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r/hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 12: Hibernation Edition

2019.12.23 14:46 HockeyPowerRanker r/hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 12: Hibernation Edition

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Dec 16, 2019 - Dec 22, 2019

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.






The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here


How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.
The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /hockey!

Rankings (29/31 Rankers Reporting)

Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (1.36) Washington Capitals - 26-6-5 2-1-0 We can't beat the Jackets and I don't know why. We can beat the Devils and the Bolts though, the latter of which marked the season sweep against the sleeping giants. Literally the only gripe I have with the team is with Panik, who objectively sucks. The fans seem to have turned on Jensen as well but they're wrong. Backstrom will sign his new 3-5 year deal soon, then Ovi will sign his new 2-4 year deal over the summer, then Holtby will go be pretty good for Edmonton or something. This is the way. In the meantime we've got a Christmas Eve Eve date against a Boston team that's struggling so hard recently that it's almost a trap game. Go Caps.
2 (2.97) St. Louis Blues 3 23-8-6 3-0-0 Best in the West, 5 game win streak, great game against our biggest challenger in the division. All this without our elite #1 RW and our cup-winning goalie = cool.
3 (4.81) New York Islanders - 23-8-3 1-1-1 They finally beat the Bruins, and they did it on national TV, in Boston, playing Trotz brand hockey. Aside from that, they let in an albatross of goals. Trotz doesn't let this kind of play linger so they should rebound next week. Clutterbuck had a scary injury and is out for a while, but expected to return this year. Ladd is back on the roster, but most important, HO SANGS BACK IN BPORT BABY.
4 (5.47) Colorado Avalanche -2 22-11-3 1-3-0 It is amazing how one player can become so essential to a team in a short time. Without Makar two major issues are becoming obvious. 1 our Powerplay is reliant on skill way too much and doesn't really have a system, also no one else can QB a PP that well. 2nd our giveaways and poor passing have dramatically increased. I don't know how one guy can change that much but passes have gotten bad. The other major issue is the Top line while all back doesn't seem to be clicking. Mackinnon looked more dangerous when Rantanen and Landeskog were not playing. On the positive side, Zadorov is earning his way to a long extension and when he gets assigned to a player on the other team he plays his role well. With the Christmas break upon us let's hope the team can get rejuvenated and bring more energy this week. Just another hard week in the Central we have Vegas right before the holiday then a back to back with the Wild and Stars. One more positive note Makar should be back by next weekend.
5 (6.08) Carolina Hurricanes 1 22-12-2 2-1-0 After 6 consecutive great starts from James Reimer it seems that a bit of goalie controversy has entered the chat. Honestly didn’t think that Reimer would be this good to start the season.
6 (6.86) Pittsburgh Penguins 3 21-11-4 2-1-0 7th overall in the league but still in a wildcard spot. The metrodome is nuts this year.
7 (7) Boston Bruins -3 21-7-9 0-0-3 Well, at least the Bruins are on a 4-game point-streak. Winning only 1 game in their last 7 is continuing the slump and the bears stay in hibernation. At least this week, they were competitive in each game but the Bruins haven't played a full 60-minute game in about a month. 0-5 record in shootout this season so far is a joke. With the Caps on Monday, I expect another L there and here's hoping the short Christmas break gives them some rest. At least Pasta is the Atlantic captain and Cassidy will likely be named to the All Star Game as well.
8 (9.17) Philadelphia Flyers 4 20-11-5 3-0-0
9 (9.81) Winnipeg Jets -1 21-13-2 1-2-0 This week of low points and the inability to stop exactly 1 player on every team, comes with 3 upsides: Wheeler becomes the franchise points leader, Hellebuyck ties Pavelec for franchise shutouts leader, and the rest of the central decided to shit the bed this week too (except the Blues). Look, let's just pretend the 1st two games didn't happen; Aho? Kane? Never heard of 'em. That Minnesota game though? That was a good time.
10 (10.53) Arizona Coyotes - 20-13-5 2-1-0 An up and down week for the coyotes who will maintain the pacific division lead. All eyes are on new acquisition Taylor Hall who has a goal and two assists through three games in the Sedona Red. Clayton Keller continues to roll with 12 points in his last ten games. Another injury will test the will of the team as Kuemper goes down week to week, leaving Raanta to lead the way in goal. The team may finally be finding its offense, but will need to push to keep its stingy defensive game together with key injuries to Hjalmarrson and Demers alongside the Vezina candidate goalie.
11 (10.58) Dallas Stars -4 20-14-4 1-3-0 No idea whats going on with the team. Maybe losing Monty is catching up to us? 2 Terrible loses in a week is pretty demoralizing.
12 (13.33) Vegas Golden Knights 1 20-13-6 2-0-1 Malcolm Subban is the best Subban.
13 (14.03) Toronto Maple Leafs 4 19-14-4 3-0-0 Our backup won a game!!!! Oh, it was against an AHL team. It still counts though. Big win against Buffalo, surpassing them in the standings even after the refs were blind with a bad Okposo hit on Dermott which lead to a BUF goal. High scoring game in New York, with Marner and Nylander each scoring a pair. On Saturday night, it was 0-0 for what felt like too long, until the Leafs broke it open, and things got dirty with some dangerous plays, probably with no repercussions. The Leafs are now 10-4 with new head coach Sheldon Keefe, and Morgan Rielly is finally looking healthy and back up to speed. He hasn't missed any games this season, but he was missing a lot of practice and did admit something wasn't right.
14 (14.19) Edmonton Oilers -3 20-15-4 2-2-0 This has been the week of met expectations. Beat the Stars and Habs, teams we've historically had good records against. Lost to the Blues and Penguins, teams we usually lose against. A 2-2-0 would be considered a bad week, but after the weeks leading up to this one, this has been a welcome. Mike Smith hasn't looked great, Ethan Bear is not having a good time and neither is Draisaitl. McDavid is still spectacular. The best positive for the last month or so is how good some players in our bottom 6 have been, especially our 4th line that is doing a respectable job creating offensive pressure. Two very important games coming up against the Canucks and the Flames.
15 (15.33) Florida Panthers 4 18-12-5 3-0-0 What happened when you place together; a dog detective, a one-legged DJ, and a guy that loves the number 52? A Noël miracle!!
16 (15.69) Calgary Flames -2 19-14-5 1-1-1 The Flames stopped a 3 game losing skid with a dominant win over Dallas. The powerplay is starting to click and the team continues to work hard... most of the time.
17 (17.06) Nashville Predators 5 17-12-6 3-0-1 My reaction when the Preds take 7/8 points on a 4 game road trip. Seriously though, if you told me last week the Preds would not only beat the Rangers in a close game, but then turn around and put up 8 goals against the Isles? And then beat the Bruins? I probably would have laughed. For a team that's looked as flat as it has the past month and a half, this week was a welcome breath of fresh air for Preds fans. Hopefully (there's that word again) with whatever sparked this week and the return of Arvy, the Preds can keep momentum going into the New Year. There's 3 games this week, including a back-to-back home and home with the Pens, and then it's off to the Winter Classic. Please don't Perd it up.
18 (17.14) Tampa Bay Lightning -3 17-13-4 1-1-1 This team just is not fun to watch. Vasy looks like some hot ass, dude REALLY needs a reset. Maybe change pads, or maybe the all star break will fix it. There's been some forwards who have looked like shit too. Tyjo hasn't played great. Joseph literally got sent down. Kuch got benched for the 3rd period and OT for a game. Only things I've been excited by are the massive strides we've seen Sergachev and Cirelli take. Sergachev has looked really good, definitely huge improvements from last year. Cirelli plays hard every single shift and I really love seeing him with Stamkos. I really do think that Cooper has to go.
19 (18.33) Vancouver Canucks -1 18-15-4 2-1-0 A week out from fire-Green fever, the Canucks post their first positive stretch in what seems like ages. And the memes overflow in response. Pettersson is producing again, and Virtanen continues to excel in a limited offensive role. Hughes' powerplay wizardy has cooled slightly, but will return soon. Markstrom is incredible. Since the Pacific is insanely tight, the Canucks remain right there in the playoff bubble. And despite this team performing roughly how everyone claimed to expect they would, the bipolar fanbase continues to erupt with each win and loss. It's great fun - at least half the time. Happy Holidays!
20 (19.19) Montreal Canadiens 3 17-13-6 2-1-0 The Habs paid warm holiday greetings to their fans throughout western Canada, treating our foreign legion to thrilling victories in Vancouver and Calgary. You can have your arenas back now. Edmonton wasn't quite as accommodating, but otherwise it was a great show too. Julien had Suzuki out there against McDavid-- that's something to discuss with family over turkey stuffing. The Canadiens continue to play much better on the road than at the Bell Centre, which is fine for now because the Habs are 3 games into a 7 game road trip. I hope Suzuki, Fleury, and Poehling get cash for xmas because if a rookie dinner gets called in South Beach they're dead.
21 (19.69) Buffalo Sabres -5 17-13-7 1-2-0 We played alright with Jack in the lineup and got stomped without him. It's been said before but the skill gap between Jack and the next best player on the squad is enormous. Dahlin will close that gap eventually, but its very obvious that we lack scoring punch outside the top line. Skinner and Johansson are cold right now on the second line, Mittelstadt got demoted to the Amerks, Sheary has been invisible, etc. At least Ullmark and Olofsson are playing out of their minds.
22 (21.42) Minnesota Wild -2 17-15-5 1-2-0 Wish we would have save some goals from the Arizona game for the Winnipeg game. What an embarrassment.
23 (22.19) New York Rangers -2 17-14-4 1-2-0 Not the best of weeks, but no team is perfect. We opened with a brutal game against the Preds in which the officiating was some of the worst I've seen in years. I think of that game as a throwaway and we can just move past it now (mostly because just thinking about it makes me angry). Next up our game against the Leafs. We seemed to at least be able to hang with Toronto up until the third period. While we never had the lead, we at least were able to respond to what the opposition had, until the final period came around. The final game of the week was against the Ducks, in which we finally won a game this week. Our offense did it's thing and Lemieux gave us a show. Hopefully Chytil's injury isn't serious because he's been fantastic lately. Let's see what next week holds. LGR
24 (22.33) Columbus Blue Jackets 4 16-14-6 4-0-0 Since December 7th, the Jackets have played 8 games. They have lost Bemstom (Ribs), Milanio (UBI), Anderson (Shoulder), Murray (paper skin and glass bones), Peeke (puck to mouth in one game and broken finger in the next), Savard (illness), Atkinson (LBI), and Bjorkstrand (Rips/Oblique strain). The Jackets are also 6-0-2 over the same span. Obviously we have figured out the recipe to success -- sacrificing one player per game to the hockey gods. Luckily, the positions the Jackets have the most depth in are the ones getting hit -- defense and RW. Every single one of our opening night RWs are injured now.
25 (25.08) San Jose Sharks -1 16-20-2 0-3-0 Another bad week, I'm starting to accept that our window might have actually closed this year. The Sharks look different under Boughner, but it hasn't done anything for us so far. We still look lethargic, and the team is gonna need some major changes if we want to make the playoffs. The Sharks have a talented roster, and I still have hope that the team will get better, but at this point it's pretty unlikely that it'll be in time to make the playoffs.
26 (25.53) Anaheim Ducks -1 16-18-3 1-3-0 We got multiple power play goals in a game for the first time this season. This is not a drill. Looking ahead: Lukas Dostal should be the starting netminder for the Czech team. Zegras should be a key contributor for the US team and it looks like BOGroulx should make the Canadian team. PS: Groulx’s father might be on some nhl head coach watchlists by the end of the season.
27 (25.81) Chicago Blackhawks 2 15-16-6 2-1-0 Keith returned on Wed after missing 3 weeks (groin injury). He remains the our best dman. The Hawks lost Saad (right ankle) for a couple weeks. He's been one of our best and most reliable forwards. Seabrook was held out due to nagging issues. After starting with 1G, 1A in the first 11 games, Toews has 7G, 18A in the last 26. Toews, Kane, Dach, and Kubalik led the Hawks to their first win when trailing after 2, over Colorado (Sat). Kane has 20G, 9 more than Saad (2nd most on the team); and 46P, 19 more than Toews. Kubalik has 10G as a rookie. Marc Crawford will return from a month suspension on Jan 2. My power ranking of Lehner panda tweets: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
28 (26.97) Ottawa Senators -2 15-18-4 1-1-2 The Sens finally managed to get Hogberg his first NHL win this week. Unfortunately they also pissed away 2 other great performances he had, and managed to get OTL points in the process which seriously hampers our tanking efforts. There's basically no way we'll be able to contest the Red Wings for 31st (which they firmly have on lock), and the Devils are nosediving hard in the standings as well...at this rate we'll be relying on the Sharks' pick as our primary ticket for the lottery! Hopefully the team starts losing again after the winter break.
