Dating marihuana

The gist: High There! is a dating app that appeals to cannabis users and enthusiasts. It promotes unity and a judgment-free space for the 420-friendly to meet and come together to experience the ... 420 Dating is here! Browse for 420 singles online now! Cannabis dating website, join for FREE! Marijuana dating, 420 singles. Premier 420 Cannabis Lovers Dating For 420 Enthusiast Singles To Connect. 420 Smoking Singles Are Waiting For You on on Desktop or Mobile. So how do you start meeting single 420 Smokers who enjoy smoking as much as you do? Simple. Get started by signing up for your mobile friendly free account. Signup is easy, and in just a ... Dating or living with a marijuana addict can be overwhelming. Marijuana addiction can create turmoil in relationships whether they be with family members, friends or spouses. People who smoke pot, tend to hang around with other people who smoke pot. This enables the pot user to not feel guilty about the amount that they are smoking. Problems arise in a relationship when there are different ... As a result, cannabis friendly dating sites have been popping up in recent years to give marijuana consumers the freedom to find love with a partner where cannabis consumption is an accepted part of daily life. Molly Peckler, founder of Highly Devoted, coaches dating clients over Skype. The Short Version: As more states legalize marijuana — both for medical and recreational use — the general attitude surrounding cannabis is changing. Still, it can be tricky to navigate the topic when searching for romantic partners. Marijuana enthusiasts can log on to if they’re looking for someone who shares their interest in the […] PassinGrass cannabis dating site. Network with marijuana lovers like yourself. Free 420 matches! Cannabis focused dating is very in right now. There are 21 million Google hits for “cannabis and dating,” cannabis-friendly dating services are offered by coaches like Molly Peckler, and if ... Marihuana dating Tuberin Josh stewart dating Tandborstning. Dating förkortningar Fredricks. De rencontre gratuit pocado Cagnes-sur-Mer. Rouquine site de rencontre Neuilly-sur-Seine. Meet thousands of real singles from around the world who love marijuana and live the 420 lifestyle. Message, chat, flirt, skype and get high with single stoner guys and girls online or from your phone with the 420 dating app for Android and iphone. Take the awkwardness out of online dating and meet other people who smoke weed or use cannabis.

PA Medical Marijuana - Disorderly Conduct

2020.09.21 05:09 floppywithdrive PA Medical Marijuana - Disorderly Conduct

So I live in PA, where medical marijuana is legal, and I have a card. I have a court date in 10 days, so I'd like to ask some clarifying questions as I do not have a lawyer and I will need to represent myself.
Here's the situation: I went camping for July 4th with a fairly large (15?) group of people at a state park, where alcohol is prohibited. The park rangers came up to the campsite after quiet hours for noise, searched the site and confiscated the alcohol. When I dumped out my drink they found my bowl. It hadn't been used that day and had mostly ash in the bowl and some remnants of plant matter. They asked me to get my ID, at which point I also presented my medical card. The card had expired the week of or week after quarantine was mandated in PA (week of March 16th I believe) so I had not gotten it renewed. I explained this to the ranger and he understood.
He then asked, "how do you usually take your medication, do you smoke it?" I indicated yes, that is one way I usually do it. He then explained that under medical laws in PA, you are technically not allowed to smoke weed (no combustion), rather that you have to vaporize it, and that this should have been explained to me at the dispensary. Then he asked if I had any more, which I didn't, he took a quick look around my tent, found nothing then went to write up the report.
He then issued me a citation for disorderly conduct, on the paper the charge is noted as 18 § 5503 § A4 (Lead). When the citation came in the mail, the nature of the offense was noted as "Defendant did create a hazardous condition which serves no legitimate purpose to wit. Did possess and use marihuana and drug paraphenalia (sic)." There was no indication that I had a medical marijuana card. Though I understand the medical laws state no combustion of product, only vaporization, several questions here.
How could the state definitively prove that I created "a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose of the actor," especially the part "with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof..."?
  1. Wouldn't having a medical marijuana card prove I had a legitimate purpose? Is the ranger's omission of this fact on the statement fair? Even if it was expired at the time - because as of writing this, according to the PA Medical Marijuana renewal policy, "Effective July 30, 2020 you no longer need to renew your registration in order to maintain your participation in the Medical Marijuana Program." And especially since the reason I didn't have it renewed was a global pandemic.
  2. How can the state definitively prove I intended to cause public inconvenience/annoyance/alarm or recklessly create a risk when the issue here is between my own administration of my medication to my person? The reason the rangers came over was for alcohol and noise (which I wasn't even making and they could not prove which ones of us were?). They completely allowed the alcohol and noise violations through with no citation to the group, including someone who had a jar of plant matter that they claimed was just "plants" and which the ranger allowed through, yet I was criminalized for having my bowl for my medical marijuana while silently sitting there, not talking back to the rangers like one in the group was doing. This seems like a very broad sense of the words used in the law and that the burden should be on them to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my actions had an effect on the surrounding public.
  3. Even though in violation of the specific medical marijuana laws in the state, how could the state on one hand recognize that medical marijuana is legitimate then turn around and criminalize its method of administration? Especially since there are increased talks of recreational marijuana legalization here in the state? As recently as Thursday, September 3rd, Gov. Tom Wolf renewed his call to legalize recreational weed (1 2 3). I know talks obviously are not bills introduced into legislation but if the state is beginning to recognize the legitimacy of adult recreational use of marijuana, why should medical marijuana patients be criminalized for taking their medication a different way than suggested? I'm camping - no electricity - not going to worry about charging the supposed vape pen I would have needed to be on the official legal side.
Now, I asked a friend who said I could have argued that there was no evidence that the bowl was ever used to smoke marijuana without them doing resin tests (HPLC / liquid chromatography) on the bowl, claiming it was strictly used for hemp flower due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill under Title X - Horticulture > Other Provisions > Hemp Production, which makes it legal for individuals to possess and smoke hemp without a card. Though I indicated that in general I do smoke to take my medication, I did not indicate that it was marijuana in the bowl or that I had smoked out of it. He assumed the usage of the bowl for marijuana and that I had been the user, and wrote that on the statement. Could this also be another legitimate angle of defense?
Are any of my angles of defense legitimate? I have very little legal knowledge, and figure I might as well try to explain the contradiction of charging a medical patient for their own personal use and administration of necessary, state-legitimized medication. Thanks in advance.
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2020.09.18 01:58 Charles-Curwen Issues and doubts with the communication in my (17M) relationship with a "special girl" (16F).

Hi relationship_advice, I´m a guy from the southwest of México with the common (and dumbs) problems of a teenager, so if this post has something not relevant, well, sorry.
A year ago, I knew a classmate from my English course who fastly caught my attention due to her special and interesting personality and beauty. During months I had low contact with her, just a couple of words at the week and sometimes handshakes at the high school, but no more. It was an attraction at the first view for me, but due to my shyness, I just acted as a friend, trying to be a normal guy, and hoping that I could reach a friendship. In three or four months, I said what I felt (and still feeling) in a Messenger message translated to german to avoid confidentiality issues. It was my first time saying it directly, and I thought that she will be upset with me or disgusted, but that was just paranoia because the things continued in the same way. The last San Valentin I sent a handwritten letter, thing that I guess was a sign about I still having intentions with her. And again, it continued in the same way; a thing that was and it's pacificatory for me.
Before continue, I need to say that I have a lot of insecurities to be a problem or bother other people (friends, family, strange, it´s something generalized that commonly causes nervousness, currently I'm in therapy to solve that problems), so commonly I think a lot in what I will say and how I will act.
During the start of my emotions to her, teachers from the high school who know the girl advice me about that maybe it wasn´t the best idea try something serious with the girl, because they thought that she was in drug problems (her father too), but I ignored them because I had clues about that was not true, and just rumors. Yep, I was middle blinded by infatuation.
And the time past, the course ended and I opened a German course to grab money to enter the university, and she is (or probably was) my alumn, and we were friends, not to close, but friends. Her father invited me to roll in cycle (but I declined) and not to much changed... Until two days ago.
After German class, we walk to our houses together (and even her family has given me transport a couple of times), I walk less because my house is closer than hers. Two days ago, we walked with another friend; she looked nervous and worried, and she asked me for advice for an issue that I didn't know, and after that I said that I didn't know we were talking about, she said that her lullaby caught her holding a marihuana cigar with a friend and she will say it to the father of my friend (a strict middle-aged man with a tendency to physical abuse), and it was probable that they sent her to the correctional school. After that, I had several doubts about the morality of continue the relationship or even want something more serious, but those where answered by the most rational ideas in my mind (that can be not correct), and I decided that the best to do was offer help in the way that the girl would want or need, as a teacher (sending classes in docs) and as a friend. The issue was about since yesterday I haven't way to communicate me with her, and I'm not too sure which is a good idea or not. Do you have an idea to try to communicate that doesn´t need a cellphone or dating?
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2020.05.30 08:34 iywmtrwu Is it time to leave my SO?

So I (F24) have been dating my boyfriend (M32) for almost 3 years now. We met through Tinder back then; and we had chemistry right away. For context, I was on an exchange program in HIS country so my time was sort of limited. Decided to change my status and now I am not on the program anymore - I am under a Tourist status and have been working under the table. I’ve been able to pull it off for almost the entire time of my relationship with him, it’s been tough and risky but here we are.
Just to mention some details and highlights, to have a better perspective of why I posted this:
*I’ve never been ok with marihuana consumption in general, just my POV. I knew he smoked and I suck it up, but at first he used to do it just every now and then and now he does it 4-5 days a week.
*We have been having sex problems for over a year - he’s always tired, too tipsy, sleepy, u name it. Total BS to me. I have a high sex drive and regularly we used to do it 3-4 times a week. Now we go on 3 weeks streak and whenever we try he just doesn’t get hard or perform well. I know for a fact he doesn’t cheat on me because I’ve looked in his gps history, texts, insta, fb, etc. Its starting to make me feel frustrated or annoyed so I started doing therapy. I thought it was related to my anxiety I’m mentioning more about down below. Turns out it has to do with it.
*I was fired from my live-in job one year into the relationship, suffered from PTSD and anxiety since then and my boyfriend was the most supportive ever. I moved in with him (he has 2 roommates and one is the landlord) for a few weeks til I found a new job. Everything went well. We were crazy in love and would make all of the efforts to see each other whenever we could - we lived a bit over an hour away.
*Months later, I have to go to my home country for a surgery in my private parts. Dr says I can’t have sex for 3 months. Hard but my bf and I followed the Dr’s instructions. We still fell connected and loved each other like on day 1.
Fast forward, I switch jobs and it was good for a while, then I get fired again and had to move in with him. He has 2 roommates and 1 of them is his landlord who can be a total A*HOLE 24/7. While living with my bf, on the exact day of our 2nd anniversary, I found he’s been texting his ex from a long time ago and call him out about it. I had read the whole convo and nothing seems suspicious - she actually lives on the other side of the world but either way it made me uncomfortable the fact of their contact and made it clear I didn’t want him to talk to her bc it made me feel insecure. He tried to prove his point and didn’t care blablabla, he involves his landlord and both kick me out. I was literally homeless and jobless and I ended up crashing at a friends’. He ended up blocking her days later. We make up a week after. Everything seems ok.
*Then, we travel to my home country and he meets my fam and friends. Sweet. My mom LOVES him. It seems like we can keep the peace and start talking about marriage and stuff. This sounds glorious to me - I think. I wouldn’t have to worry about me risking myself while working under the table and so on. He never believed in the whole marriage idea but said he was interested and open about it with me. We looked at rings in my home country and got me all excited.
*For the next months, we keep having sex issues, fights at least 2 times a week, my anxiety gets at its limit point because he keeps ignoring when I talk to him and I get frustrated fast. Whenever we fight he threatens with involving his landlord, which I completely hate for the mentioned past events and I just get pissed off because he finds relief on his landlord and can’t handle a fight/talk with me.
*I start going more and more bananas and I try to find ways to make him annoyed too - I hide his medical marijuana card or his weed, threaten him with telling his mom he does weed or etc. I do therapy weekly again and I see about 30% improvement. Fights with him keep happening.
*The last worst thing that happened was about 3 weeks ago, we had been constantly fighting for 2 nights. I got a panic attack and chest pain because of my anxiety. I ended up in urgent care the morning after. My parents back in my home country knew I was with him/he was driving me and they thought he was a hero and all. We tried to keep the peace but here we are not talking to each other rn because of another fight I sort-of caused. He ignored me after I asked him a question 6 times and I got pissed off. Sigh.
NOW, I just feel somehow exhausted from all of this. But honestly, I think of the pro’s if I stay and that’s when I start having my doubts. If we do get married in the next 6 months, I wouldn’t have to worry about my status here, I’ll be able to graduate in one year, dont worry about my well being, I’d get a great salary job, would be able to rent an apartment, etc. plus I wouldn’t like to go back and see that I wasted 3 years risking myself for him. I know that if I leave him I’ll be devastated, I do love him, he’s been my only support in his country. I’d take me a long time to get over it and obviously my fam and friends would tell me I probably regret it.
But also the idea of moving to this city I fell in love with on the other coast I am currently at would prob make me happy too. Just that I dont know if I currently have the guts and mental health to do so. And I’d start a life from zero there. I wouldn’t continue with the life I built already for 3 years in my current town.
How do you know when its time to leave? Is there a point where it got too toxic? What would the best decision be?
TL;DR I have been having sex issues, multiple fights for weeks and have also been through a lot of remarkable (on the good side) events with my boyfriend of 3 years. My status in his country is the dealbreaker.
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2020.04.25 05:57 GT689 Need advice figuring out my shit

