTS members raise one eyebrow? Thread

CF & Partnerships

Date Thread
200915 [FILA] BTS ‘Go Beyond’ - Behind The Scene Compilation
200915 Samsung Mobile: We asked. You answered. It’s about to light up, Sept 23rd. #GalaxyxBTS
200916 [FILA] PROJECT 7 Teaser
200916 BTS FILA PROJECT 7 (September 18th - 20th)
200916 Samsung Mobile: Yes, we’re good listeners. Your dream colors, now on your all-new Galaxy. See it all on September 23, 2020.
200917 FILA PROJECT 7 Pre-launching at Shinsegae Department Store Times Square Seoul
200918 BTS FILA PROJECT 7 on Instagram Stories


Date Publisher Article Thread
200914 The Korea Herald Public Consensus Needed Before Exempting BTS From Draft: Defense Minister Nominee Thread
200909 The Conversation What BTS breaking Billboard 100 means for pop as the industry knows it Thread
200915 Variety BTS Is Twitter’s Top Music Act During Quarantine Thread
200915 Elite Daily MAX & BTS' Suga's "Blueberry Eyes" Collaboration Almost Didn't Happen — EXCLUSIVE Thread
200915 Teen Vogue MAX Unpacks "Blueberry Eyes" Collaboration With BTS Member Suga Thread
200917 Teen Vogue J-Hope Gave V Some Sage Advice About His Solo Mixtape Thread
200918 Billboard Jessica Agombar, Co-Writer of BTS' 'Dynamite,' Says Goal for the Song Was 'A Positive, Huge Ball of Energy' Thread
200919 Headline Planet BTS Episode Sets New Social Media Record For 'America's Got Talent,' Delivers New 2020 High Mark For NBC Thread

SNS Mentions

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
200914 💜 Radio MBC Thread
200914 MAX posts teaser photo Blueberry Eyes MV; with word 'tomorrow' Thread
200915 haetaelee instagram (choreographer and director of the Jin and JK Samsung galaxy note 20 ad) Thread
200915 MAX Thread
200915 America’s Got Talent Thread
200915 Howie Mandel: Patiently waiting for @BTS_twt on #AGT tomorrow night Thread
200916 Dynamite included in Little Mix's Summer Vibe's Playlist Thread
200916 Lea Salonga Tweets About BTS' Professionalism Thread
200916 MAX Thread
200916 BTS "Dynamite" 7'' single, pressed in Detroit at @thirdmanpress. Thread
200917 The Twilight Saga Has Found Their BTS Bias Thread
200919 💜 The Blue House Korea (BTS with President Moon) Thread
200919 Rivers Cuomo Thread

Other media

Type Date Link Thread
Cover 200917 Dynamite Rock Version (BTS) by Rolling Quartz Thread
Cover 200920 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' JUN Violin Cover Thread
Podcast 200917 (Spotify: For the Record) BTS: The Band, The Brand & The ARMY Thread
Video 200916 Critical Role: Sam: "What's up, BTS fans?" [Critical Role 2x109] Thread
Video 200918 Zach Sang Show: MAX talks new album Colour Vision, working w/ Suga AKA Agust D, and being a Dad... Thread
Video 200919 BTS’ Most Memorable MTV Moments Thread
Other 200918 Spotify has created a new playlist for Taehyung, called 'V' Thread
Other 200918 Spotify KPop: Psst.. BTS' got a surprise for us! Check out all of Dynamite's remixes to see who's dancing in them today! Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 200914 "Hope World" has now reached 100 #1's on iTunes Worldwide, making j-hope the 3rd Korean soloist to achieve 100 #1's with an album after RM and Agust D
Charts/Sales 200914 Dynamite has surpassed Any Song as the song with most hours of PAKS in history
Charts/Sales 200914 BTS' "Dynamite" is now the #1 best selling download among all songs this year in the US
Charts/Sales 200914 BTS' Dynamite is #2 on the first ever Billboard Global 200 singles chart
Charts/Sales 200915 BTS Is #1 For Billboard Artist 100 With 9 Weeks For Being The #1, The Most For Group Overall
Charts/Sales 200916 "Dynamite" reaches new peak of #2 (+2) on Billboard Japan Hot 100
Charts/Sales 200916 MOTS7 is #18 in SNEP (France) Top 20 list of 1H 2020. BTS is the only international artist, besides The Weeknd, in this list.
Charts/Sales 200916 BTS' "Dynamite" has now sold over 1 million units in the US. The group’s fastest song to hit this mark.
Charts/Sales 200916 "Blueberry Eyes" by MAX feat. BTS 's SUGA debuts at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart
Charts/Sales 200918 "Dynamite" by BTS is now the first and only song in Korean chart history to achieve 400 Perfect All-Kills
Charts/Sales 200919 BTS joins IU as the only acts to reach 500 Perfect All-Kill(PAK) in Korean Charts history
Charts/Sales 200919 J-Hope and Becky G's "Chicken Noodle Soup" becomes the first collaboration in history to reach #1 on iTunes in at least 100 countries
Charts/Sales 200919 BTS 'Dynamite' Has Reached New Peak Unique Listeners On Melon Since Its Release, With 708,691
Followers 200916 BTS_twt has surpassed 29 millions followers on twitter!
Followers 200919 BTS is now the first Korean act to surpass 20 million followers on TikTok!
Streams 200914 BTS's 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' Has Now Earned Over 500 MILLION On-Demand Streams in the US this year
Streams 200918 'Spring Day' has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify, their 5th song to achieve this!
Streams 200918 BTS has surpassed 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify!
Streams 200920 BTS's "Serendipity" Has Now Surpassed 100 MILLION Streams on Spotify (40th song to do so)

BTS Universe Story

Date Link Thread
200914 BTS Universe Story: The peaceful landscape has a different charm when seen through the viewfinder. He focuses on it, pressing the shutter... Thread
200915 [With BTS] BTS Universe Story Official Trailer Thread
200915 BTS Universe Story: The pianist concludes his solo recital and the crowd cheers. He takes his final bow to enthusiastic applause... Thread
200916 BTS Universe Story: YoonGi and NamJoon visit their hideout for the last time before they leave school, but what they find surprises them... Thread
200916 BTS Universe Story: Inside the fragrant café, SeokJin tastes the just-brewed coffee with a smile- then rushes out when he notices the time. Thread
200917 BTS Universe Story: JiMin introduces himself enthusiastically to the broadcasting program members he's just met. Everyone's surprised at what he says... Thread
200918 [With BTS] [BTS Universe Story] Special Message For You💌 Thread
200918 BTS Universe Story: Loud music fills the air as HoSeok dances along passionately. Thread
200919 [With BTS] BTS Universe Story - BTS message Thread
200920 BTS Universe Story: TaeHyung, YoonGi, and HoSeok follow the hints to arrive somewhere where they meet a mysterious man. Thread


Date Link Thread
200914 TinyTAN merchandise for the month of September is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop Thread
200915 Baskin Robbins Korea Instagram Update - TinyTan Thread
200918 TinyTAN: Everyone has their own role! Which role would you like to take? Thread


Date Link Thread
200917 BT21 PLAYLIST - Rainy Garden ASMR Thread

BT21 merchandise news

Date Thread
200916 BT21 KOLON Fleece Jumper
200918 BT21 "Green Toy" kit coming soon!


Date Thread
200915 [YT Premiere] MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video]
200915 Translation and mini Korean lesson with Blueberry Eyes
200918 [Throwback] Three years ago today, BTS released "Love Yourself 承 'Her'" and music video for title track "DNA"


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Dizzyxxoo Namjoon Fanart (birthday gift for my friend 🌸) [OC]
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2020.09.18 13:09 PiggySVW 14 currently active Munich-born footballers have received a call up to a national team. None of those was from Germany. Here are their stories.

While searching some stuff on Transfermarkt, I discovered that there are 14 currently active football players who were born in Munich and have been called up for at least one senior national team fixture. Funnily, not a single one of those 14 players was called up to the German Nationalmannschaft. I decided to take a closer look at their respective careers. There are some more obvious paths like Germans of Turkish descent who went on to play in and for Turkey but also some pretty obscure careers. I begin with the most capped player and work my way down the list to the players who only got a call up without getting any game time. I sincerely hope you enjoy this read, it was pretty fun to write down!

Fabian Johnson

Age: 32
Position: Left Winger
Current team: -
National team: USA (57 matches, 2 goals)
The most-capped player in this list is American international Fabian Johnson. He was born in 1987 in München-Giesing and started his footballing career playing for Sportfreunde München before making the switch to 1860 where he spent 13 years. In 2009, he began his career in the 1. Bundesliga with Wolfsburg. Until today he made over 200 appearances in Germany's top flight for the Wolves, Hoffenheim and Gladbach. Currently he's without a club as Borussia didn't want to extend his contract.
The defensive-minded winger played for all the DFB youth teams and even won the under-21 Euros in 2009 alongside players like Mesut Özil, Mats Hummels or Manuel Neuer. However, Johnson - son of a German mother and an American father - stated that he "always felt quite American", so it's no wonder that he accepted the invitation when USMNT coach Jürgen Klinsmann called him up to the US squad in 2011. Since then he participated in the World Cup 2014, the Copa América 2016 and several Gold Cups. His last international game to date was in September 2017.

Manuel Ott

Age: 28
Position: Central Midfielder
Current team: United City F.C.
National team: Philippines (51 matches, 4 goals)
"Manny" Ott also represented 1860 München during his youth career before eventually ending up at FC Ingolstadt's academy in 2009. He spent five year's in the Audi city before going to his mother's home country to play for Ceres-La Salle FC, who are now called United City F.C. He won several titles with the Filipino powerhouse and in fact returned to them in February 2020 after a wasted year in Thailand where he only managed to play one single game for Ratchaburi Mitr Phol F.C. due to a tibia fracture.
Ott played his first senior game for the Philippines on 16 January 2010 at only 17 years of age. A scout had been sent out to find players in Europe who are eligible for the Filipino team. The midfielder's first goal followed in a 3-0 win over Cambodia in 2014.

Mike Ott

Age: 25
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Current team: United City F.C.
National team: Philippines (21 matches, 3 goals)
Another one? Yes! Mike Ott followed his big brother's footsteps and also graduated from 1860's youth system before joining Nürnberg in 2014. He was unable to impress in the first team and instead played for Nürnberg's under-23 team in the fourth tier. After three seasons, he decided to start on an adventure in Asia instead, so he made the switch to Angthong F.C. in Thai League 2. He had a decent stint in Thailand which made his brother's club Ceres offer him a contract in 2018. The new owners changed the team's name but re-signed both brothers in this summer. What are the Otts?
Mike was part of the Filipino national team for the first time in 2013 but didn't get to enter the pitch. His debut actually only came in October 2016 against Bahrain and he even scored the goal in his team's 1:3 loss.

Mehmet Ekici

Age: 30
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Current team: -
National team: Turkey (12 matches, 0 goals)
"Memo" Ekici began playing football for former Bundesliga outfit SpVgg Unterhaching, but he quickly became a member of FC Bayern's youth system. He made it onto Bayern's bench in 2009/10 but never played a minute for Bayern's senior squad. For the following season he was loaned out to fellow Bundesliga team Nürnberg where the young talent impressed alongside fellow German Turk Ilkay Gündogan. While the latter was bought by Borussia Dortmund, Ekici went to Werder Bremen. He never really broke through in the Hanseatic city and was eventually sold to Trabzonspor in 2014. In his first season he scored 9 goals and assisted another 11, but he couldn't replicate those numbers afterwards. In early 2017 he was suspended by Trabzonspor because he insisted on a transfer to Fenerbahce instead of Besiktas which Trabzonspor preferred. When his contract ran out after the season he finally joined Fener and played there until last season, albeit with mediocre success.
Ekici played for the German youth national teams before the Turkish FA convinced him to play for them after his strong start to the 2010/11 season. He debuted against the Netherlands in November 2010 but never managed to play a major part in the Crescent-Stars' team. His last appearance to date was in 2015.

Ceyhun Gülselam

Age: 32
Position: Defensive Midfielder
Current team: Alanyaspor
National team: Turkey (6 matches, 0 goals)
Gülselam spent the 1994/95 season at mighty Gartenstadt Trudering before spending 8 years in FC Bayern's junior teams. In 2006 he went to Unterhaching where he experienced his first games in 2. Bundesliga. They were relegated, but Gülselam still stayed for another season. He seems to have impressed some Turkish scouts as Trabzonspor decided to pick him up in 2008. Since then he has been playing for several teams in the Süper Lig with his current employer being Alanyaspor. Between 2014 and 2016 he spent two seasons in the Bundesliga at Hannover 96, he scored his only Bundesliga goal in a match against Leverkusen in November 2014.
Gülselam made his debut for the Turkish national team in March 2008, when coach Fatih Terim called him up for a friendly against Belarus. His last match took place nearly 11 years ago, he assisted a goal and was sent off shortly afterwards against Armenia.

Tarik Camdal

Age: 29
Position: Right Back
Current team: Adana Demirspor
National team: Turkey (6 matches, 1 goal)
Camdal spent most of his footballing youth in Ingolstadt, playing 8 years for Türkgücü Ingolstadt before going to MTV Ingolstadt at 13 years of age. When they played against 1860 Munich's youth team, the Lions' people in charge were so impressed that they offered Camdal a transfer right after the game. In 2009 he made his debut in the 2. Bundesliga and made several apperances in the senior team until 2011. For the season 2011/12 Süper Lig team Eskisehirspor decided to bring him to Turkey. He spent 3 seasons in Eskisehir before going to Galatasaray where he even got to play in the Champions League. He was loaned back to Eskisehir in 2016/17 but the loan didn't really help him with establishing himself at Gala. After several quarrels his contract was terminated in early 2019 and he went to Antalyaspor for the remainder of the season. Today he plays for Adana Demirspor in the second tier.
Camdal played for DFB's under-19 team but later decided to kick the ball for Turkey. His first of six call-ups to the national team was in November 2013 after a strong start of the season with Eskisehirspor. His last match followed about one year later. During his time in the national team he scored one goal in a friendly against Ireland.

Philipp Ospelt

Age: 27
Position: Left Midfielder
Current team: USV Eschen-Mauren
National team: Liechtenstein (5 matches, 0 goals)
Ospelt is yet another graduate of FC Bayern's youth where he played up to the under-19s. In 2010 he went to play for FC Buchs and later Young Fellows Juventus in Switzerland's lower leagues. In January 2012 he transferred to USV Eschen-Mauren, a team from Liechtenstein that - like all the outfits from the tiny country - play in the Swiss league system. Liechtenstein's only competition is the Liechtenstein Cup, which Ospelt and his colleagues went on to win in 2012. In 2013 he was picked up by Liechtenstein's best team FC Vaduz where he played until 2018 - with the exception of a short stint at WSG Wattens in Austria in 2016. After taking a short break, Ospelt returned to football in early 2019. He now plays for Eschen-Mauren again, currently in the fourth tier of Swiss football.
Ospelt's record for the national team is very weird. His first match was in 2012 against Lithuania, his second and third followed in 2016 and the fourth in 2017. His last appearance to date was last week, when Liechtenstein won 2:0 against powerhouse San Marino. However, Ospelt never started a match, in fact his longest appearance was three minutes long. If you add up all his minutes since he was first called up 8 years ago, you get a whopping NINE minutes of time on the pitch.

Nicola Sansone

Age: 29
Position: Left Winger
Current team: FC Bologna
National team: Italy (3 matches, 0 goals)
Nicola Sansone's career began in Eastern Munich, at SV Neuperlach. He then played for FC Bayern from 2002 until 2011. He made his debut for Bayern's under-23 team in February 2010 when he came on as a substitute for none other than David Alaba. In October 2010 he got to spend 90 minutes on the bench of the Bundesliga squad in a match against Freiburg. From 2011 on he was a Parma player, although he spent his first season on loan at Crotone. He had a decent spell both there and later in Parma which made Sassuolo buy him in early 2014. After two and a half very successful seasons Sansone was picked up by Villareal who paid 13 million € for the German Italian attacker. He had two pretty good seasons in La Liga, however things didn't work any more in 2018/19 which made Bologna loan Sansone during the winter transfer window. He is a key player in their squad ever since as the team from Emilia-Romagna decided to make the deal permanent in the following summer.
Sansone never really considered to play for Germany as he played for the Italian junior teams from under-17s up until the under-21s. Thanks to an impressive time at Sassuolo, coach Antonio Conte called Sansone up to the senior team in 2015, when he made his debut as a subsitute against Portugal. He was able to add two more matches to his tally in 2016, the last one being against his country of birth - Germany.

Lucas Hufnagel

Age: 26
Position: Central Midfielder
Current team: SpVgg Unterhaching
National team: Georgia (2 matches, 0 goals)
Hufnagel's first team was TSV Milbertshofen in the north of Munich. In 2001 he was picked up by FC Bayern where he spent ten years of his early footballing career. In 2011 he went to FC Ingolstadt only to transfer to SpVgg Unterhaching one year later. He slowly established himself as a key player in Unterhaching's senior team which made SC Freiburg sign him for their 2015/16 2. Bundesliga campaign. He got quite a bit of game time, but that changed after Freiburg's promotion in 2016. Hufnagel was demoted to the second team and consequently loaned out to Nürnberg in January 2017. However he failed to leave a real mark there as well and finally returned to Unterhaching in 2018 to play in the 3. Liga. He is a staple in their squad, having played well over 2000 minutes in both of the last two league seasons.
Hufnagel never had a real chance to become a German international however he was eligible for Georgia as well because of his Georgian mother. He made his debut in 2015 against Estonia and played another 4 minutes against Serbia in 2017. Before his senior debut he already played some games for the country's junior teams.

Kingsley Ehizibue

Age: 25
Position: Right Back
Current team: 1. FC Köln
National team: Nigeria (0 matches, 0 goals)
Ehizibue was born in Munich to Nigerian parents. When he was two years old, the family moved to Zwolle in the Netherlands. He played for local club CSV '28 before joining PEC Zwolle's youth system from which he later graduated. He made his professional debut in October 2014 in a cup game and played his first Eredivisie game two months later against Willem II. Since 2016 he was a permanent member of the first team and managed to become a key player. In 2019, after their promotion to the Bundesliga, 1. FC Köln picked him up and gave him a chance to shine in the country of his birth. He instantly became Cologne's starting right-back and played in 31 out of 34 possible league games.
Ehizibue played one match for the Dutch under-21s in 2016, which remains his only international experience to date. However, Nigeria's coach Gernot Rohr called him up to the Super Eagles' AFCON qualifier against Sierra Leone back in March. But due to the pandemic the fixture is yet to be played.

Koray Altintay

Age: 28
Position: Right Back
Current team: Fatih Karagümrük
National team: Turkey (0 matches, 0 goals)
Altintay's career began at SC Fürstenfeldbruck, where he stayed until he was 19 years old. After one squeezed in year at FC Bayern under-23s, 2. Bundesliga team Jahn Regensburg picked him up in 2012. He left the Jahn again in 2013 in order to play for Caykur Rizespor in the Süper Lig. He was a regular starter for them and managed to impress the scouts of Osmanlispor who signed him in 2016. He played some matches for the Ankara-based outfit, including one Europa League group fixture, but ultimately failed to establish himself. As a consequence he returned to Rizespor in early 2018 to help them to get back into the Süper Lig after their recent relegation. They indeed clinched promotion but Altintay failed to prove himself again in the following 2018/19 campaign. In September 2019 he joined Fatih Karagümrük and was an important part of their successful 1. Lig campaign. Altintay scored a goal in the promotion play-off semi-finals, Karagümrük went on to win the final in a thrilling penalty shoot-out and get back into Süper Lig after 36 years of absence.
After a strong start in 2013 with Caykur Rizespor, Fatih Terim let him join the Turkish national team for two friendlies against Northern Ireland and Belarus in November. However, he didn't get any time on the pitch and was never nominated again.

Alejandro Duarte

Age: 26
Position: Goalkeeper
Current team: FC Juárez
National team: Peru (0 matches, 0 goals)
There's not much information about Alejandro Duarte's youth on the internet. With his full name being Alejandro Christoph Duarte Preuss, I reckon that he probably has a German mother. However, he spent his first years as a goalkeeper at the FRAMA football academy in Lima before joining Esther Grande de Bentin, a semi-professional club from the suburbs of the Peruvian capital. In 2010, he returned to Germany to play for Bayer Leverkusen's under 17 team. He left the Werkself again in 2011 and continued to play for Juan Aurich's junior team in Peru before breaking into their senior squad. He made his first league debut in 2013 in a 1:1 draw against Inti Gas. He went on to join Club Cienciano in 2015 and later Deportivo Municipal in 2016 but didn't get much game time at either club. This changed when Duarte was signed by USM Porres in 2017. Duarte finally got to play more games between the sticks which secured him move to Mexico in 2018 when Lobos BUAP decided to sign him. After an unsuccessful stint at the team from Puebla, the keeper joined FC Juárez but was immediately loaned out to Club Atlético Zacapetec in the second league. He was their main goalkeeper, however the club was dissolved and he recently returned to Juárez.
Duarte was called up for Peru's friendlies against Croatia and Iceland in March 2018. He wasn't granted any game time however. Thus, his three matches for Peru's under-19s remain his only international appearances.