29 (27.31) Los Angeles Kings -2 15-19-4 1-1-1 The Kings impressive road trip continued this week with the Kings grabbing 8/12 pts. The overtime win against the Bruins was one of the most memorable games this year.
30 (29.72) New Jersey Devils - 11-19-5 1-2-0 Well, honestly, nothing super crazy.. We beat the ducks, which was possible. We lost to the Caps, debatably the best team in the league right now. We lost to the Jackets cause we can't beat the metro unless its the Flyers or Rags. The Good: Gilles Senn did great in his first start. Let in 3 goals, but every one came from between the circles on more or less defensive breakdowns. Having a young, hungry rookie as a backup may be the jolt this team needs in net. Hischer and Palms have continued scoring without Hall, which is a good sign. The Bad: This column is starting to feel like beating a dead horse. We're bad, underperforming, and sometimes just genuinely not fun to watch. Advance analytics show we dont create or convert on high danger opportunities. We also shoot below league average, do we shoot more? The Ugly: Compared to the past few weeks, nothing too ugly. We need to watch our usage of Blackwood though, he's starting to look tired.
31 (31) Detroit Red Wings - 9-26-3 0-3-0 Im here to teach you guys about the pecking order. It goes the Detroit Red Wings, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami, then Popo. Any Questions?
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2014.03.13 10:05 tabledresser [Table] Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Halo 4...I Designed on these titles and more. AMA

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Date: 2014-03-12
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Questions Answers
What are your thoughts when you hear about fans causing such a stir over the ending to a video game? (Mass Effect 3)...And secondly, if you could go back and change something you did (particularly in ME 1 & 2), what would you change? Thanks for your time! I LOVED the ending. Here's the trick, though, I really consider the whole last 2/3 of ME3 to be the ending to the trilogy. I don't just consider the last "stage" to be the ending. I get why people were annoyed by the colors, but for me the deeper emotional connections far overshadowed any sacrifices made at the altar of the almighty budget (of course BioWare would've made 3 completely different endings if they could have...which quarter of the game would you cut to be able to afford it, though?).
The stuff that absolutely SLAYED me: - "Someone else would've gotten it wrong." - Grunt coming over the crest - "I bet you say that to all the guys that get you a homeworld." - "That's for Thane you son of a bitch." - "I just wish we had more time together." - The montage as Shepard falls.
I'm choking up just thinking about it. Could be because I'm so closely tied to the games, though...and that I've been up 30+ hours straight to get the campaign off the ground.
Re: things I'd change, I touched on that in this comment. Since you asked, though...hmmm...lemme think...
On Jacob's Loyalty mission in ME2, I managed to get the shuttle to fly directly between the sun and the camera, making for a cool silhouette moment. The skybox got shifted, though, and I lost the shot. Always wished we could've saved that (happened to late for us to be able to fix it). Is just a little thing, though.
Mordin and Thane are definitely my favorite characters and I cry manly tears every single time. You folks did a fantastic job making us all truly care. It's funny how Mordin came out of nowhere. When I first saw him he just looked like another Scientist Salarian (;P). But as soon as we heard the voice work of the dialogue, and we decided on the direction for how we were going to introduce him, constantly moving around his lab with his attention drawn two ways at once, he instantly became a classic. Getting to put together that scene is definitely on top of my list. John Ebenger really brought him home, though, with the musical number and his ending.
I didn't work with Thane much at all. Think the only thing I did was the scene with his son. I am fond of the trick I made Shepard do; shooting the lamp next to his son to distract him enough to move in for a punch, and the shot of you kicking away the gun after. The idea for the lamp thing was so random. Gave me a smile.
What game are you most proud to have worked on? Am proud of them all for different reasons, really. Mass Effect one because I survived my first game. ME2 because 96. Dragon Age because I got to do the endings. Star Wars cuz...Star Wars. Scribblenauts because it was my first foray into level and puzzle design. Halo 4 because I got to dig deeper into how Narrative Design works without cinematics.
Which game is your favorite to play? ME2 for the combat and ME1 for exploring the uncharted worlds. I had some of my funnest moments searching for random stuff on all the different planets. Felt awesome when you'd barely make it up a complicated slope, round a corner, and find a big pyramid hiding behind the mountain. That sense that while you only had a general idea of where you were heading, that you'd eventually find something interesting is exactly what we're going for with Epoch: Return.
What is something you really wish you could have done or done better on one of the games? All game developers cringe to some degree when they see their final work. There's never as much time as you'd like to have had. So I've got a LOT of stuff I wish I'd done better. Examples in particular, though, would be your first conversations with the Illusive Man and Miranda on ME2. Illusive Man in particular had some pretty awesome shots (gawd, that art was fun to shoot, and hello, Martin Sheen) but those are the ones I feel I could've done so much more with if I'd known then what I know now. Failures are where you learn the most. I feel Illusive Man was pretty good, but should've been great, and the Miranda one just fell pretty flat. I had a good vision for the Miranda scene, but I just couldn't get it through the screen to the player.
Thanks for doing an AMA! I've actually played most of these games, despite not really being a gamer. That's the hard part is not just putting what's in your head on screen, but getting it into the player's head so they feel what you feel about the scene. I'm pretty proud of my work with her at the end of her Loyalty mission, though. I did the little part after the elevator, before she goes to talk to her sister, or decides to leave.
What do you think of morality / reputation meters in games? Should it be simple or clearly presented so that the player has a clear understanding of the playspace? Should they be intricate or partially hidden so that the player isn't distracted by the metagame of morality management? Sup Ryan. This is the Lead Artist for Epoch: Return, Ryan Gatts. I'll be peer-pressuring him into an AMA in the near future.
Morality/reputation meters, at least as far as my experience so far, is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. On the one hand you want to reward the player and give them clear feedback (if players don't get any sort of feedback from an action in a game, then there was no consequence to their action...which is one of the main points of games over other mediums is that you effect the world somehow), and on the other clear-cut and immediate moral outcomes aren't very realistic and thus can feel more gamey than genuine.
So what'ya do? I don't really know. I'm not sure it's been solved yet, at least not game-wide. If you got rid of the meters and immediate feedback, you'd need to find a way to be certain the player can make the connection between action and consequence. I have played games that forego the meters and let the consequences happen later on in the game, but they didn't clearly make the connection for the player to understand them.
I might take back the "no one's done it right" part, though. The Walking Dead: The Game has absolutely fantastic Narrative Design. "Still...not...bitten."
Well, even The Walking Dead wasn't perfect. It had an incredible narrative and if you fully immersed yourself into the game you felt the real weight of the choices it gave you, BUT...the consequences barely changed. That right there is the problem. The consequences are very large. You choose who lives and who dies. How many people ever have to make a choice that consequential in real life? The problem is that gamers treat game assets as empty. Who cares whether person A or person B dies? A different dialogue isn't going to impress gamers. They want different levels, basically. As in Mass Effect 3. People complained the choices didn't mean anything. Are you kidding me? You could choose the fate of entire species'! But, the result is just some different dialogue so it doesn't mean anything. Now if you got some different level art, then they'd be satisfied. Problem is, it's not worth it to build art at the quality level a Mass Effect game demands if only 50% of the players are gonna see it. So those are some challenges you face in Narrative Design. I don't think BioWare can be blamed for not realizing ahead of time that part of the community would be so laisez-faire about choosing life or death for two entire species of life forms (Geth vs. Quarian, for example). That's not exactly common knowledge. Though it does support what I say about the plot not mattering. Kill off the Geth...meh /shrug. Kill off Tali...OH MY GOD!! Even fits real life. What's the addage about killing a few people, you're a murderer, but kill a few thousand you're a conquerer.
It makes sense though. Creating branching outcomes essentially dilutes each individual storyline. These days though with so many great games to play and so little time to play them, I would definitely prefer a single strong resonant narrative vs. many inconsequential consequences.
Ash or Kaiden? I saved Ash. Though she'd probably be my last choice for love interest among the women and Asari.
Tali! Yeah, Tali was my girl. Though I seem to be one of the few that liked Miranda. Women that intimidate everyone else are hot.
You should be fond of Jack as well, then. I like Jack a bit, but it's definitely different. Miranda intimidates with confidence and excellence, where as Jack threatens you with physical harm. I loved Jack's level in ME3, though. Felt like she'd really started to come around and become a positive member of society without losing her edge.
You are definitely not the only one. I even continued my romance with her in ME3. Which was not remotely worth it, because you see her like 4 times throughout the whole game, and you don't even see her in person at the end... Ouch. One thing I have to say about Miranda: Yvonne Strahovski really impressed me with her VO. I'm sure she was hired to get a name with good looks, and my bias before working with the VO reflected that, but once I got to working with her stuff, I really dug it. I'm not quite sure her voice fit Miranda's profile of the "perfect" human as well as her looks did, as I might imagine someone with a bit more timbre, like Renee Russo, but she did great, acting-wise.
Hi Nathan, thanks for doing this! What is your favourite Halo 4 level, and why? I've read plenty of "Best Halo 4 campaign level" lists but I'm interested in your opinion bc of your expertise in Narrative & Cinematic Design. Good luck w/your new game. I'll check out the kickstarter now. If I had a Needler to my head, I'd probably go with the jungle level. It definitely felt to me like they stepped the most outside the usual Halo level design. It felt very cramped and organic. Was a great example of how the level art supports the narrative of being a little bit lost. Plus you meet Commander Palmer (played by Jennifer Hale...who I've gotten to work with FIVE times!), drive a tank AND a mech. What else ya need?
Name the top three movies and/or games that made you go, "That's what I want to do for a living." Why? Well my sci-fi geekiness started with Star Wars so that'd have to be one. Probably the first movie to show me that anything I imagine could be put to screen.
The game that made me a gamer was Metroid. The open exploration sucked me right in. I didn't even find any of the bosses for a very long time. I just liked exploring. Plus I've grew up around lots of strong women, so when Samus took her helmet off, it got me started off on the right foot. Yeah women are under-represented among heroes in games, but when only the second game I've really ever played (after Super Mario) has a heroine, now I'm a young kid who thinks bad-ass female protagonists is a normal thing.
I'm gonna cheat and do a double, but the original Ninja Gaiden, and then later the first trailer for Halo, both showed me just how much overlap there was between film, TV, and games when it came to how you can evoke emotion in the audience.
I'd say the combination of those three examples is what kept me so invested in gaming that I eventually ended up doing it as a career.
So whatever happened to the Geth finding Shepard instead of Cerberus? There's still remnants of it in the game with Legion's dialogue on missions you do before you recruit him. Honestly, I don't even remember that ever being discussed (that's far from proving it's not true. My job was to help tell the story, not help write it). I always remember it as being Cerberus. Maybe there's some details that just got cut because they were nothing more than backstory? I'm just guessing.
Well I guess it could just be speculation, but the evidence is there -Link to www.youtube.com. Nothing rang any bells. But things get cut all the time, so there could certainly be some missed connections or artifacts. A big part of making games is using what you're stuck with when you don't have the budget to fix things perfectly.
I have few questions for you. I spent a lot of time on Spartan Ops. I learned a lot. Multiplayer-based story progression almost never attempted (Star Wars: tOR and Defiance being the only ones that come to mind), and there's good reason for that. I would love to give it another shot someday, though. I think it can work. You've just gotta know exactly what you wanna do from the very start and immerse the narrative in all aspects of the design. No one's gotten to that point yet. Just gimme a few million bucks and I'll do it w/Epoch.
Are there any game franchises that you would want to work on like Portal or the rumored next Mass Effect game? Thank you for your time good sir. :D. 2) I'll re-iterate that I would love to do a Buffy-verse game with Volition. Other than that, though, I kind of enjoy playing my favorite franchises more than I want to work on them. Most the time, when I want to work on something it's because I want to fix it. My favorite franchises, though, are good just how they are. Sometimes I do pine for going back to the Mass Effect or Dragon Age universes, but I've got my own universe to worry about now. Plug time again
Why didn't you also work on Mass Effect 3? I moved closer to family and friends. Was tough to leave BioWare (leaving Edmonton...not quite as painful) and my friends there, but it's been for the best.