Hi guys. This will be long post, so before anything thanks you in advance if you make it to the end. English is my second language so sorry for any grammar mistakes.
I´ve been reading this sub for a while waiting to get the time to post my story here, and now since mandatory quarentine in my country I finally have it. I´m 22, my Q is my mom (62). My parents got a divorce when i was 5 years old, my mother started drinking heavily 1 year before (she wanted to divorce but was to afraid to tell my dad), and continued until i was around 8 years old. She got sober with AA and a great sponsor (I met him several times, great guy).She stayed sobre for around 7 years and has been drinking for the last 7 years, with some periods of sobriety. Her drinking hurts me. I´ve done a lot of therapy but even now, when her drinking doesn´t have any *direct* effects on me; it still bothers me. The first period of active alcoholism I suffered a lot of neglect (driving under the influence with me in the car, being black out drunk when I was five or six years old, alone with her in the house and forbidding me to call my father so he could pick me up, etc). In her second period of active alcoholism there were some episodes of verbal abuse from her towards me, and maybe 1 or 2 episodes of "shame" with friends of mine; she was drunk when I had people over. But, the big picture is that she just has 4 or 5 five beers, or a bottle of wine, and watches netflix and goes to bed. She doesn´t talk or approach me while drunk because she knows I don´t like. I know it shouldn´t bother me that much, but it does and I feel this are the wounds from her past mistakes. I get upset when I see or notice she has been drinking. I was 17 when se came clean with the fact that she was drinking again, and I remember crying like a baby and she comforting me. In spite of that, me and my mom have a very good relationship; I´m much more open too her than to my father. I live 4 days/week at my dad´s and 3 days/week at my mom´s. At my mom´s i also live with my grandmother, who is 89, terminal colon cancer, and also an alcoholic. Really most of the time my mother drinks she just drinks my grandma´s alcohol. Ive talked about the issue with my mom, and she said that, even if she should ask my grandmother to not drink anymore, she just feels guilty having to ask her that in the last moments of her life. My mom currently attends AA regularly, but also drinks regularly. She not only drinks when she is sad or anxious, sometimes she just feels like it or when she is happy too. (when she started dating her current bf and was feeling like she was falling in love; thats when she most drunk. I just think that is messed up as fuck, but not the point).
I´ve been quarentined the last 40 days or so, living with my father, his wife and step sister. I have a nicotine addcition (not much, 1 or 2 cigarretes a day) but haven´t come clean with this side of the family with that, neither with my recreational pot usage. I have a good relationship with them, my step mom is the best but it kinda feels like jail here; having to wait for everyone to go to sleep just to have a cig. I´ve got 10 grams of pot. At my mom´s Ican smoke freely, although I wouldn´t smoke all the time because I have lots of obligations during the week ( Currently working home office and college courses via Zoom). My question is: Am I a shit for wanting to go and spend the rest of quarantine at my mother´s, cassualy when I got hands in marihuana again? It is true that I miss them both, especially my grandma ( we talk on the phone everyday) but it really strikes me that I´m considering being exposed to my mom´s drinking just because I got pot.
I tried AlAnon. I went to a meeting, told my story but I really thought i wasn´t as messed up as the people there (not judging). I mean most of them talked about like they can´t enjoy alcohol, or when they go somewhere and someone is wasted they automatically leave, and in my case, there are less things that i enjoy more than being shitface drunk with my friends. I also wasn´t very comfortable with the idea of the Higher Power either; i´m an atheist.
My grandma´s alcoholism never really bothered me because she was never mean to me while drank. Thank you very much for reading
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2020.04.20 17:37 prothoe BF has heavy depression episode. Feeling overwhelmed. How do you deal with your depressed partner?

I'd really like to write my/our story off my chest first: My BF and I are together for half a year now. I knew that he had a diagnosed Occupational Burnout over a year before we met and also with Depression. His therapist and a doctor prescriped anti-depressants for him. Some tome later he stopped going to therapy, as his therapist went into maternity leave. He took the meds without having a check for more than one year (we already were dating at this point for a few months) AND was still smoking (weed) quite regularly. 2 months ago I realized that he grew a little bit more distanced, his self-doubt increased, had some money problems, felt stuck in his masters paper etc. A few days before quarantine started in my home country, he had a melt down. He didn't want to talk on the phone, and when I finally was able to speak to him he thought that me and his roommates (who are also really close friends to him) are conspiring against him. I immediately texted and called them, when he hung up and wouldn't pick up. The next morning he had a meltdown in front of them and they drove to the hospital with him. A doctor diagnosed him again with Severe Depression and adjusted his meds and gave him meds against his paranoia. He also told him that he should absolutely not smoke Marihuana while taking anti-depressants.
This was one month ago. He already got accepted into Rehab, but ATM the facilities are shut down due to Corona and they are slowly reopening everything. Also therapy is only available over telephone. It is not clear when he will be able to go to Rehab nor will get accepted to a therapist, as it is possible he has to wait for 2 to 6 months until there is a free spot. The first 3 weeks he got quite better with the meds, although he still - of course - showed depressive symptoms, like lack of motivation, not feeling joy, self-doubt etc. His paranoia is now gone - according to him (also he doesn't use those meds against it anymore). He got some sleeping pills and it helped too. But since one week he again has sleeping problems, his lack of motivation and lack of feeling joy has gotten worse. Also he is showing less and less affection each time, when we meet. He feels stuck as he doesn't know when he will finally be able to go to Rehab or have a therapist. He is also very very concerned about his future, if he will continue studying or start to work.
Thankfully I have a few friends studying Psychology or having some personal experience with depression themselves, therefore making it easier for me to understand depression and what he is going through. Still I don't know how to handle this or him. When I ask him, how I can help or deal with him, he cannot give me an answer, as he says that he also doesn't know how to handle himself. It is hard some times, because we don't know each other that well and aren't together for a long time. He told me that last time he had his break down it was different and he didn't feel that awful and empty. The first months were so wonderful. He is such a sweet, funny guy who showed me his affection every time. We always had good and deep conversations. I never felt so connected to someone. Also never have I ever communicated so openly with a boyfriend before - about the relationship especially.
I have my friends to talk to and they are awesome. I take my space and I do a lot of stuff (what I can do at least during this crisis). But still I feel alone. I want to be there for my partner, but I cannot deny that I feel down and sad either. The past week I cry more often than before. Therefore I wanted to ask you about your experience, your story and how you deal with your partner and yourself?
Sorry for the long post and thank you :)
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2020.03.03 00:15 Good_Guy_123 Sexual doubts

Hello everyone,
first of all let me tell you that I've written posts in the past seeking for help, so this is no different. Let me tell you my situation briefly, I'm a 23 year old guy, I study mechanical engineering, and have a pretty normal life, with problems and all of that. The thing is that since I was a teenager I didn't have much of a normal sexual life, I've never had a girlfriend (lots of dates and I have kissed many girls without being in a relationship, yeah), and basically I spent my teenage years masturbating like daily, the thing is that I grew older and needed new ways to release that sexual tension so I started seeing escorts, most of the times it just ended with massages and titfuck (sorry for being so explicit), but later ended up feeling with a lot of guilt (thinking that I'm a shame for my parents and stuff like that), in total it has been like 4 times that I've done it. The problem is the following, I've started with a nofap routine (which I'm really confused: some say it's good, others the opposite, so I really don't know what to do), I used to last for like a week or so, then to not end up visiting escorts I masturbate (with photos that those girls post on the advertising sites), but later feel like a complete loser. I really don't know what to do guys, I want to improve my life (be a better student, get a girlfriend, be a more mature person, belong to a group of friends, etc.) , and I really don't know if the nofap routine could help or it may just be even more harmful, or if visiting escorts is a good idea as long as it is safe, the funny thing is that with other bad stuff like alcohol, tobacco or marihuana I really don't feel the urge to consume them, so I guess I'm not prone to being an addict, I don't know people, It really freaks me out at times, when I need to release my sexual urges.

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2020.03.02 09:17 revivcbdmexico Reviv CBD Mexico Precio, Opiniones, Donde Comprar & Funciona

Reviv CBD Mexico Precio, Opiniones, Donde Comprar & Funciona

Solo contiene Reviv cbd mexico los ingredientes más naturales. Por lo tanto, no tiene ningún efecto secundario basado en los ingredientes. Hay muchos usuarios de todo el mundo, y hasta ahora no se han reportado casos de efectos secundarios. Deshágase de su estrés, ansiedad y problemas crónicos y revierta su salud mental con. Date prisa, para obtener este producto en línea ahora. La forma más pura de la planta de cannabis y la menos procesada es el cáñamo.
Contiene aceite que puede usarse con fines medicinales. El cáñamo y la marihuana son extractos de la misma planta, pero los dos son muy diferentes. La marihuana tiene un alto contenido de THC, que tiene un alto efecto en el cerebro, mientras que el aceite de cáñamo no contiene THC, lo que facilita que las personas Reviv cbd mexico lo usen con fines médicos. El uso regular del Aceite de CBD de Cali Garden viene con varios beneficios físicos y para la salud.
El aceite de CBD es un componente natural no psicoactivo extraído de la planta de cáñamo y utilizado para una amplia gama de curaciones terapéuticas. Según la patente del gobierno de los Estados Unidos, este aceite se deriva naturalmente de la planta de cáñamo. Para obtener más información visita aquí:
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2020.02.29 16:51 CuteBananaMuffin Rothschild's 'Black Hand' Crushing Cannabis Research and ... Development in US

Rothschild's 'Black Hand' Crushing Cannabis Research and ... Development in US
by Hopi Waters September 19, 2014
from ZenGardner Website
It started out simply enough a few months back; I wanted to get a vial of cannabis oil to treat a recurring melanoma from 60+ years of working out in the sun.
As I stated in a previous article, in making phone calls to some of the more prominent dispensaries in Denver, the counter help I spoke with weren't knowledgeable on what cannabis oil was - only referring to hemp seed oil, and going on to say even that was scarce enough to only be available to card holders (but they said I could get it on Amazon).
So I began my journey through the same pattern of dysfunction that renders anything useful and a potential game changer mired in bureaucratic bullshit and shadowy control.
In July the Daily Beast published the article Why Did America's Only Pot Researcher Suddenly Get Fired?
After years of trying, Dr. Sue Sisley got approval for a groundbreaking study of marijuana as a treatment for PTSD. Three months later, she was out of a job.
In April 2014, University of Arizona assistant professor Dr. Sue Sisley made headlines after winning federal approval to test marijuana on veterans suffering from PTSD.
That made her the only academic in America to get a government go-ahead for cannabis research - and one of just 15 people to get such approval in the last two decades. The occasion hailed not only as a historic shift in public policy for the marijuana community but a huge victory for the 21.2 million veterans living in the U.S. today.
Three months later, it's turned to defeat.
Terminated from the University of Arizona last week, Sisley is now both jobless and moneyless - stripped of the institution, people, and funding on which her study hinged. America's only federal-approved academic marijuana researcher just got the floor pulled out from under her.
Last week Beitbart published the article… 'Mysterious, Heavily-Armed Men' Drop from Helicopters to Destroy Marijuana Fields: THERE WAS A VIDEO BUT DELETED.