Jonathan Klinsmann

Age: 23
Position: Goalkeeper
Current team: LA Galaxy
National team: USA (0 matches, 0 goals)
Klinsmann junior was born during his father Jürgen's time at FC Bayern. His mother is an American model. Jonathan shortly lived in Genoa when Jürgen played for Sampdoria before the family moved to California after Jürgen's career. Jonathan started his career as a striker for FC Blades 96 and Irving Lasers. In 2008 he followed his father - who accepted a job as FC Bayern head coach - back to Germany and was retrained into a goalkeeper by FC Bayern's academy. After his return to California, Klinsmann played for Pateadores and Strikers FC in the US Soccer Development Academy. He also represented his high school between 2011 and 2014 and later played for the California Golden Bears, Berkeley university's college team. During the summer of 2017, Klinsmann had several trials at European teams like VfB Stuttgart, West Ham and Everton. After another trial at Hertha BSC, the capital city club signed the American. He played one match for Hertha's senior team - a Europa League fixture against Östersunds FK - and he even saved a penalty. He joined St. Gallen in 2019 where he became the goalkeeper for the Swiss Cup matches. However, he got red carded in the second round and the team got knocked out by FC Winterthur. In August 2020 Klinsmann joined the LA Galaxy.
Klinsmann played for various US youth teams before being called up to the senior USMNT in November 2018. He was an injury replacement for Zack Steffen for the team's friendlies against England and Italy but ultimately stayed on the bench.

Anes Osmanoski

Age: 20
Position: Central Midfielder
Current team: Bregalnica Stip
National team: North Macedonia (0 matches, 0 goals)
Osmanoski played for 1860 München until he was 13 years old. He then transferred to SpVgg Unterhaching's youth teams and stayed at the club until 2019 when he decided to move to his parents' home country North Macedonia. He now plays for Bregalnica Stip in the Eastern group of the Macedonian second division. They finished the season in second place, barely missing out on promotion. To be honest, I can't tell you much more about his career as he's still very young and there's not that much information on the second tier of Macedonian football.
Osmanoski played for several junior national teams of his country and is in fact a current member of the under-20 team. However, he was called up for a friendly of the senior national team in 2017 when he was just 17 years old. Macedonia - back then still without the "North" - won 2:0 against Norway but little Osmanoski did not get any minutes on the pitch with the big guys.
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2020.09.15 18:53 Clutch99 SEP15 Picks NBA, NHL, MLB, Dana White's Contender Series

🏀 Celtics ML
🏀 Nuggets ML
Why Nuggets? Cause there is only one team in LA. Murray and Jocic get it done tonight.
🏒 Lighting ML
⚾️ White Sox ML
⚾️ Astros ML
⚾️ Reds ML
Dana White's Contender Series
This is by far the least exciting week in the series. Week 7 we have 5 fights and most of them will be terrible. The fighters line isn't the best, it feels like they just grabbed 10 fighters and decided to make a fight night. I'm only looking forward to watch two fights and intrigued to see the women fight for reasons ill explain below.
Featherweight: Dinis Paiva Vs. Kyle Driscoll
Paiva is 32 years old standing at 5'9 has 71 inches reach, with a record of 13-7. Paiva shows good wrestling has a good left hand along with a good jab. He's got accurate striking and always is a fast starter. Paiva is a tough guy and has good power in his hands. That being said his TDD needs a lot of work. He tends to overextend a lot. Being the tough guy he is and his tough guy mentality is what makes him take a lot of damage. Most importantly he holds his hands low and I hate that more than I hate the Cleveland Indians lately and Stephen Gostkowski combined together.
Driscoll is 26 years old standing at 6'0 reach of 72 inches, with a record of 11-3. Driscoll is a very good wrestler, and has great ground and pound. He's good on his feet as well and has a solid kick. He lacks a lot though. No set-ups what so ever. He gets very frustrated under pressure and will sometime just ride position. Because he is a good wrestler he always keeps going for take downs and forcing the fight on the ground even if it isn't working so basically like Fred Vanvleet shooting 3/12 threes in one game. I wouldn't touch this since the only offers are winners and not lines like go the distance, or how will the fight ends etc etc. If i had to choose ill go with Driscoll cause fuck the Cleveland Indians and Gostkowski. Don't think any fighter will be awarded a contract.
Featherweight: Taneisha Tennant Vs. Danyelle Wolf
Wolf is 37 UNRANKED, Zero MMA experience standing at 5'11 with a reach of 70 inches. She was on MTV's show 'Next" ya that's right the cringey dating show. She is three-time boxing champion in USA Boxing National Champion in the women's welterweight division. According to her she's been traing with a lot of big gyms like Kings MMA, Alliance MMA, City Kick Boxing, Black House, Tiger Muay Thai, Floyd Mayweather gym, and the Diaz brothers Boxing Gym. I watched some tape of her boxing fights, I saw that she has fast hands and attacks the body a lot. Doesn't pillar behind her forearms like some boxers tend to do and she strikes effectively while backing up.
Taneisha Tennant is 31 years-old stand at 5’7″ with a reach of 72 inches. she had a good powerful right hand that comes with a nice jab. Very solid counter striker and has good movement and footwork. From the tapes I watched she has amazing head movement along with dodging shots and returning them.
Guys I just wanna see wtf is gonna happen here. I would be an asshole if i recommend either fighters to bet on. Keep in in mind the odds just came out a couple of hours ago and Tennant is the underdog! So Vegas must see something in Wolf that I don't see. I bet Wolf will gets a contract if she wins by whatever outcome even if it was the most boring fight to watch. Why? Cause who doesn't like watching a good looking woman fight. Shout out to PVZ.
Welterweight: Michael Lombardo Vs. Korey Kuppe
Lambardo is 30-years-old standing at 6’0 with a reach of 74 inches. He's got good grappling along with good chain wrestling. His timing on take downs is absolutely phenomenal. He's also a good wrestler. His TDD needs some work, his pace will slow through out the fight and gotta work on his skills when he's on his back.
Kuppe is 31-years-old standing at 6’5 with 75 inches of reach. He's a submission threat no doubt, very good off his back and kicks well when he's on his plus with his height hes got long legs he's Jiu-Jitsu skills are decent. He gets way too comfortable when he's on his back and that backfires usually, unless your opponent cant wrestle at all. The guy is very wreckless when he's coming forward and his TDD doesn't exist. He's demonstrates my 2 most hated things in fighting: hold his hands low like he's walking his dog on the beach AND his chin is always in the air. I like Lamabrdo better in this fight. Don't think any of them will get a contract.
Featherweight: Collin Anglin Vs. Muhammadjon Naimov
Anglin is 27 years old standing at 5’9. Shows excellent use of feints. He has good kicks and his shot selection is good. He moves his feet well. He's got good power overall. He tends to start his fights slow and from what i saw he throws single strikes its like he's allergic to combos and you guessed it he keeps his hands low.
Naimov is 26-years-old standing at 5'9. This guy got great kick boxing skills and excellent kicks. He's very strong in the clinch and he's so hard to read. His skills diversity allows him to keep switching from punching to kicking to grappling. The only thing i noticed is he'll take damage to give some back right away. I like Naimov better.
Middleweight: Jordan Williams Vs. Gregory Rodrigues
Jordan Williams 29 years old standing at 6’0 with 76 inches of reach. He has a solid ground and pound game, very powerful hands, great jab and throws some nice combos. He outshines his opponent in scrambles and shows excellent skills and performs great on top. This guy is like the Energizer bunny he's constantly active. He's gotta work on his head movement and i noticed he tends so slow down late round 2 till the end of the fight.
Rodrigues is 28 years old standing at 6'2 with a 76 inch reach and on a 6 fight win streak. This guy has excellent BJJ skills. He's a very strong wrestler and specializes in tripping his opponent in the clinch. He hits very very hard and has a deadly right hand needless to say he's an excellent submission artist. His head movement doesn't exist at all Im not kidding its like his head welded to his neck and shoulders and his cardio needs improvement. I like Rodrigues but if there is an opponent that can go toe to toe with his its Jordan Williams. I hate betting against Brazilian fighters and this will be Williams third attempt at getting a contract and hate to admit it but he could be the upset of the night so Im gonna sit back and watch a good fight. Winner should get a contract 100%.
Guys Iv'e been doing this for a while and never seen such coin flips fights like tonight. The only fighters i like and I'm confident in are Driscoll and Naimov. Other than that its very close.
DM me for my Discord as I'm not allowed to post the link here.
Edit: Nuggets not clippers
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2020.09.15 00:52 Sanity0004 Rivals III from a first time viewer.(Part 11: Jesus, I didn't think my hate for Johnny could go any higher)