What games and other media inspires you behind the design of your games? I've always wanted to do game design and my ideas draw heavily from adventure games, like Zelda and from different cartoons. Well to tell the truth, other than with Return, I haven't really been very involved in the overall design of the games I've worked on. The design has been laid out before I get there, and it's my job to help immerse the players in the design, whatever that may be.
And I just try to learn from anything that does a great job. The Walking Dead game, Inception, Prince, Michael Jordan...whatever. If you observe the work of the very best people, you'll always learn something you can apply to your own, even if it's from a source you'd never think of being related.
Awesome! So, how did you get into the industry? The usual way. Basketball gets me into an east coast college. Start out in Economics. Switch to Chinese studies. Live in China a while. Say "screw it, I'm gonna go make movies" and move to NYC. There I got into machinima, which led to me getting brought on at BioWare. Basically, Ken Thain, a fellow machinima artist, gave me my first, of several, big breaks in the industry. I'm extremely lucky, though I also understand how one makes their own luck, as well.
of all, who was your favourite character? What were some of the things that you worked on that turned out as good if not better than you imagined? And likewise what were some things that you would improve if you could? And kudos for the first Dragon Age question. That's a lot of characters to try to remember. But for some reason Carroll came to mind. He could answer all three questions, really. He turned out better than planned, because he's just a travel button, basically, but the VO was so good I couldn't not put some extra time into him. But if I had had more time, he could've been even better. I probably would've put more work into timing all his little pose and facial switches better.
What are you working on now? Are there any game series or studios you really wish you could work with? Epoch: Return is what I'm working on now. Some Seattle Indie devs and I are making a concept I've been working on for a while. The gameplay is built around exploration to find crashed ships to salvage parts and fuel from, and the narrative is built around your relationship with your pilot, who's also your business partner and wife. You're marooned on an alien planet, so you've got lots of time to talk and keep each other company. There's lots of game series and studios I'd love to work with. Picking one, I LOVE Saints Row 3 and 4. Those games' Cinematic Design is vastly underrated, and the gameplay is phenomenal. The whole design perfectly rides the line between not taking yourself seriously and treating yourself as a joke. If I had to pick something other than what I'm already working on right now, I'd probably make a game set in the Buffy-verse with Volition.
So you're the one that did the conversation with the shifty-eyed cow? Nope.
Some felt the ME3 wasn't enough of a confrontation between the Reapers (Harbinger in particular) and the galaxy than what ME1, ME2, and the marketing associated with ME3. Hmmm. I've never really thought about that balance, but I think I know what you're getting at. You're right that they didn't turn out to be quite as big a problem as feared. Otherwise there wouldn't have been any battle, right? That's problem with building an omnipotent enemy. When you do eventually beat 'em, kinda deflates the victory. BUT, the thing that is right about their perhaps lack of spotlight is that the focus was maintained on the characters. Honestly I don't even remember any details that aren't tied directly to a character's arc. That's one thing BioWare does as well as anyone and better than most is that they know that character is king. How could a story about a blonde cheerleader that kills vampires possibly be one of the best TV shows ever? Because the characters were king. The silly high school and vampires thing was just the setting and rocks that got thrown at the characters' that they had to either dodge, catch, or take the hit and bounce back from. A common thread between what's considered "bad" stories are that they create a plot, and design the characters to fit the plot they want. It needs to be the other way around. You need to create your characters and make them real people that we can relate to (not necessarily human people), and then create a good plot to challenge them with.
What are your thoughts of the extent of spotlight the Reapers themselves received in ME3.
Is there any particular portions of the game you would've involved the reapers more into, particularly the Harbinger?
How do you feel about the fact that they got rid of the static filter in ME3? You are the cinematic designer so I think you would have feelings about that. I think I remember it bugging me, but I quickly adjusted. I never read or heard anything about any reasons. Maybe because they felt they had enough of a handle on the Unreal engine that they no longer needed to soften it? I'm totally guessing.
I think I'm so over-exposed to all the little quirks of the games' rendering engines that I often look right past that stuff.
Which of this games gave you the biggest satisfaction, as a designer and as a gamer? Touched on it in this thread.
Though there could be a difference between designer and gamer. As a designer, Mass Effect 2 just set the highest quality bar, where as Scribblenauts let me step the most outside my comfort zone.
As a gamer, it doesn't get much bigger than getting to work on Halo.
Do you think you'll be working on the next Mass Effect? Epoch: Return
Edit: fixed the link.
Bad link - tries to send us to your dashboard which is login-only. Fixed. Thx. fixed the link.
Thanks for the AMA! What steps is taken to get a job in the video game field or get a job doing what do? I've been thinking about going into video game design when I graduate highschool... Don't. Play games. Enjoy them. Game development is hard as shit. You're underpaid, over-worked, and you sit at a desk all day. And 90+% of them never get to work on a great game, much less several.
If you're only thinking about it, try modding. See if you like it, and it'd help you figure out what discipline you want to do. Or you could go to school for skills like programming and digital art that apply to all kinds of careers in addition to games, so that you've got options.
I'll help, why did those Promethean weapons get added to the game? They serve no purpose at all and feel like reskins of other weapons. Sounds like you're describing exactly why the Covenant weapons added new wrinkles to the system, which is the whole point. Can't ship a new game without any new wrinkles.
I'd just like to commend the way you're dealing with these guys. Nice job. Working at BioWare gets you used to passionate fans...eventually - I'm living on Queen Anne in Seattle and making my own videogame...so life doesn't exactly suck - I've been up for a looong time and everything's just kinda bouncin' off me.
I have a question about Master Chiefs armor change if you can answer it. Why did you guys decide to change Master Chiefs armor with very little explanation of how it was done. I would have appreciated a cinematic of how is was done. I've grown to like it and is one of my favorite armor variants but this is such a BIG HOLE for me. Also how come the prologue depicting the other Spartans doesn't use the original Mark V or VI armor variants ? I have no idea, sorry. The only thing that comes to mind is that that could make for one incredibly expensive cinematic. The nice thing about holes like that is someday a writer that works on Halo is gonna determine the details and use them for a piece and get to be the one that makes people like you, that want all the details, happy.
So Dragon age: Origins is in my top 10 games of all time, I hate the gameplay to be honest but the world and storytelling makes up for that. It also is my only Bioware rpg I have ever played. At what stage in development did you guys decided to go for this much freedom in dialogue? And do you regret it having mostly an impact on your party and not on the overal story? I wasn't around for the decision, but since the game was so heavily influenced by Baldur's Gate, it was probably planned right from the start.
Will there be a physical copy of the game on disc offered through KS? No plans for a physical copy.
Manufacturing physical copies of games is a whole level of production for which there is no real infrastructure available that is cost-effective for a game of this size and budget. T-shirts, soundtracks, etc., are much more do-able.
I just want to say that Mass Effect is one of my favorite games of all time, especially the world and aesthetics. You deserve all the credit in the world that, thank you Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Having any part in something like Mass Effect, however small, is a special feeling.
I just happen to be playing ME1 right now and finding all the Rachni song locations. You did a REALLY good job with the setting of mass effect and 2. The sense of scale in mass effect 1 was just amazing. Everything felt so big, just like space. I'm sure the artists responsible for creating that sense of scale would say to thank you kindly. They really were awesome. I was most impressed by how they managed to make ME2 look better AND run better, just by applying what they learned in ME1 about optimization.
Is there anything you would have changed about HALO 4, had you had free reign (within reason of course, no changing HALO into Starwars 2.0 :P) Well, H4 turned out pretty darn good. Was pretty shocked that could be pulled off with a new studio. There was a couple things I designed that didn't make the final game because I had to work on other parts of the game. A couple cool little "sound stories," as I called them. The advantage of them not making the game, though, is that now I get to use them in my game. I won't completely spoil it, but it has to do with the difference in speed of sound and radiowaves, and hearing the same sound from two sources. What kind of effect do you imagine that'd have? Hmmm...;P.
I'd add Blood Gulch. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Halo.
I am being honest with you. I never expected this from you. Are you gonna answer? Can't really comment on something as non-specific as "what went wrong?" I have no idea what you didn't like. Also, there's a 0.0001% chance I had anything to do with the decision you may be referring to. In my studio days, I dealt with the consequences of decisions more than I made them ;)
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2013.09.20 16:46 tabledresser [Table] IamA Medic in the Canadian Army, AMA!

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Date: 2013-09-20
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Questions Answers
In contrast with US forces, Canadian military allows transgender people to serve openly. Do you have any experience working with trans people in your unit? What is the general attitude towards trans people serving among non-trans people? US Army vet here, thanks for your service, brother. The Canadian Military was at a time actually paying for gender reassignment. Very few were approved for this and it usually followed an extensive mental health assesment.
I have never worked with any personally, although the general mentality is very impartial and positive. Same thing for people of different sexual preferance and colors, races, creeds ect ect.
We are generally a very open and tollerant organization. You will see a "flamboyant" gay man in a military uniform. As in their mannerisms and tone of voice and actions make it quite obvious they are gay.
This is accepted as long as the line is not crossed in terms of frat or sexual harrassment, just the same as it is enforced on heteros.
I hope this answered your question.
How often do you go oot and aboot? Constantly.
Blame Canada.
How does it feel to never ever ever get any action? When you join up with the expectation to be deployed like I did, it's a real let down. A lot of people in the Canadian Forces are quite content with remaining in country their entire careers.
Silver lining is that the Canadian Military exists in waves up and down and hires based on operational need. In the down time years people leave and the ones who remain like myself become the new people in the breach to go on back to back operations or deployments when the next conflict arises.
TL;DR- its annoying as hell.
With all the "excitement" emerging from tension with the French language and identity in Quebec, do find it difficult dealing with anglophones or francophones? No.
Most if not all francos i work with speak English so its just a running joke making fun of their hilarious accents. ;)
In the CF, if you do not speak English you generally stay in Valcartier in QC. I say generally.
You've been all around Canada then? What your favourite/least favourite places around the country? Towns, cities, picnic spots, whatever. Moving West to East;
I adore BC, all of it in cluding the island with Comox and Victoria. I would be posted there quite happily with no complaints.
Alberta bases such as Wainwright and Edmonton I dislike due to weather conditions, lack of terrain (i rock climb), and just general mentality of the province. Not for me.
From Alberta all the way Ontario you have pretty much random little bases that I personally am not a fan of because they are more secluded and your opportunities to do things can become pretty small. Not a fan of the praries at all actually lol. Too flat. You can watch your dog run away for 3 days.
Im from Ontario and I enjoy it quite a bit, bases include Borden, Meaford, Trenton, Kingston, and Petawawa (might have missed one) and they are all pretty good goes. They are all positioned within a few hours of the Greater Toronto Area and are close to lots of recreational outdoor spots. Camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, boating, great motorcycle roads. Its gorgeous here.
East Coast...gorgeous and I love people their they are some of the best people in Canada. Bases include Gagetown, Halifax, Green Bay, Gander. A lot of these are small air bases with the exception of Gagetown which is a large combat division and Halifax which (obviously) is the Eastern Port where our ships are.
Edmonton is only 3 1/2 hrs from Banff which has plenty of climbing spots. And it's not that cold in Edmonton. Was waiting for someone to say that. Yes but where I live now I am 20 min from good climbing so it would be a hard hit to take. ;)
If you get yourself posted to Victoria I'll show you around ;) Deal.
EDIT: please be a hot half asian 22 year old girl who plays bass guitar.
Newf here. We have a base in Gander? How did I not know this? Link to en.wikipedia.org
When you're in a triage situation, which injuries get first priority, and which ones do not get treated because the patient has basically no chance of survival? In a mass casualty situation your assessments are quick and dirty of each patient. All you are assessing is breathing and a pulse. If they are not breathing or VSA (vital signs absent) they are rolled into a recovery position and given a low triage card (if you have the damn things). If there are multiple patients and you can visually see and hear that others need immediate tmt you won't do CPR or AR on people who are VSA, its a waste of time and you do not have the resources to extend their care.
Important to remember that this varies HUGELY based on situation. A "mass casualty" is defined as any situation where your medical needs outweigh your medical ability. A single medic with two serious patients can be classified as a "mascas" because the one medic cannot provide advanced care to two people at once.
Triage; Severe bleeding, chest wounds, blunt force/blast injuries. People who will die in under one hour without help are RED
Less severe injuries and lacerations, stable closed broken bones, and other injuries that are survivable with lesser intervention and can wait much longer are YELLOW
Walking wounded, people who are concussed, confused, scared and dirty but reletively unhurt are GREEN
VSA, obvious signs of death, or non survivable injuries are BLACK
Pray that if you are putting a black card on someone that they don't know the color meanings.