According to CBS San Francisco's KPIX, one of the groups conducting such raids is private security contractor LEAR Asset Protection and Management. A LEAR spokesman acknowledged the group had conducted similar raids in Mendocino County over the last year.
However, medical marijuana grower Susan Schindler told KPIX that a group of men who used helicopters to raid her field last month refused to identify themselves.
"There was no paperwork, there were no copies of any warrants, there were no inventories left of what they took," Schindler said.
Schindler also said she is following all county regulations regarding her grow site, and that the field of marijuana she was growing had no street value.
"The irony is that this whole garden that was destroyed was not a garden that would get you high," she told KPIX.
How did the Mendocino County Sheriff respond?…
"I think there are some people who may become paranoid this time of year," he said.
I was unable to reach the Stanley brothers in Colorado for comment, but one has to wonder if these same black helicopter boys (mercenaries for hire) will drop down on the 17-acres of low-THC cannabis they are attempting to grow outdoors that will enable them to supply the 5,000 patients that have applied to their Realm of Caring Foundation for cannabis oil.
With this level of controlled dysfunction, I smelled a rat - and the rat's name I suspected was Rothschild.
But where is the Rothschild signature?
The name G.W. Pharmaceuticals kept coming up in documentaries, with Dr. Sanjay Gupta shown touring one of their football size greenhouses in his CNN documentary Weed 2.
In 2011, The Observer (UK) featured an article on GW titled The man who secretly (and legally) grows 20 tonnes of cannabis a year.

Justin Gover: 'It’s not just street cannabis put into a bottle… we had to meet very strict standards.' Photograph: Richard Saker for the Observer

"Britain's only legal dope dealer looks quite ordinary. Bespectacled and wearing a dark grey suit, GW Pharmaceuticals' boss Justin Gover bears a closer resemblance to a City banker than someone who grows 20 tonnes of cannabis every year…"
Looking at the GW Pharmaceuticals website, the overview of the company states…
"GW Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1998 and is listed on both the NASDAQ Global Market (GWPH) and AIM, a market of the London Stock Exchange. GW is licensed by the UK Home Office to work with a range of controlled drugs for medical research purposes.
The Group's lead programme is the development of a product portfolio of cannabinoid prescription medicines to meet patient needs in a wide range of therapeutic indications, including Sativex® Oromucosal Spray and Epidiolex® for childhood epilepsy.
GW's lead product, Sativex is now approved /recommended for approval in 24 countries.
It is indicated as a treatment for symptom improvement in patients with moderate to severe spasticity due to multiple sclerosis (MS) who have not responded adequately to other anti-spasticity medication and who demonstrate clinically significant improvement in spasticity related symptoms during an initial trial of therapy.
Sativex is also in Phase III clinical development for the treatment of cancer pain, the lead indication for the US market.
GW has now entered into five separate licensing agreements for Sativex with, Bayer HealthCare in the UK and Canada Almirall in Europe (excluding the UK) and Mexico Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd in the United States Novartis in the Middle East (excluding Israel), Africa, and Asia (excluding China and Japan) with Neopharm in Israel."
Cannabinoid Research:
GW occupies a world leading position in cannabinoid science and has developed an extensive international network of the most prominent scientists in the field.
In mid 2007, GW's early cannabinoid research activities were significantly expanded through the establishment of a global cannabinoid research agreement with Otsuka.
Under this collaboration, GW and Otsuka are researching novel cannabinoids as potential treatments in the fields of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders and oncology. In addition, GW has an in-house program researching cannabinoids in the field of type 2 diabetes and related metabolic disorders.
As part of this program, GW set up in 2009 the GW Metabolic Research Laboratory at the University of Buckingham.
Under 'Partners' is listed…
Otsuka Novartis Admirall Bayer Ipsen Neopharm
(I have to appreciate the comedic relief in that last one).
Under 'Research and Development Collaborators' are listed…
University of Aberdeen (Scotland) Hebrew University (Israel) Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of the National Research Council (Italy) Buckingham University (England) Reading University (UK) Complutense University (Spain) University of Naples Federico II (Italy) University of Insubria (Italy)
Any University research facilities in the U.S. allowed to participate?… nope.
And finally, listed under 'Financial Advisor'… NM Rothschild & Sons. Bingo!
Investor Relations
Q. Who are GW's financial advisers and brokers? GW's financial adviser is NM Rothschild & Sons and the company's broker is Peel Hunt LLP

So they've gathered the R&D leading scientists and created just another Rothschild 'stable'.
The Rothschilds, and the Crown Council which they chair (the thirteen self-determined 'royal' families; Warburg, Schiff, Oppenheimer, etc.) go largely unacknowledged, even in the alternative media.
Through their control of the global issuance of money and credit, they have obfuscated cannabis research, development and distribution - just as they have squashed the potentiality of every other hopeful develop over the last hundred years while fully funding the activities that these death eaters revel in…
false flag terrorism that has mired the world in war nuclear power and dispersal of nuclear weaponry chemtrailing fracking genetic manipulation of our food toxic vaccines a global parasitic economy the global carbon tax agenda eugenics,
...etc., anything that will bring misery and derail the awakening.
Currently, GW's signature product 'Sativex' - an oral spray, is unavailable for distribution in the U.S. But even when it is, would I want to spray anything into my mouth that the Black Hand of the Rothschils' has touched?
Especially with R&D and distribution in the United States coming from a Japanese pharmaceutical company (who knows what twisted thoughts the Rothschild's have planted at Otsuka… a genetically engineered strain of cannabis called 'Hiroshima's Revenge'?)
But what about (what's left of) our Federal government; any activity there?
A Sept. 11, 2003 NY Post article Feds patented medical pot… while fighting it states…
"Patent No. 6,630,507, you see, is for cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Most people would simply refer to this as medical marijuana.
…Who got that patent? The US government gave this patent to itself.
Just so you understand me, this is the same US government that has been fighting the use of marijuana as a drug. Yet its own scientists were claiming a decade ago that marijuana had been effective against a number of diseases."
Most of the low-THC strains of cannabis are below the 0.3 percent THC required for the importation of hemp - which is also illegal to grow in the United States according to Federal law.
A bipartisan bill has been introduced in Congress to allow low-THC strains to be grown in the U.S.
"The bipartisan bill, introduced on Monday by Representative Scott Perry (R-Pa.), would "exclude therapeutic hemp and cannabidiol from the definition of marihuana" under the Controlled Substances Act.
Instead of revising the way marijuana is treated under federal law, the bill instead defines plants with 0.3 percent THC or less simply as something other than "marihuana" (the plant's spelling in penal law dates back to the time of Reefer Madness.)
Regardless of the bill's semantics, it would be the first time the federal government acknowledges an accepted medical application of cannabis. The bill's passage could open the door to consideration of other marijuana reforms or wider medicinal applications of the plant."
The Prognosis at 8% chance of getting past committee / 3% chance of being enacted.
So little help on the horizon from our deliberately dumbed-down and spineless legislators cloistered in the District of Columbia that's seemingly been reduced to just another Rothschild stable.
All I wanted was just a vial of cannabis oil to treat melanoma - and had to wade through all this to see why it isn't available to me. Business as usual here on planet earth.
Yes, I could produce my own if I'm willing to wade back into the matrix and could tolerate the state registrations, licensing fees, surveillance, limitations and the specter of federally sponsored raids and potential incarceration that has been imposed on the American people.
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2020.02.15 06:31 AliceRamone What do you think about this possible match?

Hi Guys!
Took a break from this obsession of mine which is the fact that I cannot believe people lay to rest without having one single person knowing that they are not in this world anymore.
So I’ve found this missing person: Back in the 70’s and 80’s descriptions were more in the vague side so a few details may be different from facts. It states that this missing person smuggled marihuana.
This doe was found approx 7 days later: It says this doe had skin lesions. May this be because of the psychical work of smuggling marihuana? Not sure and please correct me if I’m wrong.
Dates matches. Few things different and it is expected. No rule outs. And yes, I do think both pics look kind of similar.
What are your thoughts?
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2020.02.10 06:08 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Feb 10th 2020

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2020.01.18 15:14 Ximena556677 Cannabidiol (CBD) — What we know and what we don’t (Harvard)

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been recently covered in the media, and you may have even seen it as an add-in booster to your post-workout smoothie or morning coffee. What exactly is CBD? Why is it suddenly so popular?

How is cannabidiol different from marijuana?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana). While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), by itself it does not cause a “high.” According to a report from the World Health Organization, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

Is cannabidiol legal?

CBD is readily obtainable in most parts of the United States, though its exact legal status is in flux. All 50 states have laws legalizing CBD with varying degrees of restriction, and while the federal government still considers CBD in the same class as marijuana, it doesn’t habitually enforce against it. In December 2015, the FDA eased the regulatory requirements to allow researchers to conduct CBD trials. Currently, many people obtain CBD online without a medical cannabis license. The government’s position on CBD is confusing, and depends in part on whether the CBD comes from hemp or marijuana. The legality of CBD is expected to change, as there is currently bipartisan consensus in Congress to make the hemp crop legal which would, for all intents and purposes, make CBD difficult to prohibit.

The evidence for cannabidiol health benefits

CBD has been touted for a wide variety of health issues, but the strongest scientific evidence is for its effectiveness in treating some of the cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), which typically don’t respond to antiseizure medications. In numerous studies, CBD was able to reduce the number of seizures, and in some cases it was able to stop them altogether. Videos of the effects of CBD on these children and their seizures are readily available on the Internet for viewing, and they are quite striking. Recently the FDA approved the first ever cannabis-derived medicine for these conditions, Epidiolex, which contains CBD.
CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.
CBD may offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain. A study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Another study demonstrated the mechanism by which CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat. More study in humans is needed in this area to substantiate the claims of CBD proponents about pain control.

Is cannabidiol safe?

Side effects of CBD include nausea, fatigue and irritability. CBD can increase the level in your blood of the blood thinner coumadin, and it can raise levels of certain other medications in your blood by the exact same mechanism that grapefruit juice does. A significant safety concern with CBD is that it is primarily marketed and sold as a supplement, not a medication. Currently, the FDA does not regulate the safety and purity of dietary supplements. So you cannot know for sure that the product you buy has active ingredients at the dose listed on the label. In addition, the product may contain other (unknown) elements. We also don’t know the most effective therapeutic dose of CBD for any particular medical condition.