I'll be honest. I'm not exactly looking forward to Rivals. What I would call Rivalry's, or worthy of calling a rivalry, have been either pretty tame or pretty rare. The season's have been on a pretty downward spin with the casting being low caliber and not much competition when it comes to actual challenges.
Anyways, this is my eleventh go-around, if you want to check out my thoughts on other seasons check out my submissions. As I get close to caught up with CBS All Access I'm thinking more and more about a finale type post to follow the seasons of a whole bunch of rankings and thoughts on the show overall as I was going through it. If you have any ideas for random rankings you'd like to see that I might not have thought of, just let me know in the comments.
EP 1:
Wes and Bananas this time around?
Fucking Vince...
It's weird they're listing "championships" with the confessionals? Bananas has 5?
Johnny Reilly is back again? Didn’t Exes prove that he was worthless and got lucky with his first season?
I'm actually surprised Nany has only been on five seasons. It feels like more.
They brought Christina back after one episode? What? just because she hooked up with someone immediately?
Sarah's back? I honestly thought she was done the way she was talking on Exes.
Johnny saying someone else is playing dirty is hilarious. Only because it was against him.
Well this Ashley chick looks like a fucking wreck.
I'm fine with seeing Kellyanne again.
Jenna again! They really see more out of her than I do.
Kinda surprised to see Avery and Jessica back. Those are two people I didn't expect to see again.
Fucking Dario, guess we know Vince's rival.
Thomas, Cory, and Leroy. Ok, I'm honestly not hating this cast so far.
Thom now changes the story to making out. Fitting with the narrative Cara was pushing lmao
I'm not hating the rookies either. This cast has potential.
Nicole, Jamie and Vince walked in. I changed my mind. Well we needed some fodder I guess. I can't wait to see Vince prove he's the worst.
I'm so goddamn tired of Johnny's speeches.
I'm not liking how many people of Johnny's inner circle there are this season. Camila, Nany, Vince, Leroy, Johnny, Jenna, who knows how many other ties he made in the off season or how the rivals of those people will feel. I feel like Johnny would be the quenticiential pregamer. Any time anyone even has the potential of getting on the show I feel like he's probably chatting them up and trying to get friendly with them before the show even starts.
Jenna's butt has returned to the screen after being absent for a season. Nicole's cartoon makeup has returned.
These AYTO people are dumb lmao, trying to talk strategy right by the pool in front of everyone haha These fucks have no chance. I don't know what this AYTO show is but they need to stop looking to it for casting.
You don't jump, you don't get on the season. Make it the rule!
Is Sarah's rival Johnny? Are they doing a guy/girl rivals?
"Mexico's an island right?" I remember why Jenna is here.
Was honestly anticipating Wes and Johnny being forced to work together. I'd be fine with opposite sex rivals if they did something similar to Bloodlines of the two teams structure. Think there was a lot of potential there that got screwed by so many early exits that forced alliances so quickly.
The lengths they go to fill these 'rivalries' is hilarious. "He disrespected your little night...the first day of the previous season."
Say any negative word about someone in a confessional one time. Producers: "Such rivalry!"
The first time Wes gets a female partner that isn't terrible? Better than Mandi and Casey at least.
Cory and Ashley seems like a trainwreck waiting to happen.
I kinda like this Briana chick.
Johnny is really stuck on the red hair and freckles
Jessica is cute as hell, but her mouth is sooooooo damn big.
Leroy tries to calm down Simone for a single second and then walks away like "nevermind" hilarious.
Fucking Tony
Ashley gets turned on by people fighting.
"Smashley" Ok Cory is pretty funny.
This season is actually off to a pretty good start.
Like the top tiny section of this house looks like it's the same size as the first Fresh Meat house all together lol These houses just get bigger and bigger. Least it's not a bunch of bunk beds this season.
They only have like 4 different color jerseys this season? Couldn't try for more disparity?
Oh Nicole's makeup....oh oh oh. Girl...
Jessica's fall was scary as hell, Nicole fell like 5 inches.
I have a feeling this challenge isn't regulated by height like Survivor does. Nany didn't even have to let go of the side rail to grab the first skull, and here Simone is struggling to even get the first lmao
Vince overcoming his challenge terrible-ness on the first challenge? This will just completely inflate his ego.
Sarah being Johnny's best partner? I feel like Camila and Sarah would be a pretty good comparison. I think Camila is underrated.
Johnny just throwing it because Vince won and he gets a chance to let Sarah fall. Sounds just like Johnny.
Camila is a badass, I just think her partner is going to end up sucking.
I'm predicting Johnny/Jessica being first Eliminated. No matter who their contender is. Johnny showed on Exes he was bad.
Man, we're getting to the point where even premieres don't have a full challenge and elimination in them without getting a to be continued?!
EP 2:
Episode starts with “Champ is here” yeah definitely doing wonder for Vinces ego
Sounds like Leroy has a bruised tailbone
I really don’t want to see Johnny R again. Please go. You suck, a Bananas puppet and you got second by almost pure luck.
“Super twisty!” What a tease! /s
I actually like Leroy but would like him more if he wasn’t dumb and best buds with Bananas
Everyone keeps trying to talk about this skydiving
haha shut up
“The little sex cops” ok I’m a Jenna fan
Tony not taking any advice at all and not taking it slow at all.
Tony, still a mess confirmed.
At least Jess is calling things off before anything happens unlike Cara.
Leroy No! That’s a bummer.
Silver lining is it hurts Johnny's numbers.
Oh shit. Two pairs going in? So much for telling that rookie couple they were safe haha
Oh stuck with their word. Good for them. Would have been a second easy pick.
Inner rookie drama is least interesting drama
Cory is so damn horny for this girl.
All these times Johnny is seeing Jessica go home. Know what he’s not seeing? Johnny, doing anything other than a final.
Bananas losing Leroy and Johnny in the first go would be a dream come true lol
Darn! Jess carried Johnny to a win.
“I understand the nuances now.” Dude you’re going first after like 3 days here you learned nothing.
EP 3:
Replacements? Hmmm
Please send in Abram and Cara! Haha
Smashley looks smashed and trashed.
Good god. Watching Camila of all people trying to rationalize with a crazy drunk is giving me life right now haha
Smashley about to hulk smash haha “piss in your pants bitch!”
I’m kinda liking Cory a lot so far this season.
Hahahahaha she goes to Jamie afterwards and asks HIM why HE is pissed?!? Hahaha
“You don’t want people to talk about you, don’t give them something to talk about” Simone, girl, preach!
It’s going to be nobody again isn’t it? TJ turning around and looking like he’s trying to find them just seems like peak bad TJ acting.
More rookies? That was a let down. I would have rather had no one.
Oh the elim winner picks order. Interesting change that I’m ok with.
This challenge reminds me so much of the older school style of challenges. I’m all for that.
“I’ve been practicing with Jamie all week.” I puked in my mouth a bit.
Wes looks tired instantly. He coming in a bit out of shape?
Why is she moaning? Hahahaha
Maybe the funniest challenge.
Oh never mind Wes is being smart.
What the hell kinda quesadilla is spicy? Simones asshole feels like a spicy quesadilla...
I don’t like the game getting more twisty!
Every time I get just a tiny glimpse of Christina I either think Casey or Melinda is on the season. She’s like a weird amalgamation of the two.
Johnny trashing Wes and Simone defending him lol
“I carried her ass to the end” you were gone like fifth what are you talking about? Lmao
“I would have never done that.” I would have had Leroy or Jenna/Jay do it for me. So I can still claim I was loyal.
Wes looking at the camera and saying “this happens all the time” after Simone walks away mad is fucking hilarious.
This Tony dude is always getting in arguments with girls. There is something with him. Always.
All this fighting because he asked what season of a show she was from lol
EP 4:
This season going fast. I’m enjoying the hell out of this season so far.
I haven’t said it yet but I’m kind of shocked Jamie is back. That dude was literally invisible last season. Every time he appeared on screen I was confused for like 3 minutes pricing together who he was.
Simone going home with a torn butthole is a new one.
“How is a butthole going to send me home?!”
Nicole is so much cuter without all the makeup. Quit it chick!
They really went all out in this house party. Dang.
Here comes Camilinater!
Camila, you could just approach it calmly and say no that didn’t happen and then try to see who said it. But to flip out right away just comes off as defensive.
“I’m going home” this is not the Camila I know. Now she’s crying? You’re really taking on the Robin vibes as of late.
Kellyanne, you can’t keep saying be quiet and trying to be quiet and not seeming suspicious.
It’s on its way to getting resolved and Nicole calls Camila crazy lol good people skills
I’m glad these rookies don’t seem to awful this season.
Haha I love how these rookie AYTO players are having a meeting talking about allegiances and Wes is just quietly in the middle of them barely even being shown on camera lol
Arguing about which show is better haha
“You’re on a dating show! Shut the fuck up!” Lol
This new freckle chick is coming in wanting to get under everyone’s skin. If only she was good at challenges she’d be my new favorite cast member.
Since when do they have security?!?!
I think Camila just wants to kiss the freckle girl. Lol
Quittin bitch! I was liking Brianna. Jennas cousins namesake didn’t not chew bugs and end up finishing the final for you to quit on another girl named Brianna the following season because you had a case of the sads. How dare you!
So many people standing there look like they want to punch the dude lol
I feel like Brianna could be back.
I feel like Johnny and Wes are working together this season on the sly. They’re always close together during the comps talking and when Reilly got to decide order he put Wes in the second group.
Oh oh oh Ashley got caught on a rope or something. Wow that’s definitely a production fuck up. Ouch.
At least Dario isn’t talking as much shit this season.
How are you gonna end on a cliffhanger on Camilas normal looking fall when Smashley looked like she was about to lose a damn arm?!
EP 5:
Tony sucks. I feel bad for Camila lol
Amanda the new mouth of the house? Talks shit and falls right away.
God I hate everyone names Johnny.
Please be reilly/Jessica please please please.
Please get eliminated now.
Smashley it’s probably not a good idea to tell your partner you want to throw in his number one ally lol
Camila flipping out from someone playing the he said she said game and then turning around and playing the he said she said game lol
I feel like this is being said to possibly sway smashley/Cory to not vote any vets in elim but the editing isn’t doing it justice.
“You know why you ripped your ass?! Cause you’re a weak ass!!” Line of the season.
“Just go back to....hell bitch” phew that was close. Held my breath for a second.
I don’t know how the sliding glass doors on this show don’t break. They get slammed every season constantly.
EP 6:
“Who? Her?” No, Cory, Camila is drunkenly yelling at you two about someone else…
“Literally never have I wanted someone and NOT gotten with that person.” What a weird creepy ass thing to say Devin…
Damn Smashley, Yeah Simone was so in the wrong saying Jamie shouldn’t trust her lol
Not really a mini final, but this challenge of completing tasks and climbing repeated walls sounds great.
Brains or balls, way to start.
Did Vince seriously just smash the brain and basically smush it against his face barely actually getting any in his mouth?
Everyone puking, Jamie just calmly chewing.
I swear Vince just basically cheated that eating part. He literally smashed it up and had like half of it plastered to his hand and just shows his empty mouth and walks on.
With the size of that rope you really think the lasso choice wouldn’t be that hard.
Camila with tries on her head and on each arm. Never let it be understated that Camila is kind of a beast.
They took the wrong mattress haha
Jeez, Wes and Nany seem so far behind.
Now someone loses their token? Lol I love this challenge.
Eat cake, or go naked….wow
“This is not a good day to be a ginger.”
I’m so tired of hearing Johnny whine about this shit.
Literally two seasons of Johnny fucking over friends, but please, lets whine about the one time you got screwed over by a friend two seasons ago.
Devin comes up like “You need me to bend over too?”
Wants to throw in Wes. We just ignoring the long history of being outside friends with Nany? Not even going to talk about who Wes’ partner is? Just putting in Wes, that’s all that’s said lol of course. Fucking over friends at the end to get money, jesus christ that’s wrong! Fucking over a friend simply because their partner is a nemesis? Easy peasy. I feel like MTV and the editors are literally helping Johnny just shy away from his faults or issues. That Nany is never referenced or even talked about?
For all the time Wes was the hot head, he always seems to be the first on the scene of trying to break fights up or stop them from happening.
You get a pass, you get a pass. Everyone gets a pass!
Oh shit, Tony and Camila.
Camila, you didn’t do it on purpose, but it was clearly asked multiple times did anyone grab one that wasn’t theirs. You had the chance to bring it up. You remember it so clearly suddenly?
Surprised Johnny even spoke the name Nany. Isn’t that a friend Johnny?
Camila still bitching. You had multiple times to bring up that you picked it up and you didn’t. “Emotional abuse.” hahaha
Wait...Camila and Tony are Wes’ number one alliance?
Pulling an audible and leaving it up to the skulls to determine safety?
Every skull pull has had the three white skulls pulled first.
EP 7:
Oh Tony, you’re going down a bad road. Step away slowly.
Devin, drunk and blowing his game? Lol
Kellyanne coming in with a stinger “Shouldn’t you be home?”
If precedence means anything, Cory will get a pass.
Producers actually breaking up an argument seems weird lol A fight? Yeah, obviously. But producers telling Devin to stop antagonizing Cory and people, seems weird.
Angry drunkenness everywhere.
Nany seems out of it, and they get a single one lol
Yeah, Smashley seems like someone that would drive a car through a house.
Nate and Christina seemed to grab red and yellow by basically just falling on the poles.
That….can’t be a valid run lmao Kellyanne and Jamie just basically walked off the platform
I wanted to know what the tiebreaker would have been.
Camila handled the social situation by basically coming out and saying “All teams matter” lmao “Yes I took your token, but what happened to us was unfair too!”
Not gonna lie, I’m liking Nelson and freckle chick. Coming straight down to eat and saying don’t fuck around, throw in the vets!
Camila is seriously trash at even attempting to accept any kind of blame lmao
They throw in the only two people going to them and saying not to be stupid? You idiots throw in other damn rookies? You idiots.
Freckle girl talking truth. These people will slit your throat the next week. TJ asked if anyone took the token and they didn’t say a peep.
Finally the black skull is actually pulled.
Ice baths make a return! You couldn’t put it in a freezer? Challenge going bitch mode confirmed.
Jamie and Kellyanne as a collective may actually be dumber than Jenna. Jenna has actually completely disappeared from the last couple episodes.
I spoke too soon about Jenna disappearing. Random confessional basically calling Jamie/Kellyanne dumb.
“My weiner hurts.” “You call it a weiner?”
These wood blocks are going to need to be used to make boxes or something. THe rookies seem completely unfazed by the water.
Kellyanne and Jamie win by copying. Bummer.
I kind of liked freckle chick who I can never remember her name. Nelson seemed kind of invisible.
EP 8:
Lot more partying this season than the last couple I feel.
I don’t know what it is, but Cory and Cheyanne seem so boring. THey keep seeming to build it up, but it’s repetitive and just kinda goes nowhere?
Tony really just seems to have problems with females in general. That’s basically all he gets in arguments with, and always has issues with. He gets drunk and then rants and raves about women.
I think I hate Vince more than Johnny lol At least Johnny is interesting for the game.
Johnny going to get Tony to shut Camila up. What in the fuck kind of psychological fucking warfare is this?! That’s literally just trash. You’re the dude who has a long fucking history with the chick, and you go grab the guy who has fought with her all season and tells her to shut her up.
Now Tony is literally in Camila’s face and pinning her to the wall? I’m sure Johnny will catch nothing for this…
Johnny just conveniently invisible when shit blows up.
Oh shit.. Producers asking if he remembers being woken up? They’re acknowledging that he was PLACED in that situation?
His warning wasn’t acknowledged when Cory went at Devin? Seems sus…
I seriously can’t understate how shitty Johnny was in this situation. He literally just used oil to, in his words, “put out a fire” and basically put a long time friend in a really shitty situation and then just disappears while shit hits the fan.
Damn, Smashley still has big as scars under her arms from the ropes in that challenge.
“One can argue, I’m a little responsible” Fuck off Johnny, you knew full fucking well what you were doing.
I would fully believe Tony has some domestic violence calls in his history or future.
I love the spur of the moment things like this. Keep them on their toes.
I am all for this challenge. Basically just endurance and will. They’ve all but eliminated these types of challenges in Big Brother and Survivor purely for time and scheduling.
“A thousand dollars, that means a thousand cheeseburgers, I need that money!”
They’re going to ask questions about their interruptions, I just know it and I absolutely love it.
“I think it’s only been an hour and I’m already going crazy” (Ten minutes later) I’m assuming this was some kind of editing mess up and they actually meant only ten minutes have elapsed and it’s making fun of Jenna thinking it’s been an hour. Because otherwise the ten minutes later was pointless and nothing happened afterward.
Smashley of all people queueing in on picking up the details? Kind of surprising.
We don’t get enough of Wes’ sense of humor.
Hope it’s not crucial that you know that number was definitely NOT on the gas tank lol
Vince, you weird creepy fuck. I’m just going to take this opportunity of being on a box with a girl to need to hang on her and touch her as much as possible.
Christina like 5 hours in thinking about paying attention just now…
I hate Bananas, but I can’t help but have respect for a guy that instantly evokes David Bowie in Labyrinth when a guy comes out doing some fushigi shit with a glass ball.
OK Johnny doing TJ impressions is great.
I feel like Jenna is going to come in and Rainman this shit lmao
Awww you end just as it gets to the actual puzzle? Damn you.
EP 9:
Dario a dumbass? Shocker
Actually surprised by Sarah and Bananas winning, the way it was edited made it seem like Sarah was paying attention to the wrong details.
Jeesh, it comes down to Wes/Nany and Nicole/Dario.
Why are they just sitting there doing nothing?!
Bananas saying they want Nicole/Dario to lose so they can vote in Wes makes no real sense. If they vote them in they have a chance to pull white skulls and not even go into the elim. Wouldn’t you want a better chance of them going home?
Oh yay, Johnny gets to take his cousin on a trip.
I seriously can’t take the daily check ins with Sarah and Johnny repairing their bullshit.
Sarah being gaslighted in to thinking she “stole” a win from Johnny, and now wants to “pay him back” is fucking depressing. It’s like her working with Kenny in Fresh Meat 2, after she got bullied endlessly in Ruins, all over again.
Of any boat trip to be on, this would be my absolute last choice.
Jamie and Kellyanne whining about not being selected lmao
Kellyanne talking fucking facts! Amen!!! “Johnny will never throw a guy friend under the bus, but he will throw any girl friends name out. But if a girl friend backstabs him, like Sarah did, they become rivals.” AMEN sister.
Wes, you’re talking to a brick wall of people who either suck, or just had a chance of putting Johnny in and put their own alliance members in instead.
Why is Devin randomly called “Gronk” at one point?
Why did the cast on Free Agents have the real nice Challenge Jerseys, but they still just went back to plain t-shirts after that? Was thinking they moved on to nice “uniforms”
Should have had some distance between the two yellers.
This is pure insanity
TJ looks like he’s facepalming in the background this entire elim lol
Wes had an easy time as soon as Jamie wasn’t just holding him the whole time.
Hey look, Johnny talking about winning with grace. Literally the dude that hoots and hollers every single time he wins. I swear I would hate this guy near as much if he just didn’t have confessionals. He’s such a two faced hypocrite as soon as he talks in confessionals. His confessionals do him a disservice.
Johnny talking to Vince about someone else playing on borrowed time is amazingly oblivious.
EP 10:
Oh god Johnny talking about a final being a real final when you go against strong teams. Fuck off Johnny.
“Guys! I miss Sarah!” Ok, Johnny can be funny
Cory talking about timing lol what in the hell are you trying to talk about Cory? Lol You’re so bad at the politics
I think I’ve actually seen this challenge of digging up partners but it was at the very beginning of a season. I keep waiting to see it, but I don’t think it’s this one.
Wes putting Cory back in this comp shows that he smartly knows he’s probably not reliable.
Nate literally saying his strategy is wanting to be a layup for Bananas and coming in third place lmao These fuckers are depressing.
Wes was on a roll, but he’s absolutely blown this
Wes bobbing up and down in excitement after Nicole/Dario win lol
Half of Christinas answers were really fucking dumb lol Nate’s strategy of wanting to be a layup to Bananas is the worst fucking joke though lmao
Nicole, I feel like you could have phrased this a tiny bit better than talking about Cory making deals with Wes.
Dario then talks to Wes about wanting to throw in Cory. Nicole, you dumbass.
Dario and Nicole are not fucking good at this game lol jesus christ
Nicole is just blindly sitting by and watching Nany get fucked right now lol
Dario’s game plan: Let’s call over Johnny and Sarah and present our asshole for them and hope they feel gracious later on. Jesus, people
Nicole and Dario may seriously be dumber than Vince/Jenna
Nicole...what point of view? Seriously. One guy had a conversation with another guy weeks ago so suddenly everything is null and void? Lmao what are these people talking about? Cory is the one that’s wanting to play both sides, but somehow Wes/Nany and Devin/Cheyanne are the bad guys?
This really just comes to me as Dario being afraid of going against Bananas and Vince and just trying to do anything to rationalize it.
EP 11:
Devin looks like a robot when he does his 3 clap thing. Like his hand is at an exact right angle and stiff as can be.
Oh yeah, midevil torture, lets go!
I have way more faith in Smashley holding on to a bar than Christina.
Smashley being a complete disappointment, damn
Cory again, is fake muscle. Is Cory the second coming of Ty? Complete exhaustion with the least amount of effort.
Cory and Smashley an utter disappointment. That was depressing to watch. I knew Cory has like a quarter tank of gas, but Smashley was impressing most of the season.
The downside of Nany and Wes right now is literally that they’re not trying to sit Nicole/Dario down and talk rationally to them. The way they continue to come off is emotional and spastic just because they got screwed over, but I feel it’d go over a lot better if they just talked about what actually took place and how it was nothing. just terrible.
News alert: Vince is terrible at challenges, remember he THREW all those challenges on Bloodlines, he definitely didn’t suck. Trust his cousin, Johnny.
Johnny benefiting greatly from Sarah, he barely even has to jump getting on or off the bag.
Johnny having to rely on these shitty rookies not sucking is my favorite thing ever.
I hate how many of these dumbasses say “Fustrated”
Not really dominant TJ, they got one extra flag?
Wait, wait. How are these people EVER pulling out the black skull. I feel like this was the first time actually seeing a good glimpse of all the skulls and the other skulls have triangles cut out of the skulls and the black one has semi-circles. I knew there had to be a difference with how often it’s come down to the last draw, but this seems so dumb.
I feel like this is just going to be another season where Wes or Johnny goes right before the final and the one remaining is the clear winner in the final.
I love that this elim started with Nate and christina talking about being great in pressure, but what does them in is Nates patience and getting frustrated.
I’m fine being back in the days of Wes vs everyone. Wes is more entertaining in this seat than Johnny is.
Every season, without fail. “Where is it at?”
EP 12:
Wait, I thought they broke up? Oh jesus. Zach ghosts Jenna while she’s on The Challenge? Woooooow Zach, you were already a misogynist douchebag, but damn dude.
Oh god, Devin wanting to pull a Jordan lmao
Ugh, I hate seeing a challenge and instantly know that Johnny and Sarah have an advantage.
“It’s like having a giant condom on you”
You could have literally hindered Johnny/Sarah by like 5 minutes and I still would have bet on them over everyone in that challenge from the start.
I hope to see a repeat of Dario being absolutely terrible in an elim.
Jesus christ, do we literally have to hear about Johnny possibly not being over Sarah playing the game, every god damn episode? He is literally just piling on over and over again on Sarah. It’s gross.
I like how Johnny passes it off as carrying Vince AND Jenna knowing damn well it’s all Vince bringing that pair down. Vince is the new Dunbar or Tyrie.
Devin being 4 for 4 on the skulls.
Nany, just think of Nicole's eyebrows and imagine yourself beating something off of her face.
I hope we don’t get a repeat of the last time Wes was in something physical and confrontational. I miss roid rage Wes.
Jesus Wes, that was terrible.
This and the Hall Brawl elim versus Leroy is an absolute horrible back to back showing by Wes. That blows.
That had nothing to do with Nany not pushing Nicole. Wes you blew a big lead and were slow as shit in the crawl.
Welp, Johnny and Sarah have handedly won the season. Wes was probably the only one that would win a challenge to even put him in and none of these guys are going to beat them in a final.
Jenna looking confused: “We’re getting ready for the final right now?” Jenna, you are a treasure.
Johnny knowing it bothers her, and continually using it is definitely Johnny harkening back to his Kenny/Evan days. This should bother Sarah more than anything, because she saw those tactics in their prime.
At this point I just want to hear a single person on this cast saying “frustrating” the right way.
Sarah just sitting around eating while her two main ally’s continue to dole out what she has dealt with from the same people in the past is really hard to take. Especially when it includes picking on the only black girl by calling her a stereotypical name that they know bothers her.
Making someone want to leave, from the same person whos cousin earlier almost fought someone for calling him a bitch, and he passed it off as bitch gaming to get him out of the house. I can not take the Johnny hypocrisy.
EP 13:
Sarah DEFENDING it. Ugggggh Jenna and Sarah just trying to stay quiet and let the two guys be trash.
Glad you could get your friend back Sarah
Jenna and Sarah just passing off Devin being mad because he’s going to go home is some serious groupthink mentality in these games. Where you can tell Johnny has just repeated it enough times that they just accept that to just nullify any right Devin/Cheyanne have to being angry.
I’m suddenly back to the Ruins days where the people at the end just disgust me and I hate the second to last episode because it’s just everyone ganging up on one person or team.
Vince is a scumbag, fuck everything.
Johnny starting the morning saying this is nothing and everyone deals with it. FUCK out of here.
This one sequence is really just bringing this whole season crashing and burning down for me.
You can see the instant disgust on Johnny knowing his whole game comes down to drawing random straws lmao
Hahaha, please be Johnny vs Vince. Please please please please
Jenna being 3 for 3 for finals. Wow
No trivia this season, I just realized
Wow, these are literally the easiest of these style of riddles
“These young players keep testing me.” Really Johnny? You kind of coasted to this point.You consistently have the best partner any time you come in to a partners game.
That they’re struggling on Top Secret is crazy. These are literally some of the most basic ones of these idiom riddles that I’ve seen.
At least the best team isn’t getting knocked out right before the finale. I would have been fine with Dario or Vince going right here. I fucking hate Vince.
Hopefully this final is better than last seasons lackluster affair.
Don’t feel too bad about being here by luck Devin. Johnny’s been back 2 seasons on pure luck. Vince is here purely by association.
Them talking shit about Jenna being a hinderence in the final is hilarious, since she wasn’t the one to quit on her first, and she led her second one all the way to the point of something her and her tiny cousin couldn’t really do. I don’t even mean the food either. They struggled because the rowing and they had tiny ass arms.
I would not be surprised if Sarah and Johnny were the only people to complete the final.
A twist wholly set up for Johnny to fuck over Sarah. Sarah is literally staring down Johnny because you know she is expecting it.
Johnny not even looking at Sarah and only saying history could repeat itself, just shows me that he’s thinking the exact same thing.
If anything I hope Jenna fucks over Vince.
Of course, Johnny just avoids even talking about it. He won’t just say yes. Haha Johnny is a shit bag.
EP 14:
Johnny : “If anyone has to worry, it’d be me. You’ve done it in the past.” Says the guy that’s literally fucked over every girl he’s aligned with.
Hey, a Survivor style puzzle lol The slat puzzle
I honestly would have pulled an audible as the judge and allowed Johnny’s finish of the puzzle being upside down. It was together in the right order. It was just upside down. It’s still completed.
Johnny and Sarah’s confessionals sound like they’re trying to convince each other that they’re not planning on taking the money lol
I don’t know why it just hit me, but Devin reminds me so much of Big Head from Silicon Valley
“Could you go to sleep?” “Probably” Jenna’s brain default setting is literally off, she’s good.
Johnny is the king of projection. Let’s look at Cheyanne and say she’s only doing it for the points, knowing damn well you just talked about the 2 points being pivotal lol
“I feel like I can trust him. Yeah, I can trust him!” Famous last words Sarah
I wonder how much TJ hates having to sit there while these people puke?
20 minute penalty seems nuts. Wasn’t one of the most recent finals have like a 3 minute penalty? Lmao
Vince’s sucking finally coming to the surface! I love it!
Watching Sarah cough all over the place is hard to watch in current times
To compare working as a team and then taking all the money for yourself, to putting a different team in an elimination right before the final is a bit of a stretch Johnny.
Yeah, Johnny’s not a piece of shit at all lol
Yes Sarah, he just manipulated you the entire time. Don’t sit here and let him compare this to what you did. Fuck that.
I’m glad to be vindicated in my Johnny hate.
EP 15(Reunion):
I hope everyone at this finale laughs at Sarah for ever thinking this wouldn’t happen. You had the history right before your eyes all season. You had two past partners and friends that had nothing to do with him on this very season.
Hahaha Johnny trying to pass this off as anything like Sarah putting his team in to elimination is hilarious.
Oh here we go with Johnny’s usual argument. “How many finals have you been to?” You’ve literally had one of the top 2 or 3 partners every season dude.
I’m with Sarah, get the fuck out of there. Fuck this gaslighting prick.
Comparing him fucking over his partner taking any chance she had at money and comparing that to putting two people in to an elimination is just a sick joke. The only thing that makes them remotely similar is they both involved Johnny.
Hey Johnny going for reinforcement from guys he worked with. Whoa what is new?
I’m really getting to the point of hating these reunions and how no one says shit in defense of anyone. It’s like everyone is so afraid of Johnny they won’t say shit.
I would have honestly not doubted that Bananas knew about that twist the whole entire season.
How is Devin literally the only sane person on this stage?
You can’t call shit on Devin, when Johnny’s repeated total strategy is never going to an elim. You can’t then be mad at a team avoiding it constantly. Someone else who did the same thing literally became your biggest ally.
I never want to see Vince again.
Quit trying to talk up Vince, we saw all of last season and this season. Vince sucks. Jenna carried that partnership.
This final and reunion back to back has given me a migraine.
Ewww, Vince and Camila. Eww
The weird denial following this is weird. Were they in there doing coke? There’s something definitely sketchy there, if they didn’t fuck.
Ok, I’m for this host. She ain’t backing down and letting Camila run it.
Even when Johnny is randomly asking people on the street he can't help but frame the question in his favor and it still doesn't come out like he wanted lmao
Overall Thoughts:
Honestly, this season was great, but was almost hard to watch with the last couple episodes leading in to the final. The severe lack of competition makes the whole seasons basically rely on one or two main occurrences or eliminations and suddenly the rest of the season falls in line. As soon as Wes was gone, the season was decided. Not necessarily that Wes would win the final, but Wes was likely the only other person that would win over Banana's and Sarah and actually put Johnny in or beat Johnny in an elimination. I hate Johnny and I think I hate Vince even more because he talks just as much shit, but has done literally nothing. I'm still waiting for a single redeeming quality for Johnny to pop it's head out. Where were all the people throughout these posts that would not understand where the Johnny hate was coming from? It has literally only gotten worse!
That being said. I think Sarah basically played herself. It was Kenny all over again when he bullied her incessantly on The Ruins and then they went in to Fresh Meat 2 and basically the first words out of Sarah's mouth was that Kenny was her number one. To ever think you had anything to earn back from Johnny or to ever think he would suddenly have your back again is 100% on you. I still think Johnny did a supremely fucked up thing and him trying to compare it to what Sarah did was disgusting. It would have been 10 times better if he just walked out and said "Yeah, I did it. Fuck off" but the fact that he tries to validate it and he has to have people agree with him and be ok with it is what pisses me off. Either be the fucking bad guy or own up to the fact that you're a piece of shit you can't just do all these shitty things and act like you're above it all and you're only doing what you have to do. You're gross. You're a hypocrite and you're the fucking king of gaslighting, and I thought that before this fucking season. There was not a single fucking episode that went by that you couldn't bring up time and time again how you think you still weren't over what Sarah did. You kept building it up and up like it was the worst betrayal in the history because you just had to hold that over Sarah's head. You're a sick fucking dude. I am seriously on the edge of my seat just waiting for a single redeeming aspect of him to appear to understand even the slightest of fans.
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2020.09.12 11:39 alleybetwixt This Week In KPOP - September 12, 2020

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on kpop.

September 5, 2020 - September 11, 2020


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+3117) 'Dynamite' by BTS is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the 2nd week in a row 345 comments
2 (+2404) Jo Yoong of indie band An Introduction of Youth dies after being hit by truck 68 comments
3 (+1872) SNSD Oh!GG members, Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona have all renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment 150 comments
4 (+1553) 'Idol Star Athletics Championships' this year to be replaced by the 'Idol Star Dog Championships' 127 comments
5 (+1422) BLACKPINK announced as the new brand ambassadors for 'Pepsi' 280 comments
6 (+1259) Lovelyz have taken their first win for "Obliviate" on SBS MTV The Show (200908) 89 comments
7 (+1177) Weeekly to make comeback next month in October 73 comments
8 (+1090) Happy 5th Anniversary to DAY6! 21 comments
9 (+1078) All fromis_9 members open official Instagram accounts 65 comments
10 (+1006) MAMAMOO's Upcoming Special Single "WANNA BE MYSELF" Revealed to be a Retro Disco-Genre Song 55 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+1421) [Dance Practice] Taemin (SHINee) - Criminal (Dance Practice) 105 comments
2 (+771) [Dance Practice] ITZY - Not Shy (Dance Practice - Hanbok ver.) 42 comments
3 (+751) [Live] Solo Debut Stage: Wonho - Open Mind @ Mnet M Countdown (200910) 67 comments
4 (+515) [Dance Practice] Dreamcatcher - BOCA (Dance Video - Part Change Ver.) 34 comments
5 (+405) [Performance] BTS - Dynamite & Anpanman - Citi Music Series on the TODAY Show 39 comments
6 (+306) [Live] Solo Debut Stage: Oh My Girl YooA - Bon Voyage (숲의 아이) @ Mnet M Countdown (200910) 25 comments
7 (+308) [Dance Practice] SuperM - Tiger Inside (Dance Practice) 42 comments
8 (+283) [Performance] Itzy - Surf @ Itzy x Rooftop (200909) 13 comments
9 (+268) [Song Cover] Eric Nam - eight (orig. IU, SUGA (BTS)) 6 comments
10 (+259) [Song Cover] Somi sings Cardi B, TWICE, BLACKPINK in a Game of Song Association @ Elle 31 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+328) Kpop groups that debuted and disappeared 259 comments
2 (+147) Stats I Gathered On Idols Born Between 1977 and 2009 22 comments
3 (+76) With all the talk about "Westernization", I'd like to share what makes music "Korean" from a Korean perspective (it's not necessarily what you think, and picture is misleading, not my main point but it's pretty) 9 comments
4 (+52) What was your biggest "I hope this was just a coincidence... " moment in K-pop? 60 comments
5 (+53) Which other celebrities or 'influencers' were you surprised to find out were K-Pop fans? 66 comments
6 (+47) What group do you think will devastate you in ten years saying they hated your personal favorite song of theirs? 75 comments


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20200905 Music Core Thread BTS
20200906 Inkigayo Thread BTS
20200908 The Show Thread Lovelyz
20200909 Show Champion Thread BTS
20200910 M!Countdown Thread ITZY
20200911 Music Bank Thread BTS


Day Artist Album Title Type Music Video Streaming
7th Kim Namjoo (Apink)* Bird debut single album Bird Spotify / Apple Music
Taemin (SHINee) Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 full-length album Criminal Spotify / Apple Music
YooA (OH MY GIRL) Bon Voyage debut mini album Bon Voyage (숲의 아이) Spotify / Apple Music
8th flor_us Do Not Forget digital single Do Not Forget Spotify / Apple Music
9th SEVENTEEN 24H Japanese mini album 24H Spotify / Apple Music
10th HA:TFELT (ex-Wonder Girls Yeeun) La Luna THEN TO NOW project single La Luna Spotify / Apple Music
11th Serri (DalShabet) Come Closer digital single Come Closer Spotify
The full chart of all releases including OSTs and indie artists can be found here or in the sidebar. The chart is updated regularly and a new one is published every month.