Why did you join the military? Was it your thing or did it just happen? Tanks for the AMA. I kid. I was going to go to to school for my PCP but then was told the military would pay for it and all the otehr standard recruiting stuff. see the world, make great friends, go to war blah blah blah...so I was hooked after that.
Can you imagine a Press Draft like the old days, except instead of finding the coin at the bottom of the beer mug, your Roll Up the Rim prize was getting drafted? Brilliant.
TL/DR: Tried to buy coffee, became a Canadian hero instead. I'm no hero. But great summation. :p.
Why do you keep calling it "organization"? Is this a Canadian thing or something? I get the sense you see it less as a military fighting force, and more as a business/company. It's fairly common.
However you are correct I do not see us as a conventional fighting force because there are no conventional wars left to fight.
It my opinion we are a band of air works and public servents that exist simply to provide assistance to our own country and others to ask for it when required. We certainly are not as proactive as the United States forces I'll say that much.
Our intended purpose is war fighting and peace keeping, and the excellent training reflects that purpose. But we are rarely deployed or employed in that role.
I thought peacekeeping was a 20th century thing? We were in Op Anaconda, Op Medusa, and many more. Most of the guys that I've called peacekeepers have gotten offended and corrected me. Because they were combat guys involved in a combat tour. Canada still provides humanitarian aid to countries in need.
If you call an Afghan vet a peacekeeper yes he may get offended because he saw combat on his tour and it was far from peaceful.
I am from New Brunswick, haveyou been to CFB gagetown and if so, what do you think of it? Yes I have. I did a 4 week course there in 2009.
I enjoyed the area, the weather was freezing, -40 i believe. The training area is rather swampy in the summer and its a massive massive training area. The base is a large combat division including infantry, armoured, arty, and engineers.
What keeps you motivated? As part of our medical training in the Canadian Army, our final qualification is as a Physician's Assistent(PA). This is a University Degree program offered by the military and accredited by the UNI of Nebraska.
If you don't know what a PA is essentially its essentially a GP Doctor without the title. You have a large scope of practice to dispense drugs and can preform some minor surgeries.
If you were to put it into context of like a pecking order in Canada;
Doctors, PAs, Nurse Practitioners, RNs, LPNs and RPNs, PSWs
Anyway so this course is what I'm waiting to be offered because one you have it you can retire with a pension as well as work as a civilian PA within Canada are other countries around the world. You can have your own small clinic, work humanitarian operations, Doctors without boarders kind of stuff.
That qualification along with the change to do new things and go new places on a regular bases keeps me pretty motivated and happy.
Are you stuck in a Fd Amb unit? Because you called it a "fd amb" I'm guessing you're in the organization?
Field Ambulances (Fd Ambs) can be nasty places because there are a large number of medics all competing for a select few spots doing cool taskings or operations or rotations through a clinic. This can get ugly sometimes in an administrative, favorites-game sort of way.
As the sasying goes, "theres not a lot of room on the bus, but plenty of room under it"
Can confirm. Source: Brother is stuck in a Fd Amb unit. My condolences.
Off, great AMA. How often to you train with other foreign forces? E.G. US Army. Thanks Doc, As a US Army Vet I cannot show you med folks enough love :D. We travel to the states regularly for colaberative operations and training. The US has some great Mountain Warfare courses we take advantage of, small arms compititions, pre deployment and such. Pilots of as far as NZ visit us for training. Special Forces Medics from other commonwealth countries come here for training. And obviously overseas working as part of ISAF.
Great CPL! thanks for your service and answer. Army leads the way! P.S. The hockey is back! so excited for a new season! Go Leafs Go.
Do you apologize to the wounded even though you didn't cause their pain? Because Canadian. "Do you apologize to the wounded even though you didn't cause their pain? Because Canadian." -Yes, of course...after I'm done watching the Leafs though.
Seriously though, are MedTechs required to keep up the same physical and combat training as the 'foot soldiers' (for lack of a better term)? "are MedTechs required to keep up the same physical and combat training as the 'foot soldiers' (for lack of a better term)?" -technically all military members have to maintain the same fitness standard. That standard is pathetically low and anyone who is passionate about this job will strive to keep themselves in good shape.
From the inside, do you feel that Canada's military has its own leadership with its own agenda, or does it act mostly as America's little-brother-in-tow? This is intended as a serious question. From an American's point of view, Canada is always there to support our efforts, regardless of unpopular they are. But I haven't seen any evidence of reciprocity. Lastly, what are your goals after the military? Do you see yourself in a large hospital facility, working with wounded soldiers, private practice? It just so happens that our interests often are aligned with the States which is why you've seen us so much... oh and something bout a Ridge that no one else seemed to be able to take some years back ;) Canada enjoys being part of multi national operations because it gives us the opportunity to play a part in things that we could not handle alone. I personally love working with other militaries, its a great experience. Our biggest issue in the upcomming years will be budget, and how much it has been cut. Personal plans, I would love to retaire with a military pension and work part time as a Physitian Assistant in the civilian world. This can include going up north to Native communities for two weeks on and off because they are so in need of medical practitioners. Also, with a PA degree you can travel the world and work anywhere, similar to how an RN cert is internationally recognized.
What's the worst thing you've ever witnessed? Thanks for your service! Woman had her head removed in a car accident. She ran into the back of a flat bed truck. That one was bad.
HI ...WANNA know the worst injury you'eve dealt with??? Injury as in the person was still alive? A woman in Vancouver had fallen down into a glass coffee table and scalped herself from the occipital bone (back of the head) almost all the way to her forehead.
She was under the influence of drugs and was just sitting there with this large flap of skin and long black hair hanging by a thread to her skull. She was ok in the end and the injury itself was not that complicated, but the sight and nature of it made it pretty grusome to me.
I heard the majority of the medical stuff you deal with is telling the guys in infantry what std they have contracted? Not as common as people think. A lot of paranoid guys who had a rough weekend at the bars.
We wont even test anymore unless a person is symptomatic.
Fellow Canadian here: thank you for your service. What was your motivation to join the army, and as a medic? I answered this already up a lil ways and my little fingers can't keep up I'm sorry (yea I said fuckin sorry again deal with it 'Merica!).
Does the Canadian Army train, or discourage, CPR for patients in cardiac arrest? CPR always for arrest.
Is it SOP for Canadian Army medics to stick most trauma patients and begin lactated ringers for shock-related dehydration? Rescue Flow for traumatic/shock hypovolemia.
Do medics have to sign narcs out from the aid station before missions/ sign them back in afterward or are they trusted to carry battlefield narcs on them for the duration of a training exercise/deployment? Narcs depend on the operational Medical Authority and is at their discression.
Thank you for the reply and i forgot to ask would being able to speak French and English help at all? i assume it would. Yes. It helps a lot to be bilingual.
As someone who is looking into paths about joining the Army, to become a nurse is there any advice you could give to me? In Canada?, America?, or elsewhere?
The UK. I cannot speak for the UK system of training and compensation.
For us it is a good option because (and the UK must be this way too) its a pretty simple deal you cut with the Armed Forces. "Pay for my school and I will work for your organization for a set amount of years."
The opportunities to do things you would never otherwise do are hard to turn down. Also your experince will look very good to future employers when and if you leave the military and seek employment as a civilian nurse.
I would advise calling a local recruiting centre if you are seriously considering it. They will have lots of information for you.
What type of emergency clotting powder do you use in the field? We used to use Quickclot, now we have CombatGauze which is essentially normal gauze impregnated with a quickcloe like substance.
What is your SOP for TQ application vs dressing a wound? Major bleeds and amputation vs stable smaller lacerations.
Do they give you a G.I. Bill (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is,) for you and your dependents? You will have to explain what that is to me.
How did you get into medic tech? I'm a reservist with the CAF and am going to paramedic training in two months. What path did you go? I joined the Reg Force at 18 and the military paid for my training and PCP course @ JIBC in Chilliwack BC. It has since been moved to Moncton NB.
So with the route I'm taking, going paramedic, would that training transfer over to medic? Yes, and you would potentially skip a large portion of the military training system because you already have a PCP cert.
If a person were to join the forces for a specific position, say intelligence, public affairs, legal, etc., what are the chances of them attaining that actual position? Is there a possibility of being placed in a different stream against one's personal preference? Great Question.
You will always get employed in the trade you get accepted into. However what you will actually be doing day to day can very for every trade because at the end of the day the Army says "you are a soldier first" before anything else so that means they can make you do whatever they want. I have spend many days as a medic doing a Clerk or a Supply Tech's job. ;)
As part of your training some of you folks rotate through civilian OR, notably at McGill in Montreal. As an anesthesia tech there we were mildly embarassed at varying degree of helpfulness offered by our facility to you guys. How useful to you are these civilian rotations? Depending on the level of understanding between agencies I find them extremely vauable. Any chance to see how other health organizations do things and learn new tips and tricks is good by me. Also when the civilians you are working with are comfortable with you it makes for a very fun working environment. I have enjoyed all of my Ambulance, ER, and OR rotations over the years.
Oh, and when you sign up, is it somewhat like the beginning of 'full metal jacket' where they buzz your hair off? Yes they shave your head down to a number 1 when you join.
Even though you were not able to go overseas like you probably expected, did the treatment of the patients paint a picture that made you glad you weren't in active combat? Basically, were you still content with helping people though you were not in the midst of chaos. The big difference for me and the bottom line is; yes I would still love to go overseas because I firmly belive that is my duty as a soldier and thats what I signed up to do. However I am very fearful to have to work on close friends. When you work on the street your patients are strangers you don't have any attachement to so you can let things go. I don't know how I would handle it if it were a close friend and person i had worked and trained with for months or years.
If you didn't treat traumatic injuries, did you deal with patients who had psychological after effects of combat? If the following applies, could you describe how, or if, that experience changed you in some way? Also, how much of your time is devoted to reddit and other entertainment on an average day. Are there any work days where there is very little to do? Luckily I was able to at least see stabbings and gun shot wounds in Vancouver so I got a little exposure to some traumatic things. Also, high speed MVAs and falls and other things can give you some pretty good trauma calls.
When there are patients or administrative things to do I do them, when there is nothing to do I will pop into reddit. This varies greatly but if I'm on base I generally have quite a bit of down time (no different than EMTs or Firefighters on shift work).
How long have you been in the Canadian Army? Infantryman, US Army. 6 years. Thanks for your service Mate!
What courses did you need to have when you signed up? Or was it all done in house? Do you get traditional courses in the army? Like EMR EMT EMTP? High School sciences and english. They will pay for and send you through the rest.
What's the "average" week? What do you do day-to-day? Work at 07:00, see walk in sick people till approx noon. Work on other random tasks and jobs and stocking and maintenence till 3 then off to the gym.
Other weeks you are deployed to the field to support an excercise or a course and treat any injuries that happen there.
Have you ever seen any field work, and if you have what was it like and where? I've done multiple excersises with mock and real patients. A lot of these either happen in Gagetown, Wainwright, Pet, or Meaford.
Usually injuries sustained in training are MSK in nature from falls, or traumatic from misuse of equiptment. Example: a soldier had the hatch in a military vehicle fall and fracture his back.
How is this handled in the Canadian military and what are your thought on this? Do you think an emergency physician would be a good addition or do you feel that well trained medical NCO's can do just as well? All i can say is i believe our medical teams are more than capable of handling patients in flight on rout to Role 3 hospitals.
My friend was not deployed as well and it was pretty shattering for him especially because you're training specifically for this. How did you deal with that let down? By understanding that the world is always going to be a busy place. Always with places to go and things to do. You just have to fight through the hard or boring times...like Journey.
What kind of training do you go through? I'm just curious because I'm a corpsman (basically a medic) in the Navy. Probably very similar to yourself. Only we go a little more in depth in terms of patient histories and diagnosis because Canada only has one kind of medic so we need to be able to cover a lot of roles. Opposed to the states that has the money train different types of medics. I believe.
I was interested in becoming a combat engineer. I looked on the website that lists all the soldiers who have died or were severely injured on duty and it seemed like a large amount of them were engineers being injured or killed by IEDs. In your experience do you see a larger number of engineers as patients over other areas of the military? Having never been overseas I cannot answer that.
That trade has its risks though for sure, by its very nature.
