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2019.09.29 14:31 foundings ThaiCupid is a specialist dating and matchmaking website that assists people from Thai and Western backgrounds to find their perfect match

2019.09.29 14:31 foundings ThaiCupid has been created is a specialist dating and matchmaking website that assists people from Thai and Western backgrounds to find their perfect match
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2019.08.11 08:56 luc1f3rr Is ThaiCupid Legit? Thinking to get subscription

Hello guys! I'm visiting Thailand on September 2019 for leisure. And this is my first time traveling to Thailand. My friends who visited and the blogs I read suggest that I sign up for ThaiCupid where you can find a travel companion to show around and spend some time having fun, watching a movie, of a long walk/talk.. etc. Is ThaiCupid legit as it says to pay a premium fee to unlock all features including messaging someone that matches my interests. Or is it worthwhile going there and try to find someone?? I only got like 4 days worth of time. So I wanted to make the most out of it. All suggestions and expertise are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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2018.12.06 06:17 Seansterlicious Pattaya so far...

It's my first trip here and I'm on my second full day. I've gotten a ton of great advice off of this forum, so I decided to give back.
I landed in Bangkok Tuesday evening (local time). Ran off the plane, exchanged $100 and got about 3,050THB (airport rip-off). I breezed through customs in about 10 minutes then grabbed my luggage and went through the last security check point. They just ran my luggage through an ex-ray machine. No hassle and super fast. I headed towards the exit and picked up a sim card and 30 days with 7GB for 500THB. My pre-arranged pickup from met me at the exit. At first I couldn't find the driver, but I called them and the driver popped up in my face in about 45 seconds later. They are fantastic; excellent communication and it cost 1,200THB for the transfer to my hotel. The driver blasted the A/C and played American music for me the whole 1hr45min of the trip. I spent my car time texting girls I started talking too from while we were riding. I wanted to chat with the driver, but he didn't speak much English and I speak no Thai.
I had the driver stop at 7 Eleven for a lighter that was confiscated from me in customs in China during a lay over. Then I hit another Currency Exchange before we go to downtown Pattaya thinking I would get a better rate. The location seemed a little sketchy and I assumed it was his friends shop. But they had good rates and overall I was happy with his recommendation.
I arrived at W14, right off of Walking Street (WS) and checked in. I'm by myself so the front desk informed me it's "500THB for one girl breakfast, 750THB for two girl". That staff knows what's up.
I got in my room. Super nice accommodations, I have a balcony for smoking. It's very contemporary and super clean. It would be a $190 hotel room in downtown Atlanta easy. I paid $48/night off of Most importantly, the air conditioning (A/C) (aircon) works great.
I unpacked, threw my passport and credit cards in the safe. Hit the shower and changed clothes. I walked the half block to WS in the heart of the action. I'll stop here for a moment and tell you "HOLY SHIT. WS IS FUCKING INSANE!" The pictures of the girls do NOT do justice. And believe me I watched every youtube video of people perusing the red light districts in most of the major global hot spots before I decided to take my trip to Pattaya. The atmosphere is really exciting. I had no idea where to start. I walked the full length of WS back and forth. I quickly learned not to make eye contact with any of ladies unless you're ready to be nearly raped in the middle of the street. I ended up at Pattaya Beer Garden after a brief stalking incident from a lady boy. I followed some other Caucasians down what seemed like an alley past more beer bars to find Pattaya Beer Garden.
I say Caucasians because I have quickly learned that being white here does NOT mean they are an American, Aussie, or Brit. In fact, they're mostly European, some Russian/Eastern European. I've learned to ask if they speak English before I just start talking. I'm a chatty guy and talking to strangers isn't weird to me. I'm mostly just curious.
I got Heineken on draft from the Beer Garden, caught up on texts with friends back home. Accidentally drank 3 more. My bill was 260THB and I tipped 40THB. Yes, I know. Only $9 for 4 premium beers sitting on a pier looking out into the ocean with beautiful skylines and beaches on both sides. This place is ridiculous.
I noticed a few working girls sitting at the bar shooting me glances, but I wasn't interested because they weren't the cream of the crop. I suspect the staff ladies free lance in their off hours too because of the looks they were giving me. Again, not really interested because I wanted to get a coyote my first night.
I struck up a conversation with a Caucasian sitting next to me at the bar. Again, sub consciously I decided he was English speaking, but he wasn't. He is a Sweddish Ex-pat living here on retirement now. Nice guy. We talked about culture, European and American politics, women, work, business philosophy, yada yada yada. We parted ways and I decided it was time to find my coyote.
I cruised walking street for a for a couple more blocks and I ended up in some Agogo Club. I think it was iBar, but can't recall exactly because I didn't eat dinner and 4 Heinekens. My first impression was that the music was obnoxiously loud.
I think this is pertinent, so I'll tell describe myself briefly. 40yo, college educated, middle-class American, confident, out-going, maybe funny. 6'0", blonde, blue, and height-weight proportionate. I'm maybe a strong 6.5 or 7. But like I said, I'm confident and I don't have a problem finding skinny 25yo's to date back home, so I think I'm pretty skilled with women.