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2020.09.05 00:35 urlradar3 What were all the MTV reality ''game'' shows in the 2000s about dating/hooking up/cheating?

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2020.09.04 23:50 Ninjhetto What were all the MTV reality ''game'' shows in the 2000s about dating/hooking up/cheating?

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2020.09.04 22:43 SlayQueenTFC TFCORG Casting Calls! Looking for new players for an upcoming season!

Hey everyone! The reason I’m here is to find new players to play in the 13th season of The Fandom Challenge (TFC) that has a tentative start date of October 26, 2020.
Based off of MTV's The Challenge series, the game itself tests players mobile gaming skills, typing skills, social networking, general knowledge, etc. The majority of the game is spent on Discord. The upcoming season will be our 19th season (13 main seasons and 6 spin off seasons). We have a community of 115+ unique players who have competed in at least one season, but the majority have competed it multiple seasons. We even have a virtual currency in place called Kudo Points that players can win during final challenges. To learn more about the series you can visit this site:
Each season we cast about 20-24 players and the format can vary from individual, paired teams, two large teams or a combination just so we can keep things fresh. Each season has its own pages that tracks games played, elimination progression and numerous others states depending on the format. Every player is also given their own casting pages that tracks their missions wins, elimination wins or losses, kudo points won, what seasons they’ve played in, etc. If this is something that you might be interested in please feel free to reach out to me with more questions. Also check out our Fandom site and scope things out, and everyone is more than welcome to join our discord if you want to watch things Live.
Discord server:
Fandom Site:
Apply to play:
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2020.09.04 22:42 SlayQueenTFC TFCORG Casting Calls! Looking for new players for an upcoming season!

Hey everyone! The reason I’m here is to find new players to play in the 13th season of The Fandom Challenge (TFC) that has a tentative start date of October 26, 2020.
Based off of MTV's The Challenge series, the game itself tests players mobile gaming skills, typing skills, social networking, general knowledge, etc. The majority of the game is spent on Discord. The upcoming season will be our 19th season (13 main seasons and 6 spin off seasons). We have a community of 115+ unique players who have competed in at least one season, but the majority have competed it multiple seasons. We even have a virtual currency in place called Kudo Points that players can win during final challenges. To learn more about the series you can visit this site:
Each season we cast about 20-24 players and the format can vary from individual, paired teams, two large teams or a combination just so we can keep things fresh. Each season has its own page that tracks games played, elimination progression and numerous others stats depending on the format. Every player is also given their own casting pages that tracks their missions wins, elimination wins or losses, kudo points won, what seasons they’ve played in, etc. If this is something that you might be interested in please feel free to reach out to me with more questions. Also check out our Fandom site and scope things out, and everyone is more than welcome to join our discord if you want to watch things Live.
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2020.09.03 09:35 urlradar3 People who were on MTV's Next (the dating game show), how are you celebrating your 15-year anniversary despite of the ongoing pandemic?

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2020.09.03 09:28 urlradar3 People who were on MTV's Next (the dating game show), how are you celebrating your 15-year anniversary despite of the ongoing pandemic?

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2020.09.03 08:38 KarmaWhoreRepeating People who were on MTV's Next (the dating game show), how are you celebrating your 15-year anniversary despite of the ongoing pandemic?

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2020.09.01 20:03 Sanity0004 My overly documented and long winded journey through The Challenge for the first time. (Part 7: Rivals 2)

Alright I'm returning for another full season first watch and reaction thread. I hated Battle of the Seasons quite a bit, took a few days off without watching any Challenge, but I was starting to get an itch to get back to watching so my break didn't really last all that long. There's a quick small TL:DR at the end basically summing up my overall thoughts on the season. No real in depth look at anything, that's more throughout the notes.
Part 1: Fresh Meat - Duel 2
Part 2: The Ruins
Part 3: Fresh Meat 2
Part 4: Cutthroat and Rivals 1
Part 5: Battle of the Exes
Part 6: Battle of the Seasons
Rivals 2
EP 1:
Fucking Frank!
I love CT
Is this like 4 in a row for Jonna and Jasmine?
I for some reason didn't think Johnny was on this season.
Wes and CT? Get fucked everyone.
Oh god, Pennsetucky again.
Diem and Aneesa have beef?
Trey calling it true about Zach "He's extremely insecure."
"Thank god I got in a fight with one of the biggest guys."
Glad to see Emily again. Paula and Emily seems like an OP duo, can't see any girls comparing.
Shain Gandee and Pennsetucky back on my tv screen.
Dunbar calling someone else being bad at this game is hilarious.
Damn Jonna is cute!
Johnny and Frank?!?! What? I can't imagine this going well.
Ok, this challenge house may be the best to this point.
CT instantly flirting.
Johnny definitely politicking and putting himself as some house authority instantly.
Zach calling everyone a kid is annoying.
"CT's not intimidating" Ok bud, coming in trying to step up to the biggest guy, I see you. lol
About CT: "It depends on which one of his personalities comes out!" lol
Tyrie already slacking this season, falling asleep on a toilet. lol
Oh Nooooo Diem with cancer again! :(
Diem looks cute as hell with the short hair honestly. Quit wearing wigs!
This may be the most athletic full set of girls on a season yet. Not too many blatant standouts on the low side.
"60% fall rate" no one falls. Eat shit Johnny!
I would seriously think you can just chalk Emily and Paula in for the final and likely winning it. From episode 1. Not even joking. If Emily/Paula and Wes/CT aren't the two winners I'll be shocked.
My wife doesn't even watch this show except for the episode here and there and just saw Wes/CT were a pair and asked if that was fair lol
I love CT. Him giggling because he basically gets to tackle Wes over and over is great.
Tyrie and Dunbar lost? No way! lol
Calling Zach and Trey the pair that hates each other most? That seems weak. Zach just hates everyone.
CT gunning for Johnny? I didn't think I could love CT more. Throwing them against DunbaTyrie is a dumb joke tho lol You're just painting a target on yourself pointlessly when there is almost no way they'd lose.
At least everyone else realizes CT is being dumb.
Opposite sex decides? Wow, I like it. Politicking became more important.
CT calling Johnny on his shit! I love it. "You're going to tell everyone you'll take them to the final and pick em off little by little!"
Diem and her territorial-ness over CT shows up instantly!
Someone leaving already?!
Frank trying to talk shit, color me surprised. "A shot was made and a war was started. Now I'm going to finish it." Whatever you say Frank. I look forward to you randomly talking shit once someone is already in an argument so you can just gang up on someone and not be the only one on your side. Your schtick is tired and it's only been one season dude!
If there was anyone I think Dunbar and Tyrie could beat it'd be Derek and Robb.
Oh my god Dunbar is so god damn terrible. Even when you get to the bell first you fall and miss hitting it and have to get back up to hit it? You are awful dude. Sit down, retire. Seriously wow, you're awful.
Just terrible. Dunbar trying to put it on Tyrie haha god damn dude. Walk away.
Johnny honestly playing smart. Paint a common target for enough people and it keeps you out of being the target.
EP 2:
CT has a thing with ninja gear. This is like the third season he's brought up ninja gear.
What is with these challenge houses having terrible cooling? Everyone is literally camped in the living room for air?
Frank wanting to get in to a random argument that doesn't concern him? Wow, so refreshing. Once again it's only when it's like five people around arguing with one person that frank jumps in and screams over everyone. lol somehow Frank is the victim. I fucking hate this guy.
Ct is shit for pinning lying about hooking up on Anastasia, but it's shit on Anastasia to go around publicizing the shit. Wes actually talking truth. It's none of anyone's business.
Why does everyone hate Cara? I don't remember people out and out hating her this much. Something happen before the season or something? She said something about putting her foot in her mouth on twitter or something? Like I know there was some Wes/Paula/Tyler shit from Rivals 1 I think, but this seems like all around hate. Plus I think most of that beef was on Laurel.
Wes seriously seems so slimmed down from earlier seasons.
Wes you manchild! "I can't put my face in another mans crotch." Grow up
Why are these people so damn whiny. Now Preston too?
CT and Knight just grabbing each other and trying to do it is pretty hilarious. Why stop them? You could have just said they can't win lol
This comp does kinda suck though...
Diem acting like she is scared to death to be between Aneesa's legs? Trying to get the ball from around her legs? What?
The people that can't get up and decided to just roll the way lmao
Everyone hating Trishelle is a-ok with me. Sucks for Sarah though.
CT probably crossing his fingers hoping for Anastasia to get eliminated.
Sarah straight up asking Trishelle if she plans on quitting lol Damn Sarah
Diem, lose the wigs. The short hair is adorable and cute as hell.
You can kind of tell CT kinda gets off on Anastasia flipping out and thats kinda gross...
I am developing quite a crush on Jonna this season. She's coming to these elims with absolute fire looks.
CT giving help to Cara/Cooke haha
Why is Cara so damn greasy looking?
TJ has no time for people shit! "It's three minutes..." Basically suck it up and hang upside down for 3 damn minutes you baby.
Just gonna fall in your own piss Cooke? Really? I mean I guess it's motivation not to lose? one person using both saws cheating? It showed Cara and Cooke and Cooke was using both saws while Cara held on to Cooke so she wasn't moving all around. That seems counter to the point of the comp. I kind of miss the days of these challenges having intricate rules and technicalities. Ripping the flag in Duel 1 and the jeep push in sand in Gauntlet 3.
TJ talking shit again! "Guess you should smoke cigarettes and not eat?" I can't understate how much I love TJ talking shit.
Apparently these seasons have a communal fuck spot? Exes was the laundry room and I guess this season is the closet? First CT/Anastasia now Sarah/Jordan? lol They said "Nah, we're putting a camera in there this time."
EP 3:
Why are they suddenly naming these episodes after shows and movies? Have I just not noticed this before?
Good for the rookie dude being bi and owning it.
Fucking Shain Gandee dude. Jesus. He just instantly says "That's Marlin" like it's the fucking punchline of a hilarious joke. You can't for a second think that's funny. Oh now he's talking about melting a toothbrush and stabbing him? What?!
Trishelle repeating Robin's weird argument of asking Aneesa what she is? EEEESH
"TRASH-ELLE"!!!!!! Aneesa, I love you. Forget any negative things I said about you in the past.
"She's a stripper!" What? lol what does that have to do with anything? Not making a good argument when you're talking about all the things she is and then bringing up her being a stripper? Trashelle you have some high horse complex, for sure.
Sarah fucking calling Trishelle quitting days ago?!?! Definitely seems like there were some strong vibes coming off Trishelle from the start.
"She's so many things, so anything will offend her!" Trishelle you just sound like trash. If you can't talk without offending multiple groups of people the problem is you and the way you talk.
I swear if Sarah doesn't get another teammate after Cooke does I'll be fuming.
Ugh, fucking Knight you douche. If you're always the bad guy in almost all situations, the issue isn't the people. It's you.
Of fuck off! She left because of a family issue is no damn difference than someone quitting! Neither one of those scenarios the partner has any fucking control over!
That's horseshit.
DQ'd for a fight? Get a new teammate. Leave for family? Get a teammate? Quit or be a shitty person that happens to be Sarah's partner? Sarah goes home too! Fuck offfffff.
Wes: "I hate to say it, but me and CT are bonding." You love to see it.
If their time limit was 10 minutes and 30 seconds was being added after their time why wouldn't you just DQ them at 9:30. No one would be able to go past 10 minutes anyways. You're just giving them an extra 30 seconds to get farther than someone else that DQ's at only 10 minutes? I really feel like they don't think these challenges through all that well.
I feel like half the guys this season have had zero screen time.
Ty continues to be shit at anything taking longer than 2 minutes.
"I need this old man to fire up his wheel chair and keep going." Frank literally doesn't know how to talk without talking shit.
This Elim challenge of braking the stick on each other just sounds like a leftover jackass stunt.
Mad props to Nany. There's women still today that will look at a bi dude and say hell no he's gay and won't even think about dating them. There was this exact case on that Netflix reality show love is blind or something like that. The girl was repulsed and basically quit right away.
EP 4:
Jordan taking no time moving on from Sarah lmao
Damn Nany also just moving along the men too!
Diem girl, damn chick. Move the hell on. Either decide you want to be with CT or ignore what he does completely. Writing a rap?!?! lol
Fucking Pennsetucky. "Woah woah woah, you're gonna just lie to her?"
"Jemmye is one of the prettiest girls in the house." What a weird way for Leroy to come out about having the worst taste in the house. (Top tier: Theresa, Nany, Jonna. Bottom Tier: Jasmine, Pennsetucky.)
Paula with some weird ass makeup for this challenge making her look like she has face bruises walking in today.
"I don't like going first, it's a disadvantage." No shit, why do we need at this commentary every single damn challenge?
Wes and CT, it definitely came down to looking like Wes being impatient and then CT getting annoyed and frustrated with him.
The hetero guys on this season literally can't help themselves but make gay jokes any possible time they can.
Emily/Paula continue to dominate.
A fucking Johnny bobble-head...
I don't hate that vets come in with the idea of protecting each other. I hate that some people come in and just expect it and are appalled by even the suggestion of a vote coming their way. You are not entitled to skate by simply because you've been on multiple seasons. Grow up. That was one of my favorite aspects of Battle of the Seasons. The rookies came in and said fuck that noise and the vets got fucked because of it.
Why is everyone so hateful on Cara Maria? What did I miss? I get like the attitude aspect, Cara is whiny
"I know how to politic like nobody's business." You mean the guys in control are sticking to vets strong and it scares the rookies from disrupting it? Sure, good politicking Diem...
"Ketchup is my biggest fear." Sentences I never thought I'd hear in my life.
This entire Jemmye rant I barely make out any words.
Imagine seeing Theresa and Pennsetucky and thinking "I can't tell which is more attractive." Hahaha and Jimmye says theres is the backup plan haha
I feel like all these Elim's that look scary and intimidating are always the biggest let downs. The flyswatter slap off comes to mind.
I feel like this whole Elim is specifically designed for Cara Maria.
"I have a battery pack like that I attach to my nipples." Damn Cara...
Maybe my knowledge of batteries being attached to things, and electricity in general sucks, but I feel like the batteries only being touched by one side(assuming positive) and there being no real completion of the circuits would make thi....oh It's all for show. Yeah, that makes sense. No one goes home.
Fucking thank you Diem. Go without the wigs! Damn girl, you look so much better.
If the non-vet girls want shit to change they need to start putting in the vet guys to get any kind of shift to happen.
EP 5:
If anyone is fucking, you can guarantee Jasmine is trying to catch a glimpse.
Ugh, Wes and his territorialness. "How dare you have sex in your bed...with my ex-hookup!"
"This is cute." Oh, this definitely bothers Wes. It turns in to Leroy being the insecure one! lol
Don't show me Zach crying, I don't care about this fuckhead.
Oh god, it turns in to a fucking panic attack lol screaming and throwing a tantrum. Yup, thanks, fuck this guy. "You had a healthy neice/nephew!" "Fucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm panicking!!!!! HULK SMASH!"
I'm a fan of this Jordan dude. "My tummy hurts and I miss my family. Time to have a hissy fit."
Frank has to turn it into being about himself somehow.
Zach having this panic gets like a full medical team in the house. Big E looking like he's having a heart attack got another fat dude and a girl to throw him on a stretcher after a half hour of waiting lmao "Here's some pepto you giant baby."
Oh, wild glimpse of Diem's amazing political prowess, talking to Wes!
Finally the rookie girls smartening up and trying to stick together. Diem also suggesting letting Jasmine/Theresa go by too? That seems off..
This Jordan guy continues to be crazy competitive. These Rookies are impressive.
Zach-"I'd rather not pull for Frank and Johnny." Frank-"That's a good idea Zach." lol this is so hilarious and dumb to me.
Letting Wes and CT of all people just walk by?! They're two of the best competitors, don't give them an advantage lol
Blaming one single person not pulling out of like 8? I don't like Johnny, don't get me wrong, but that one damn person isn't making a difference on your ass sucking.
Zach is the biggest god damn baby. "I sucked at a challenge? Who is the first and easiest person I can put this blame on other than myself?"
I am completely with Zach on Johnny being a snake. The logic behind it is just stupid and whiny.
The two closest people to Leroy completely fucks him! Haha the stupidity! If you're just going to throw a vote away, mayyyyybe not throw it on the people you're clost to trying not to make a target of yourself.
Don't blame someone else for your damn vote! You voted for him. You wanted to skate by without making a target and did something stupid. Your own dumb mistake. Live with it.
Love this elim challenge. Get to the bell and win basically, but smash shit to do it.
Ty and Leroy losing lmao
Oh god, Zach throwing the helmet. What a dumbass.
Zach, you dumbass. "That's clearly not what happened." I always knew your sense of reality was off.
Ty winning an elim by default is great.
Man, Frank saying all this shit about self reflection and realizing when Zach is an ass. If only he could look in to a mirror...
EP 6:
Oh no, a storm is brewing!!
Theresa, let it the fuck go. You voted on your own damn dude, that's your problem.
Production change idea: Change the "clue" text messages to random ominous things TJ says after an elimination. Make it a suspenseful end to an episode and still get the clue out of the way. Then you can have the replay of it and speculation by the players on the next episode as a recap. The text stuff is just kind of dumb and real played out now.
Freinemies is great, but what this show really needs is superlitives. Calling out the cockiest, the ugliest, cutist for the whole cast would cause so many laughs and drama. Shocked they haven't done it. Same basic prensiple, but everyone should be answering them with everyone as an option.
She didn't say it was your favorite Aneesa, she said it was your best.
Definitely not your face Jemmye
Hair is the best body part lol
I wish I knew why everyone hated Cara so much, but how much it bothers her is fun to watch.
Pennsetucky is like the only to take it personal. Of course.
Yes, Johnny the most fake, and the one that needs the most attention. Definitely.
Emily and Puala literally just blazing through these challenges. Seeing Emily be so good, just makes me want to see Laurel and Emily on the same season.
Pennsitucky lol such a sensetive baby.
Wes is going to say Theresa is the trashiest. There is literally no doubt. Of course he'd say that. CT being smart! Fucking genius not answering.
Johnny just owning it and calling Paula trash lmao
Ty/Leroy accidentily being sent in to Elim and winning by default and then coming back and getting first to control the order on guy day. What a turn of events.
"Jordan gave me my word so he better not be going back on that." Nothing says he'll be going back on his word more than this being put in the ep.
Johnny OF COURSE, wanting to sit back and control the game and not let people play their own games. You're a rookie, don't try to play. That'd be a mistake.
I want to see the 3 hours of footage it took for CT and Wes to coordinate their nomination vote.
"I gotta show these old bitches how to do an elimination." Jasmine ain't taking ya'lls shit.
I never follow with the relationships between season. I'm still wondering about Ty/Paula, and Jonna/Zach lol It's like every season is basically a reset unless it specifically brings it up.
All this Theresa anger is all predicated on her making a dumb mistake. She wanted to play the middle and not pick a side. Now suddenly she fucked up and is angry and wants to pick a side, but everyone would much rather just cut you loose.
I see treadmilles, I'm instantly thinking goodbye Theresa.
Diem wearing an ugly ass "Team Jemmye/Camilla" shirt.
These people act like they're shocked Jasmine has basic motor functions lol "Jasmine is actually catching these!" "I'm surprised when Jasmine actually catches it!" ....what?
Wes is such a child. 3 seasons later literally still bent out of shape with Theresa liking Kenny.
EP 7:
Diem, you should literally have no hope at all for the final. Why are you even wasting your time thinking you have a chance?
Shock collars? I like this comp already.
Aneesa screaming in pain at the smallest shock?
Wes and his damn ego.
Cara and her shock sex thoughts continues.
"Just listen!" "To what?!" lol Cooke trying to go by the sound of the ocean.
Cooke calling Cara on her shit. Talks a big game of loving shocks and shit, but can't stop freaking out during the comp.
Ty and Leroy completely lost and going back to the start haha
Oh my god, Jonna and Nany literally making it nowhere and DQ'ing. Wow
Jesus, someone please take out Johnny and Frank for me please. I already hate these two, why put them together and make them stronger?!
Ty and Leroy back in the Elim. This is the biggest back and forth swing people can have in just two episodes.
Johnny, fucking Johnny. Instantly going in to try and control the game. Of fucking course.
Emily, fucking thank you!!! "Johnny, youre just wanting to help you and Frank farther along to keep winning. Which is fine, but just say it." Thank you Emily!!!
Frank bitching, and trying to act like the bigger guy by saying he wasn't campaigning on a technicality.
Fucking Frank. Jumping in peoples faces and screaming INSTANTLY. Oh look, he also only does it when other people are around and are also yelling/arguing with the person. I'm really noticing a trend with this guy... Not really, I been knowin!
Johnny, Franks ego does not need any extra stroking.
Jordan is completely right. Girls literally said they are voting in Knight until Johnny/Frank walked in the room.
Please Frank, say "check your facts" again.
"There's a team everyone wants here until the final."(Knight/Preston) You know...except the girls who were going to be voting them in. They're not just here to make the final easier for you Johnny.
The headbanger elim? I'd be all money on Ty/Leroy, if I didn't have a long history of knowing Ty runs out of complete gas after like 30 seconds of effort. Marlon and Jordan both seem pretty damn fast too. That and the editing of Johnny talking Jordan down about Rookie aspect makes me think Marlon/Jordan are pulling this win out.
Guys, they aren't sleeping on you guys, they want you gone because you've won multiple challenges.
God damn I hate Frank. I don't think I could hate anyone any more than this dude.
Hahaha Jordan/Marlon pulling that shit out!
The one thing I like about Wes, is that he sees and knows how Johnny plays/wins the games and he likes basically anything that disrupts that. He wants Jordan/Marlon back in the house because they're good competitors and it disrupts Johnny/Frank. Everyone else all looks shocked, Wes genuinely looks like he's having fun.
If the guys don't immediately start targeting Diem/Paula/Camilla, the people Johnny will always have on their sides, they're stupid.
EP 8:
Ugh, can I just not give a damn about Diem and CT?
Fuck Frank. "These new kids." Lmao you have one damn season under your belt! Literally the same amount as a lot of the people you're bitching about! He's right about Pennsetucky though lol "What the fuck is a Jemmye?! Besides the ugliest girl to ever be cast on one of these shows?!" That rough...but accurate.
Jemmye talks non stop shit about Knight, but instantly wants to be angry at him for not standing up for her. These two fucks are white trash personified.
Camilla got that Hulk anger strangth. Good god chick. She's pushing Emily around! lol
On this trapese competition, I don't get why you would want to ride the bar down to the water? Why not jump in and immediately swim unstead of waiting for it to take you down? Some kind of unmentioned time penalty?'
These people suck ass at swimming!
Please cut back to Diem trying to get Aneesa to swim laps and her saying "We will never have to do that." lol
"Die in the water, die in the water, die in the water!" and "I know my time is better than both of theirs, it's just up to Johnny's." I fucking hate Frank
Diem has absolutely no faith in Aneesa, but somehow thinks she has a chance at the final? Chick...
Cara/Cooke again. If you come on this show and don't expect heights and're fucking stupid.
The god damn vets!!!! Ughhhhhh. Literally my least liked thing about this show. Can't vote for Paula or Diem so you have to vote in Jonna, Frank, sorry bud. Vets get to skate by in this game, that's just how it works! You did better last year when you came in and said fuck that and got the vets out instantly. Now when it's your teammate and you're walking to the final it's all abored the vet ship!
Why go to a commercial? There is absolutely zero chance Johnny would allow their vote go against Paula or Diem lol
Fucking Frank, gotta be antagonistic. Gotta piss someone off and then act like the victim and be a bully about it. You fucked over Jonna and then you want to act smug about it and act like she can't be upset with you. I fucking hate this guy.
Frank wearing a god damn Jonna headband. You're a fucking joke.
Cooke/Cara are just going to eliminate everyone on their way to the final lol
Oh god, frank and his damn whining! Going to the vets and whining to them isn't getting you anywhere dude. They're going to reinforce whatever you whine about because you're going along with letting them walk to the final!
EP 9:
I want CT to be asking Wes the entire season if they're friends yet like he did with Adam.
I can't describe how little I care about Diem and CT.
CT sleeping on the floor next to her is sweet though.
What is with all the writing on everyone this season during the challenges? So weird.
CT and Johnny rematch challenge? This time without Adam not being able to get up?
Darn. Forgot CT/Wes pick order.
Calling Johnny out of shape when he's probably in the best shape he's been in to this point in the show is funny.
Cara Maria talking so much about her knee pads seems weird seeing as how it never seems to slip?
Pennsetucky just flipping around like a dying fish while trying to climb up is hilaroud.
Johnny saying it will take CT and Wes at their best to bet them lol They have like 40 seconds left with all the balls already put in. Johnny and Frank and their ego's just go so well together.
"That was a warmup!" "Nah, that couldn't be it? Could it?" "I think we just won?" Love the CT/Wes dynamic when they're forced to work together.
Johnny bitching about them not being humble winners is a huge fucking chefs kiss lmao Johnny is the biggest fucking loudmouth at challenges! You god damn fuckboi.
Please let Johnny be in the last elimination again. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Frank, you god damn bitch.
Johnny gets to walk to the final again.
Wes/CT/Johnny instantly letting shit fly now that they're in the final is fucking amazing.
At least Johnny, unlike his partner, isn't waiting until like 3 or 4 people are engaged in an argument to start in on it.
I hate Johnny, but Wes and CT look way more dumb in this argument.
Knowing Johnny goes on to win a lot of these challenges and comes back a lot makes this argument even more hilarious.
"I have a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck and 3 businesses!!!!" Ok Wes...
"Are those matchstick cars?" lol
Where was this Wes/CT shit talking during the whole damn season?! It's like they were all pussies and saw how Seasons went down and realized they'd get mopped up if they didn't stick together.
"I don't have to say shit, I'll just leave it all out on the field." Fucking Frank, literally all you do is fucking talk shit.
Johnny getting his usual suspects of Paula, Camilla and Frank to patch up his ego after the fight. CT and Wes looked absolutely dumb, but Johnny and Frank just seem so ridiculous with this conversation afterward.
The Rookies stick around! I'd be worried about these rookies if I were Johnny/Frank.
EP 10:
This episode can basically be summed up with one long tirade about the entitelment of the vet women in these seasons. We saw it all the way back on the island with Johanna saying she expected to just be handed a key at the end. Now here you are with Diem absolutely losing her shit the second she might be at risk. There is literally nothing I hate more in this game than the entitelment the vets have.
Hearing shit like "Cara and Cooke just get to walk to the final and they've done nothing." or "I've worked my ass off to get here!" fuck the fuck off Diem. Cara and Cooke literally took out just about every other couple, went in too the elims constantly! Politicking and sitting around skating on old friendships isn't putting in work! You haven't done shit, but sit around all season trying to encourage your team mate to prepare for the final because you just expact to walk to the final without any issues.
Paula and Emily going in to beg and cry to the rookies who they sent in repeatedly is just fucking gross.
You want to go to the final, then fucking win!
I can't stand seeing these people throw around their "power" and "influence" all season and then flip their shit the instant they have none.
Ok, maybe I'm crazy and blinded by CT love, but where is the manipulation on CT's part? What did he ask for, what did he do differently that he doesn't always do? He flirts constantly. Diem is the one who ended things, Diem is the one that gets jealous and territorial, Diem is the one who freaks out and suddenly gets mad at the other girls for seemingly unrelated issues. It more seems like Diem is trying to use CT and is now asking for reciprecation and getting mad it isn't automatically given.
What Johnny is doing throughout the season is more manipulation than CT. Johnny is constnatly getting in Diem's head about CT and blaming CT for Diem going in to elimination. How? What are you talking about?
By Diem and Aneesa, I have absolutely zero faiith in you guys for this comp...
EP 11:
Diem instantly flipping her shit.
Camilla and Jemmye definitely seem to have a height difference, but they don't freak out.
Diem "I can't reach! It's not fair!" Fucking Diem, good god.
Diem has always been bad at these challenges. That's why she flips out.
"They played a good game, and they deserve a lot of respect." Nah Wes, this ain't it cheif.
Why is Paula acting like she's coaching Emily on her first final? She was literally just in one on Exes?
I don't want another cold final!
Cara waiting until she's literally in a final to try to learn swimming. Jesus.
My thoughts were initially on Paula and Emily being a shoe in for the win, but she now just seems too much in her head. I can see her having somoe kind of break down.
Tokyo seems nuts. In the middle of a city? This I'm interested in.
"I don't want an even playing field." God damn it Wes, don't be a bitch.
"It's a crapshoot, something anyone can win." Where's all that confidence and brovado Wes?!
I love that they're afraid of the rookies.
These fucking vets and hating not knowing whats coming up. God damn the vet mentality is so infuriating.
Why are these bus cams so ominous?
"There's ninjas" These people and ninjas!
No location change! Thank you!
Tokyo would have been really cool to see though.
"Throwing twists and turns through the season"?? What? You didn't have a single elimination, what are you talking about?
Third team being out almost instantly seems fine. There's usually one team that wouldn't make it anyways.
It sucks that both the teams the vets are worried about are bad at swimming. To see Johnny and Frank eliminated instantly would be amazing.
At least the swim isn't that huge of an aspect. The puzzle and kayak will be more than enough to make up time.
These people talking about geometry like that matters at all lol
Pennsetucky just seems like useless garbage.
Wes and CT running away with it. No one else seems even close.
What a lackluster first half of a final?
Swim > Puzzle > Kayak done?
Fingers crossed for a Johnny/Frank loss.
"I am living a nightmare." Jemmye, you are my nightmare.
Let's go Cara and Cooke!
I don't care which of Paula or Camilla get eliminated. This is win/win.
I'd rather Emily make it, but meh, I'm tired of the vet entitlement.
Timed out, and a kayak race? lol
Well, at least there was hope of Johnny and Frank being eliminated.
I hate Frank
Nightmare Island lol
All those times in Fresh Meat of Wes skipping puzzles and now they're getting all these puzzles right.
I really couldn't ask for this to go any differently at this point.
I really don't like the catch up assist that is built in to the first place teams having to clear some kind of blockage. You're just artificially slowing down the first place team for no reason.
"1 times 1 is... That's how you do multiplication right?" Wow Frank. You stupid fuck. Wow
Johnny and Frank getting help. Of course.
Cara NOT being the one struggling?
"Wes is having trouble with his poop soup." What a line.
Paula and Emily are flying through this gross food. Jesus! Emily literally just jamming maggots in Paula's mouth! Damn!
Hahahaha the cascade of liquid coming out of CT at one point haha
I haven't seen Johnny put a single thing in his mouth lol Yet he's the one saying Frank is breaking down.
I thought Durian fruit just stunk and wasn't actually bad? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
Johnny is literally just standing around doing nothing!!
Still have yet to see Johnny put anything in his mouth other than water.
Oh wait, he put these weird dried things in his mouth. He ate something.
Maybe I'm realizing why everyone hates Cara. Fuck she doesn't stop whining! Everything is a struggle with her.
Cara can't figure out "1-2-3" lol
I'd love to see Emily, Laurel, Sarah and Ev all on an individuals season. They need to do some kind of best of the best season. Somehow take individuals win or success rates and get the people that have the highest rate of winning in these challenges.
Lets go Wes and CT! It seemed a little easy, but I really liked this last idol checkpoint.
So glad to see Frank and Johnny lose.
Seems I was vindicated in my early prediction of Wes/CT and Emily/Paula running away with this from the first episode.
I'll say it again. I'd love to see TJ hosts these reunions
Why is CT's mic so quiet?
Oh weird, cutting down the cast for specific segments?
God dammit, Pennsetucky, Ugh.
Knight seems drunk as hell.
Frank is the biggest fucking shit talker. He literally doesn't say shit unless there is like 3 other people involved first.
Knight is just so out of his mind.
I'm all for Frank getting hit, but Knight, jesus.
This is awkward as hell with Moasley trying to pull this back together lol Dude has zero care, he's just going in to the next cue card lmao
Sad to hear how much Diem was going on while recording the show. Can completely understand being all over the place. Still don't like the entitlement shit.
Cara trying to crawl up and grab Diem's hand and Aneesa yelling at her hahaha
This dude is such a terrible host. He doesn't even finish statements. He just kind of rambles.
Jemmye and Knight are straight trash.
"I play a mental game and I get in people's heads." Frank, shut the fuck up.
Pennsetucky literally wearing a ring in the shape of a gun. You can't make this shit up.
This reunion kind of sucks simply because the host has zero control over anything. He asks a question, barely, and then just doesn't say anything no matter how much people are talking over each other or how much silence there is. When Johnny and someone else have to jump in and say something when Jordan can't get more than 3 words in to a sentance that's when the host should step the hell up.
Instantly CT is walking all over him. You're asking too many open ended questions and letting them just mumble around them. Ask direct and simple questions and don't let them barrel over you. Jesus this is bad.
"Next questions robot!"
"They had everyone saying 'WTF'" what in the hell was that?!
"What did you not like about the Charades moment? Was it just that Knight called you out?" What the fuck kind of question is that? You need to ask for clarity on why that was wrong?
This reunion has just turned into shitting on this host being absolutely terrible.
TL:DR / Overall thoughts on the season:
I thought this was a really fun season to watch, but was a little disappointed in how predictable it was. I called CT/Wes and Paula/Emily within the first five minutes of the first episode. It just seemed like there was no possible way it was going to happen any differently. This season also didn't really have any kind of back and forth or dominating factor. It was more a season of watching the rookies and Cooke/Cara do everything they can to stick in until the end and then who of the vets was getting the short end of the stick. Fun season to watch, but a little anti-climactic.
Thanks for reading, I literally have no clue what is up next.
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2020.09.01 14:16 dsut22 A background to Wood Green MOB