Hey I'm currently in my graduating year in canada and weighing out career options. I'm planning on becoming some sort of physician. I'm just wondering on how you got to where you are now. Did you join one of the cadet forces at a young age? Did you take a bachelors degree in the general sciences? I do not have a degree. I will be getting one as part of my PAs course in the years to come.
If you are interested in the miltary then give your local recruiting centre a call or visit the CF website www.forces.ca.
Does your username mean what I think it means? Probably not. lol.
Does anyone call you "warrior healer"? Nope. Thats a new one.
Do you see yourself going for SARtech? Personally no, but those guys are amazing.
To the people taking the piss out of Canada's army in this thread, take a moment to think about what few countries actually saw the world wars through from start to finish. Glad someone said it.
Is it a 'fun' job like not completely dull. The job can be both very fun and very dull depending on the day/time/year.
Fellow Canadian here, just wanted to thank you for your service. Having family that has served in various duties I appreciate what you do for our country. Thank you for your family's service. Hope one day I can contribute in that capasity.
You guys are hard as fuck. Thank you for your service. I personally am not hard as fuck but I work with many combat arms man who are. I just try to look after em. ;)
No question, just want to say fuck yeah! Canada rocks. Lol hell yea mate.
Also, THIS actually does happen all the time. ;)
What are you thoughts on CSOR (i think thats what its called) I have a buddy whos in it and he isnt aloud to really tell me anything about it or what he does. Canadian Special Operations Reg. (CSOR) are a branch of the Special Forces (yes Canada has that too).
They are bloody machines (the actual door kickers that is) and they do a lot of special work over seas.
What are you supposed to do in the field with an open stomach wound, say you were cut and your intestines came out a little. Suppose you won't make it to a hospital for 24 hours... Eviscerations are never good. All you can do it dress the protruding organs with sterile wet gauze and try to splint everything to the body. They need a surgeon and if they dont get one then...well, not good.
Whats your favorite wound or condition, how did you treat it. And what where the results. Im speaking about that one case. Not the general ones. Open Chest Wounds. From say a gun shot or stab wound.
They are very dangerous but also very fixable with needle decompression. It's amazing to see the difference it makes.
Wiki that cause explaining it will take quite a while.
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2013.05.31 18:02 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are Yahoo! Sports' NHL hockey experts, here for the 3rd round of the playoffs. AMA!

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Date: 2013-05-31
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Questions Answers
Will the Sharks ever win the Cup? And will it be in my lifetime? Depends. How young are you? -SL.
How old are you? -Sam.
29. You got some time. Next year will likely be the last hurrah for their main core. It will be interesting to see what kind of moves Doug Wilson makes this summer. Does he go for broke next year and stock up or keep an eye to transitioning the team into Logan Couture's hands. -SL.
1) Do you find it problematic that the final 5 teams were the last 5 teams that won the Cup? No, and I think this story is woefully overplayed. NYNJD/PHO/LAK in the final 4 last season, a.k.a 1994/2003/NeveNever.
On a scale of 1 to Vancouver, how ugly would it have gotten if Seabrook hadn't scored that game winner in OT? And do you think a Chicago loss there might have led the league to actually take a look at the officiating? I've been consistent in saying there was nothing wrong with Walkom's call. Players make far, far more mistakes than officials do - and missed/wrong calls tend to even out IMHO. -SM.
3) Do the Leafs re-sign Bozak or does he walk? I think he re-signs, and I think it's important to Kessel that he does.
What is the Stanley Cup Final match up that you want to see? Pittsburgh-Chicago. Two star-studded teams who play entertaining hockey. Think we'd see a similar series to Detroit-Chicago - the way hockey's meant to be played. - SM.
Pittsburgh vs. Chicago. But mostly because those are my picks. - Wysh.
What's the consensus opinion about next year's realignment plans? Do you guys like the divisions? What teams do you think are poised to be in the best position for a long time? I like the geography of it, and love Columbus moving East more than Detroit, whom I believe the West needs for TV purposes. But the playoff format makes me nervous. -Wysh.
What was the biggest downfall for the Sharks in the second round? An inept road PP? The Torres suspension? Not screening Quick? Something else? Not taking Game 2 in LA. Rare will be the opportunities to beat that team on home ice. -Wysh.
San Jose being top-heavy, LA stealing Game 2, and LA being better. -- HM.
Thanks for doing this guys. Can we talk 2014 Olympics briefly? What are the real chances we don't see NHL players in Sochi? Could you also give us a few guys pushing to make the Team USA roster? Zero percent chance the NHL doesn't go to Sochi.
Quick should be the Team USA starter. Two names I'm intrigued by: Derek Stepan and Kevin Shattenkirk.
They'll go. 90% they'll go. -Sam.
With the new divisional realignment set for next season, do you think teams like Carolina and 'Lumbus will have any chance to hang with the other teams in that division? it seems it's expected they'll be perennial punching bags. The way the playoff situation will work under realignment, there are going to be some good teams missing the postseason. Teams like the Canes and Blue Jackets will have a tough time cracking the divisional top 4. -SL.
As someone who has never watched the sport, what should I pay attention to when I put on a game? What was the best goal or play that you have witnessed? Pay attention to what players without the puck do, whether it's getting open for a pass or defending a play.
If you could hang out with your favorite player, what beer would you drink or what sci-fi movie would you watch together? Don't just watch/look for the puck. Watch how the players skate to find space and create scoring chances. I would drink an Old Speckled Hen with Karl Alzner and MST3K the shit out of "After Earth" Pick a player wand watch them for their entire shift.
When was your first experience with hockey? First experience was playing in my driveway with my older brothers. We used milkcrates as goals.
Where will Ryan Miller land? Where will Luongo land? Will it be on the Isle or elsewhere? Miller's an interesting one, because I'm not sure where the options are. Could Philly kick the tires? The Islanders? What about a team that really needs an upgrade like Edmonton?
Luongo ... sheesh, who knows? -Wysh.
After what Mike Babcock has done with this year's group of Red Wings, is it too much of a stretch to say he is the clear-cut best coach in hockey? He's now won the Cup, Olympic Gold and several IIHF Championships at various levels. If not, who would round out a Top 5? Not sure if he's the "clear-cut" best because other coaches deserve kudos too...but if you want to say Babcock's the best coach in the NHL, I won't fight you on it. -Sam.
Any thoughts on the supposed Islanders interest in Luongo? "Interest" is the key word. All teams have interest in players. 29 teams have "interest" in Sidney Crosby. Reality says the Islanders don't take on such a long-term and rich contract, given their current spending habits. -SL.
I still comes down to whether Luongo would play there. How this fact seems to always get ignored in fantasy trade casting is beyond me. - Wysh.
I think they're interested, and I think Luongo would go there. I honestly think the idea that he'd only go to Florida is overblown. He himself said he never vetoed a trade last summer, and while that's been reported, I don't buy it. I think he just wants to play, and I think he'd happily do it in Long Island/Brooklyn. -- H<
My jersey has 44 and "Pickles" on the back. I love it, and he chuckled when he signed it, but: Nickname = Jersey Foul? (If yes, I'll dig up a picture and you can publicly humiliate me.) Tough call. There's some thought that an official nickname might be OK. But those are the people with No. 28 Jiz jerseys.
How do you feel about torts "dismissal"? He didn't become a horsebleep coach overnight and the Rangers' decision to not keep Prust and Rupp didn't help him. But he's not the right guy to direct this roster. - SM.
Had to happen. Players stopped playing for him, and it's gotten to the point where Lundqvist needs to win every playoff game 2-1 or 1-0. That's untenable. - Wysh.
Why can't Michael Ryder catch a break? He dented the Stanley Cup. It's a curse. -SL Link to sports.yahoo.com
Which basement dweller team do you see having a breakout season next year and making a run at the playoffs? At some point over the next 2-3 seasons the Oilers and their young talent will breakout. Right? -SL.
Last week I made the clutch Twitter decision to unfollow Wyshinski and follow Mooney instead. I'm happy so far, but what are your thoughts on the decision? Your "hockey song parody" intake just increased by 100%. -SL.
I can only assume palpable boredom is your path to happiness. #CallTheYawning - Wysh.
You know you can follow two people, right? In fact, I've heard you can follow more than two and you don't even have to pay or anything! For real though, Wysh sucks compared to me. Sucks. -- HM.
Who will win the first game between Chicago and la and what will the score be? It's in Chicago, the Kings have struggled on the road, so...LA, obviously. Final score: 12-8. -Sam.
Is it possible to pick against Gabe Landeskog? -SL. Seriously? It's Henrik Lundqvist. No contest. He's the most beautiful person in the world. Even Tortorella thinks so... -Sam. Yes, because Henrik Lundqvist exists. Give your head a shake, Leahy. -- HM.
How will the Kings defend their title? Hopping on Jonathan Quick's back and hiding in Penner's beard when things get, uh, hairy. -SL.
Has the sharks window closed entirely? so much talent and regular season dominance for so many years and not even a single stanley cup appearance to show for it. Not at all. One more kick at the can in 2013-14 before Jumbo and Marleau go UFA. - Wysh.
Sharks still have a couple years left with this core. -Sam.
Do you think this post seasons "do no harm" policy regarding headshots and suspensions is the new line going forward? What I mean is do you think the bar has been raised yet again in regards to what constitutes a good hockey hit? Great point and it has. Players going to have to think really hard about making open-ice hits after the Gryba hit on Eller in the Sens-Habs series.
As a disgruntled Caps fan, do you read anything into the Rangers lack of penalties at MSG (In the Bruins series as well)? They were a disciplined team in the regular season too -- fewest minors. - GW.
They lost some Burkian truculence with the departures of Prust and Rupp. More a matter of discipline than any conspiracy theory re: MSG.
I've got a theory that if Pittsburgh wins again the cup this year or next year, Malkin is going to want to leave the Penguins to take on a new challenge and have his own team instead of being on Crosby's team. Am I crazy? Ah, yes, The Scottie Pippen Theory. Think both are quite happy to be Penguins, winning titles, all of that. -Wysh.
Is the NHL ever going to get over the fact that penalties in the regular season should also be penalties in the playoffs? Powerplays and Penalty kills are an important part of the game too! I do think they're getting better at it. Intensity and physicality gets ramped up in playoffs compared to regular season, so it's difficult for refs to quickly adapt to more rugged, clutchy-grabby style of play. -Sam.
Do you think the history between Jagr, and the penguins is gonna add some more tension to the game? Probably more for the fans than the players/teams. Jagr left Pitt so long ago, he doesn't have much of a connection to today's cast of Penguins.
Do you think that having Torey Krug will make a change in the win loss ratio currently held between the two? ___ If the Bruins are relying on Torey Krug to continue being the difference-maker, I think they're in trouble.
Do you know if Tim Thomas is still going to the islanders, or do you think he is retiring ? My guess is we don't see Tim Thomas in the NHL again. -Sam.
Do you guys hate the sharks as much as every other eastern media sight does? I was pulling for the Sharks to win the Cup this year. Best story ever. - Wysh.
Are you kidding? I've predicted the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup for the past 8 years in a row... - Sam.
How does one hate Joe Thornton or Logan Couture or Patrick Marleau? OK, so Jeremy Roenick hates PM, but... -SL.
Sharp or Lundqvist? Too much handsome there to choose. -SL.
Do you guys think the situation in Phoenix will ever get sorted out? Do you think it's more likely they stay or get moved if it does? Is that you, Shane Doan? -Sam.
Seriously...no idea...it's been a soap opera for a decade and the NHL has owned/run the Coyotes for 3+ years...but for some reason, I think it gets sorted this year. The league will find a buyer who'll keep Coyotes in Phoenix. For a while, anyway. -Sam.
I'm sure there have been many questions about coaching with the recent firings, but who do you think is Vancouver's best option for a coach? And what do you guys think the Canucks need to to do win a Stanley Cup? Re-tool, re-build? Thanks! Whoever gets Lindy Ruff will be very happy. But my 5-cent guess is that he doesn't end up in Vancouver. The window to win is still open for the Canucks. I think they got a couple years left with this core. -Sam.
Are the Sabres crazy for keeping Regier at GM? Seems like when you miss the playoffs 4 out of the last 6 seasons there's a talent problem that should have been addressed. I was surprised there wasn't total regime change, but Darcy did some good things at the trade deadline. - Wysh.
I know nothing about hockey. At all. I live in Raleigh, and my coworkers have way too much to say about the Hurricanes. Can you give me something smart to say to get them to leave me alone about my lack of hockey knowledge? Or at least a talking point that will get them to converse amongst themselves for ten minutes? You should to go a Canes game. The atmosphere there is incredible and they might have the best tailgate party in the NHL. -SL.