The bottom line on cannabidiol

Some CBD manufacturers have come under government scrutiny for wild, indefensible claims, such that CBD is a cure-all for cancer, which it is not. We need more research but CBD may be prove to be an option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. Without sufficient high-quality evidence in human studies we can’t pinpoint effective doses, and because CBD is currently is mostly available as an unregulated supplement, it’s difficult to know exactly what you are getting. If you decide to try CBD, talk with your doctor — if for no other reason than to make sure it won’t affect other medications you are taking.
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2020.01.06 17:41 Lingulover Self Sabotage and Isolation

So, I have a strange type of social anxiety. I'll try my best to explain, starting with three key points that I think influence this behavioral loop:
- I used to suffer from a lot of anxiety in general - I have a strong marihuana addiction since being underage - I have a diagnosis for schizophrenic tendencies - I have many friends and family and decent options and oportunities to go out - mostly partying - but I isolate myself a lot and I know I'm widely regarded as "weird". I used to like that, but I don´t know about it anymore. More on this later.
Now, on top of this, I can be a very cynical person with a very nihilistic perspective of the world. I'm not always like this, in fact I am often the opposite as well. I can be very hopeful and optimistic and mysticism-leaning depending on my general mood and therefore outlook on life.
So, every once in a while, a negative experience will take place in my social life - or sometimes just my personal life i.e. car breaking down - and I'll "default" back to the cynical, nihilistic, self hating version of myself. I'll indulge even more in weed and drop many healthy habits in favor of consuming stuff just to stay alive.
As an added layer, I'm a very paranoid person, most likely because of my schoziphrenic tendencies mixed with my marihuana consumption. I am almost totally incapable of doing anything without heavily considering what people around me might think of me and all the different versions of what that may be. I'm very aware of everyone around me and particularly aware of whether or not anyone is looking at me.
Sometimes, when I isolate myself, the boredom and surplus energy result in my picking at the skin on my face for pimples, which will further reduce my self esteem from however low it already is when I'm in "cynical mode".
So, it often comes to be that a small negative event in my life can spiral me into this terrible, pathetic little creature.
All of this, plus a general feeling that I don't fit in well with my friends (or most "normal people") make it so that socializing becomes unimaginable in my current state. It's a combination of legimately disliking so many of my friends and thinking there is nothing good that could possibly come from going out. I try to push myself and it usually ends with my going home due to anxiety and paranoia as soon as we hit a big joint such as a club. I'm not always anxious in clubs - I actually really enjoy clubbing when I'm in the right mood and I'm not shy about dancing or any of that. I'm not that bad at socializing, but I know almost everyone in my small town and rarely get to meet new people. When we do see some stangers, opening is a big weakness for me, but I do sometimes take the leap. Still, the factors necessary for that to happen don't align too often (mostly a confidence thing) and therefore I´ve lost hope in dating, specially in a place with so little diversity where so many people think so similarly.
My anxiety has also prevented me from having sex with girls who I knew wanted to. Ive never enjoyed sex much because my paranoid mind can't let go and is constantly thinking of how it is being perceived and how to be perceived as better and good and be liked. It didn't prevent me from other sexual acts, however, so clearly there's something specific there.
So, after that long and tragic story (lol jk it's not that bad) what would you suggest as a good way to break this nasty cycle? Quitting smoking can really work but it's really, really hard for me without some external luck (things lined up recently in such a way that I really didn't even feel like getting high - it was a nice and hyper functional 2 months but I caved in after a depression).
So besides quitting, which is always on my to do list, what else do you think would help you or has helped you in the past? I´ve tried focusing on eating better but that's extremely hard for me, I'm a very picky eater. Exercise is more reasonably accomplishable for me although I'm not great at respecting routine. Do I need to just push myself out of the rut by maybe taking a class or looking for a new outdoor activity? Should I be going out as much as possible even though I know for sure I probably won't have fun at this point? How do you guys break out of cycles in your lives, or how do you avoid your "perspective" from getting pushed into a negative zone?
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2020.01.04 08:36 throwawayfedoraz Schizoaffective (bipolar 1 subtype) musician here... I've long been in partial denial/doubt over my diagnosis but have since come to terms with accepting it. Dropping by to introduce myself to the community and kinda dump my story out here. Much love! Hope you enjoy :)

Where do I even start... Well, substance use in my teen years is what brought my schizoaffective disorder to the apparent surface... But the environment of my early teens and my genetics definitely sowed the seeds for it (I have a very intense family history of bipolar disorder, and my bipolar mom dated a very mentally abusive schizophrenic gentleman when i was going through puberty... like, when I read about the CIA's torture tactics at black sites such as Guantanamo it actually resonated very deeply with how he treated me, so let that sink in... [[this is what inspired a certain track of mine,]]. We lived in a one-room motel for 2 1/2 years and lacked practically any consistency... I could go off about the different ways he tormented me and my mother, but I don't see the point... although, I'd be more than happy to share what he put us through in the comments, should anyone be curious! Like, I didn't realize that he was schizophrenic at the time, but it's undeniable now. He has full-fledged delusions; auditory, visual, and beyond. For example, he was once convinced that he possessed stones which took him to heaven and hell and he tearfully confided to me that he was gonna pass these magic rocks down to me... Lol... Well, I lived with him from the age of about 10 to 14, and then I was taken in by my baba (grandma) after he fled the state with my mom. Lived with my baba up until the age of 18 before she kicked me out. Spent some time staying with friends and being on the streets before my mom, who had moved back to the state by then and had been blessed with an apartment, offered to let me stay with her... and her bf. So... I'm back around this madman. Fun! Thankfully, we have separate rooms now, so I generally tune him out. Also, living around this misery again gives me motivation to get off my ass and support myself, which is good.)
I first picked up a guitar when I was 13, and my obsession with music has never stopped since. Music is my life. It's practically all that I live for. I come from a family of artists, and I once thought that my niche in the art world would be drawing, or literature, or making comic books (a combination of both drawing and literature) but I found my true passion in music... It became undeniable after a certain point that making music was my connection with 'the universe' (maybe I meant 'myself' with 'the universe' idk i just realized that music was my connection to 'the universe' on acid once... those were the literal words that I thought to myself... but that'd be a pretty lonely, egocentric universe to live in... aha, this post just helped me clarify my ego! Without psychedelics too aha good shit its time to expand my universe lol) Anways, creating music is therapy to me... My estranged father is also a musician so I spent quite some time with him learning more about music making when I was a teenager... It was how we bonded... I used to chill in a studio with him and his guitarist friend/bandmate for hours on end, throwing ideas back n forth and learning alot about making music from people who made it themselves. I was like a sponge, soaking in all this knowledge...
Anyways, I started smoking pot and cigarettes when I was 14. Grew up in a family that promoted weed as medicine... my moms bf often called it a 'magic plant'... plus alot of my 'role models' smoked tons of cigarettes, so I didnt think much of the two vices at the time. Besides, smoking wasn't a regular thing for me back then. None of my friends smoked and I could never afford it. However, I began dabbing daily once I got my first job at 16. Like, I was dabbing ridiculous amounts of ridiculously potent oil. I'd blow my entire $300 paycheck on wax and run out before the week was over. Probably made my dealer a fortune lol. Before I started dabbing constantly I'd always thought that you couldn't physically withdraw from THC... That is such bullshit lmao like I've personally physically withdrawn from it and I've read up on it happening to others too. I wouldn't be able to find an appetite and I'd get dizzy, clammy, and nauseous without my dabs... Also, I later learned that weed makes you much more susceptible to psychotic episodes/disorders... so, go figure lol...
I'd been wanting to try acid since I was 13 or so. I'd read up on all of these fabulous musicians who took excessive amounts of the stuff (as well as drugs in general) and it inspired me to pursue a similar conquest... little did I know that I'd wind up more like an untalented Brian Wilson or Syd Barrett instead of some Jimi Hendrix protege... I finally got around to trying acid when I was 16... I'll never forget those first few trips... I took a 1/3 of a gel tab my first time and damn near had a heart attack when I was preparing it, taking it, and coming up... Had no clue what this shit would feel like and had been very fear-mongered with the infamous "bad trip" stories I'd read/heard... Then, 'Loser' by Beck came on and i could suddenly almost actually see the music... my blanket started crawling... and, before I knew it, my bathroom floor was turning into an ocean complete with sinking ships and I couldn't stop dancing in the dark (can't start a fire without a spark, right?)... right then, I knew that I was in love... both with acid and with music... I took it with a newish friend during my next trip and pushed him to 'kill his ego' with me by taking more and more... I also introduced him to marihuana, so he was my first stoner buddy... All in all I think we each had a little more than 1 1/2 tabs, with 1/2 tabs redosed 3 times over a couple of hours or so... Before we knew it, we were seeing faces in his closet... then we couldn't move from his bed as we launched off together in a rocketship towards a night of epic proportion... We proceeded to listen to Electric Ladyland over 5 times in a row that night (without even realizing it... like, that albums seriously so layered that i'd hear something new on each listen without realizing that we were hearing the same songs over and over) and I had the most intimate exchange with a human being that I might've ever had to this day (excluding some experiences with family)... We became like one that night, and I finally found a friend who was really interested in my interests and tastes in music... I showed him alot more music than Electric Ladyland once we started coming down a bit... Thats when we split the remains of this medical brownie I had and started a whole new trip entirely... He inspired me to seriously pursue musicianship and I even inspired him to pester his mom for his own guitar... He got a guitar, and then his estranged dad sent him money for another guitar and a keyboard, but he lost interest in the instruments before even giving himself a chance to learn how to play them... I put a picture of him 'smoking' three incense sticks on the upper-left hand corner of my cover art to my second album, "Jackleford (the Unfinished LP)," because I wanted to immortalize this amazing person I had found in a piece of art... Over time, I made more friends with similar interests in drugs and we eventually became the new generation of local acid-heads (for an example of this one just has to listen to my friend Emo Jesus's music... [] i mean c'mon alot of his lyrics practically preach about taking psychedelics lmao) Except, one of us had unexpected mental illness lurking around the corner...
So, I started dropping acid practically daily... At least once a week usually, and that was on a 'bad week'... At first, I took it to discover, reflect, innovate my approaches to making music, enhance how I heard music, change how I saw the world... among other things... then I started taking it to, essentially, 'get high'... I fooled myself into thinking that I was still taking it to 'improve my life' or whatever by this point, but I would eventually ignore anything that my trips would try to guide me towards thinking about (one of my golden rules of taking psychedelics now [[not that i really take them anymore]] would be to not resist the experience, provided that you're in a safe environment... like, just let the trip flow, let your mind take you where it feels that it needs to take you... its almost definitely trying to take you there for a reason... it might feel 'bad' in the short-term, but at the end of those sorta trips I almost always felt better... Theres nothing like freeing your mind from shit you regularly block out... Trip sitters are always a good idea... Why psychedelic-assisted therapy still isn't a legal and commonplace practice baffles me...)
At some point I started noticing extremely intense hallucinations when I wasn't tripping, even if I hadn't tripped in a while. I used to dig the side-effects of what I thought to be HPPD, but not when they got to these extremes. Seeing dozens of giant cockroaches crawling across your carpet isn't fun. Its unnerving asf. Seeing your vision change color based on different choices you could make about something isnt fun. For example, if I'd consider a choice that felt bad, I'd see blue. Like my entire vision would light up with a blue tint. At first, I remember hearing a click whenever this happened. Another time, I saw this little Funko Pop! figurine I had of Jesse from Breaking Bad swing his fists and look up at me like he was trying to intimidate me. I was afraid to go in my backyard for a period because I was unsure if one of my grandmas dolls she kept in the living room would attack me or not.
The first real red flag was my first time 'hearing voices'... my mind suddenly said something to me out of the blue that I felt like I hadn't thought of myself... I didn't literally 'hear' it, but it was like my thoughts had broken off into their own inner monologues... As if they had split off into different personas that were out of my control... I remember my 'voices' often stopping what I was thinking mid-thought, deconstructing it into gibberish, and mocking and teasing me. It was madness. I disregarded it the first time it happened. I'd read that psychedelics could trigger mental illness before this happened, but I only knew of bipolar disorder running in my family and I brushed it off as nothing to be concerned enough to reach out about... Until it started reoccurring more frequently several months later.
So, I started researching mental health... obsessively... eventually I came to the conclusion that I must suffer from some psychotic disorder. Surely. I figured I'd inherited bipolar from my mother, and wondered if I was schizophrenic. Then I learned that schizo disorders lie on a spectrum, and eventually I learned that environmental influences can trigger schizo disorders... so I traced back through my childhood and concluded that her bf must've been a huge environmental influence on whatever tf I had wrong with my brain... Finally I saw a team of doctors at the ER (loooong story for another time about why I had a team of ER doctors discussing my mental health) and they diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder... Basically, they confirmed my suspicions for me and put a label on it... Spent some time on 3 different 5250s over the next couple of months [inspiring the name of my album i made in between hospitalizations, "5250,"]. I've been on and off medications for the past year or so and rarely, if ever, get any hallucinations when I'm sober and in general feel much more 'sane.'
However, I've been foolish as ever... I'm still a polyaddict and I've been doing alot of meth lately... Stims have replaced my psychedelic habit, it would appear... I'm aware of the increased risks for amphetamine psychosis, and possibly even permanent psychosis, of meth users with schizoaffective disorder... I'm also now recalling the increased odds of schizoaffective disorder transgressing into full-fledged schizophrenia from amphetamine abuse... But, my symptoms appear to have almost disappeared completely... Sometimes I wonder if I might've had something like schizophreniform that was misdiagnosed as schizoaffective... But I do easily get paranoid, although that could be a seperate personality 'disorder'/trait on its own so who knows... Who knows shit about mental health honestly... I suspect that our theories on psychology are gonna radically change over the next few centuries... Our 'understanding' of it now is bound to look archaic someday, just as the once-common practice of 'trepanning' (drilling a hole through ones skull, once believed to increase intelligence) seems archaic to us now.
Sorry for this tweaked-out schizo rant about a brief segment of my life...
anyways, here's my song about how being schizo doesn't make you a psycho (it can make you psychotic, but it doesn't make you "psycho" in the 'crazy, violent madman' stereotypical sense of the term... ive noticed that that definition of "psycho" is popular among alot of society... like ive noticed that alot of ppl blend the definitions of 'psychopathy' and 'psychotic' into a stigmatizing and wide-spread misunderstanding of what "psycho" means... "Psycho" can mean alot of things... "Psycho" people can be some of the most calm, pacifistic people you'll ever meet... So, no, being schizo does not make you a psycho... It just makes you your own... sorta fella...) :)
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2019.12.12 09:52 Adrikitten31 Grandparents can be a nightmare...