A background to Wood Green MOB

Wood Green MOB

A background into Wood Green MOB (Money Over Bitches), formerly known as Wood Green PBP (Paper Before Pussy,) Hoodfellas and Mobstarz, Wood Green, North London.

Wood Green (With Sky City Housing Estate behind The Mall Wood Green)

Many drill fans will certainly have heard of the Wood Green MOB group in drill as it's very active in the road scene, the fact that North London is pretty much the hottest place for gang rivalry, and its intense rivalry with certain other North and East End of London areas like South Tottenham, Hornsey and Hoxton, I've seen many other pages with talk about Wood Green MOB like the music they produce and more so about who they beef and the points scored between rival gangs, but for people new to UK Drill (or who do not know some of the history of the Wood Green MOB gang) I trust you will find the background to Wood Green MOB, and its actual precursors intriguing. It took me a while to gather information on a group widely known as other neighbouring London groups. I may do more of these, I could do 6th based in Beckton and maybe Manor Park based in the Manor Park and Cage area.


Based around the London Borough of Haringey, located on numerous estates throughout Wood Green including Sky City, the Sandlings, Noel Park, Commerce Road and Acacia Road all within the N22 postal district. Some of their territory has expanded to the New Southgate area of N11. 22 is another name for the gang and they have mainly been seen in North London in Wood Green on the Commerce Road. They are a very active gang and have been around for over 40 years dating back to the 1970s where drug dealers from Wood Green would offer people drugs to make money, they are very very closely allies with fellow North London area Edmonton, they are also one of North London’s most well known and active gangs, stemming even well before the days of the Dem Africans and Shankstarz. Wood Green MOB also go by #WG , #N22 , #MOB , #GreenGang , #DBlock/DBMG. Wood Green is known as Mob City by many gang members and by locals.

Mob City

The Wood Green area borders Bowes Park (N13 and N22), Hornsey (N8), Palmers Green (N13) and Duckett's Green (N15). Many of their rivals are based in and around these areas, in particular South Tottenham and Hornsey.
Born from the ashes of old-school North London gang called Wood Green Firm or more commonly known as Firm, Wood Green then saw rap groups form more commonly though in the 2000s under the Wood Green MOB label and it quickly became a well known stomping ground for many of North London's well know and rising road rap talents, most notably Smokey (who was one of the originals in the road rap scene) and Brucey. Working under the Wood Green MOB and Wood Green PBP banner through the early 2010s, the gang quickly found a creative style of music on tunes like "F*** a Family," gradually making their presence known into London's road rap scene. As the sounds of London's road rap shifted, so did the duo's: their 2010s song, You Can Get Touched, saw the group delve into U.K.-style road rap/trap, while in the latter 2010's songs like , Looking For Who, helped to establish the Wood Green's presence on the burgeoning drill scene. It was in the 2010's decade that gangs truly made their mark: working with producers from MKThePlug to M1OnTheBeat, Wood Green gradually built a following with their disses to rivals and creative synergy. Marking their songs with the tag #Wood Green, the gang founded their drill collective just as Wood Green MOB, an homage to the ''Mob City'' area, where gang members will have grown up and represent.
A number of past and current generations of gangs have existed in Haringey and other London boroughs that associate with the colour red and blue, some of which in the past had also self-identified themselves as Bloods and Crips. One of the first of these was the short lived Cripset from Dorset Road which claimed affiliation to the Rollin 80's Crips in Los Angeles. The gang was most active throughout the mid 2000's and were rivals to 031 Bloods, now know simply as 031 (O-Tray One) based in the Patmore and Hartington estates. This is seen as a massive influence on London from the famous American rival gangs Bloods and Crips.
Wood Green MOB themselves have never claimed Crips or Bloods like their rivals have and they have always affiliated with the colour green.
There are a number of other gangs in London which have been linked with the colour red. The Ida Bloodstarz from Ida Road and Tottenham have always used the colour red, whilst the former gang EvaStrap (now known as Reed Road) in the borough of Haringey in which they are located had asubset nicknamed 'Reed Road Cripz' and can still be seen using blue bandanas to this day, this is due to the ongoing American influence.
Some of PBP/MOB's rivalries have identified with colours themselves such as Original Farm Boys who used to be known as just Broadwater Farm/Tottenham Mandem, identify with the colour red and also Northumberland Park Killers/NPK who used to be a part of the Tottenham Mandem gang collective, identify with the colour purple .

Current beef and alliances

Wood Green Firm and the current Wood Green MOB gang have had some of the same rivalries between gangs but some of the rivalries were rid of and have now become extinct during the current generation of the Wood Green MOB gang. The current generation of the mass rivalry in Haringey has overtaken the old school rivalry that was between Wood Green and Archway Mandem and Busy Blocks.
Wood Green MOB allies: 3x3/N9 (N9), 6th/ACG(Anyone Can Go)/Hammerville (E6)), 37/OJB (SW11), Touch Paper Lane (N15 and N22), Arnos Grove (N11 and N14) and 4BP (NW4).
Wood Green MOB rivalries: 6th/ACG(Anyone Can Go)/Hammerville (E6), Graveyard Fam (N2, N3, and N12), Northumberland Park Killers/NPK (N17), Original Farm Boys (N17), Hornsey Grey Gang/8th (N8), Grahame Park (NW9), Albany Park/Skengfield (EN3) and Hoxton (N1).

Early to mid 1990's

During the early 1990’s a gang known as the Firm was active across the north of London, first being and restricted to Tottenham but extending to incorporate nearby parts of Haringey such as Edmonton and Wood Green. By 1996-97 the different districts began to identify with their local area with their younger generations and so the Edmonton Firm and Wood Green Firm were formulated and this type of local district affiliation still happens widespread today. The Wood Green Firm birthed around Gladstone Avenue in Noel Park and on the Sandlings estates, which are main bases of Wood Green MOB today. Many members were educated at St Dorothy’s, St Katherine’s and Broomfield Schools in north London, and later Southgate College. The Sandlings and Sky City estates were the main area of activity from the beginning and later Sandlings was nicknamed ''Shell Town'', largely because the shotgun was once a favoured weapon as was its shells ammunition.
Wood Green and North London as a whole always had much of a multi-generational phases of gangs, which would have had each generation taking on their own identity and name, in comparison to other London Boroughs such as the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Lambeth and Waltham Forest. Sky City Estate and the Sandlings, where the Wood Green MOB gang was formed, had long had music being produced during the time which they descended into gang violence in the 1990's and mid 2000s, previously being called the gang Hoodfellas and City of Gods. In reports of the late 1990s, Wood Green and many areas of North London as a whole was characterized as deprived in income, employment, health and crime.
Wood Green dominated over the nearby Hornsey area which is where Hornsey Mandem developed was created, the two were close in alliance until 2008. Wood Green remained close with other ‘Firm’ areas Edmonton until 2003-04 and Tottenham until 2005, however, these area relationships in north London were later broken down by second and third iteration members and now beef today.


The first generation Wood Green Firm began to call themselves ‘Junior Mafia’ or ‘Junior Mafia Woodz’ in the late 1990’s and going into the millennium. The second generations became known collectively as Wood Green MOB – Money Over Bitches. Within the MOB’s sprawling turf, covering large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side), sets developed that were geographically placed on various estates such as the Avenues (Noel Park), Acacia Road, Bracknell Close and Progress Way, Commerce Road, the Sandlings and Sky City estates.
Following the death of a young Tottenham boy in 1997, perpetrated by the Hackney Mandem, members of the Wood Green Firm were firmly backing the conflict that came to be generalised as ‘Hackney versus Tottenham’. At this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were close allies, Edmonton were also their allies. Although the conflict mainly concerned those from Broadwater Farm and London Fields estates, Wood Green counted Hackney as a rival.
By 1998, a host of gang names begun to exist under the umbrella of Wood Green MOB over the last several years including Shell Town Soldiers, Junior Mafia Woodz, Mobstarz, Hoodfellas, North Bangers, PBP (Paper Before Pussy), City of Gods and Mobcity Young Gunners / GSR. The names loosely denote various age generations of the gang, Wood Green MOB or Mobstarz remains as the collective identity. Wood Green is also known amongst other things as Mobcity. A second, separate gang forms across Wood Green and Tottenham and known as SK or Shadow Kings. They are a predominantly African set and do not have a set turf due to their focus not being banging but trapping. They are associated with the MOB and although not affiliated with TMD, often worked for them.