Tell them you won't rest until Marc Staal is a Hurricane. -Sam.
Which do you think we will see first: The leafs win the cup, the return of halley's comet? How about Sidney Crosby's beard will finally grow in? -SL.
What am I, an astronomer? -Sam.
Jonathan Quick: Robot Ninja, or Cyborg Jedi? Robot Sith, like Cyborg Darth Maul - GW.
I know this doesn't relate to this playoff round, but do you see the Lightning making it to the postseason next year? It's going to be awfully difficult in their new division once realignment kicks in. They'll have tough competition from the Bruins, Habs, Red Wings, Leafs, Sens, and maybe an improved Sabres team. -SL.
No secret that the Bolts need to improve defensively and get better goaltending. I like the potential of Bishop-Lindback tandem. -Sam.
Rask, Crawford, Quick, or Vokoun? Quick every day of the week. -SL.
I'd f--k Crawford, marry Quick, kill Rask and pin it on Vokoun.
That was the question, right? - Wysh.
Will Toews show up this series? Short answer is...yes. He's too good to be held off the scoresheet for long. And don't forget he does a lot of things that don't show up on the scoresheet, too. - Sam.
Now that San Jose is out, the road to the Stanley Cup no longer goes through Vancouver. This streak lasted three years. What fresh area of pain will Canucks fans use to fill this void of victimhood? Maybe they'll trade Roberto Luongo, the goalie, in exchange for Roberto Luongo, the head coach? - Sam.
Where do the NY Islanders go from here? i don't know where they stand for draft picks, but with their current youth, you'd think now is the time to trade for some star power. Do you think they retain Nabokov? Other than goaltending where is the most pressing need? I think the Islanders need to package picks and prospects and upgrade their defense. Get a true, veteran stud back there. Maybe come knocking on Vancouver's door for one, in exchange for younger players.
Hossa is in the same buyout conversation as Richards. Assuming NY and CHI pull the trigger for safety's sake, where do you think they land as UFA's? do you suppose they'll take cuts or just sign somwhere at the same rate for shorter deals? I'd be stunned if Hawks buy out Hossa this summer. Richards...you know, I think the Rangers will keep him...but if he bets bought out...how about going back to Tampa Bay? -Sam.
1) How strongly do you believe in advanced statistics? 2) I may be wrong, but the NHL had indicated that they wanted to start officially recording advanced statistics. Do you know which ones they have planned? Although I'm an old-fart sports journalist, there's a big appetite for advanced stats. Cam Charron who writes for our Buzzing the Net blog, is one of the best out there. Going to read a lot more from him in the future. Link to ca.sports.yahoo.com
Why hasn't Vokoun broken into your Conn Smythe watch? Here's been serviceable, not spectacular. Malkin, Sid and Dupuis have been better. - GW
Due to the capitals early round exit, do you guys think ovechkin will want to be traded because he is unhappy with Washingtons postseason performances over the last 5 years? Nah, I think Ovechkin is a Capital for life. Which is sorta the problem. -Wysh.
What do the St. Louis Blues need to do to get a cup? Who do you see in net for them next season? And can you see them shipping any of the mainstays (Stewart, Oshie, Backes, etc) away for a real-deal center? Money goaltending in the playoffs is a good place to start. Otherwise, there's a lot to like about the Blues. -Sam.
Who gets booed more in Boston -- Matt Cooke or Jarome Iginla? Uh, Matt Cooke. And it's not close. -Sam.
After I pointed out to a friend yesterday that the last four cup winners are still in contention, all dominant American franchises, he asked me what I thought of the NHL rigging games so that Canadian teams don't make it very far into the playoffs. Why do so many Canadian hockey fans go about our teams' failures as if we were cheated? The only people who should be blamed for the Canucks not winning a game or the Leafs collapsing in Game 7 or the Sens not being able to compete with the Pens are the teams themselves, wouldn't you agree? There hasn't been a good conspiracy sine the moon landing -- and Montreal won the Stanley Cup that year. -Sam.
What team is going to make the most drastic moves this offseason? How will teams like Philly, Vancouver, and San Jose get out of cap jail? I'm watching Buffalo, Colorado, Edmonton, NY Rangers, Ottawa, Philly (always Philly), Tampa & Vancouver. -Sam.
No Lambert still? Ugh. Who will the Rangers hire for their next head coach? Messier? Ruff? Maurice? I like Ruff for the Rangers. Vigneault has been getting some mention too. -Sam.
Who do you believe is front runner right now for playoff MVP? The way Quick is playing, no one is in his stratosphere. -SL.
I think it's Quick. The Kings obviously have to advance, but he's so damn good right now I think there's a chance he goes back to back. - Wysh.
Sexiest swede in the league? Is it possible to pick against Gabe Landeskog? -SL.
Seriously? It's Henrik Lundqvist. No contest. He's the most beautiful person in the world. Even Tortorella thinks so... -Sam.
Do you think expansion will or should happen in the NHL? I think 32 teams makes a lot of sense. Where? Another one in Toronto and a return to Quebec City. If there's relocation (cough coyotes cough), how about Seattle? -Sam.
Yes, because Henrik Lundqvist exists. Give your head a shake, Leahy. -- HM. Oh, wow. How did I forget Hank? I'm sorry. I will go to church and say 100 "Hail Henrik's" as penance.
Is Borje Salming still in the league? Takes chiselled good looks to new heights. - SM.
1) With Roy as the new Avalanche coach, how successful do you think he will be? 1) Think Roy will be fine for the Avs. He paid his dues and learned the coaching ropes with the Remparts. What will be interesting is how his style works at the NHL level. Will he demand as much from his players like he did himself as a player?
2) What do you think the Avs are going to do with the 1st pick? I think the odds are on Jones, but some rumors about even trading the pick away are coming through the pipes. 2) I think they take Jones. Roy saying they might look to trade the No. 1 is to allow some drunk NHL GM to offer him some ridiculous package for it, which in this league is possible. -SL.
3) What are your general thoughts about the short-term future of the Avalanche, considering their youth, first overall pick and the hiring of Roy as coach and VP of hockey ops? Patrick Roy...part of me thinks he'll be boom-or-bust as an NHL coach. But really, he's so competitive and knowledgeable, and such a hard worker and garners so much respect that I think he'll do well. Probably be a learning curve for the first season, and Avs are certainly no lock to make the playoffs next year. -Sam.
Of all the Puck Daddy crew which of you can actually say you can lace em up and play some form of ice hockey? Harrison does some ice dancing, but not at a competitive level. -Sam.
You need a scoring winger? 'Cuz I got my skates in the car. -SL.
Which team do you think can take more positives from these playoffs-Detroit or Ottawa? Ottawa. They again succeeded despite numerous injuries that would have crippled other teams. -SL.
Sens. -Sam.
Ottawa. A lot of young guys got a shot this year thanks to all the injuries and showed that they were ready for an increased role. It could expedite their process towards becoming a real contender. -- HM. Sens for sure. Anderson put himself in play for a spot on the Olympic team, Turris took a step forward and Murray looks pretty damn smart for the Methot pickup.
Harrison - If you could pick a second-tier comic book hero to represent you in a single-elimination bracket, who would it be? I'm not Harrison. So can I pick Harrison as my second-tier comic book hero? -Sam.
Luke Cage, a.k.a. Powerman. At one time just a gangsta in Harlem, he was recruited for an experimental cell regeneration process based on a variant of the Super-Solider procedure that made Warhawk. Unfortunately, as he's undergoing the procedure, one of his enemies messes with the controls, hoping to kill him. He fails, and instead the accelerated limits of the program give him superhuman strength and NEAR IMPERVIOUS SKIN. Have you ever skinned your knee? Hurts like a bitch, and every time it happens I'm like, damn, I wish I was Luke Cage right now. In closing, Luke Cage. -- HM.
Can the Bruins physical play slow down the high scoring Pens? Will Pittsburgh be able to expose the young Boston defense? Problem for the Bruins: Pittsburgh can beat you with offensive flourish and with gritty, dirt goals too.
Hey Wysh - Love listening to the MVSW podcasts! Quick question for you - How much do you love watching Pascal Dupuis play and who do you think's going to offer him way too much money this summer? Dupper has shown his versatility time and again and I can't see some team making him a offer he couldn't refuse (> 4+ million). Thoughts? Comments? I've always liked Dupuis's game, but I think we can all agree that he's very much a product of his center. I think he'd get $4m as a free agent, but those numbers can't be replicated. - Wysh (and thanks for the kind words)
Will Gulutzan have to get an AHL job again before he can land another NHL gig? I think he would have been great for Colorado and got the blame for the transition front office in Dallas, just like Tip. With the many big names (AV, Ruff, Torts, maybe Tip) on the market, coupled with GG's inexperience at the NHL level, you'd have to think he'll end up in the AHL before getting another crack at The Show. The NHL loves to recycle old coaches. He might have to wait his turn to get back in. -SL.
I think Gulutzan is really respected around the league, and people feel he got the shaft in Dallas. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get the Pete DeBoer thing -- fired from a bad team, hired by a good team after cutting his teeth in the NHL. - Wysh.
Do the Kings have what it takes to repeat? How do you see the Vokoun-Fleury issue playing out? Will that be the Penguins Achilles heel? Vokoun has been steady as she goes since taking over from Fleury - don't see goaltending being an issue for the Pens in this series.
Who do you think the Pens will be able to keep this off season? Who will they lose? Who is most important to re-sign? Wonder if they can fit Iginla in with a 2- or 3-year deal? -Sam.
Do the Russians have a legitimate chance at the Gold in Sochi? Or is it another U.S. vs. Canada fight to the death pretend animosity? Any nation I'm seriously overlooking? Sweden is always going to be a contender. Russia is going to face ungodly pressure to win. Canada's stacked; the U.S. will again try to do it with goaltending. - Wysh.
Russia definitely has the players to win gold. At home and highly motivated. Canada, US and usual suspects Sweden and Finland...the Czechs, the Slovaks on the next tier. -Sam.
What is the key factor for the bruins to pull off the upset? Staying out of the penalty box/limiting the Penguins' power play. And Rask outplaying Vokoun/Fleury/Gilles Meloche in goal. -Sam.
Do you think this is the best conference finals the NHL has ever sceen? These are two great matchups with lots of compelling storylines. Let's just hope they can come close to matching the hype. -Sam.
What is going to happen with Fleury at season's end? I think they might kick some tires if there's any interest, but having Vokoun for at least one more year, I think they can let him try and figure out his playoff issues. -SL.
I mean, you can't rely on a late 30's goalie for future seasons, but Fleury has shown he can't be trusted in the postseason. Do you think they try to trade him at the draft for a prospect, young goalie, or picks to take a goalie? I think Penguins keep Fleury and hope he gets back on track. -Sam.
This isn't related to the playoffs but... What do you say are the Oilers greatest strengths & weaknesses? If you had to trade one of the young guns (Hall, Nuge, Ebs, Yak or Schultz) who would you trade and for who in return? Oilers need to shore up their back end somehow. That's a tough one because I like the four young forwards you mention. If I can get a 2-3 D-man, however, I'd give up one of those guys. You still have Gagner in the mix and I'd keep him.
Thoughts on the newest 538 piece on why Cananda isn't winning any Stanley Cups? I only got thru the first 238 pieces, so don't feel qualified to answer... -Sam.
Can the TBL win the cup next year? Nah ... too many holes in that lineup. - Wysh.
Too soon, too soon... -Sam.
Assuming Richards gets bought out what team does he go to and why? Back to Dallas on a discount maybe? - Wysh.
If the RedWings would have won on the blow call int he 3rd period of game 7, what do you think the NHL would have done? Same thing the league is doing now. Backed Walkom on the call. -Sam.
Do you think Torey Krug keeps it up in the Eastern Conference Finals, or do you think Pittsburgh brings him back down to Earth? He has to come back down to Earth, right? Right? He'll probably cool off vs. the Penguins. -SL.
Gonna go way out on a limb and predict that Torey Krug does NOT score a goal-a-game in the East conf final. -Sam.
What chance do you give of the Bruins beating the Pens? 45.5% -Sam.
A lot of Chicago meatballs cry that Ray Emery should be starting over Crawford, which is ridiculous, but do you see Crawford being the 'Hawks netminder for the foreseeable future? Yes. -Sam.
Dear Sirs, Should I make the announcement Now that I am carrying Patrick Sharp's lovechild, or wait until the playoffs are over?? Wait till the playoffs are over. -Sam.