With that said, I found iBar intimidating and a bit awkward. Everyone was in groups and I am flying solo. I noticed placards with names on some of the tables in the middle of the bar by the tiny dance floor. I opted for a table in the rear of the bar without a placard. As soon as I sat down I was greeted by a male server who I had assumed was security. He brought me a Heineken.
I didn't really understand how the girl thing works despite reading countless blogs and watching a hundred hours of youtube videos before I arrived in Pattaya. I understood the pricing structure well enough, but not really what I needed to do to get a girl. So I did what I thought best, I sat back and watched. I assumed cute girls would flock to me instantly like in the street. I was wrong.
A couple girls popped up on the stage and started dancing. They were a bit more enthusiastic than a lot of the girls I had seen in youtube videos. They were cute girls. Probably 7.5/8.5, but not hotter than a lot I had seen in the streets outside a lot of clubs on WS.
I started getting frustrated that I wasn't getting any attention so I decided to sit at an empty table with one of the placards already on it, but right next to the stage. I struck up a conversation with a couple guys from Turkey. It was hard to hear (obnoxiously loud music), so we passed my phone back and forth talking, typing, and pointing at the screen. 5 minutes into the conversation and a young russian looking couple approaches the table talking to a staff member. I say Russian only because the name on the placard was like Ivan The Terrible or something like that. I don't remember exactly because 6 Heinekens now and no dinner. My gig was up and I started to exit. A young lady guided me to an empty table. I felt really out of place. So I finished my beer and decided to GTFO!
I hit WS looking for the 3 best women I saw outside the clubs. I'm a really picky guy when it comes to women, I definitely have a type. Skinny, young, cute face; No exceptions! I say this because I had a REALLY hard time narrowing down my search. I wasn't about to get awkward and weird in another club, so I decided I was gonna see if one of the outside girls would come in and have a drink with me.
I felt like I was wasting time and it was peak hours for WS, 11pm-1am. Finally I locked eyes on a pretty young thing. She grabbed my hand and we headed into the club. Absolutely no memory of the name. We got in and I observed the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Two tiny stages with over-crowded, un-enthusiastic 4's and 5's. It felt cruel and I was really sad for them. But the girl I was with was hot. I got a Heineken, she got some drink, we chatted for a bit. Her English was about a 2.5 or a 3. I had no idea how much she could understand from me. Also, it seems like no one in Pattaya has ever heard of Atlanta, which seems really weird to me. Oh, except the Sweddish guy.
I pay the bar fine (BF), 1,500THB and the male mamassan informs me she is 5,000 for long time. The bill is 500 for the drinks. I had one and she had two. I'm not sitting in there long enough for her to have more than two. HAHAHA
We leave, stop at 7 Eleven for some drinks, and head back to the room. She was cute, she liked to tease and play hard to get. We had lots of fun. I'm happy to go into details, but I don't want to get kicked off the forum. I'm already wondering if I'll get kicked off/banned for cussing previously, but I had to make my point about how crazy and foreign WS is to me as a well traveled American.
Regardless, I wasn't super happy with the experience and decided I wasn't interested in long time after we finished. I told her I was tired and asked her if short time was okay and she said yes. If she had said no, I would have just paid her the full rate and asked her to leave. In fairness, I did ask for long time, but she sucked. Or rather she didn't so I wasn't about to waste anymore time. I was advised not to negotiate before I arrived. From what I understand, they perceive it as rude and I do NOT want that reputation.
Pro Tip: DO NOT drink 10 Heineken's with out dinner. This isn't Cambodia and I'm not about to try and score a Vicadin from a street kid because 20 years in Thai Prison sounds awful to me.
I spent the next morning in a foggy haze. Still excited about my geography, but anxious and hung over nonetheless. I grabbed the continental breakfast which was less than stellar, but the coffee was strong.
I took a shower and decided to walk around a bit. WS was completely abandoned. I hit beach road, walked up to the Hilton and back. Came back to the room, took and extended nap, then went back out to beach road to find lunch. I found some real life Americans and they were rude and obnoxious AF. I pray I don't come off that way to the locals. I try to observer all the cultural DON'Ts here. No pointing, don't show the bottom of my feet, and DO NOT touch anyone's head.
More time in the hotel room after lunch watching various programs and international news stations. W14 has 4 English channels: Fox News, one of those Learning Channel type stations, and two Brittish news channels. There's a couple Russian channels and a couple Arabic channels too. The rest are Thai or English with Thai subs. Maybe 70+ channels overall. Either way, I have come to realize that Pattaya is really boring during the day. It's really hot outside and I don't feel like fighting any Taxi drivers who try to scam me because Thai prison. So if I can't walk there, I'm not super interested.
The Baht buss however is FANTASTIC. It's like Jeepney's in The Philippines. You wave your hand and they stop to pick you up. Hop on the back the back of the bus (really it's a truck with a stainless steel ceiling and bench seats in the truck bed). You push the button on the ceiling when you want to stop. The fair is 10THB, but I pay 20 because that's the smallest bill and it's .33 cents extra. I don't waste my time with change. I'm not rich, but a 1 baht coin is 3.33 pennies.