A long-time defunct set called 1 Nation is formed after breaking away from the wider Shadow Kings


Shadow Kings starts a heavy rivalry with Tottenham. This would be the first ever Wood Green vs Tottenham rivalry. Numerous lives were lost during this rivalry.
By 2001-02, there had been multiple murders, along with countless shootings and drug offences, which saw many of the first generation members imprisoned for long sentences. At this point the second and third generations of Wood Green were known as ‘Junior Mafia’ and as ‘Wood Green MOB’. The equivalent generations of Edmonton went on to become known as the Shankstarz whilst over a dozen Tottenham estates began to adopt their own identity, for example NPK (from Northumberland Park).
Many of the teenagers involved in this generation were known to one another as friends, having attended the same schools and having played football together, and through family ties. Despite this, the areas began to challenge each others reputation and it wasn’t long before this escalated into violence.
In 2002, up to a dozen members of the Wood Green MOB – the Junior Mafia Woodz – were caught by police surveillance following a four-month robbery spree. The gang members, aged 12-19, were said by police to see themselves as untouchable, preying on innocent victims as a pack to steal cash and mobile phones often at knifepoint. Jermaine Campbell (later sentenced for the murder of Andre Linton in 2005), Craig Johnson and Ashley Gowdie, all then 16, were ordered to be detained for three years despite being young offenders because their crimes were deemed so serious.
Up to 1,300 hours of surveillance film showed scenes of robbery taking place. The gang were identifiable by their trademark clothing of t-shirts with Loony tunes characters. Robbery offences were said to have fallen by 33% in Wood Green shopping centre following the convictions. The youths were said to have been led on robbery offences by older members of the gang Shane Reid and Marcus Downie. 2003

The third generation become known as Wood Green MOB + WGM (Wood Green Mandem). Their turf expands to cover large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side).
In 2003, the Shankstarz were involved in the stabbing of two teenagers, one from Wood Green and one from Tottenham. This generation of Wood Green, and NPK from Tottenham, were now rivals with nearby Lower Edmonton (N9).


In 2004, Wood Green MOB were allies with a gang known as the Shadow Kings, a predominantly African gang whose members lived across Wood Green and Tottenham N17 areas. Shadow Kings, who were often present in Wood Green, began conflict with Tiverton from south Tottenham (who at the time had internal issues in Tottenham with Broadwater Farm). During the conflict Wood Green membership was torn between loyalties with Tottenham and the Shadow Kings. Those who sided with the Shadow Kings gained a new enemy in Tottenham. Wood Green-Tottenham beef begins.
The conflict with Edmonton was continued predominantly with NPK rather than Wood Green and resulted in numerous stabbings culminating with a series of convictions following a large outbreak of violent disorder on Hertford Road, Edmonton, in 2007. By this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were no longer allies as a result of torn loyalties developing from disputes that occurred in 2005.


The fallout brought Tottenham back together, ending internal disputes that had not developed into anything too serious, and in 2005 the Wood Green MOB began serious conflict with Tottenham gangs, mainly Broadwater Farm, Ida Bloodstarz and Tiverton.
A growing number of shootings had been occurring between Tottenham and Wood Green in 2005. Furthermore, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old male were gunned down in Tottenham and Wood Green the preceding years in murder cases that both remain unsolved.
Among the incidents in the run-up to the murder of Tottenham male, Andre Linton - an innocent victim of this feud, an 18-year-old was seriously wounded during a knife attack near Broadwater Farm whilst a 17-year-old was also injured in a drive-by shooting, also on the Farm. In the latter incident, local Member of Parliament David Lammy was there to attend to the shot boy. He later criticised police who refused to allow the ambulance to reach the victim after they had sealed the area off whilst carrying out a risk assessment. The victim, Charles Osei-Bonsu, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.
In April 2005, the press picked up on the growing rivalry between MOB and the Farm, calling it an armed turf-war. In the week that preceded the article there had been reports of a drive-by shooting and a gunfight on West Green Road where eight shell cases were discovered. This was followed by another gunfight on Clarendon Road and police were later called to attend North Middlesex Hospital where a young man with gunshot wounds to the leg had presented himself.
In May 2005, 22-year-old Andre Linton was killed by a single bullet after his car was surrounded by members of the Wood Green MOB on Buller Road, Wood Green. Jermaine 'Killa' Campbell, then 19, was later charged with the murder. Andre, who was a pupil at Greig City Academy and formerly of Northumberland Park School, was not a gang member. It is believed the trigger was something as arbitrary as a 'dirty look'. Police were called to six reports of firearms that evening, it followed three seperate shootings that had taken place on Turnpike Lane and Broadwater Farm.
In total, there had been twenty recorded incidents of violent disorder involving guns or knives in the eight weeks prior to the murder. In one attack, an innocent eight-year-old child was injured during a hit-and-run when a car being driven by a gang fleeing the scene mounted the pavement. The tit-for-tat rivalry continued between Broadwater Farm, joined sometimes by other Tottenham gangs including Tiverton and Ida, against the Wood Green MOB. In October 2006, Wood Green MOB's Jerome Vassell, 19, was left fighting for his life after being shot in the head outside a talent show at the West Indian Cultural Centre in Clarendon Road, Hornsey. Vassell , also known as JV or Warlord, was allowed to leave Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, however, he suffered severe brain damage that caused partial paralysis and communication problems. Green City alliance is formed between Wood Green, Edmonton Green, and Bounds Green. All three gangs begin wearing green bandanas.


Those gangsters who were involved in Shadow Kings had now joined Wood Green MOB after many Shadow King members face imprisonment and longer sentences.
At the time of Jerome Vassell’s death, Wood Green had teamed up with once brief enemies from Edmonton who were now known as the Shankstarz. The link became popularised as the Green City alliance (Wood Green to Edmonton Green), with both gangs increasingly associating with the colour green and wearing of green clothing including bandanas. Wood Green were also linked with the Meridian Mandem (Meridian Crew and Bloodline music crew) and Palmers Green, referred to locally as P-Town. This generation of Wood Green also became allies to the London Fields Boys, another gang who the Wood Green olders once shared an extreme hatred of alongside their older Tottenham allies.
In 2008, long-term allies Hornsey and Wood Green began to fall into conflict with one another. A series of incidents contributed to the build up of the rivalry including a stabbing on Commerce Road estate in Wood Green, the victim was associated with Wood Green younger set ‘City of Gods’. A number of tit-for-tat incidents followed with robberies of Wood Green youngers by Hornsey, and attacks carried out by Warlordz and LMD sets.
Wood Green responded with similar violations against the Hornsey Grey Gang and it escalated throughout the rest of 2008. In one incident in September 2008, up to forty rivals fought a pitched battle on Lymington Avenue, Wood Green, during which a 17-year-old boy suffered serious stab wounds and was described as lucky to be alive. He was stabbed in the legs, back and face as the youths fought with sticks and bottles. Some of those involved were caught on CCTV in nearby Gladstone Road although their faces were concealed with bandanas. By the end of 2008 Hornsey Grey Gang had developed an alliance with Wood Green’s rivals from Tottenham including NPK.
Since 2008 a new wave of younger members have made headlines for minor offences typically associated with the early stages of gang evolvement. The Sky City and Sandlings estates continue to be a preferred hangout by aspiring gang members. The Sky City estate, which sits above Wood Green shopping mall, often makes local headlines for gang activity. In an unusual outcome in 2010, Haringey Council blocked plans for a dispersal zone on the estate, largely because the confines of the estate are not a public place (dispersal prevent loitering in public places).
With the relocation of a number of older members to Palmers Green the new younger sets have been left to run amok continuing age old rivalries with nearby gangs. Stabbings incidents have occurred frequently with young members in their early to mid teens. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in Wood Green High Road on the day of the Royal Wedding, April 29th, after being chased through the town centre. He was stabbed repeatedly by a group of youths in broad daylight in what police believe was an attempted murder. The following month a teenager was knocked off his bike by a car on Darwin Road, Noel Park, before the occupants got out and stabbed him.


In 2010 Michael Gaynor received an ASBO banning him from Wood Green for five years. The order also prevents him from associating with thirteen other members of the gang; from being in a group of three or more in a public place; from uploading pictures or footage that features green bandanas; and from featuring in any music video of audio material that is uploaded onto the internet and incites violence towards rival gangs.
Despite having had gang affiliations in Wood Green since his early youth G Money (Michael Gaynor) is one of the biggest names on the underground rap/road music scene. He was interviewed for MTV’s the Wrap Up in 2010 where he spoke about his early influences and the release of early Wood Green mixtape ‘Mobstarz Most Hated Vol 1’.
Michael Gaynor was one of two leading figures in the Wood Green MOB to receive recent ASBOs. Fellow member Rowan Lopez was banned from entering Wood Green from 2011 until 2013. It was an extension of an earlier ASBO he was granted in 2009. Like Gaynor, he has been prohibited from posting videos online showing him inciting people to violence and promoting gang activity and identity. Both males had long histories of offending going back to their teens including robbery and weapon offences. Another leading figure of the current olders was arrested and charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs and sentenced to two years in 2011.
Another member of the Wood Green MOB, Terrence Abalola also known as Ghost, 18, was sentenced to four years in 2010. It came after a teenager arranged for his 15-year-old cousin to be beaten, robbed and sprayed with tear gas during a house robbery. Abalola led two other teens, all in masks, into the cousins home in Stoke Newington where they attacked the boy. They screamed at him ‘where’s your stuff’, at which point he recognised one of the voice having shared a McDonald’s meal with one of them in Wood Green just two days earlier. The three robbers fled with the boy’s TV, Xbox games console, laptop computer, mobile phone, £300 cash and his mothers iPod Touch.
The younger generational iterations of the gang begin to go by the various sets: Mobstarz City of Gods Hoodfellas North Bangers
Paper Before Pussy
They all collectively rep Wood Green and share in the same allies and and enemies.

2011 - present

After this the gangs in London started to drop the usage of Crips and Bloods into the gang names and began to use gang names that are more modern and still in usage as of the present day and that includes all Haringey based gang.
The current day allies of Wood Green continue to be the Shankstarz from Edmonton, who today are now known as 3x3, P-Town (Palmers Green), Arnos Grove, London Fields Boys formerly who have now cut ties with Wood Green MOB and have no ties to the current faction known as Zero Tolerance and the remaining former members of the now defunct Shadow Kings. There have been some links with Dem Africans (shared link with Shadow Kings) and Young Dem Africans, however the picture is less clear because the latter have historic roots in Tottenham, and Dem Africans have since become #900. Despite this, a senior member of the Wood Green MOB accompanied a handful of Young Dem African members to West Green Road, Tottenham, in September 2009 where they were fired at by a prominent member of the Ida Bloodstarz with a sub machine gun. All fled from the gunfire and escaped without serious injury. Another link, although less relevant owing to distance, is with MPR (Make Paper Regardless) who are from west London (Shepherd's Bush and South Acton). The association with MPR was built by members who were serving custodial sentences in a London prison.
Rappers/Drillers in the drill era from Wood Green MOB like Lampz and Jigga J took a foothold in the drill and gang life scene. Lampz aka Kelvin Odunuyi was a very well known gang member and was deeply hated by his enemies because pressurised Tottenham and Hoxton heavily. In 2018, at the Hollywood Wood Green cinema, a motorcycle that came down from Lordship Lane (the road that leads from Wood Green into the N17 postal district) drove towards the entrance of the cinema and one of the two on the motorcycle fired shots through the window and circled back to deliver a final fatal shot to the head of Odunuyi. Many saw it as a revenge attack for Odunuyi's alleged involvement in the death of Kobi Nelson, a former NPK member who reformed as an anti-crime campaigner, Jigga J was involved and sentenced to life for the death of Nelson.
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2020.08.28 01:37 Sanity0004 My journey through The Challenge for the first time. (Part 6: Battle of the Seasons. Easily my longest post so far. Oof)