Will the Caps ever win the cup? I'm tired of being disappointed every year and I know it has to happen sometime. Keep the faith. -Sam.
How much interest do you think there will be in ryane clowe this offseason? If he wants 5 years at $5M per, as was rumored when he was traded to the Rangers, that seems like too long and too much. But it's a thin UFA crop, and Clowe brings physicality and skill and surely played through injury...so who knows, maybe somebody needs a power forward and pays up. -Sam.
Tons, because he's a big winger that can score a bit and that's all you need to be to make a fortune. -- HM.
Any advice for someone who's trying to get more involved in hockey? (Watching/learning game, not playing) If you have the chance to see live games -- whatever the level, minor pro, junior, kids, beer league -- get yourself to the rink. Nothing like being there. Also, fantasy pools are a good way to connect to NHL and get to know the players.
Go to see live games as much as possible to see how plays develop, get a sense of the speed of the game, etc. - Wysh.
Who do you like for the cup? Ask me 4 times, I might give you 4 answers. I'll pick the penguins, but it is truly wide open and it'll probably come down to the hottest goalie. -Sam.
I picked LA at the beginning of the season and Chicago at the beginning of the playoffs. But I think Boston has the deepest forwards corps and the Penguins have Crosby, so... one of those four. -- HM.
Who do u like in the Hawks-Kings series? It's 50-50, but I like the Hawks. -Sam.
Like the Hawks but I can't bet against the Kings - tough team to play against, they have the best goalie going in the spring tournament and they're da defending champeens. - SM.
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2012.06.22 16:31 tabledresser [Table] I am a Canadian Police officer. While I will not disclose with which Police organization, I will do what I can to answer questions that anyone may have regarding the job.

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Date: 2012-06-22
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Questions Answers
I always wonder how law enforcement in other countries work. So here's a few you won't get from most redditors. Okay, I can't answer it all but I'll answer what I can. Each Police service has a juristiction. Examples: Halifax regional police has the city of Halifax in the province of Nova Scotia. Winnipeg city Police has the city of Winnipeg. Their juristiction ends outside of their respective contract areas. The City of Winnipeg for WPS and the amalgamated cities of Dartmouth and Halifax for Halifax regional.
On that same note, do individual provinces have their own set of laws? (like how Arizona Law is completely different than California law) or is it all set by the national government and/or individual cities. Each Province has laws that vary. We are all covered by certain federal laws dictated by the Criminal Code ( formerly referred to as the Criminal Code of Canada. Don't ask me why the change). Traffic laws are run by provincial acts by varying names eg: the highway traffick act (HTA).
Also, do you guys have the different layers of Government and Police enforcement? Again, an example. In the states we have the Municipal Police, then the County Sheriffs, then the State Police (usually highway patrol,) and lastly the Federal Governments Police (FBI, DEA, ATF, Border Patrol, etc...) Does Canada do this too? We have several levels of what are called Peace Officers in Canada. We have Police, Sherrifs (used in court rooms and for transporting remanded prisoners) border officers and other such as Parks Canada officers. Each mandate is different but generally if you get pulled over for violating traffic laws of the criminal code, you're dealing with Police.
Another one, in the states every law enforcement agency has an Originating Report Identifier (ORI Number) This is a number issued to that agency by the federal government. Think of it like a badge number for the Police Department, instead of just the individual officer. Does Canada have anything similar? Yes, we have ORI numbers. And that's what they're called.
lastly, what was your Police Academy like? How long, was in Para-Military, etc.. Mine was 17 weeks long, full time, with a daily Drill instructor imposed ass kicking. Curious if your's are comparable. I can't answer questions about my training as it would leave clues as to the Police organization I work for. But, as usual, it varies.
Can I record you? How do you feel about me carrying a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in my car? Any tips on how to act respectful when stopped while driving? Not all of us are into doing a lot of traffick but.... I will always be polite to you. Sometimes my job sucks and I just want to have the interaction between you and I be as conflict free as possible. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? You should know your rights, as should everyone. This was a ground breaking document that protects us all, including myself. This is the reason I will put you in touch with a lawyer and read you the "Police caution" upon arrest. If its a traffick stop its not something you have to worry about, however. As far as recording goes, that's a tricky subject. I don't like being recorded because if a ever decide to do undercover work a recording of me in uniform could get me killed. I mean that. It is a reality of today's world though.
Not to sound rude but there's no 'k' in traffic. Duly noted. It appears that I have made that error all over this thing. Thanks for pointing that out. How embarrassing.
I also am in Canada, and planning to become a police officer. Would you have any general tips for me, both for preparation to getting hired and on the job after, if I were to get hired? Thanks for the job you do! Live as best you can, and STAY IN SHAPE. The best thing you can do is get some life experience and do some good volunteer work. Not just because it looks good, but because you want to help people. It can be a rough road, and nothing can prepare you for the job. I hope that you make it, of that's what life has in store for you. However.... If you have doubts, you had better listen to them. I don't want someone who is uncertain about their reasons for being there as my back up. You can doa lot of good in life other ways. So think hard, and good luck!
Have you ever fired a gun whilst flying through the air and going aaaaahhh? I just tried that. Now I have to replace my drywall.
Would you arrest someone for carrying a small amount of marijuana? Would you let them go? Have you ever arrested/caught someone with a large amount of drugs and what did you do? For the small amounts please see the below questions. I certainly have arrested people for having small amounts, but generally I'm already aware of said person, and kow that there may be something else to be found during a search. Being arrested and charged are not the same thing. Yes, I have made sizable drug seizures. The process is much the same as anything else I do. Follow the law, insure that the persons rights are follow and persecute them to the full extent of the law. But take really,really good notes.
Do you have a horse? I don't, but I wish I did.
What are your views on marajuana, and do you strictly enforce Canada's laws on usage and possession? Drugs are one of my main concerns when it comes to damaged homes an communities. Specifically addictive drugs (cocaine, meth, crack etc). Marihuana is a strange animal. I have had "no case seizures" of marihuana quite frequently, especially small amounts. However, larger amounts which lead to trafficking charges are problematic for a number of reasons. Marihuana is a popular "currency" for various street gangs so I do enjoy taking large amounts out of the hands of these people. I don't regularly charge people for having a gram of dope on them though, if that's the question. Some sort of regulation would help with this issue but there will be growing pains with whatever direction the laws take.
Were you part of the G20 fiasco? Is it ever discussed by regular police officers? If so what is the general opinion on what happened that weekend? I personally wasn't there. I know some people that were and for the most part they were poted to places were not much was going on. I wasn't there so I have a hard time knowing how to feel about it. I know some bad things happened, but I know a lot of good happened as well. It's a tricky subject. No one was killed or seriously injured that I know of and that's actually amazing considering some of the stuff that went on. However, there were some serious rights issues as well.
Are there any common misconceptions about what policing is really about? This is an excellent question. Yes, there are misconceptions. Yes, I had many myself. Police work is not glamorous. You don't deal with the nice people of the world very often.
Did you have any misconceptions yourself? There is a LOT of paperwork. I can't even begin to make you understand. It's a terribly clunky, slow machine, the justice system. It can be highly frustrating.
What do you wish you had prepared better for? You won't be out saving lives everyday. It just doesn't work like that. Go in with the mind set that you are there to help people, and you'll do just fine.
As far as training goes, I didn't particularly enjoy getting pepper sprayed. But if you're going to use itnyounhad better be aware of how it feels. Also, the constant physical training plus the mental overload is difficult. I wish I had trained physically a bit harder before the training began.
Do you drive a crown vic or a charger? Do the police cars get specialized engines or is it the standard civilian engine? Does highway patrol get different engines? Do you guys have a special vehicle for high speed highway chases? Does anyone drive imports? Hard to say without giving too much away. I can tell you that not much modification goes into the vehicles engines. For the most part we do not use specialized pursuit vehicles. Pursuits are highly regulated in Canada.
Why do you believe it's okay for you to have a gun and not others in public if they haven't committed an act of aggression on another human being? Are you as an officer of the law somehow a better or even an infalliable person compared to another citizen? Why do I carry a firearm? The pistol at my side is used for two things. One is putting down animals. The other is to save lives. I'm not discharging that weapon unless it is to save a life. It might be yours, it might be mine. Ill fight for you as hard as Ill fight for myself. I'll be damned if I'm going to let someone rob you of your life if I can prevent it. this may mean killing or injuring the offender, but at least they made that choice.
Should we not perhaps be in the practise of regulating and heavily punishing those who cause harm to others without their consent rather than trying to control the actions of those who simply possess a tool? Or who choose to put a substance into their body? Where do you believe that the state derives the moral authority to prevent others from choosing what goes into their body? People carrying guns around is not a good idea. At all. Ivenseen too many violent people using readily accessible weapons foot harm others. The more available firearms are, the more they will be used to harm humans. You don't have to agree with me. This is the nature of the country in which we live, and I for one am glad it is so.
Please do answer, I'm interested, not just being acerbically critical. The role of Police and government is, partially, to protect people. If that means regulating addictive substances to make it more difficult for some people to self medicate than yes, I'd say its a good thing. it's the nature of the wonderful country we were lucky enough to be born in, agree or not.
Do you feel there is a code of silence when other police officers are breaking the law and colleges see it? Is there a 'different' law for police? Yes and no. Serious offenses everyone is fair game. I don't know any of my colleagues that would let an officer drive impaired, do illegal drugs or harm other people without justifiable use of force. However, there are lots of times that speeding is over looked so long as it is not to extreme. That's the truth.
Do you have to deal with prostitution in your area? Have you ever arrested someone for being a prostitute? There is prostitution in my area. No, I have never arrested a "John". Unfortunately, the main targets for prostitution in my area are young girls who are high risk. It's not in the open, so I don't deal with prostitution in the typical way.
More realistic question: have you ever fired your gun outside of the shooting range? No, thankfully. It's been close, many times.
I realised my mistake after re-reading your post. My apologies. Thank you for your response to my irrelevant question. But, I visited Montreal that trip, and was in an area that had a lot of people on drugs and soliciting, how do you handle these things? How often do you encounter said situations? Try to steer clear of the bad areas if you can. It's hard to know how to deal with that stuff if you haven't grown up with it. Someone tries to sell you drugs, politely decline. What else can you do. Just please be safe and stay away from those areas. Intoxicated people are highly unpredictable. I realize this is not a very satisfying answer. I handle drug peddlers by arresting them when I can, but I don't recommend you try the same approach.
If we disregard this specific situation, how do you personally determine which people to stop/search? You get to know your area and the people in it. You need to read the signs of the person. People carrying concealed weapons typically exhibit signs certain signs. I hate to say it, but there are many ga g members and hangarounds that dress in certain ways purposefully. This can make them a target for questions. Please also understand, it's my job to ask questions! This is how we get weapons and drugs off the street. That's about the best I can do for your question.... It's really all situational.
I tend to drive on average, 10-15kmph over the posted speed limit, it's usually relative to what it is. At what point do you say, "He's alright doing that speed as long as it's safe." and "That fucker's going down"? My experiences lead me to believe it's mostly 20 over posted (20 over 60-100, 10 over on a 40-60). (I live in Ontario, so if you are unable to answer this due to your location, cool) Hypothetical: I'm walking down Yonge street smoking a joint during a gorgeous afternoon. I have a little bit more on me (for arguments sake, lets say I have a quarter - 7 grams on me). Nothing is divided up as to appear to be for sale. Is any cop going to give me a hard time for smoking in public (if I'm not being a dick about it), and if they do, what kind of trouble am I looking at for holding a quarter? As fas as speed goes, it differs for each officer. Officers specifically on traffic will generally pull people over sooner than later. Ill be judging based on the road conditions, traffic and what kind of repair your vehicle is in. Yes, it's a factor.
Hello , I am a student who just finished high school and would like to get into the legal field. I have alot of respect for those who enforce the law and i feel that i would be happy and take great pride in helping society .I have taken part in the oba moot court , and even made it to the finals. I stay up to date with current events and read up on ongoing cases. I know a few people who have now retired from the local police force. I am not a huge gymgod , but i keep a bmi of 21-22 and do chinups and pushups ect. I stay away from drugs , and do not smoke. I need glasses (nearsighted) , but am functional without them. Do i have a chance in law enforcement ? What would you recomend me doing to better my chances in making the cut ? Are there co-op programs ? Any advice would be awesome :) Kep doing what you're doing. You may need to get your vision corrected via laser eye surgery. Also, you need life experience. A lot of people get put off for a couple of years due to age, or perceived mental age. Volunteer with different things, get some experience out there. I think you'll find that it feel great to help people. Keep doing what you're doing. I'd check out an info session if there is one available in your area.