Around 6pm I take the baht bus down to Soi 6 because the rude and obnoxious Americans said that's the best value. I wasn't a fan of their personality's (really just one them, a big bruiser type dude), but I trusted their opinions on women because we're all male at the end of the day and no one likes to waste money. Besides, I spent over 5,000THB the night before and I was less than impressed with the results. I was under the impression all the girls give the full girlfriend experience. I've also been advised to discuss it with the girls before we finalize any agreements. But I find it really rude and difficult to discuss these things with women I only met moments before. I'm working on it. I know I'll have a better experience if I do.
I start walking down the Soi and I'm immediately accosted by numerous 8's and 9's in really cute costumes and different outfits. It's amazing. But again, I want to evaluate all the inventory before I make my purchase. I make it half way down and pull up at a bar with seats in the front so I can do some people watching. A cute-ish 30yo with a fair body sits down next to me, we exchange pleasantries, but I'm not interested. Not with the two dozen skinny 20yo's staring at me from across the streets. Mind you I would definitely date this woman back home and I realize I've already been spoiled by Pattaya. But she speaks good english and I'm enjoying the company. But her English is limited and I lose interest and start chating with a Belgian sitting next to me. Nice guy, perplexingly amazing English for a non-native! We talk about the EU, Brexit, Donald Trump, cultural differences, yada yada yada.
He leaves, I pay the bill, and walk to the end of the Soi for an ATM not knowing what I might get into this evening. I get 5,000 baht and walk the Soi another time before I make my selection. There's an especially aggressive lady boy who smacks me in the butt everytime I walk by. Now I like to think I'm pretty progressive as far as Trump supporters go, but it still makes me a bit uncomfortable. I only have a few gay friends back home and haven't spent a ton of time around them. But when in Rome. I laugh it off, it's a harmless gesture. Thai society is really open about this stuff and I want to make sure I'm respectful.
Eventually, I lock eyes with a beautiful young lady. She runs out to the street, grabs my hand, and I feel obligated at this point. She wouldn't have been my top pick but I have a REALLY hard time telling a woman no. She escorts me inside, grabs us a couple drinks, we chat, and she starts flirting really heavily. For the second time this evening, I'm informed that there was a police raid the night before and short time rooms about the Soi 6 bars are closed. I don't have any other details about that at this point, but I started another thread asking about it. Maybe the answers are there.
Again, I wasn't super interested, but her moves and flirting convinced me otherwise and she talks me into coming back to my room. I was not disappointed. The BF is 500, the drinks are 300, and she charges 1,000 for the hour. 1,800THB = <$60. Now that is what I call real value for the fireworks that occurred when we got back to the room. The fake orgasms and screaming were a little obvious, but I will give her an A for effort.
She leaves, I take a shower and head back out for dinner. I hit the Beer Garden again for dinner this time because I wasn't about to repeat the same mistakes from last night. The waitress propositions me on behalf of her friend, but I'm spent and really just here for dinner. I accidentally order a salad, but man it was fantastic and the best salad I've ever had.
Head back to the room. Go to sleep and wake up feeling 1,000 times better than I did the day before. Jet lag is a MF'er but it's getting better.
I ate breakfast, wrote the bog, now I'm gonna grab a shower and find lunch. I don't know what's in store for this evening, but I know I'm not spending 8,000THB on another Go Go girl. Maybe I'll check out LM Metro tonight. I'm curious about Devil's Den Threesomes. Google it if you don't already know.
That's all I got for now. Peace out, Peeps!
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2018.06.26 06:26 Trance354 Choices of conduct for pattaya ... and the gf...

Ok, so I have 2 choices. Background: I met a woman on thaicupid, she is a little older, but still really hot, though she did lie about her age on the site. The "relationship" started with "we are meeting up to have a debaucherous 2 weeks." It has morphed into, "we are getting married, you are coming to live here, I am your wife, " etc. She is really hot, and cute, and ... I can see where this is going ... but there's been no discussion of money, no gigantic red flags which scream foul.
Anyway, the plan as far as she knows is to meet in Bangkok, take a bus to pattaya, and see the sights together. Lots of sex, but she has vaivered on the sex part, playing hard to get, I don't know.
Option 2 is to dump her at some point(as she reminds me of the most recent ex(white girl) who behaved much the same way, very clingy, but was a freak in bed), and go alone. Maybe pick up a beer bar girl for long time and see if she is up for a little vacation with me.
Am I being scammed, and what to do?
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2015.01.12 06:55 tableloveandhate Thaicupid messages real?

when I sign up to Thaicupid, I notice I receive messages from girls, and the content is blocked/hidden/ blurred out.
I assume it's because the messages are fake or sent by some kind of spam system.
Can someone else please explain? Preferably someone who is a paid member of the site...
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