Probably a lot of errors and screw ups in this long winded rant/live watch. I'm sorry it's this long. I might need a damn break after this season. Boy, this took some wind out of my sails. This was rough.
Battle of the seasons:
Ok, I've heard I'm in for a string of really good seasons. Let's go!
A whole lot of people I don't recognize at all. (I'm totally fine with this.)
Sarah looking different! I like it!
Danny and Melinda on the same season? Why weren't they on Exes?
I have limited exposure to Chet, but I like him!
Danny looks so different in his confessionals.
Knight being a dick right off the bat. Damn.
Oh hell, this Pennsatucky looking chick.
Actually like seeing Jonna and Jasmine again.
I thought I recognized Trishelle and Alton, hey I watched that season!
These fresh off the Real World rookies(Saint Thomas?) seem awkward.
So far, I'm really liking the looks of this cast. A lot of newer people, the old school vets are low in numbers. I'm liking this a lot.
"Best challenge house ever." Nah man, Fresh Meat 2's house was awesome.
This Frank dude does NOT give off good vibes right off the bat.
I'm all for the Sarah/Chet team up.
Wes shenanigans off the bat.
Oh shit, another team? No clue who it could be.
Oh shit. I am soooo for this. Cara, Big Easy, Brandon and Camilla. I'm good with all four! Please Brandon, don't get screwed again! I swear to god I could already see some Wes shenanigans of getting Easy/Cara to put in Brandon/Camilla or some shit. Don't you do it!
I feel like Austin is screwed with Melinda and Lacey. Melinda was never all that good in these challenges and Lacey doesn't look competitive at all.
Calling Jonna and Jasmine weak? They were small but seemed strong and wirey as hell.
Why is Cara Maria's name on her shirt like added on? lol Was she a last minute substitute or something? Everyone elses name is white letters on the shirt, but hers looks like it's a white printout strip thrown on the front of the shirt.
Big Easy making a great first impression... Good job bud!
God damn Eric. God Damn dude. Losing weight ain't shit for this show if you aren't also getting stronger and working on endurance.
As a newer viewer not knowing a lot of these people, this is a terrible first comp for judging people and their performance for first impressions. A lot of times its just names and seasons and there's no real way to tell anyone apart most of the time.
Why is this season treating just falling in the water so much worse? Just seems like a big escelation in the dramatization of danger. Only the first episode and it's had two falls in the water cut to commercial for drama. Exes alone had like 7 or 8 falls worse than any of these that were barely even noted on? lol
Did this season suddenly have a big editing change? So far I hate the editing on this season. So much added dramitization and commercial cuts. This show never felt that dramatized before this. Yes there were dramatic cuts to commercials and everything, but saying who the power team was? Fresh Meat getting out of the car? This is feeling too much like modern overdramatization of reality tv.
Ugh, Wes instantly on his shit. I like people owning their shit, but he's just a little too much sanctimonious about it.
Shocked they had no time with the Fresh Meat team with reactions after the challenge. So much more focus on the rookies and newbies.
First go off the bat gonna be all vets of the challenge. Nice.
Wanting Austin gone, but then picking physical against Fresh Meat? These new peeps don't seem the brightest.
Wes seems so slimmed down more than the last couple seasons. Wonder if he took the finals of Rivals to heart and been more focused on endurance and cardio?
I am so confused by this Frank and Zach There's some strong homoerotic vibes going on right now.
I said it once, I'll say it again and again. Angry drunk is a damn requirement for this show.
Jonna, did you not watch the Exes reunion?! Ok she's at least going to call the dude before it goes on and on and farther and farther.
"My hearts pounding because I'm so excited you called." This is the ultimate of unconfortableness. I love the way this phone call is starting off haha I LOVE IT.
Cara Maria what the shit? All of a sudden wanting to get cold feet?
I still don't understand why Cara's shirt is different than everyone elses.
Oh shit, well this is the best possible case for Big E, damn. Tackle the dude and keep moving. My faith in Austin just plummeted. Lacey has no chance and Wes has a less than normal chance.
Well that was instant.
I actually wish these guy and girl elim's worked indipendantly. Why should a team lose two, could just lose the girl or guy seperately. Have both compete, but I'd more like the chance of two teams potentially losing one each rather than one team losing 2.
Eric just fucking tore through Wes like it was fucking nothing. I knew Eric had this, but shit that was nuts.
Wes trying to be smart and go under. I think Eric got it. Wes swung his arm out too much, he lagged behind.
Danny and Melinda just on their own battle of the exes now.
The combo of Knight and Jemmye makes that season of Real World seem like the absolute most off brand casting I've seen on MTV lmao
New crew coming in with alliances. Good to see people aren't just coming in doing whatever vets or older cast say or say is normal.
A giant pit of olive oil....ewe
I look at that red line and wonder if someone is about get their back broken.
Oh ok, I can see the appeal of this comp immediately.
I like the schoolyard pick of this type of comp.
Punches and drop kicks and neck grabs all in the first guy/guy face off? Damn these newbies came in heated.
"Too much sensitivity in these newbie." Ok, I'm loving this post-win Camilla.
Jonna, man, just instantly stepping out.
Newbies coming in actually thinking about these games smartly. It's actually nice seeing this from people other than Johnny/Kenny/Evan and Wes.
Man they just completely close out multiple teams from even trying. Damn.
I'm glad the vets aren't just taking it sitting down and instantly strategizing themselves.
Hahaha, I love that this became a thinking mans challenge throwing competition. The people playing around and goofing off is just all around great.
That Big Easy has to sit here and talk to Cara and Camilla to actually play politics. Seriously guys, you two specifically have scated on being on the vets side so damn much to be talking shit about having to play politics. Brandon and Big Easy deserve better.
I'm a fan of these rookies coming in and wanting too say fuck how this game has been played in the past. Yes, I don't really know them, and we don't have any vested interest in any of them, but this is how EVERY SINGLE PERSON should be coming in to this game. Fuck how it was played in the past, play it how you want to play it. The best possible outcome of this is multiple people coming in like this and having a good tug and pull for control throughout the season. It's how you get evolutions in strategy.
Instant talk of love and connections bug the hell out of me. Jonna and her "I've never felt this way with a guy" come on chick, it's been a couple days.
Oh god, Melinda getting in this fight is hilarious. It almost got the girls into a fight lmao
I am not here for this New Orleans cast. Knight seems like a Vinny mixed with Johnny wannabe or something.
Cara Maria seems extra whiny this season. I haven't seen her not whining yet.
Brandon, I like you, but don't just come in and say "This is my fourth challenge, I'm tired of eliminations." Dude, did you come in expecting that vet shit too? Come on man.
I have to assume that they have to give the producers who they want sent in before they get to see the comps right? I mean, why wouldn't you just wait til you see it and then decide?
I don't like this Frank guy. He may be the head dude in charge with alliances and stuff, but he's not a great personality. He's not a fun evil, or fun bad guy to root for. He's just kind of annoying?
Is Camilla going to be tall enough for this?
On these type of competitions, why wouldn't you just sit back and wait until the last 30 seconds and then just send everything back?
Glad to see Fresh Meat stick around. No real surprise to see Danny Melinda go out so fast.
I feel like Austin being gone was like the Legacy members being gone. Yeah there is still vets left, but the rest left aren't really as well established.
Big Easy getting some female interest? Hell yeah!
Damn Trishelle was gone for two episodes and comes blasting in with "Sarah is manipulative!"
I can't take this Knight dude.
I like this challenge a lot. Fresh Meat is definitely screwed, but I like it.
Yup, there goes Easy. What the hell is with this dude? He was never a bad guy in these regular challenges. He was always decent but never the worst, never this damn bad.
This competition really doesn't seem hard. It's more about concentration than anything else. Other than Eric the only thing people struggled on was not paying attention to placing the hook correctly.
Does each team have their own van/bus? Seems extravigant...
Damn Trishelle, you seem to be way more manipulative right now than Sarah is? You're the one running around telling everyone Sarah is manipulating Alton, but what you're doing is manipulating every team against one person.
I understand the politics of wanting to stick with the alliance, but you're being crazy about it.
Trishelle lmao "I'm a poker player, don't fuck with me." If I hear I'm a poker player one more damn time!
Damn Camilla, chill chick. Brandon trying to talk you up and get you out of your shitty mood and you just start screaming?
"Go fuck yourself!" "I will, I do it every single day!" I love it! hahaha
Cut to them talking about the argument. Huuuuge pet peeve of mine, discussing how the argument progresses and takes place and not focusing at all on why the argument happened. "You said some things in there that hurt and I don't know where they come from." What about the fact that you blew up because the guy was trying to talk you up?!
Thank you Chet! Trishelle, you're off your rocker. Why does Trishelle have this huge hate for Sarah? I feel like there is some context outside of the game or something? Why does she come in saying she's the most manipulative person in the game? What?
Cara has a point. If something gets hard and you say you want to quit, who's to say you won't do the same another time? That being said Cara just seems so damn whiney this season.
Trishelle pissed when Sarah volunteers herself lmao
Chet and Sarah vs Brandon and Cara? In this type of challenge? I think Fresh Meat's about to lose...
Spending so much time pulling the rope seems like a waste of time. You're never going to get that damn far you only have 10 minutes.
I don't know who I want to stay more. I kind of want Cara gone, but I don't want Brandon gone. Definitely want to keep Sarah/Chet around.
Not really surprised by the outcome.
Oh fuck off Cara. "The joke is Camilla is stuck with Big Easy. You seemed to so obviously come in to this season expecting to scate by on the vets take care of vets game style and obviously never expected to go in to any elimination.
I'd say Brandon got screwed again by a disfunctional team. Cara and Big easy is a tough saddle to bare.
Get that girl big easy!
Devyn really? Dating guys collecting social security? really?
This fucking Knight guy. God dammit.
Trying to mentally breaking people? Really reafirming my Johnny take...
The new orleans cast as a whole looks like they were side castmembers on MTV's Buckwild and they threw them on Real World after Gandee died and the show was cancelled. That's my headcannon.
Eric talking shit, but obviously struggling holding the basket before anything is put in it...
Damn dude, going hard on Brooklyn.
Chet lol "Don' apologize, it doesn't mean shit."
Damn Easy, fucking keep going. The basket is just filling up.
Frank seems like a bitch.
I am absolutely loving this "Alliance" breaking the fuck apart already. lmao They're all seeing a pecking order and little spites and shit's gonna blow. Love it.
LOVE IT. Keep fighting!
I have a feeling this season is about to get real damn heated.
"Team meeting" this should go swell
"We're in an alliance with you....but not really we want your team in."
Sending in Fresh Meat again? Pussed out already?
"Why is Brooklyn on the bottom every time?"
Safe to say all these newbies got the JEK style of strategy. Clearly have a pecking order, but lets not acknowledge the pecking order. That's just messed up. Why would you think there's an pecking order? How dare you! Now you're just making yourself a target!
Camilla, you won a season by getting to the end with alliances. What are you talking about? Vets so clearly came in expecting it to be a vets to the end automatic run.
Be careful Camilla, that New Orleans cast look like they would actually start stabbing people. Especially the Pennsatucky looking chick.
After a comp? Everyone with their own bus. After partying and drinking? Cram all these drunk fucks in a bus!
Oh boy, you guys are underestimating Camilla if you think she would get her ass kicked. I'd put that money on Camilla.
Everyone just fucking throwing 'bows and shit. Body check after body check. I love this alliance.
How Nany kept her top on the entire time I have no idea.
Knight telling Trishelle that he's the best manipulator in the house? Better watch out. Lose an alliance mate for simply suggesting that it isn't Sarah.
Ughhh god, I can't take more of this Knight dude. He obviously took extensive notes on JEK's tips on playing the game.
Nany you're bitching to Fresh Meat about not losing and not going into elimination? You dense bitch!
IDK Devyn, you said you date people who collect social security. I feel like Easy should be a little uneasy on the dodginess. Not that it really matters, but the dodginess is weird.
Fucking Knight coming to the rescue lmao
Oh fuck off with this dumb suspense!
Big E, what the fuck. I understand it's hard, but you don't fucking quit.
Fuck off Big E. You lost all my respect dude. It's like you get yelled at to keep trying and you get ptsd for Gauntlet or some shit and you just give up. Fuck off. Talking all kinds of shit about Camilla talking down to E, but fuck that she was telling him to try and that he has to think positively. She didn't talk shit till his dumb ass quit.
I now understand why people look back to gauntlet 3 far worse. At the time I just saw it as the dude biting on more than he can chew, but he stuck with it until he literally couldn't. Now he's just a quitter. What in the hell.
Nice bit of trivia for Sarah: she lives trivia.
I think I hate Trishelle. I think it's a couple episodes in, enough to say that I really dislike Trishelle.
I just got done watching Exes and I couldn't tell you what Island they go to at the end.
"If looks could kill, I'd be so dead." TJ is killing me this episode.
I love these trivia comps.
It comes down to Chet in a spelling bee lol
San Diego and Trishelle are basically my shit list. New Orleans would be on there too, but with them it's more of a disgust thing.
This Pennsatucky chick just gave me Pennsatucky vibes before because of looks, but her flipping out and being a control freak continues to give me Pennsatucky vibes.
What is New Orleans doing? lmao they're slowly tryin to walk the things to the wall lol Goodbye I guess?
Wait...what? Why is there more than one round? There was only one round the first time... Only one 5 minute round the first time and 3 90 second rounds this time around? It makes sense, but why did they only now think of this or make this change?
Good for Brooklyn.
Fucking Frank. This dude is a cuntnugget.
This cast, or these newer players seem to take this game way more personal. Like the older school players seem to be able to openly realize it's a game and they're able to mostly put stuff away and have fun and chill when it isn't game related. This cast just seems to outright hate everything and will not put stuff aside for even a second.
Frank is just so damn smug, but he somehow still comes off as insecure? Like he has to try to prove himself any time another guy even thinks of talking to him or gets attention.
Why is Nany crying just entering the challenge?
The Horse mask lol
I think I'm on Team Brooklyn and Team Cancun at this point. And Teacm fuck San Diego and fuck Team Vegas. Saint Thomas barely even exists at this point.
Ear pull seems like the weirdest pointless crapshoot of a "competition"
Team Buckwild vs Vegas in a jousting competition lol
I guess I'm hoping for Vegas as they might make an attempt at San Diego since they know they comtemplated going after them the previous episode.
"I'm stronger!" "It's a fish!" "What does that have to do with this?" "It's a fifteen pound fish!" I love this argument.
She dropped the fish haha
I don't know if Laura deserves much respect really. Has she even had a single second of screen time before this?
I actually feel like Knight of anyone would come in here to fuck shit up with this power team.
Alton wanting his own team thrown in lmao
He's opening talking about wanting to leave, but he's talking to the two girls who would literally have to go too. What an idiot.
This season is going to start to annoy the hell out of me. Alton you dumb bitch.
Yeah, just not let Alton go in.
Frank, shut up. He wasn't allowed to do it, you idiot.
That the other teams just sat there and thought the rest of the team would just let Alton lose for the team is hilarious. Now all of them are wanting to jump in on Alton. What is with these baby clowns? I feel like they shouldn't really care at this point because they didn't like Trey and Laura from Saint Thomas anyways. So even if they lose what does it matter to them?
These guys are absolute bitches lol
Seeing how exhausting the first rope dome comp went, I'm surprised these teams didn't focus more on alternating vertically over and over again. The pulling the rope was the hardest part and pulling it through the top would be the most exhausting. Basically go over the top, do a bottom not, go back over the top and repeat over and over again. It wouldn't even need to be complicated, just exhausting. It's the strategy comp for a reason.
Frank and Zach just descheveled lol Not even wanting to look.
Besides maybe Trey, I feel like this whole Saint Thomas cast is completely forgettable. I would be surprised to see any of them again.
"What they're doing to your team is what I did to people in high school." Nice self own? Calling yourself a bully? lol
I spoke too soon, maybe they are able to just put everything aside for some fun.
There's been so little of Jonna and Jasime this season. Kind of surprising.
Glad to see some competitions that more resemble something close to a final challenge.
"I don't know how I got this reputation for being good at puzzles." "Because you brag about it." love Chet.
All this Cancun screen time makes me think they're for sure going in to the arena. They've been pretty absent.
Sarah with the helpful tips!
"Prove you're more than just high heels!" "I'm not!" this episode is hilarious so far.
Now you just know to drop Devyn soon.
Fuck Zach and Frank.
I'm pro Sam.
"I'm just encouraging you, STOP WHINING!" Hahahahaha Funniest episode of The Challenge to this point.
How the hell do you get through the whole thing and just now realize there are extra pieces?
Brooklyn took that! Nice.
Cancun being a damn team.
Frank and Zach are fucking disgusting. "Yoou don't like me telling you to speed up! FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FATASS!!!"
Frank and Zach are just spoiled children turned bullies.
I think this season has the most cast I actively hate.
Robb trying not to call TJ a bitch because he thought he said they lost. lmao
What the fuck was that? Frank and Zach act like twin brothers that will just say anything and do anything to back each other up.
Frank "Zach trying to make me look like the bad guy." hahahahaha does this mother fucker not hear himself? At all? Was it you yelling "You selfish piece of shit!" or "You fat bitch!" Frank, Zach doesn't have to try...
I love the infighting. I looooooooooooooove seeing Frank cry.
I don't know if it's likely, but Frank leaving right now would blow this game wide the hell open.
Come on. Seeing a note for someone else and reading it and laughing? Come on... It's not a prank, its malicious.
Just a good reminder I hate Pennsatucky and the BuckWild team.
Ha, suddenly Frank doesn't want to go in! Frank saying flat out that Sam won't be able to do it. These complete babies.
Have I expressed how much I fucking love this episode yet? I'm giddy.
I don't even think it will take Frank going home to break this game open. I think this team and alliance is fucked.
"If we were so hellbent on our word, I'd be going in with Ashley, but we're not so I'm not going in." What?! What technicality bullshit are you trying finagle your dumb ass out of right now you scared little bitch? lol
I hate Frank.
"Don't be upset, I'm here for you." Frank fuuuuuuck off with your dumbass back and forth bullshit. "Sam, you suck and you're going to lose. But hey, I'm here for you!" lmao This is Sociopath level manipulation.
Glad CJ could take this "Note prank" a lot more lighthearted than I'd be able to.
I wasn't aware they could only be unsure on one of the people going in to the arena? I thought for sure on a previous one the guys were pretty set and the girls weren't and both were picked? Like they didn't even give a chance for the guys to step up after the girls went in the power team just picked both. Then I'm even more confused by them telling Brooklyn they have total control, but then only having them pick the guy. WHAT ARE THE RULES!!!!
CJ being so close with San Diego bothers me. CJ himself seems cool, but I can't trust someone that would be close with these guys.
Maybe this comp is a lot harder than it looks lol
Sam pulling it out during this is great.
I find it curious that they haven't shown Frank or Ashley cheering on their team at all...
"Hey Frank! Fuck you!" I love to see it.
Glad to see Pennsatucky and Shain Gandee be eliminated.
"They haven't been able to win one challenge without me." Frank....THEY JUST FUCKING DID!!!!! You dumb bitch!
"I just need to get them to the end, so I can lead it." Oh the ego Frank.
Trishelle reminding me I don't like her. Calling Frank a pawn and that he got played? What?! Lol, how? What are you even talking about?
I love whatever this gameshow schtick is.
"Guys, you can't make me look dumb." Jesus fucking christ Frank. This is how you start a challenge? "Hmm, now you're quiet." You toddler.
Ok, I think Trishelle was feeding the fire on her pawn talk. She's sitting back loving the infighting.
These numbers on this food is ridiculous. More than 10 baklava a peice in 4 minutes? That seems insane.
I don't even know what this second thing is.
Devyn and Sarah is just devouring these things. This one I actually think they'll get.
The instant reaction to JD almost puking was great. "JD, don't you dare! You hold that shit down!"
Chilis, now this number should be high as hell. I'm surprised how low they are. Sure they're hot but they're easy to eat. Put like 4 of those shits in your mouth at a time.
Vegas, good job making the team lose by having to eat the food. lol
Brooklyn, the power team again!
"And testicles make semen. I don't want neither anywhere near my mouth." Zach, you liar.
Glad to see San Diego going in again.
I love love love every time I see Frank losing it. You mean egotistical bitch that instantly cracks under the tiniest bit of scrutiny from someone he can't just bully in to silence or isn't ganged up on.
Sending in Cancun when you know it's going to be physical seems real dumb...
CJ not knowing how damn feisty and strong Jasmine is in these elims.
Sending Zach and Sam in again. Frank is straight bitches. At least Ashley wanted to go in.
Wow, everyone shitting on Jonna. God damn people. Trishelle calling her trash lol Am I the only one who remembers how tenacious and strong Jasmine was in these kind of elims? This just seems like the smarter choice.
Eh, she still lost. Darn.
Yessssssss, Zach getting his ass trounced.
Annnnnd he won. Damn.
Don't you fucking go back to being buddy buddy with Frank. Fuck that noise.
Is this a longer season? I feel like we're not preparing for the final at this point?
Ugh, San Diego doing team motivation bullshit is just gross. Stop it. You disgust me.
It's weird seeing TJ without a hat so much this season.
I'm really liking the variety of challenges this season.
Yeah, no mention of the final. Must have more episodes to go than I thought.(I'm not looking out of stubbornness)
Robb, literally not being able to get the first bouie.
I kind of have sympathy for Trishelle panicking with salt water. I have the same issue. It's a weird sensitivity to salt water. I am the biggest fan of water and swimming, have never had issues in my life, but any time I get in to saltwater for the first time in a while, my mind goes through this panic the first time I taste saltwater every single time. It's like you can't breathe and you can't help it. Body just goes in instant panic and can't control it. As much as I dislike Trishelle, I completely get this specific issue. It's a completely mental side effect that you really can't help at all. There's literally nothing you can do about it but wait it out. Eventually your mind just adjusts to it.
Alton, don't talk shit. You literally threw your team in the arena and wanted to quit while taking out a team mate like two weeks ago.
"I am a southern man, and you know I don't talk to women like that." lol Dustin
Zach shut up. "We wanted to send ourselves because we feel pretty comfortable."
I feel like these people are not thinking about the comp types at all when they're making their choices. Vegas is all tall and you want them out so you throw them in endurance?
Frank isn't even being talked to, but he HAS to jump in with "Don't you point your finger at me." as she waives her hand meaning everyone lol Frank you whiny bitch that just wants an excuse to scream at people.
Chaos ensues because Frank had to make it two on one and had to jump in to an argument that he knew he had numbers on. Has Frank had any altercation where he is the only person involved? Other than with his own friends? Talks a lot of shit, but I haven't seen him say shit unless he's got people around him.
I'm not sure I even know who this Derrick guy is...
The Challenge and it's tradition of angry drunk casting.
"Nany, I was drunk and emotional, give me a break." Dude you got yourself fucking in this argument when you had numbers.
Wait....Dustin did gay porn? lol That's actually surprising.
You can tell Frank is the most insecure baby bully. You jump in to an argument and as soon as you can't just railroad the argument you just go as personal and as dirty as possible. Frank is a punk bitch. Plain and simple.
If I was in Dustin's position, I'd punch Frank and it'd be worth it.
"Those are just porn muscles." God I fucking hate this dude.
I really want to know how many cast members actually get in fights outside of the house.
Afraid of Alton wanting to go home all over again. "It's not fair people underestimating me." Dude, you've talked about going home multiple times!
Trishelle just gonna let the other team decide lol That's not the way to come out ahead in this fight. You suck just as much.
Wow Good on you Nany, dumb, but good on you.
Trishelle instantly calling anyone that disagrees her a psycho.
Alton possibly not trying? Say it ain't so!
It more looks like Nany isn't trying on this third round. Every time it shows her it looks like she's ignoring ones that go past her and basically walking to the balls.
Trishelle, you trash.
Do we really need to see Frank's reaction to the results? Really?
Dustin: "Remember this."
Trishelle is garbage, but that doesn't stop you from competing dude.
"It's hard to get him to see the big picture. He's very child like." Bitch you lost a challenge, refused to go in because you were afraid of losing, then basically forced your teammate to go in instead and they went home. I know it's not all your fault, but you definitely caused this.
"I can already feel this money in my pocket."-Chet, this is never a good sign.
Zach lol "I'm pissed now. I'm going too take it out on Chet and JD, I don't care."
Alright Zach and Frank, time to lock penises and become one.
Brooklyn guys falling. Ya'll suck.
Wow, guys being DQ'd what in the hell guys?
Sarah and Devyn straight look pissed. lol Chet not exactly backing JD up when he says "Believe me, I was in the tube with him." but then backing him up lol
It'd be dumb to NOT put in Brooklyn at this point.
This cast seems like everything is so personal. Wanting to put in Marie for pushing Derek and Sam being in the way. Not wanting Cancun in solely because of Jonna.
Marie, I'm not speaking is not the way to approach this.
Calling her a brat because you just don't want to send in your girl lol
These people act like it was some vicious and malicious act to push Sam. She pushed Derek. Sam was just behind him and got Derek pushed in to her. It's a dumb thing to get mad about.
Just seems like a dumb idea throwing Saint Thomas in. If the final isn't next you have an advantage by having a full team in these team comps.
Geesh, this feels like the first time they've gone out all season.
"When did you grow a dick anyways?" Frank, taking absolutely zero seconds to go personal lol
You're only just now seeing Franks true colors? Nah, you just weren't on the receiving end of it. You just chose to be fine with it before.
"Well I'll kill your man, how about that?" "OH yeah?! I'll kill your girl, how about that?" What and the fuck am I watching? lol
Wait, are Robb and Marie actually dating or something? I always saw them kiss, but it seemed like a weird brothesister kiss. I always thought it was weird and awkward.
Marie: "Your whole team knows you're a weirdo." She says to the team who all openly accepts being the outcasts and weirdos lmao
"You're just riding Jonna's coattails." That may be the best dig I've heard the entire season.
Angry drunks, angry drunks everywhere.
"Trishelle is like the newly divorced mom that's trying to party with her kids." Damn this episode is getting in some good digs.
It took you getting close to them too realize they're similar?
It's not focusing on Vegas much and just looking in the background it looks like Dustin is staying in the water constantly.
I think Trishelle is colorblind or something lol How she's having this much trouble is kind of astounding. Dustin seems to be killing it for her to not be doing better.
No Trishelle, Dustin is making it look good. You are trash and are completely blowing it.
Good god, I'd have been so pissed if I was Dustin and Trishelle lost that for you. She was having to literally check every single one of the cards. Good god.
"The house is probably happy. Don't have to deal with two drunk asses t-rex'ing around the house." What?
Marie your only contribution to the show was the 3 times you got mad.
Ok, so one more challenge then final. So 2 episodes to go? Maybe 3?
Ok, I was against the location changes lately, but I'm liking them going to afrika. That could be a really interesting intense final.
"We're in Africa, we came here to poach!" oof
That atv looks tiny with the angle it's showing it.
"You don't even have to get your hair wet!" I like Brooklyn
I feel like Dustin is puking after every challenge.
Sarah going slow, but nice to see her whole team rally around her afterward.
Zach looks like he literally can't swim.
Vegas to the finale is kind of disappointing.
Honestly as much as I hate it you probably throw in Brooklyn. You either want a team out or you possibly weaken Brooklyn in some way. Who won a previous challenge that was very similar to a final.
San Diego is a fine choice. You want to weaken them to possibly weaken them too.
Frank can not STAND being talked aboout. I fucking love it. Oh my talked about how he didn't fly far in the challenge that he had no control over? Time to get personal!
Why did Cancun stop like they were done?
I don't know if it's editing or if they gassed out but it looked like Cancun got near the end and just stood there barely doing anything.
"I don't know if anyone can finish this final." But I will fucking ridicule you to no end if you fucking quit!!!!! So if you can't finish just fucking die!!!!! signed with love, TJ
Thermal underwear? Guess a two night final. Ugh
"Could there be very little running involved?" Devyn, have you seen this show?
Frank Praying just pisses me off more. Fuck off dude.
Why is it trying to make this skydive prep sound creepy? It's got like high tone horror movie music over it.
Jumping off a plane and then just starting to jog like normal would feel so anticlimactic lol not sure why but just seems like a weird shift.
Frank and Zach are instantly bitching. FUCK
"You're not gonna talk to me? You're not going to talk to your teammate?" Sure, put the onus on Sam, Frank. It definitely has nothing to do with you verbally abusing her the entire time and just coming back to yell at her more...
"I'd say I'm the smartest person here." Stay humble Frank.
"I'd hate to hand over 250k to a bunch of bullies." I always knew I liked Sarah! There was just that one bad season of her working with Kenny.
Trishelle just spent time in a helicopter and somehow looks more tired now.
Oh my god. These people are terrible. Sam falls and they scream "You did that on your own!" and pick her up and tell her she's acting like a 3 year old. I can't tell you how much I hate these fucking people. I'd rather have 3 Wes's screaming "You dumb bitch" for hours than how these dumb fucks act.
Chet getting in on the shit talking of his own team...
I swear if Frank and Zach win this I will riot.
If Frank and Zach get lost in a dune slide or something I won't be sad. I promise, I won't bat an eye.
This fucking shit ass team. They literally can't stop bitching even when she's laying down.
"I'm going to strangle her!"
At least Brooklyn isn't fucking screaming and yelling at Devyn like she's a crying child on the ground. Jesus.
Sarah killing it at checkpoints.
Just perpetual sad face. I regret everything.
Trash finale. I'm just going to imagine the season is 11 episodes and the footage for 12 got lost. My head cannon is they wait until San Diego gets to the finish and TJ says they're DQ'd for abuse and incessant berating of a teammate.
Ugh, do I even want to watch the Reunion? Unless someone literally beats the shit out of Frank on stage I don't think I'll be happy.
I want to know how much Frank bitched for San Diego being in the back.
Why the fuck are the reunions mostly clip shows?!
Frank looking stunned that she's still mad. Money should make up for it right? Frank is trying soo hard to act cheerful and happy. Fuck off dude.
"It wasn't hard for me, I got to walk thanks to a teammate." Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck the fuck off. Frank trying to come off like he is mad at what happened is going to send me over the edge.
I am actually advocating for full on assault at this point.
Sam/Frank for Rivals 2?
We just not going to address Frank at all on this reunion? Fucking hell?
Sure let's continue to bag on Sam. Sure lets fucking do that.
"Guys she's really not the victim here." JESUS CHIST
It was verbal abuse. You're disgusting to even pretend it was anything different.
Wow the reunion is making it fucking worse. Lets just get the whole cast to rag on Sam. Jesus. And we're just not going to talk about Frank at all other than the push? And don't even pretend you were pushing everyone up a hill in that clip. That push wasn't on a damn hill and the other two were well ahead. There was a damn shot that showed above it at the same time.
The team of Brooklyn is getting more shit on than Frank and Zach. This is gross.
I stopped watching. I don't even like a majority of these people and don't care.
I think I need a break after this season.
I don't even know what to put for a final thoughts type of thing. Just a big giant fucking OOF. This was gross.
submitted by Sanity0004 to MtvChallenge [link] [comments]

2020.08.26 16:09 jensyao A sparse timeline of Nas' and Jay's beef and what transpired

PRE Jay-z takeover No Nas and Jay releases on the same day
*Sept 1, 1998 - Nas on Fat Joe's "John Blaze" said "Like that nigga said in Dead Presidents, "Money to burn"".. Nas was mentioning the movie line but it's a slight/scorn to Jay because Jay named his single after the movie, which was originally named after the Nas line from "The World is Yours" * Sept 29, 1998 - Jay releases Hard knock life ("hard knock life" - still being disrespectful to the throne - "etched your name out, put jigga on top"..."money cash hoes" - "New York's been soft since Snoop crushed the buildings" also provoked Prodigy because Jay did not stick his neck out to do anything for the East/West beef, and Jay had $hort dog, a west coast artist on his album, so he was super hypocritical for his stance) Jay asks who's the best MC biggie jay-z or nas? on "where i'm from" by inserting himself into the conversation * 1998 - DMX dropped 2 albums in one year as the new rap artist, putting the pressure on Jay and Nas to release the next great commercially successful double disk because DMX at the time could have easily took the reign * Nov 24, 1998 - 2Pac releases greatest hits, 3rd double disk with the official release of "hit em up"
POST Jay-Z takeover
If you go through Nas' and Jay's discographies, Jay didn't start pitting himself against Nas until after Jay's summer jam Takeover verse in 2001...6 times
prior to that, there were so many near-misses where their albums would be released within a month of each other, because jay likes to submit last minute songs and verses as responses to what Nas said if Nas released the month prior; otherwise, Jay had to wait a whole year to respond like he did on blueprint 2 after Ether and it was too late or make a single and put it on memphis bleek's album (or like when Jay dissed lil wayne on TI's album on "watch what you say to me"). 2Pac is the king of releasing double discs with 5, which convinced Biggie, Jay, and Nas (as well as others) to release double disks to get that monkey off their back besides going platinum.
Jay went from dissing Nas vaguely to directly to subliminally on full verses to subliminally on lines to subliminally on choruses to subliminally on track titles to subliminally with tactics like rushing Nas on tracks to now pitting his releases against nas...there's a slew of tracks that I probably left out in the back and forth
Ether has an original version described by large professor produced by swizz and another one transcribed on the internet...Nas was working on Ether in the wee hours and steve stout had to step in and fix everything before it was submitted, on Jay-Z's birthday..what a chess move...the original version said jay and dame dash should have been in a plane crash instead of aaliyah and talked about Jay's confrontation with Big Pun because Jay was supposed to perform but took the money as an "appearance fee"
Nas is a man of science and he plays his foes like chess. he plays aloof in interviews but when asked by The Breakfast Club why Jay seems to align his releases with Nas, Nas gave the politically correct answer that he and Jay move on the same time spectrum and that the question should be redirected towards Jay because he doesn't know why Jay still holds a grudge against Nas and wont let go...maybe it's still because their personalities clash because Jay did everything to get to his position motivated by money and Nas held his ground and would rather have things done his way and involve the audience in critical thinking instead of trying to market them stuff as if they are mindless zombies willing to consume on your every endorsement deal.
Nas and Jay's beef is still brewing on Jay's side while Nas has moved on to other things...jay will forever hold a grudge against Nas for defeating him on Ether by stooping to the level of understanding for Jay's audience to them to also realize that Nas won. Jay can't hold another L to another Ether so he does passive aggressive actions that Nas barely realizes is happening or chooses to shrug it off but jay will be forever trying to feed that insatiable ego of his by pitting himself against Nas in every which way. Nas sees that people like Jay are kings but still hold that begrudging victim's mentality so that is partially why Nas made King's Disease, to cure people of their symptoms and get to the crux of the problem to solve it from within
submitted by jensyao to nas [link] [comments]

2020.08.24 02:51 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: August 17th - August 23rd

Weekly Round-Up: August 17th - August 23rd
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: August 10th - August 16th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.