Hi everyone, i have a very, very particular case in here and i just need to talk to someone else and see other people's opinions. The story is long btw.
Everything begins when my husbands ex wife's forced us to move to her home state, she claimed that if we didn't move then that meant that my husband didn't care about their daughter, and he will never be allowed to spend time with her. We moved to her state, and when i first met their daughter (she was a year old at the time) i absolutely fell in love with her, we created a unique connection, but her bio mom didn't seem happy about it. The time passes by, and one day all of the sudden she takes off, she abandoned her daughter in a daycare while she was horribly sick, she had a lung infection and high fiver, when picked her up, we immediately took her to the doctors, we kept trying to reach out to her but she wouldn't pick up her phone, we kept on waiting for a response from her but that never came, instead we had a phone call from her family saying that the police was in her apartment, we immediately rushed, just to find that she left, her apartment was completely thrashed, alcohol bottles everywhere, marihuana pipes, etc, etc. We later found out that she moved out of state without telling anyone, not even her family. After that day, i decided to step up, and support the baby as if i was her mother, I've been trying my best. We had visits with her mom crying and begging us to let our child visit her every weekend (big mistake) she kept being polite and super nice, saying that we needed date times, and that they wouldn't matter to take care of the baby while we were on a date. A month later there was a court hearing for my husband to get full custody and placement, her mom and dad showed up complaining that it was our fault that their daughter left, saying that we planted the bottles, and we forced her to go. After that she made our life's miserable, but still wanted to have every weekend with our baby, she guilt tripped us and we fell for it. We decided to move back to our home state, we needed a fresh start. Grandparents found out and trended to take our child away from us. We still tried to let them be in our Childs life. At this they where constantly trying to guilt trip us. We allowed visits, they took the baby from us for a whole MONTH, a visit that it was supposed to be a week turns into a month... we let this stupidly happens twice falling on there constant manipulations. Everytime our kid will see them, she always came back with her mind poison, saying mean things, came back so aggressive, it was another kid. We decided to stop the contact, by this point 2 years has passed by, and the biological mother decides to go back to her home state. Her mother persuades her to get visitation rights, when she made it clear that she doesn't want anything to do with her own child. For the court hearing she decides not to show up, in fact her parents appear instead, now wanting visitation rights. I tried to make this as short as possible, but I'm seriously exhausted from all this i just want to live happy with my family, i certainly wish grandparents didn't have any rights, we still in that process. And they keep ignoring all the possible psychological damage that they can do to their grandchild, they clearly have no respect for us at all, and they think they are entitled to everything they want, they keep trying to poison our kids mind, putting her against her parents, but at the same time they pretend to be innocent. She's always trying to put everything against us, and keeps on claiming that we are horrible parents to our child, she tried to say in court that we didn't want to take care of the baby because we wanted to go to dates instead, when she told us she wanted to have the baby on the weekends. Or little bondle of joy is 4 years now, she has not contact with the bio mom since 3 year ago, and clearly doesn't even need her grandparents around, i consider that they are very toxic and possessive of her, they treat our kid as if she is a piece of property. Of course there's a lot more on this, but i think i got most of it out, my husband and i have been together for 3 years now, and i would love to adopt his kid, i absolutely adore and love her so much.
If you got to the end, thanks for reading. Kinda got this out of my chest
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2019.11.18 00:35 JanElizKor H.R.3884 - Marijuana Federal Legalization Is Being Introduced November 20th 2019

H.R.3884 - Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019
The United States government plans to hold a vote to legalize marijuana at the federal level. This legislation called the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act. The summary of this marijuana legalization bill would “decriminalize and deschedule cannabis, provide reinvestment in certain persons adversely impacted by the War on Drugs, to provide expungement of certain cannabis offense and for other purposes.” This marijuana vote will be planned by the Judiciary Committee Wednesday November 20th, 2019.
Decriminalize and Deschedule Cannabis:
Would remove cannabis from the DEA’s authority. Specifically removing cannabis from the Schedule of Controlled Substances.
Reclassifies “Marihuana:”
Reclassifies “Tetrahydrocannabinols, except for tetrahydrocannabinols in hemp (as defined in section 297A of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946)”. Removes marijuana (marihuana) from the National Forest System Drug Control Act of 1986 Block federal agencies from denying public benefits or security clearances over marijuana use.
This marijuana bill would create a Community Reinvestment Grant Program to provide “eligible entities with funds to administer services for individuals most adversely impacted by the War on Drugs”
This cannabis program includes:
Job training;
Reentry services;
Legal aid for civil and criminal cases, including expungement of cannabis convictions;
Literacy programs;
Youth recreation or mentoring programs; and
Health education programs.
What does Eligible Entity mean?
“This means a nonprofit organization, as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This marijuana legalization bill would be the most significant step towards a reconstruction of the governments view on marijuana. This culture shaping progression would finally be the first step to fixing the negative stigma that has been attached to marijuana (marihuana), which was stemmed from early governmental propaganda.
Resentencing For Convicted Marijuana Related Crimes:
This would allow people that have been convicted of a marijuana crime to be resentenced or have their crime expunged from records. This resentencing of marijuana crimes “shall apply to any offense committed, case pending, conviction entered, and, in the case of a juvenile, any offense committed, case pending, or adjudication of juvenile delinquency entered before, on, or after the date of enactment of the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act.”
At a glance, this marijuana bill has 55 cosponsors. This next marijuana bill is likely to bring debate, which is interesting because not only do you get to see what our current representatives say, you can also get to see the complex nature the United States government has about its position on Marijuana.
This marijuana vote however is only being discussed in the House. While the House has been known to advance marijuana proposals and legislation, the Senate has been also known to have a strong backlash to anything marijuana related. That is, until Hemp was federal legalized. This dynamic shift in marijuana classification was mostly led by Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. At the signing of the hemp legalization bill, it can been seen and touted that the pen that was used was made specifically from industrial hemp.
As discussions are being debated about if the bill will even pass the House or Senate, we must still consider what Donald Trump has to say about marijuana legalization at the federal level. Before, it can be seen that Trump has recently supported past cannabis bills, specifically the STATES Act (Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act). Trump said “I probably will end up supporting that, yes.” This marijuana bill proposes the banks would have legal access to banks while protecting those marijuana business in a legalized state.
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2019.09.24 18:13 TrueInvestor Chemistree Provides Washington State Update from Sugarleaf

VANCOUVER, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Chemistree Technology Inc. (CSE: CHM and CHM.wt) (USOTCQB: CHMJF) (the "Company" or "Chemistree"), is pleased to provide shareholders with an update on the Company's Washington State assets.
Chemistree has received a strongly positive report from the general manager of its Washington state licensee partner detailing the successes as previously reported in April have in fact been exceeded.
Chemistree is also pleased to announce that Sugarleaf has requested that additional cultivation facilities be made available at the Sedro Wooley location, on the same turn-key basis as currently in place, so Sugarleaf can expand its capacity to double its current level and meet the rapidly growing demand for Sugarleaf branded products. Chemistree applauds this plan and is actively developing this expansion space in its existing facility.
Chief Cannabis Officer Sheldon Aberman commented, "These numbers are surpassing my expectations and I am really proud of the team at Sugarleaf for their focus on producing a high quality cultivated product, an exacting attention to detail, and maintenance of rigid best practices in all parts of the operation. The Sugarleaf order book is now fully spoken for each month and the team now has new clients looking for Sugarleaf products every week. I know I speak for the entire Chemistree management team when I say how pleased we are to be landlords to such an amazing cultivator."
About Chemistree Technology Inc. Chemistree Technology Inc. is an investment company dedicated to the U.S. cannabis sector, endeavoring to provide turn-key solutions for the regulated cannabis industry. The Company's corporate strategy is to acquire and develop vertically integrated cannabis assets, leveraging management's decades of expertise in the cannabis industry and corporate finance to own and operate licensed cultivation, processing, distribution and retail facilities.
For more information, visit
Advisory The Company wishes to inform shareholders that there are significant legal restrictions and regulations that govern the cannabis industry in both Canada and the United States.
Cannabis-related Practices or Activities are Illegal Under U.S. Federal Laws The concepts of "medical cannabis" and "recreational cannabis" do not exist under U.S. federal law. The Federal Controlled Substances Act classifies "marihuana" as a Schedule I drug. Under U.S. federal law, a Schedule I drug or substance has a high potential for abuse, no accepted medical use in the United States, and a lack of safety for the use of the drug under medical supervision. As such, cannabis related practices or activities, including without limitation, the manufacture, importation, possession, use or distribution of cannabis are illegal under U.S. federal law. Strict compliance with state laws with respect to cannabis will neither absolve the Company of liability under U.S. federal law, nor will it provide a defence to any federal proceeding which may be brought against the Company. Enforcement of U.S. federal laws will be a significant risk to the business of the Company and any such proceedings brought against the Company may adversely affect the Company's operations and financial performance.
Further information regarding the legal status of cannabis related activities and associated risk factors, including, but not limited to, risk of enforcement actions, risks that third-party service providers, such as banking or financial institutions cease providing services to the Company, and the risk that Company may not be able to distribute profits, if any, from U.S. operations up to the Company, are included in the Prospectus, the Company's annual information form and other documents incorporated by reference therein and in the Company's Form 2A listing statement filed with the CSE and available under the Company's profile on SEDAR at
"Karl Kottmeier" President
Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange nor its Market Regulator (as that term is defined in the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.
Information set forth in this news release includes forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are statements that relate to future, not past, events. In this context, forward-looking statements often address expected future business and financial performance, and often contain words such as "anticipate", "believe", "plan", "estimate", "expect", "budget", "scheduled" and "intend", statements that an action or event "may", "might", "could", "should", or "will" be taken or occur, or other similar expressions. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, included herein including, without limitation, statements about adding clients, building on the Company's initial product offerings, entry into of definitive agreements.
By their nature, forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements, or other future events, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, among others, the risks identified in the Company's reports and filings with the applicable Canadian securities regulators. Forward-looking statements are made based on management's beliefs, estimates and opinions on the date that statements are made, and the Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if these beliefs, estimates and opinions or other circumstances should change, except as required by applicable securities laws. Investors are cautioned against attributing undue certainty to forward-looking statements. The Company assumes no responsibility to update or revise forward-looking information to reflect new events or circumstances unless required by applicable law.
SOURCE Chemistree Technology Inc.