How seriously do the Canadian authorities take underage drinking? I've heard from friends who live in Alberta that they generally don't really care as long as nobody is belligerently drunk or hurting themselves. Underage drinking is always an interesting topic. How underage are we talking of here? I don't like seeing 14 year olds getting wasted, though I frequently see it happen. The key, in my opinion is be responsible. It becomes a problem when younger people are binge drinking and engaging in dangerous or high risk behavior. I just want to see everyone be safe.
I was once told that the Edmonton Police Service was the most corrupt police organization in Canada. Do you know of any merit to this statement? I can't speak to that one way or the other. My apologies.
Do you enforce marijuana laws strongly in Canada? I've answered this somewhere below, more or less. I'm not too worried about a couple of grams of pot. However, it is worth noting that in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) that there are more severe charges for possessing over thirty grams of marihuana.
What screening processes do you go through to ensure that you are a suitable candidate? Screening typically involves an aptitude test, an interview, extensive background checks and referrences, a polygraph and rigorous training. Then field training.
Aren't you called mounties, eh? Specifically the RCMP are called " Mounties". Not all Canadian Police officers.
Ah, I see. Well thanks for actually answering my question. I'm sorry I was a bit of a douche. What can I do to say thanks? I'll draw something. Wasn't douchie at all. How are you supposed to know if you don't ask?
Now draw me a pretty rainbow.
Here you go, sir. That. Is. Epic.
How are your co-workers? As in, are they the typical stereotyped ass hole cops who abuses their power like the cop in the biker arrest in Dallas? I've worked with all types. I've seen plenty of unfriendly people on the job, Police and civilians. Right now I work with an amazing crew though. I've seen how frustrated and angry officers can become when they don't take care of their mental health though.
What's the minimum speed you'd typically cite someone for speeding in a 50km/h zone? This is different for every officer. A fifty zone is a low speed zone and there's probably a reason for that posting. The speed I pull someone at is going to be determined by vehicle and pedestrian traffick volumes at the time. Probably between thirteen and sixteen over unless it's a prime traffick time.
At the school I went to for grades seven and eight, there were a lot of unruly students who had to be dealt with by the police. It was always the same police officer who came to handle the kids. Have you or your colleagues ever been called to a school to deal with misbehaved kids? If so, do you guys feel like you're wasting your time dealing with a bunch of thirteen-year-old shitheads when you could be going after legitimate criminals? Different for every officer. Some Officers love this stuff, others, not so much. This kids are the men and women of tomorrow that I will be dealing with. It makes me happy to attempt steering them on a better path but I'm not a magician. I can't undo years of abuse or neglect. I can put in the effort though.
Why are Canadian police an intimidating - usually very large and male? You aren't friendly or approachable. In contrast when I visited both Paris and London the police were of all shapes and sizes - and provided a sense of security, not a threat of authority. I'm not sure what you mean. I work with most average sized men (5'10 or so) but most are in excellent shape. Female officers make up almost half of the office and most of them are very small. They have a whole different skill set,as everyone generally does. I'm not a huge guy so I rely on my silver tongue more than brute force. You need to have the training to back it up though because many of the people I deal with have a propensity for violence.
Do you consider yourself a public servant, protecting the people and doing that which is right for everyone? If so, then how do you sleep at night, knowing how protesters are treated at events such as the g20 protests? Couldn't you have done more to arrest the corrupt cops? If you, an officer who is supposed to uphold the law, are incapable or unwilling to stop corrupt officers from abusing the power they are entrusted with, then who will do it? I work for the Canadian public. I work to protect life. I wasn't at G20. I sleep at night knowing that I do my best to help Canadians and that, if I'm really lucky, I have saved a life that day. I'd like you to turn that question to a protester wielding a Molotov cocktail. How does this person sleep at night? Force is applied (generally) when violence erupts. Peaceful protests are lawful, and part of democracy.
All protests are lawful, peaceful or not. Democracy is a sham? All protests are lawful, peaceful or not?
If a group of people are subjugated with violence, their pleas for an audience ignored by the powers that be, then yes, violence from the black bloc is a natural progression and an expected result. What is the point of being a cop if you are unwilling or incapable of protecting people from these corrupt cops who abuse the power they are entrusted to use to justly enforce laws? Force is applied wantonly, without regard for human life. have you seen the violence from cops at the g20 in canada? or at various occupy locations? What country do you live in? Are you the hand behind the fire bomb? No reasonable conversation can be had with you. You don't have to be a police officer or a scholar to see that. I am removing myself from this conversation. I hope you continue to enjoy the freedoms available in this country that you so obviously take for granted.
If you are a cop from Toronto, what did you think about the whole G20 situation? Do you agree with how they handled the "criminals" and did anything strike you as crazy that day? I have responded as much as I can to the G20 situation somewhere below.
Are you in BC? If not, have you heard of our Immediate Roadside Prohibition program, and what are your thoughts on it? It recently (last Friday) re-launched after a judicial review. Can't answer this without giving too much away. I have an idea though. Why don't you write about it so I may address this question based on the information that you give?
Would you search this guy for weed? Weapons maybe....
Okay I don't have and tints on my vehicle but why do most police hate the littlest tints? About 80% of my friends have been charged for tints and had to peel em off right then and there. At least give them a week or so to do it nicely. Oh tinting. The rules for tinting vary from province to province. Why do I hate it? It's my job to look, to ask questions and to stop criminals. I also like knowing if that guy in the back seat has a hand gun in his lap and will shortly be trying to transfer a high velocity projectile from the barrel to my brain. It's not safe for me, it makes no sense to have blacked out windows unless you are interested in drinking or doing drugs in the vehicle. Some tint makes sense for sun blocking. Check your provincial traffic rules.
What is your view on something like this? www.fixcas.com/news/2012/snooze.jpg. Wow. Sucks to be that officer. I've never napped in my patrol vehicle. However, I can tell you that sometimes its very, very difficult to stay awake. There are times when you have to put in an insane amount of overtime. It's just the way it works. However, nowadays most organizations realize the extreme danger of over exhaustion. How can you make life and death decisions when you're sleep deprived? Honestly,I've been in such a state that I had to take myself off the road. You begin making basic driving errors. I've seen colleagues treat red lights like stop signs, or even drive down a one way street. This doesn't happen often, and you might want to give that colleague a helpful tip that maybe their partner should be driving.
I had a traffic stop with a police officer a couple months ago late at night where I literally had no idea why he was pulling me over. The officer did his usual thing "Do you know why I've pulled you over?" to which i responded "Unfortunately, I don't!" The officer slowing down before i began to embark. The traffic light in front of me signalling my lane for an Advanced Left Turn. I explained all of this to the officer and told him "I'm sorry, I had an advanced green and the intersection was clear with no sign intersecting traffic would cross the intersection" (I know this may vary region-to-region) If I had a less than reasonable officer that insisted in citing me, how "fucked" would I be? It's not like I have any way to prove it, and taking it to court would be a His word vs. My Word situation, if i remember correctly that wouldn't rule in my favour? Should I invest in a Dashcam? What's your take on this? Well, let's say that officer wrote you a fine for whatever. You know that the fine was unjusitifed. You need to go to court to contest it. If he doesn't have a leg to stand on it will become pretty obvious pretty quickly in the court room. Plus, most patrol vehicles these days are equipped with a video recording system that activates when the lights are turned on. It records thirty seconds before light activation (video only) and everything after light activation until deactivated (potentially audio and video). These videos either give great evidence for Police, or they show us how badly we messed up. Also, "do you know why I pulled you over" is not a question we are supposed to ask.
As a Canadian police officer, what are your thoughts on the show Flashpoint? Flash point is based off of Toronto's equilivant to SWAT. I don't watch television, but I've seen the show a couple of times. It's not bad for a "cop show". Generally our work isn't as sexy as all that but good television doesn't generally show people doing buckets of paperwork. I also know that that show is made by some people that really know that they're talking about.
What model of gun and ammunition do you carry? Do you have any choice in this? What is the most high-tech piece of equipment in your car? What does it do? I can not give you the specifics of the kit that we are issued. We are told to use what is issued and we may certainly not use different tools on the job. The recoding equipment in the vehicles is pretty neat. I'm not sure how it records thirty seconds of footage prior to activation, but it makes for great evidence.
My dad is a cop in the US. I know that he likes to think of it as a brotherhood where you look put for one another, of that the case for you guys where it's like a second family? If you pulled over somebody for going 10 mph over the posted speed limit and it was another cop would you give them a ticket or a warning? Lastly do things go better and go in the favor of the person pulled over if they have a good attitude and don't seem to want any trouble and just are a kind person. Are they likely to have a easier ride, no pun intended, with you ie not further push you to look for some way to get them for their attitude? Brotherhood isn't the best word. I do lean on my coworkers quite a bit and that's partially because I know that they fully understand the experiences that I've been through.
I have answered question about Police and speeding somewhere below.
Yes, attitude makes a difference when it comes to traffic stops. That's something thats going to vary from officer to officer though. I'm not out to abuse power, but sometimes warning actually have the opposite of the intended effect. If the officer only wrote a warning then it can't be that bad, right?
I know being pulled over can be stressful, and a pain in the butt. Having a polite attitude certainly won't hurt though.
Did you have to take any kind of oath? Yes. We take an oath upon the beginning of our service.
What does it consist of primarily? I have to take care with answering your question as each oath is different for each Police service. Generally they consist of a promise to protect life, keep peace, and serve citizens. I wish I could be more specific for you. My apologies.
What do you do when you find somebody with a small amount of marijuana on them? Again,see questions below. At the least I will be taking your marihuana. You certainly are "arrestable" at that time, but it doesn't mean you will be.
Do you get discounts or anything at the local tim hortons? or any other businesses? So far as discounts go... Taking discounts or favours of any kind is viewed as a form of favoritism at best and accepting bribes at worst. It is behavior that is forbidden, strictly.
What is your opinion on cannabis? Have you ever smoked it yourself? :) See some of my replies below. And yes, I have smoked marihuana.
What was the worst call you ever got? I was expecting this question. I will have to answer it in a general manner....
I hate, hate, hate calls that involve sex assaults on children. Anything to do with children being abused to hurt sticks with me. This is just a personal thing for me in particular.
Also, dead bodies in the summer time in enclosed spaces can be terrible.
I'd like to add something to this.... What makes me feel good is when I get someone that approaches me and thanks me for what I do. I know it's just a job, and I never expect thanks... But this small act of kindness helps everything. Seriously, it can change my entire mood and sometimes leaves me speechless.
Am I under arrest? Am I being detained? Am I free to go? Ask the officer. If he/she hasn't said the magic words "you're under arrest" then you are not. I wouldn't go running off though. Talk to the officer.
I had applied for the RCMP when I was 20 and had passed all of my tests right up to when I was about to submit my polygraph answers. I decided that I couldn't continue with the process because despite being a physically intimidating person I didn't think I could bring myself to act in an intimidating fashion. Was I right to abandon my application for thinking that I wouldn't be able to deal with offenders in a hostile situation? How often do you have to "get mean" when dealing with a situation or do you even think this is a necessary trait for an officer? You have to be ready to apply force to people. This is a nasty reality of the job. This is not joe public I'm talking about. I'm talking about people who have beat their wives, sexually assaulted someone or maybe is super high and is losing it. Some people would rather kill you than face the music.
This does not mean that you need to be "mean" or "angry". It just means that you will have to do it in this job, it's just not going to be to normal everyday people for the most part.
If you believe that you are unable to do this then yes, you made the correct decision.
Im an Amature Photographer. What are my rights when taking photos in public? How can i stop police officers from Harassing me while im taking pictures? This is a tough question. I might actually be under qualified for this one.
I don't like having my photograph taken because if I ever do undercover work these photos can endanger my life.
I like my privacy. I don't really like being photographed without my consent,but who does? You'll have to do some research on this one on your own. A most unsatisfying answer!
What is the worst abuse of power your are aware of perpetrated by someone you know? how did you and your fellow cops react to this? Ive heard of officers becoming corrupt and I've also heard of massive resources being spent to weed them out. I'm talking under cover operations done to jail these criminals in cops clothing.
I don't have many resonance accounts, but I know that resources are spent jailing these creeps. Major resources.
What is a corny line that you like to say when you arrest someone? You fought the law and the law won.
Just jokes.
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