New Releases

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200821 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' Official MV Thread


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200821 Dynamite Compilation Gigathread
200820 Dynamite Comeback HYPE Thread
200821 Dynamite Achievements Megathread
200821 Dynamite SNS Mentions Megathread
200821 Dynamite English Press Coverage Megathread
200821 Dynamite - Song Information, Streaming Availability, and Single Discussion Megathread
200821 Dynamite Radio Play Megathread
200822 Dynamite US Interview Compilation

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200817 BTS are pre-recording their MTV VMA performance today
200817 Kyobo billboard has been changed from Run lyrics to You Never Walk Alone lyrics
200818 BTS Is #22 On Billboard's Money Maker: Highest Paid Musicians Of 2019 With Revenue $20.6mil, #3 Physical Sales #5 Sales Royalties
200819 j-hope donated 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation to aid vulnerable children affected by the coronavirus pandemic
200819 Cover for upcoming issue of GQ Japan featuring BTS
200819 BTS’ new single ‘Dynamite,’ written by @dstewartmusic & @JessicaAgombar, has been approved by KBS to satisfy its broadcasting standards
200819 BTS wins all nominations in Power Radio Summer Awards 2020
200819 BTS was selected as the world's most “Global Sustainable Future Leader” for the 2nd time in a row
200820 BTS to perform "Stay Gold" and "MIC Drop" on Fuji TV's '2020 FNS Music Festival' on August 26 from 6:30PM - 11:03PM JST
200820 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now be connected to "IDOL" music video on Weverse
200821 The member's Spotify playlists have been refreshed for the fifth time with their favorite tracks
200821 Melon Playlist ‘BTS: What I’m Listening To’
200823 "In the SOOP" registered on KOMCA, all BTS members credited as songwriters and composers

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200817 DVD details for "BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting Vol.5 'Magic Shop'" released
200820 BTS DNA Merch is now available on WeverseShop - Pre-order until 26 Aug, 11:59 PM (KST)
200821 "Dynamite" vinyl, cassette and official merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
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200817 There will be a #BTS 'Dynamite' single release online global press conference on 8/21 @ 10:30AM KST

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200821 Samsung Canada: We heard you, BTS ARMY! 💜 We’re excited to announce we’re bringing the Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition to Canada.
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Charts/Sales 200816 My Time' by BTS has reached 100 #1's on iTunes
Charts/Sales 200817 "Dynamite" has now surpassed 500,000 pre-order sales in 6 hours on Chinese music platform Netease, already BTS’ best-selling Single in the platform’s history
Charts/Sales 200817 BTS's Map of the Soul: 7 - The Journey become their first Japanese album to hit the Billboard 200 Top 14
Charts/Sales 200820 Agust D's "Daechwita" has now sold over 100,000 units in the US
Followers 200816 BTS's Official Twitter Account Has Surpassed 28 MILLION Followers
Followers 200823 BANGTANTV Channel Has Surpassed 35 MILLION YouTube Subscribers (BTS becomes the first boy group to achieve this)
Likes 200821 BTS is now the the First & Only act in YouTube history to have 4 Music Videos with over 13 MILLION likes (Boy With Luv, DNA, Fake Love, IDOL)
Streams 200819 BTS's "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) [Full Length Edition]" has now surpassed 100 MILLION streams on Spotify
Streams 200819 BTS is the most streamed artist in Spotify Russia one month after launch
Views 200819 'Dynamite' Official Teaser has surpassed 10 million views on Youtube
Views 200819 BTS 'Dynamite' Teaser MV Has Surpassed 20mil Views, Also Their First Teaser To Achieve This Within 24hrs
Views 200819 Dynamite MV Teaser becomes @BTS_twt's first & fastest teaser to hit 30 MILLION views in the first day of release!
Views 200820 BTS 'Dynamite' Official Teaser Become The Fastest MV Teaser To Surpass 40mil Views
Views 200822 "Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)" has now surpassed 900 million views on YouTube
Views 200821 BTS's 'Dynamite' Breaks Youtube Record for Most-Viewed Video in First 24 Hours
Views 200822 BTS's 'Stay Gold' Official MV has now hit over 100 MILLION views on YouTube
Views 200822 Youtube confirms that BTS' 'Dynamite' breaks Youtube Premiere records with over 3 million peak concurrents
Views 200823 BTS just broke another new record by debuting its new English single "Dynamite" as the most viewed vid on YT in 24 hrs with over 101.1m views.
Other 200819 'BTS Party' playlist has hit over 1 million likes & pre-saves ahead of Dynamite's release!


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200819 TinyTAN:What's different? This is different! #lookdevelopment


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200814 UNIVERSTAR BT21 has returned to ZEPETO to spread love all over the galaxy💜 Thread
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2020.08.22 20:01 Leather_Term Unearthed photographs expose Robert Maxwell’s crusade with Royal Family Aug 22, 2020
GHISLAINE MAXWELL's father, Robert, managed to integrate himself with members of the Royal Family for years - just like his daughter - before his death exposed his corrupt business dealings.
nb: multiple photos within article
Ms Maxwell was arrested last month on charges related to the sexual abuse of young women and girls by her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein between 1994 and 1997 — he killed himself while waiting for his own trial last year. Ms Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges, but is waiting for her trial next summer behind bars after being denied bail. Her arrest has intensified the scrutiny on Prince Andrew, as he was friends with both the British socialite and Epstein.
Andrew said last November that he continues to “unequivocally regret my ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein”, and that he “deeply sympathise[s] with everyone who has been affected”, while acknowledging that the furore their friendship caused meant he should step back from public life.
He also claims he has offered to help with the US investigation into Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring on three separate occasions, despite this being disputed by US authorities.
Furthermore, in an interview with BBC Newsnight, Andrew said “there was no indication” from his end that Epstein was procuring young girls for sex trafficking.
Still, Andrew is believed to have been introduced to Epstein in around 1999 by Ghislaine Maxwell.
Back in 2000, writer Peter Fearon claimed Ms Maxwell wanted to be friends with Andrew because “the public gesture of friendship by Britain’s most eligible royal was a signal to the world that the once reviled Maxwells were back”.
Ghislaine Maxwell with her father, and Robert Maxwell with Princess Diana
Ms Maxwell was the youngest daughter of the late media mogul and former Labour MP Robert Maxwell.
A publishing giant who was also a decorated war hero, Mr Maxwell’s web of contacts stretched across many different powerful social circles.
Staff claim they would hear him trying to impress visitors by picking up the phone and saying, “Get me the White House. Get me No.10”, and then pretend to have a conversation.
Mr Maxwell’s empire meant he had many powerful connections, and met figures such Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and John Major — as well as the Queen.
He mysteriously disappeared from his yacht in 1991 and his body was found in the Atlantic a few hours later.
His death revealed that his media empire was in tatters, due to debt — even though he was believed to be one of the wealthiest men in the world for a time.
The New York Post alleged that Ms Maxwell had to walk around in London in a wig to avoid recognition after her father’s fall from grace — it was only through Andrew that she managed to revive her family’s reputation.
However, a glance back at Mr Maxwell’s past exposes how he, too, used his royal connections to his advantage.
In 1983, Mr Maxwell was pictured shaking the Queen’s hand with his daughter Ghislaine in the background, with all three smiling.
This meeting showed a real turnaround for the media mogul, as in 1971, the Department of Trade and Industry reported that he was "not in our opinion a person who can be relied on to exercise proper stewardship of a publicly quoted company".
Another archived photograph from the Eighties — with no specific date — shows the media mogul presenting something to the Queen, who looks delighted and is beaming from ear to ear.
Then in 1985, Mr Maxwell was pictured with Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
The caption read: “Media Mogul Robert Maxwell with Princess Diana and Prince Charles, discussing the upcoming Commonwealth Games (1986), to be held in Scotland, Princess Diana is presented with a presentation book to commemorate the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, also taking place next year, Pictured July 1985.”
Diana is seen looking at the presentation book while Mr Maxwell and Charles are deep in conversation.
Again, this showed Mr Maxwell resisting negative publicity. One of his new employees Joe Haines had dubbed him a "liar and a crook" around this time, but Mr Maxwell's crusade through the publishing industry did not stop.
That same year, photographer Kent Gavin caught Mr Maxwell with Charles and Prince William together at an airshow.
Mr Maxwell can be seen pointing enthusiastically in the distance, in a series of photographs with the Prince of Wales, while both Charles and William look engaged.
In 1987, Mr Maxwell expanded his empire even further and purchased part of IPC Media and made Fleetway Publications.
He also launched the unsuccessful London Daily News but it closed six months later.
In 1988, Diana was pictured again with Mr Maxwell, as they both attended the National AIDS Trust at Guildhall.
They are seen standing next to one another, sharing a joke.
By this time, Maxwell owned Mirror titles, Pergamon Press, Nimbus Records, Maxwell Directories and half a share in MTV in Europe — as well as a collection of other companies.
In the year of his death, he bought the New York Daily News.
When news of his death became public, the then Prime Minister John Major rushed to acknowledge he was a "great character", while the Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock said he had a "zest for life".
Ghislaine Maxwell was thought to be her father's favourite child
However, the reality of Mr Maxwell's finances soon emerged and his sons Kevin and Ian Maxwell were left to deal with his debts after their father’s sudden death.
At his 1995 trial, Kevin described his father by saying: “He did not consider himself above the law… but would stretch it as far as it would go.”
Mr Maxwell had raided his employees’ pension pots in an attempt to prop up failing businesses in his empire, meaning more than £400million were missing.
Historian Ben Macintyre even wrote in The Times last month of Mr Maxwell's influence on his youngest and favourite child.
As she awaits her trial, Mr Macintyre claims she was reportedly "entirely dependent" on her father and grew up in his shadow.
edited: photo links added
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2020.08.20 18:39 HaulA20Augl Ca-ught With Mo-ms Pan-ties Po-rn New

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2020.08.20 18:28 LunarRepubl1c Black Ops Story Speculation (Tape #5, 1981)

title correction: Black Ops Story Speculation (Tape #6, 1981)
Previous threads:
Tape 1 (1962-63)
Tape 2 (1968-69)
Tape 3 (1972-73)
Tape 4 (1977-78)
Tape 5 (1979)

So….the teaser came out :D .
Obviously it’s Black Ops: Cold War, but I’m excited to see more little details revealed in this trailer. I might break it down in a different thread, but expect to see some details here too.
  1. I should’ve figured it’s a year closer to 1979. If the flashback narrative being hinted is legit, we would have more events closer to our ‘present’ day. I guess we won't get links to the SDI project OR the Challenger, but then we've got a lot of other interesting events already.
Before we dive in, a correction: I mentioned the chess pieces in the previous thread might link to characters dying in the story. Turns out they were just linked with the ciphers and puzzles, with one coming down each time a day’s cipher was solved (all of the pieces are currently down). It could still be a representation of lives being lost every era of the Cold War, but I’ll admit, I wasn’t paying complete attention to the cipher hunt besides the bunker discoveries.
Anyways, let's get into the final tape. Apologies if this thread comes later than before, but there's a LOT I had to unpack in this one.
So here we go. Again, we’re looking at common themes and individual stand-up clips, for any hints to the story. The full tape for reference.
And for one last time: If something glitches, pay attention!

Finally, let’s get into one clip I skipped. One that's tied directly with our teaser trailer:
Yuri Bezmenov, our Soviet spy boy. Bezmenov was a Russian spy who was planted in India, until he found he disliked the Soviet’s suppression of intellectuals, and defected. He appears in Tape #6 at 15:40, during the series of clips of other Russian defectors and double-agents. His words speak for itself:
“The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all. But to subvert anything of value in your enemy’s country. Be it moral traditions, religions, respect towards authority and leaders, cultural traditions, anything. Put white against black, old against young, wealth against poor, doesn’t matter. As long as it disturbs society, as long as it cuts the moral fiber of the nation, it’s good.’
This is the context for so many of the clips. The strikes, the racial conflict, the protests, young people and economic problems. Maybe not ALL of them are directly caused by Soviets, but they must've nudged something to make them happen.
Coupled with other info in the trailer, I think our game's conflict is obvious: We have a Russian plot to destabilize the United States and its allies. The Russian agents are doing it through assassinations, sabotage, sleeper cells, and quite possibly mind control. We might even have American collaborators to allow this to happen.
Knowing Treyarch's games, this plot's going to be capped off with something explosive; something that could allow for a climatic battle with our characters. Black Ops 1 had the impending launch of Nova 6, Black Ops 2 had Raul Menendez taking over the drones, and Black Ops 3 had Corvus trying to spread a digital-mental computer virus.
Expect Russia attempting a knockout strike on America, and our characters trying to stop it.
Now, u/ParagonFury made a good thread about Yuri Beznemov. He has some legitimate criticism about Beznemov and his appearance in the trailer (mostly about how Beznemov isn’t as knowledgable as people make him out to be). But I want to highlight one statement:
The things Beznemov talks about and suggests the Soviets do to the US don't work in a country where people like Romney and Trump exist in the same party, or where someone like AOC and Biden can peacefully co-exist in the same party. The US is simply too massive, too diverse for that kind of strategy to work - you can sow chaos by following some basic psychology tricks, sure. But you'd need willing accomplices, AND another method of attack if you actually wanted to destroy a country like the United States.
I agree. You’ll need more than a few Soviet agents in order to do the stuff that Beznemov described. There’s a chance Treyarch will just handwave this for the sake of an exciting action thriller, but I think they’ll actually explain all these points.
The key words here are accomplices, and a method of attack.
1. MKUltra
This is the big one. In Tape 4, we’ve got a LOT of clips about the CIA’s mind control program, and in other tapes we’ve got a focus on emotional manipulation in the media, aggressive impulses, and mob behavior.
I’m certain we’re getting mind-control in this game. After all, it can make people follow orders en-mass (willing accomplices), and it’s a powerful weapon against any state (a method of attack). It also falls in line with Beznemov’s quote in the VHS tape: the highest art of warfare is to not fight at all. Why fight the enemy when you can just control them?
Now, this could just be a red herring. Maybe the CIA did try to experiment in mind control, but the experiments never panned out. But why the emphasis on a Truth Drug? Why the other mentions of Soviets trying to manipulate what Americans are saying, or their actions?
And this is a Black Ops game. We’ve had brainwashing in BO1, drone armies and future tech in BO2, and A.I.s stealing people’s bodies in BO3. Would it be that out of place to put in more mind control?
I guess it depends on how grounded in reality this game is. Treyarch might pull a Modern Warfare, with a more realistic game featuring less implausible tech or events. But will they really tone things down?
2. American Collaborators
Exactly what it says.
if Russia has a hand in mind control (maybe through co-opting MKUltra), I doubt they’ll rely on only mind-controlled Americans. There’s plenty of Americans in the Cold War who willingly helped Russia, like double agent Adrich Ames (who appeared in this tape).
We won’t just face Russians. We’ll be facing willing American collaborators, working with Soviets to create a hardline U.S. government, or just overthrow it altogether. It’ll be standard coup stuff, with either army battalions being co-opted, or we have armed rebels in the middle of cities (like the L.A. level in Black Ops 2.). Or it could be agents infiltrating government institutions, taking things over in silence.
And remember: Call of Duty is a game built on shooting waves of enemies coming at you. If we’re getting combat levels in America, it’ll be a little ridiculous to have a whole army of Soviets in the middle of the United States. If Treyarch wants the game to be more grounded (and seems like they’re doing that), they might have some Americans working with the Soviets.
Though I can think of ways they’d go around this. They could do raids like Modern Warfare 2019, where you have less Russians opposing you, but the gunplay is more tense and dramatic. It could add a stealth element that'll help the game’s covert tone.
…or they could just not care, like how MW3 has an army of terrorists setting up shop in London, or Black Ops 1 having a whole battalion of KGB guys in Hong Kong (without any political consequences).
I’m betting Treyarch’s will find a compromise. It’ll be an interesting change of pace, as the Russian enemies in CoD are getting a little stale. Not that Russia wasn’t a totalitarian government at the time (and now), but it'll spice things up.
That's all for now. I'll be making one more thread summarizing the possible contents of the game, but it's been a blast. Some people liked the ciphers, but this was the highlight of the teaser for me. Half the time, I felt like I'm uncovering an actual conspiracy, like I'm just a step away from morphing into Mailroom-Conspiracy-Charlie from It's Always Sunny. I think that's the excitement Treyarch meant to spark with this whole teaser campaign.
Thanks for all the support! I'm happy people were so interested in my analysis of these tapes. Also, thanks to u/Sageburner712 for his own threads, he put up some interesting details I missed. Look out for at least one more thread!
Any thoughts and speculation of your own? Let me know in the comments!

(Also, thank you to Activision and Treyarch for the message! I hope this game turns out amazing; I'm definitely getting it when it comes out.
Also, if you're reading this: please make the game less than a bazillion Gigabytes. I'm saving disk space for Cyberpunk 2077, the only other game I can uninstall is Modern Warfare 2019, and I don't want Infinity Ward devs haunting me in my sleep. )
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Dating Show - SNL - YouTube MTV’s Biggest Stars Are Looking For Love  Game Of Clones ... This Is Why Dating Naked Was Canceled - YouTube Girlfriends Take the Kissing Challenge 👩‍ ️‍💋‍👩 Lip Locked ... DISMISSED (gay dating show) - YouTube ROOM RAIDERS (gay dating show) - WILL episode - YouTube Top 5 Best Dating Reality Shows - YouTube

7 amazingly awful MTV dating shows from the early 2000s ...

  1. Dating Show - SNL - YouTube
  2. MTV’s Biggest Stars Are Looking For Love Game Of Clones ...
  3. This Is Why Dating Naked Was Canceled - YouTube
  5. Girlfriends Take the Kissing Challenge 👩‍ ️‍💋‍👩 Lip Locked ...
  6. DISMISSED (gay dating show) - YouTube
  7. ROOM RAIDERS (gay dating show) - WILL episode - YouTube
  8. Top 5 Best Dating Reality Shows - YouTube

Top 5 Best Dating Reality Shows are listed here: 1. MTV's Are You the One? 2. The Bachelor 3. The Bachelorette 4. Blind Date 5. The Dating Game For more vide... A first look at tonight’s episode of ‘Ex On The Beach’ and the premiere of ‘Game Of Clones.’ #ExOnTheBeach #GameOfClones #MTVSpotlight #MTV Subscribe to MTV:... Taylor and Nina started dating in beauty school. Both are very chill and although Justina does everything to paint Nina as the jealous type, this pair is ver... The TV series was called ROOM RAIDERS (MTV). This ATLANTA episode, from 2005, features Will, Andrew, Scott and Edmond. ROOM RAIDERS was a dating 'reality' se... The bachelors (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) on Hook a Hunk are left hanging when Michelle (Cecily Strong) proves more interested in the host (John C... If you're new, Subscribe! → The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dating Naked, a reality ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. DISMISSED, from 2005 (MTV) was a dating 'reality' series. Once in a while there were gay people on it. MTV shows like this were not entirely real. Writers we...