Related Links
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2019.09.02 17:46 SanMarinoStronk Calm Before the Storm Progress Report 39: The Art of the New Deal ( USA Introduction & First Term )

Hello and welcome to another CBtS Progress Report. Today we finally leave the Iberian Peninsula for good and begin showing USA content. While I’m working on the main US tree, today I want to do 3 things: introduce the 1933 situation, talk about general mechanics, and show the focus tree and events for the first term, ending in January 1937. After the second Inauguration you’ll get a new tree, with economic/political trees custom for each President and shared military and foreign mega-trees. So, let’s begin!
The USA in 1933
In 1933, the United States are suffering the effects of the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover, of the Republican Party, has been unable to fix the crisis and thus he lost the 1932 Presidential Election to the now President-Elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a democrat and former Governor of New York. Roosevelt has grand plans for the country, his economic platform, called the “New Deal”, will try to fix the economy, while other minor issues ( Prohibition, the Philippines ) are dealt with. For now, this is the state of US politics on the 1st of January, 1933
If you remember the old teaser, you’ll notice some changes: the Republicans are now MarLib ( Hoover, Landon ) and LibCon ( Taft ), while Democrats remain with the SocCon ( Garner, Dixiecrats) and SocLib ( FDR, New Deal supporters ). The SocDem slot remains up for grabs, as both parties can nominate a SocDem like Dewey or Wallace. Huey Long’s political affiliation is not yet decided, and Republicans may suffer a few more changes. The United States begins with these National Spirits:
The Great Depression: the main economic maluses are here. It is extremely severe, and can be slowly removed with focuses but specially with Congress Acts and Agencies.
Extremely High Unemployment Rate: This spirit represents the whooping 25% unemployment rate the USA had reached, and it will slowly fade away once you pass the NIRA. The speed at which the spirit is removed depends on what laws you pass.
Abysmal Crop Prices: With demand falling, crop prices were greatly reduced as well, creating a crisis in the countryside. As with unemployment, once the AAA is passed it will start to fade away, depending on what stuff you pass.
Slum Proliferation: Represents, in general, the miserable living conditions many Americans had in the period. Can be slowly removed with Acts and other decisions.
Racial Segregation: self-explanatory. Its maluses ( and its small PP bonus) can’t be removed, but can be mitigated by electing Jim Farley in 1940.
Now that you got the starting picture, let’s discuss a bit the USA special mechanics and then we’ll have a look at FDR’s first term!
Congress. Many would expect a custom interface to be developed, since we have already shown a few for other countries. I was also the dev who designed a new Parliament system, so… Congress from vanilla stays. The base of the system works in two-parties systems, and with improvements it is a good mechanic. Why I kept it? Simply, I wanted to start USA development ASAP, and waiting for a complex GUI for Congress would have delayed release. So what things are new here? The Congress tab has some new things. First of all, all Acts are here. They are not focuses gated behind Congress Support, now you complete the focus and unlock the Act, and once you have enough Support you click and you pass it. There are two kinds of acts:
-Special Acts:: always viewable, unlocked to pass once you complete the relevant focus, big effects, exclusive to one party ( Ex: National Labor Relations Act )
-Mundane Acts: viewable after a certain date, always available to pass, small effects, some of them are bipartisan ( Ex. Marihuana Tax Act )
Both of them require the same amount of support and will remove the same amount ( yes, passing stuff removes support ), so prioritise the special acts and pass the mundane ones when you have nothing to do. To gain support in Congress, you can use lobbying, special events, or complete certain focuses, such as the Neutrality Acts or abolishing Prohibition. This is all dependent on Congress Stance. To sum up, Congress can be Hostile, Neutral or Friendly. This models both your party majority and the willingness of Congress to co-operate with you. It can be increased by winning Midterms and other special things such as Neutrality Acts. It can be decreased by losing midterms and doing things against the Congress, like going interventionist or try to pack the Court. Stance has an impact on the price of lobbying, and the amount of support it takes to pass an Act. A Hostile Congress will be a though nut to crack and you won’t be able to pass many acts, modelling how FDR lost the Congress from 37 onward. It rewards the player for winning midterms and punishes players who do unilateral things such as ditching isolationism.
President Popularity
As I was designing the USA, I thought about how to represent the 1936 Election. Mainly, if Landon should be an option, as it was a complete landslide and historically it wouldn’t make sense. However, it would suck that you are forced to play as FDR all the way to 1941, so I designed a dynamic system that would allow Landon to be an option: President Popularity! President Popularity is a hidden variable that measures, surprise, your popularity as president. But hoi4 already has a party popularity system, you may ask, and yes, it has, but that measures the support for the party and the ideology, while this measures only the support of the President. A President might be unpopular even amongst his own, and likewise you can have a super-popular president across the political spectrum. But how does it work? As I said, Pres Pop is a hidden variable that can increase or decrease based on your actions as President. Wanna go against isolationism? Lose popularity. Reduced unemployment? Gain popularity. The interesting thing is that it is completely hidden. You can’t see it, you don’t see how your actions impact it, etc… You are blind. This adds a layer of political strategic thinking to the first half of the game, not too complex but interesting anyway. Popularity has two main effects: Midterms and Presidential Elections.
When a midterm election arrives, you can decide if the President should get involved in it. If you choose to do so, the midterm_results variable will be 80% determined by your President Popularity and 20% by your Party ( sum of all factions ) Popularity. Less involvement in the midterm means more proportion of ideology and less of presidential popularity. Then, depending on the midterm_results variable you get one of the 4 outcomes, Landslide Victory, Victory, Defeat, and Disastrous Defeat, impacting Congress Support and Congress Stance. Presidential Elections are easier: depending on President Popularity the options will appear in the event. High popularity, as historically in 1936, means that your President will be the only option in the event. Medium popularity will let you choose, while low popularity will prevent re-election.
Economic & Political Tree
FDR will be inaugurated on March 4, and will allow you to begin the tree. The first section has 7 focuses and deals with the First Hundred Days. When FDR is inaugurated, a mission, requiring you pass all laws unlocked by tree in 100 days, will start. This is trivial: the focuses take overall about 95 days to complete, and you have more than enough support in Congress to pass all the laws, that are:
-Emergency Banking Act: improves Great Depression spirit ( the spirit has 15 stages towards recovery )
-Economy Act: improves Great Depression spirit, takes one military factory away
-Federal Emergency Relief Act: improves Slums spirit ( 4 stages )
-Civilian Conservation Corps Reforestation Relief Act: Adds 5 infrastructure, speeds up unemployment reduction
-National Industrial Recovery Act: begins to lower unemployment
-Agricultural Adjustment Act: begins to increase crop prices
-Tennessee Valley Authority Act: Adds factories, slots and infrastructure to Tennessee
Once you complete each focus, you can go to the decisions tab and pass the corresponding law, getting an event detailing its effects. Unlike the rest of the laws, these don’t take Congress Support when you complete them. Once you complete the First Hundred Days, the rest of the tree will open up. It is divided in two parts. If you want to solve the crisis through harsh spending cuts, go to the tree on the left. The one on the right represents a more spending-focused approach ( historical ) with a special focus on agency creation. The fiscal conservatism path is quicker and you will reach the Social Security and National Housing Acts faster, but is overall weaker than the spending one. Spending will grant more factories and agency creation decisions that provide boosts against the Depression:
Most of them are unlocked by passing the relevant act or by date.
Army Tree ( First Term as the rest of the trees )
Whole military tree
From 1933 to 1937 no significant improvements were done to the US Army, so they shouldn’t really have a tree. However I like to give choices to the player, so if they can overcome Congress opposition ( the first focus requires a super-majority ) you can gain some small equipment and doctrine boosts. Again, not a branch meant to be taken.
Air Tree
The Army Air Corps saw significant developments in these four years, in part thanks to the Air Mail Scandal. Once it happens in 1934 you can bypass the focus and gain more doctrine boosts and experience, while on the other column there are normal tech boosts. A powerful tree, I recommend giving it a go, it can be helpful in keeping your planes up-to-date.
Navy Tree
The Navy Tree is 100% historical. It revolves around the Vinson-Trammel Act, that once passed unlocks a powerful tree that grants 3 naval templates, tech boosts, a lot of dockyards and bases, and finally the Naval Act of 1936, granting dockyards and the now very valuable naval xp.
Foreign Tree
The USA is in the middle of the isolationist period, and the foreign tree for the first term reflects it. As you begin your USA campaign you will find 3 missions to withdraw from Haiti and Nicaragua, and grant independence to the Philippines, forcing you to go through the tree.
The branch of the left lets you grant independence to the Philippines ( through a Congress Act ) and after that you can sign the 1935 ( name depends on in-game year ) Neutrality Act. Passing it will increase Congress Support and PP, useful for your other, economic acts. You can also pass the Reciprocal Trading Act, gaining a couple of factories. On the center, the Good Neighbor Policy will see the USA withdraw from Haiti and Nicaragua, and signing the Montevideo Convention that forbids American involvement in other South and Central American countries domestic politics. In the right branch you can recognize the USSR, and after that you can either demand repayment of tsarist debts ( they will almost always refuse ) or an anti-espionage treaty that will grant a small amount of PP and stability to both countries.
Flavor Events
I like flavor events. They make you feel that you are running a country and not a map, and thus I like to make lots of them. The USA, for the First Term, has around 40 flavor events. For example, I thought about making Prohibition-era crime a spirit, but instead it is represented by 4 flavor events, that fire during 1933 and take 2.5% stability each ( except one ) and 2 event chains that fire during 1934 in which the player has to pick the best strategy to get Bonnie & Clyde and John Dilinger in prision ( or kill them ). Other major event chain during 1934 is the midterm, but I already explained how that works. During 1935, you will have to deal with Huey Long. A quite convoluted event chain, with potential self-harming choices, can lead to Huey’s survival, however, he won’t be able to do anything in our next event that fires in 36, the National Conventions. Mathematically speaking, it is impossible to get such low Popularity that you can’t run for re-election, so FDR will be nominated, and since you play as the Democrats ( for now ) you can only see how the Republicans nominate Landon. Thus we arrive at November, when the Election will happen, however the new President won’t come into power, and be given the new tree, until January 20, as per the 20th Amendment. But that’s a story for other time…
Will it be a random chance event if Huey Long survives or not, similar to the Hindenburg in base game, or will the player have some form of involvement with Huey Longs' assassination attempt?
Huey Long’s survival can be guaranteed through a convoluted event chain. It wouldn’t be nice to play all the way till 35 and have him murdered without being able to influence it.
Is Huey Long a Social democrat? And why the odd ball Jim Farley choice?
Atm Long is a SocDem, legacy of previous devs. I’m seriously considering moving him to Authoritarian. Jim Farley ran in the 1940 primary like Garner or Cordell Hull, so if FDR decides not to run you can pick him.
So is the Huey path to the presidency his OTL plan of running 3rd party, getting FDR to lose in 36 and then becoming the Dem nominee in 40? Assuming the OTL path plays out what should the US IC be like by 41? Adding to the above question if i'm doing a historical US run will I be able to actually build up a navy as large as the OTL WW2 USN ended up being?
  1. I decided that in order to get Long, you have to decide not to run as FDR in 1940, opening the primary.
2/3. I’ll try to stay close to history but balance to ensure a good WW2 experience to the other majors is a priority.
Will the US have options to intervene in Latin American politics like in our timeline?
Of course
Is the racial discriminatory policies placed during ww2 going to be represented and is it possible to avoid them? Is the production rates of the US during the war going to be on irl levels or toned down for balance? How involved can the US get in south america, and how is the good neighbour policy, Monroe doctrine and the end of interventions in central america and the Caribbean islands going to be implemented? Can those occupations continue for more interventionist presidents?
  1. They will be represented, but possible avoidances are tbd.
  2. Responded in the last question
  3. Good Neighbor Policy can be ditched once 1937 comes knocking and you get your new shiny foreign tree. Rest you saw in the PR
  4. You can continue the occupations in the first term, eating the maluses, or withdraw and then go back later in the game
Since he was quite pro-Soviet at the time, will Henry Wallace push for deeper cooperation between USA and USSR?
TBD. War and Post-War foreign policies are not designed yet. But probably, I like choices.
How does foreign policy look like? Are there different paths? Will anti-interventionism impact the player if they try to intervene? How will USA support for Republic of China, the UK and the Soviet Union be represented? Will there be different ways of dealing with the great depression?
  1. There are 3 different paths.
  2. Of course.
  3. Passing certain Acts will allow you to send equipment, except with China, where you can send a small amount directly without passing anything.
  4. You saw that FDR has 2 sub-paths, and Landon will have 2 paths as well. By 40 however, it should be mostly over.
Is it possible that Democratic or Republican party gets outsted by some other party? Is there a possibility that POTUS gets impeached (or dies in office) and if it is will acting president get his own focus tree? Will outcomes of assasinations attempts on FDR and Huey Long be random (like Stalin in 2RCW) or will player be capable of influencing them?
  1. No
  2. Only FDR can die in office, otherwise it is making everything complicated for the sake of making everything complicated.
  3. FDR cannot be killed yet, and Long as I said can be avoided.
Will the US be able to reverse the Good Neighbor Policy and return to the Big Stick Diplomacy in the early game?
You can reverse the GNP in the second term.
Will FDR always die in 1945 as per OTL? Is there any chance that he can eek out a little longer? At least until the 1948 election?
It will be a mean_time_to_happen event, but don’t expect him to live past 45.
Will the Great Depression and it’s duration be effected by what president you choose, and if so in what ways? For instance, Will there be a different focus tree for reconstruction, depending on what president you choose? I know, for instance, that Huey and fdr, while both having similar ideas, differed in the fact that Huey was much more extreme in some ways with his reform. Will this be shown in game?
Huey’s focuses will be a slog as Congress tries to block you, and will be more impactful, in the good and the bad sense of the word. The New Deal proved itself successful so Landon will probably have it a little harder.
Are there two parliamentary systems? If so, how will the senate elections be handled? Which countries can America declare war on, and which alliances can they join? Do these diplomatic options change with the presidents?
  1. You saw in the PR, it works like vanilla, and midterms are abstracted, with something similar probably getting attached to Presidential Elections down the line.
  2. The USA can declare war on the usual suspects ( Axis ) and american countries if they adopt “non-friendly” ideologies or otherwise go against your interests. They can join the Allies, their equivalent ( like a french faction ) or form their own. ( Other countries may have focuses to invite the USA to their factions, but that’s not on my end ). Diplomacy is very open, but some paths will be blocked to some Presidents.
So, how is the presidential election of 1948 going to be handled? If a new president gets elected, they won't take office until 1949, which is technically outside of the game's timespan. So will the 1948 election just be ignored, or will there be a small exception to the 1933-1948 timeline to allow the new president to take office?
I’ll make an exception as a prize for playing all the way till 48
Will Henry Wallace be able to do a detente with the ussr? Also will this mod address segregation?
TBD and yes
Will there be primaries to decide who becomes the nominee for each party, or are you limited to a choice between the incumbent and a scripted opponent?
After the second term of a President, you can get primaries. Otherwise you always re-nominate, and you can’t impact the other party primaries.
Can you avoid war with Japan in some way?
That depends more on Japan really. Going full isolationist will greatly reduce the chance of going to war with Japan
So will any news areas be able to be admitted to statehood (by that I mean Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.)?
Le 2nd American Civil War yes?
One last thing: we are still looking for devs to help us with the majors: Britain, France, Japan and also the US. It would greatly speed up development and also improve it, because exchange of opinions is always productive, and allows for faster research and design. If you want to help any of the mentioned majors’ development, just fill the application and help the whole community to try out the mod earlier. As usual, next PR will be in an unknown date about an unknown subject ( although slavs will probably be in it…)
Rejected Titles
-How to save your economy in 15 easy steps
-Let's make a New Deal
-Learning your Alphabet Agencies
-A Huey Long way to go
-CBTS PR with WPA , CCC and AAA
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2019.08.25 16:23 SalvajeUnitario My (24m) boyfriend (23m) had a really bad trip. Wants to quit smoking weed, but his friends are not helping.

I've been dating my current boyfriend for a bit over six months now, albeit over long distance since he had to return to his home country a little while back. I've always known he's into smoking recreational marihuana, and, while I personally despise drugs in general, feel like meddling with this habit in particular will not lead to anything good. He usually feels good smoking it, doesn't seem to be generating any addiction, and it adds to the fun he has with his mates when they hang out.
However, the other day, one of his mates, who now doesn't hang out with the bunch any longer because of this, brought along heavier drugs. My boyfriend, in his stoned stupor, had the brilliant idea of taking those. This led to a really bad trip, a panic attack, and a quite worrying call at 2 in the morning. He begged me to help him quit everything, and I gladly agreed.
Now, here's the situation. Boyfriend has depression, and hanging out with his friends are one of the few things that keep him relatively sane. Yes, they're into drugs. Yes, they're not exactly a good influence. But he and I are thousands of kilometres away right now, and I don't want him alone with his thoughts. Hanging out with his friends, however, puts a lot of social pressure on him to smoke weed, and he's not exactly strong of will. He caved last night, and I fear this will go on.
So here's the question. I've met one of his buddies once. He's a good fellow, very intelligent and successful in life, and, if it wasn't for the pot, would be a great influence for my boyfriend. Should I contact him and ask him to help my bf out with quitting? Or should I not meddle with their affairs and simply focus on talking my bf?
For the record, I've already given him an ultimatum regarding the heavier stuff, and he swore he'd never do that again. I'm inclined to trust him on that, but if it happens again, he knows I'll call quits.
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2019.08.17 14:12 ReneBondPhantasy p.h. med. Nicole Scherzinger

p.h. med. Nicole Scherzinger
Saturday. My personal feeling let hope. World is understood about fly. Magic as we are all, can not fly like a Bird. At ours Future something have install the Rewinds are see by the Grow. That we are must be Land`ly. So we are all want not move out in Sky or better we want not build any Cities at Moons, Planet outa Space of Earth. This are Dreams of Machine Hope Welcomes a better Industrie. The bigger is better. Welcome is me Clima-Technologie more welcome as be Partment of Mars Mission/ Transmission me. Love has we all at Planet Earth only. Or why we are not build Cities in Sky is Intellektual given buy Philosophie and you has it. To this cames our Religions-inound have alowed not to build World Nuclear. About very good privacy and well good thinking that all will be find happy End was ever the Motivation to be not at War about Intelligent.

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2019.08.02 00:42 Pickup_your_nuts Today in History 02/08

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2019.06.20 05:37 ephemeral_cerulean Need help pls :))

I went through a pretty bad breakup about three months ago with my boyfriend of a year and three months. We have only talked to each other twice since it happened, and he seems to be a completely different person.
He struggles a lot with addiction and while we were together he stopped drinking, smoking, and doing drugs because of me. He also has a lot of issues with mental health, he has an anxiety disorder and I suspect he also has some form of schizophrenia. Before we started dating, we used to be really good friends, and I never thought of him in a romantic way because of the person he used to be. He used to get blackout drunk almost every week, he brought marihuana to school, he called me crying after dosing on heroin; to sum it up, it was bad. He eventually stopped doing all these things and I decided that I was okay with giving him a chance. We started dating, we fell in love and yada yada yada.
He broke up with me because he said that he wasn't okay with himself and he didn't want me to feel as if being with him was a responsibility, and that he felt that he wasn't giving me the love that I deserved. In that moment I didn't really understand his motives and blamed it on myself, but after three months of thinking and reflecting I finally accepted it and found a way to make peace with him.
This last school year we went to the same school, (he is two years older than me), but this year I'm going to another school and I won't have to see him every day and I won't need to suffer the pain that this causes me anymore. I am a person who likes to give a good conclusion to things, I like to say my goodbyes, so I thought that if anybody deserved one it was him. I had also been wanting to tell him about something that happened while we were together that I hadn't been ready to talk about until that moment. To sum it up, I went through a miscarriage and I never told him because I thought it was the best thing to do at the moment; it was horribly painful, both physically and mentally.
So, I planned what I wanted to say to him as my final goodbye and I went ahead and I talked to him the last day of school. The last times we had spoken since the breakup he had been very distant, and perhaps even mean if you may say; in a way i understood, because everyone has a different way of dealing with grief, anyway, I was expecting him to have this same mood when I talked to him this time. He completely took me by surprise when he acted nicely and smiled at me, I said what I was planning to say and we talked about what happened between us (there was a lot of crying) and we both agreed that this wouldn't be the last time we talked. He mentioned to me while were talking that he went back into drugs and had to go in and out of rehab, that he was hearing voices in his head saying horrible things every day, generally that he hadn't been in a very good state since we broke up. This made me feel very sad because in the end I am still in love with him even though he doesn't feel the same way.
This was almost three weeks ago. About a few days ago he messaged my best friend asking her for my number (meaning he deleted it), and he put me into a group chat for a party that he is throwing with his friend. In the group bio it says something like "the one who doesn't drink is a f*g" (that is the best translation I can give to it). I have to mention that this party is one of those puking in the floor, the air is 99% tobacco, people tripping on LSD kind of thing. I still have no idea why he invited me (probably as a joke or something), but it makes me so sad that he went back to being the person he worked so hard to leave behind. He hopped back into all the bad habits, the drinking, the drugs, and all I want to do is help him. The last time we talked we both agreed that we would talk again about everything that happened between us when we were both mentally ready to do so. We talked about being in each other's lives again (as friends), and I was really willing to do it, but now I'm not so sure anymore.
I've had my own issues with mental health (I am diagnosed with clinical depression, it is treated and I am relatively okay), and because of the pain that both the miscarriage and the breakup brought into my life, i've been struggling to stay on track and not go back into things like self-harm and the horrible mentality i used to have. I realized that the last three months of our relationship and the things he has said and his attitude towards me in these last three months, have just shown me that he isn't good for me at all, he unintentionally weighs me down and makes me really miserable. I need to let him go and I know that, but I still feel the need to be there for him and not let him fall into that horrible cycle that addiction brings any deeper. I am still in love with him and I am really scared that someday soon I'll receive a call telling me that he OD'd or that he slit his wrists open. I want to protect him but by doing so I also hurt myself, and I really don't want that. If you are still reading up to this point, thank you. I really needed to just tell this to someone, and I accept any advice that you guys may have. Thank you.
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2019.05.06 03:02 Hamilton-Fire Cansortium DD - TIUM.U/CNTMF

Hey Weedstocks! Just wanted to share some DD on Cansortium (TIUM.U/CNTMF). I had really busy weekend and wasn’t able to do the full write up I wanted but oh well - I'll do my best to answer any questions.

To start things off, Cansortium is a multi national operator (MNO) with their core operations in the US - branching out into Canada, LATAM, Europe and Australia. Their focus is on high quality medical cannabis which seems rare.

Recent interview with CEO, Jose Hidalgo -

Disclosure: The majority of this write up is copy/paste from digging through Sedar filings

Business of the Company – U.S. Operations – Current

The current facility located near Winter Garden, Florida (the “Florida Facility”) has been complete since August 2016. It is being used for the cultivation and processing of cannabis as well as for a home delivery processing location.
The Florida Facility currently has an area of approximately 31,000 sq. ft. for cultivation and 9,000 sq. ft. for production. There are nine (9) currently operating dispensary locations. As of the date of this Prospectus, the Company has secured a long- term lease with a purchase option for an existing 27,000 sq. ft nursery located in Polk City, Florida. Additionally, the Company has an agreement in principle to lease a newly constructed indoor facility with a state of the art multi rack growing system, resulting in an effective 60,000 sq. ft. of cultivation. These noted expansions will require full regulatory inspections by the Department of Health.
Knox Nursery owns the current property in Winter Garden on which the Florida Facility is located. The Company has a land lease with Knox Nursery for the Florida Facility.
Business Objectives and Milestones
In order to increase production capacity of cannabis, the Company is in the process of expanding cultivation area by 60,000 sq. ft. in Tampa, Florida by March 31, 2019 and 27,000 sq. ft. in Polk City, Florida by March 31, 2019.
In addition, the Company expects to add to its current nine (9) dispensaries as follows: an additional one (1) (ten (10) in total) expected by the end of Q1 2019 and an additional five (5) (fifteen (15) in total) expected to open by the end of Q2 2019. An additional seven (7) (twenty-two (22) in total) expected to open by the end of Q3 2019. These thirteen (13) dispensary locations are all in various stages of development currently with actual sites identified.

Puerto Rico
The Puerto Rico Facility has an area of 1,920 sq. ft. for cultivation, 650 sq. ft. for production, and 1,170 sq. ft. for retail dispensary.

Business Objectives and Milestones
The Company will continue to sell wholesale to licensed dispensaries in Puerto Rico; however, in order to increase production capacity of cannabis, the Company is in the process of expanding cultivation area by expanding to an outdoor broad acre farming style facility of one (1) acre. In addition, the Company expects to add to its current one (1) dispensary by an additional one (1) dispensary in Q2 2019.

The Company has a 1,700 sq. ft. dispensary located at 648 Frederick St., Hanover, PA, which has been operational since June 2018. This dispensary purchases wholesale finished product for sale to patients and their caregivers, where applicable. Revenues are derived by applying a 50% mark-up on the purchased wholesale products, is generating sufficient revenue to cover all operational expenses and has been profitable since September 2018.

Business Objectives and Milestones
The Company expects to add to its current one (1) dispensary in Pennsylvania as follows: an additional one (1) (two (2) in total) expected to open by the end of June 2019 and an additional one (1) (three (3) in total) expected to open by the end of October 2019.

Note - 43 applicants applied for a vertical integration license when Texas passed the compassionate use act in 2015. Cansortium ranked number 1 and only 3 licenses were granted. Texas is on the verge of passing bills to greatly expand their medical use program. Google Texas NORML for up to date information on Texas bills pertaining to decriminalization, hemp and medical cannabis.

The Texas Facility has an area of 1,300 sq. ft. for cultivation and 650 sq. ft. for production. Currently the Company is expanding the utilized cultivation space with a double stacking system resulting in an effective cultivation area of 4,000 sq. ft. This expansion of space will be realized through the use of a system of stackable racks that results in a more efficient configuration of vegetative versus flowering space. The re-configuration is planned to be in place by the end of Q2 2019 and is fully funded. A potential limiting factor is whether demand will increase sufficiently over this same period of time that would necessitate this use of space. The Company also has rights to expand the cultivation facility up to an additional 400,000 sq. ft as demand requires.

Business Objectives and Milestones
Increase cultivation capacity up to an additional 150,000 sq. ft. should market conditions require additional product in 2019. This expansion will only be undertaken if there is an increase in demand and the expansion is authorized by state regulators. The Company will also continue to develop physician relationships. The initial expansion to 4,000 sq. ft. is entirely funded. In order to realize the additional 150,000 sq. ft. of cultivation expansion, the Company would need minimal funds due to the fact that much of the support infrastructure and labs already exist and are active in supporting current operations. The Company will invest in additional processing and manufacturing equipment.

Business of the Company – U.S. Operations – Anticipated

Note - they have completed the pre-approval licensing phase and are currently finishing up the facility renovations. The facility will be inspected shortly for final approval.

Cansortium LLC has entered into a binding term sheet and agreement, as amended, to acquire, in a non-cash transaction, 100% of the equity interests of Green Standard Inc. and Green Standard Holdings, LLC (collectively, “Green Standard”) in consideration for 2,727,273 LLC Units (the “Green Standard Acquisition”). Conditions precedent to the Green StandardAcquisition include Green Standard obtaining from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, twelve (12) Class C cultivation licenses, a processing license and a dispensary license, as well as consent to the transfer of Green Standard to Cansortium LLC (or as it may direct). Applications have been submitted to the Michigan regulator and pre-application status has been obtained for the twelve (12) Class C cultivation licenses and the processing license.

Should the Green Standard Acquisition be completed, the Company plans on leasing and retrofitting a 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation facility as well as 12,000 sq. ft. of processing space that will contain offices, extraction rooms and quality assurance labs. The Company will also seek four (4) desirable locations for dispensary operations. The dispensary locations to be targeted are existing dispensaries that were utilized under older legislation that has been phased out. This will allow for a local natural market, while at the same time utilizing space that is largely compliant with security requirements. This strategy will help minimize the overall cost of initializing these operations.

Cansortium Health Partners has secured the right to lease an existing greenhouse property in York County, Pennsylvania (the “Pennsylvania Facility”). It is expected to be used for cultivating and processing of cannabis as well as for clinical research as part of the CR Registrant license described above.
The Pennsylvania Facility is expected to have an area of approximately 110,000 sq. ft. for cultivation and 10,500 sq. ft. for production. The considered lease has a term of five (5) years with an option to purchase the property should the Company determine it is economically feasible.

Business Objectives and Milestones
Cansortium partnered with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to obtain a CR Registrant license. Applications closed on April 11th. Only 8 licenses will be handed out and you need a clinical partnership with a university to apply.
Note - Cansortium just raised an additional $25M USD

Business of the Company – International Operations – Current

Cansortium Brazil was registered as a company in the State of São Paulo, Brazil as of February 20, 2018 and has submitted an application for a Pharmaceutical Industry and Distribution License which is issued by ANVISA to import and distribute ANVISA approved products. The ANVISA review and approval process is currently ongoing.

Business Activity
The Company has registered their pharmaceutical handling laboratory and its subsidiary, Cansortium Canada Holdings, has executed a distribution agreement with Distribuidora de Medicamentos Santa Cruz Ltda (“Santa Cruz”), one of the largest distributors of medical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in Brazil covering over 55,000 locations.

Business Objectives and Milestones
The Company will begin importing product into Brazil when such product becomes available from operations in Colombia and Canada.


The facility located near La Calera, Colombia (the “Colombia Facility”) has been substantially renovated and commenced cultivation in January 2019. The Colombia Facility has an area of 86,000 sq. ft. for cultivation and 16,000 sq. ft. for production. Of the available space, 20,000 sq. ft. is now operational and germination of an initial test cultivation has begun. It is also the intent of the Company to utilize the Colombian program for micro farmers to produce cannabis from their farm operations to be used in the processing facility. There is also 10,000 sq. ft. in use for a seed genetic starter program.

Note - Cansortium received their cultivation, processing and sales licenses for medical cannabis on Friday May 3rd, 2019. As the first (and only?) company to have fully integrated cannabis operations in both US and Canada is attractive. They were one of the first LP’s in Florida and their experience with production of high margin products will give them an edge over competition as the roll out continues in Canada.
Having a Canadian license in your portfolio of assets is far more beneficial than people give credit for since the US hype. It gives high credibility when applying for operational licenses in other countries and allows for early penetration through exports.

The facility located near Grimsby, Ontario (the “Grimsby Facility”) is currently in Phase 2 of a retrofit and re- construction. Phase 1 was completed in June of 2018. It is expected to be used for cultivating and processing of cannabis as well as for wholesale, retail sales and exportation. Phase 1 has been fully submitted to Health Canada. Phase 2 is approximately 85% complete and is expected to be ready for an expansion application with Health Canada by the end of Q2 2019.
The Grimsby Facility was completely retrofitted, and has made available 20,300 sq. ft. of cultivation space during Phase 1. The Company also re-constructed a 9,000 sq. ft. production and processing area attached to the cultivation space. This Phase 1 retrofit was done on an existing greenhouse structure and will be similar in operations to the existing style of growing the Company has elsewhere. Phase 2 of the retrofit will include a complete re-build of an additional portion of the existing greenhouse. Once complete, the total size of the Grimsby Facility is expected to be 100,200 sq. ft. for cultivation, 9,000 sq. ft. for processing and 8,500 sq. ft. of physical plant.

Business Objectives and Milestones
The objective is to complete the Phase 2 construction of the facility, obtain license to be a Licence Holder under the Cannabis Act (Canada) from Health Canada to produce and sell cannabis, begin cultivation and sale of cannabis, and establish export agreements to Europe, Australia and Brazil. In order to establish operations, the Company will continue to fund capital expenditures at the Grimsby Facility as well as additional equipment.
Applied for a license to produce, sell and export medical cannabis

Arcadia EcoEnergies (52% owned)
Arcadia EcoEnergies is an existing licensed operation for industrial hemp production. It operated a 300-acre test site in 2017 resulting in the harvest of seed for the processing of hemp oil and protein powder. Cansortium has established a plan to utilize the production of hemp by-products in various consumer goods in multiple markets across its operations. Arcadia EcoEnergies increased its capacity in 2018 by arranging for 1,000 acres of industrial hemp planting.

Future Markets
The Company will seek to expand into new markets and is considering seeking licensing or acquiring existing licenses in various other states, including Oregon, Washington, California and Michigan. The Company is also seeking a license to produce, sell and export medical cannabis in Australia.
The Company has also entered into early stage negotiations to enter other markets in South America (Argentina) and the European Union (UK). The Company is also pursuing a distribution contract with a distributor able to distribute the Company’s products within various countries of the European Union where permitted.
The Company intends to pursue international alliances and expansion, focusing on countries with regulatory environments that support the production and sale of cannabis-based products. The Company intends to leverage its research and development expertise in the advanced cultivation and extraction technologies for high-quality, organic cannabis, cannabis oils, genetic trait development, formation and delivery methods, standardization, quality assurance and the regulatory licensing process in order to provide support and guidance to companies in which the Company enters into international alliances with.
The Company intends to identify opportunities to create international alliances with local partners to apply for cultivation licenses in other countries and to pursue these and other opportunities in other countries.

Summary of (C)urrent and (N)ear (T)erm markets
US - Florida(C), Texas(C), Pennsylvania(C), Michigan(NT), Puerto Rico(C), Oregon(NT), Washington(NT), California(NT)

Fully diluted share count - 213M
2018 revenue - $19.1M USD
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